Share Your Giant Couple Fantasy

Share Your Giant Couple Fantasy

Hello loves! Guess what? … I’ll be doing a fetish video shoot paired with a male star at my command coming up in only a couple weeks! I’m very excited to get to it and there will be plenty of time to film and enjoy variety of scenarios. We’ll be doing a pretty big shoot over the span of an entire week in early/mid February. Guess what else? I DO have some time to consider scenario requests, so if there’s something you want to see me act out with a male star then I’d love to hear from you. I just might be able to fit it in!

How many of your scenarios will there be time for? Hmmm… 10… maybe up to 20? What it most depends on is how complex they might be. A long and scripted (but nevertheless HOT) scenario can take up to a full day to shoot. I’d almost say those are actually the kind of scenarios that I like the most since they’re so well thought through! ;) But, all in all I’m certainly up for shooting a wide variety of sexy scenarios. Easier, shorter improv type scenarios are a nice breather at times for sure!

What kind of fetish scenarios am I up for? Well, first and foremost there are some roles and scenarios that I personally enjoy the most. As you can guess, I prefer being in the dominant role. I like my males submissive and more so in the background of a fetish/sexual situation with the focus on me, or in a boyfriend role (think stunt cock). ^.^ But! That’s not to say I’m opposed to Giant Couple scenarios. They can be just as hot… (meow!) as well as straight up vanilla stuff where we’re both enjoying the scenario or each other like my first vanilla video Katelyn Brooks Sex Video 1.

Likewise, there are also some scenarios I’m not interested at all in shooting. Those are: anything with the male in the dominant role, nothing with visual FX since my schedule can’t handle any additional big projects for now (sound FX are fine), and nothing involving bugs. I’m quite open to just about anything else though, so have at it!

I look forward to reading your fantasies and considering them for the shoot! Feel free to submit your scenario request in the comment area below, or you can email it to me at [email protected] Take some time wrapped up in the moment fantasizing about it. This is a rare opportunity and I want to get all hot and bothered reading about what you think would be hot for us to shoot.

Looking forward to it!
Giantess Katelyn


The Shrunken Perspective

40 Responses and Counting...

  1. Stephen

    I would love a video where a shunken male or even a female were glued to the tip of your lover’s cock. Then you proceed to perform a blowjob,followed by wild sex with intermittent blowjobs, possibly anal sex. Finally a cumshot on your face, wipe the cum into your mouth, remove the shrinkie and dangle him over your mouth, drop him into the waiting cum in your mouth, and swallow.

  2. Shrunken One

    My biggest giant couple fantasy is being in the woman’s mouth as she gives the male oral, swallowing the victim down with the guy’s load.

    Or, for a more detailed explanation of the entire experience, clinging to the tip, holding on for dear life as she deep throats her partner, forcing the tiny person to cling tighter, lest they get dislodged in her gullet. When her partner finally climaxes, the victim is launched onto the tongue with the load; watching the throbbing, spent erection slip out of her mouth as her lips seal them in. Washed down her gullet with a simple swallow, the tiny lands in the stomach amongst the digesting remains of her last meal, coated in saliva & spunk and digests alive while the woman’s partner, ready for another round, starts having regular sex; the tiny victim hearing her moans of pleasure all around them mixed with the sounds of her churning, gurgling stomach & heartbeat; the churning motion of the stomach made more chaotic by her movements during sex, until finally they succumb to her acids, just as she herself climaxes; her vocalized throes of passion muffled by layers of muscle & flesh the last thing they hear. <3

  3. Pan

    I love the idea of opening with a shot of a super tiny guy on the floor and you approaching him, barefoot wearing some kind of a dress with no panties. Preferably starting with a low angle shot with the depth of field limited to just near the guy, until your giant toes enter giving us a nice size comparison. The scenario being you shrunk your boyfriend so you could play with other guys. You crotch over him and after talking about how he can’t do anything to stop you now, you put him on your pussy and tell him he better hold on and do his best to keep you wet during you date.

    Then you can cut to a scene where you’re making out or doing other things with your date. From here you can either put the little guy on your dates penis while you blow him, eventually leaving him trapped on his tip as you start to grind your pussy against his cock.

    Or you skip the blow job and cut to a shot of your shrunken boyfriend trapped on your soaking pussy as you start grinding yourself against your dates cock, eventually he gets pushed in and you mention something about how you forgot to tell him that every time you orgasm he’s going to shrink. During the sex if you made reference to how good it feels to have him struggling to please you and how you can feel him getting smaller. If your date could cum inside and have a shot of the cum leaking out and you commenting on how your boyfriend must have shrunken even more and gotten lost in the cum, that’d be amazing. (Also this would be fine if the date doesn’t know or if he does, either way)
    Needless to say, I think something along these lines, but done well with SFX is something that’s missing from the community. If someone started doing vids like these, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be willing to pay.

    Also the above fantasy sounds nice too ^^
    Keep being awesome Katelyn!
    With respect and appreciation from a super tiny fan ; )

  4. Alman001

    Giant couple senario’s are seldom my personal cup of tea, but that isn’t to say I don’t like them all. A fantasy I like regarding that scenario are normally the ones where the shrunken lover/victim is also able to enjoy the interaction and hyjinks with the giant couple as opposed to being the stereotypical victim forced to take-part in giant body-crushing action.

    So the sort of scenario I’d have in mind would be along the lines of a threesome (As in one lead giantess, one giant and one shrunken lover of either gender).
    As for what goes on, I’d go for something simpleor hopefully at least improv friendly where the video could be set just before the couple get started, the giantess is handling the shrunken guy talking about all the fun their going to have together again, commenting on how she loves the fact that the slave has proven to be the most durable one to date, having survived many threesomes etc, came close to drowning in spit and juices etc. or having luckily avoided getting crushed against their bodies. The shrunken slave is their lucky favorite and she’s getting excited on getting to experiment some more with the various positions for the three of them to try out. The shrinkie’s a lucky little thing, but she know’s that luck won’t last forever and it’s only a matter of time until it finally runs out amongst hers and her boyfriend’s passion. Even so, this lucky streak has turned the slave into quite the experienced and enthusiastic micro-lover that’s become rather brilliant at, and enthused with pleasuring either partner :)

    So on that note after musing over their favorite games and positions, the giantess is worked up and ready to start. Picking a part of hers or the giant’s body for the slave to begin foreplay (i.e. in the front of her panties, or around the giant’s member) she then moves on to her boyfriend ready to get it on eager to enjoy both of them inside her as well as see how far they can get to ending the tiny-slave’s lucky streak :)

    I know this is probably too wordy and probably doesn’t make much sense or sound that good, but maybe someone else gets where I’m coming from and might wanna base a suggestion around the 3some couple scenario? ^_^;

  5. John "Zakum...

    Not going to lie, there are so many scenarios I have written. My wife and I love the idea of finding a tiny couple, or us being owned by another couple. If you ever want some ideas to brainstorm check out my story. Just give me some credit if you use any ;-)

  6. Stewdrick

    I’ve always found the cuckold fetish very erotic, especially when combined with shrinking. :)

    Here’s the scenario: Your boyfriend/husband is a wuss. He just doesn’t know how to treat a woman, he embarrasses you in front of your friends, and to top it all off, he has a tiny little dick and cannot satisfy you in the bedroom. So you decide that you’re going to go find a real man. (You tell the camera/POV all these things.)

    One day, you bring a new guy to your house while your husband/boyfriend is home. You’re wearing heels and a short miniskirt, and a skintight shirt that shows cleavage. The boyfriend/husband looks like he’s going to object to this new guy being in the house, but you tell him to shut the fuck up and just deal with it, because he’s a pussy with a little dick. Then you grab your new guy’s crotch and say, “This is a real man. His cock is enormous. Maybe I’ll finally show you what a real cock can do.”

    Your husband/boyfriend feels ashamed, and for some reason his feelings of shame make him shrink down to maybe an inch tall. As he’s shrinking (let it take a few seconds for the camera to get down to the floor), you laugh at him condescendingly (not like it’s funny, but like he’s pathetic). “Are you shrinking again?” you say. “My my my, I think you’re in trouble this time.” You walk toward the camera in your skirt and put your feet on either side of the camera, letting it look up your skirt while your hands are on your hips. You bend down and pick him up.

    Next scene:

    The little guy (camera) is on a table. The view starts by just looking at your waist. You kneel down so that you’re eye level with the little guy. Next to you is your new man, still wearing all his clothes. “Do you want to see his cock?” You ask the little guy. “I know I do.” WIth the camera still POV style, unbutton and unzip your new man’s jeans, revealing his briefs. Start rubbing his crotch over the briefs and getting him hard. Once he’s hard, pull down his briefs and start stroking his cock.

    “I mean, his cock is huge for ME. For you, it’s like the size of a fucking red oak! Look at how little you are compared to my new man. Look at how little you are even compared to his dick. His dick could fucking eat you and still be hungry!” Start pumping his cock and aim the cock right at the camera. “What if he came right now? He’d blast you into next week!”

    “I have an idea. Let’s play a little game. It’s called, outrun the cock.” Then, have the camera be placed right underneath his cock and balls, and slam the cock down on the table on the sides of the camera, and threaten to crush your little husband/boyfriend with your new man’s enormous cock.

    Then, you could place the camera on your new man’s cock and start sucking it, as if your new man is tied to it or simply riding it. “Oh my God, baby, his cock is just so much better than yours. This thing will really fill me up like yours never could. I think it’s time we take this party to the bedroom.”

    Then, put the camera down on the bed and let your little husband/boyfriend explore your body while you’re sucking your new man’s cock. Order the little guy to suck your nipples, play in your breasts, play with your pussy. The more POV underneath you and your new man, the better. The bigger you guys look the better (and the bigger his cock, as well). Finally, when your husband/boyfriend is playing near or inside your pussy, tell your new guy to fuck you. Then have the camera’s POV show his cock getting nearer to your pussy as if he’s going to fuck the boyfriend inside your pussy. Say things like “you see how he pleases me, you little shit? You little nothing? You’re not even nearly as big as the head of his cock. His cock is so big…” etc.

    I will leave the money shot up to you, and also whether or not the little guy lives. :D

    Hope you all enjoyed my little story!


  7. T

    An ACTUAL Giant Couple scenario… Not a shrunken person with two people having sex. But a GIANT woman and a GIANT man over a city or a town, having sex and crushing the buildings below while it happens, terrorising the tiny people together, drowning cars and buildings in their juices.

  8. Dan

    Here’s a fun scenario: you’re a giantess who has been terrorizing people for a while, and so they rise up with a new secret weapon: they develop their own growth ray and use it on some guy so he can fight you.

    But the device malfunctions! He grows, but not quite big enough to defeat you. Maybe he goes to something like 60-70% of the size that you are, so you are still considerably bigger and stronger.

    He attempts to battle you and is easily defeated. The whole thing is absolutely hilarious to you. You wrestle him to the ground and proceed to dominate and humiliate him in front of all the little people for your own amusement.

  9. Clover

    The tiny man can just be a figure and/or POV.

    Katelyn has found a tiny person and has been having fun with him all day, just as she is ready for fun stuff with the tiny, her full size boyfriend comes home! Katelyn is just in her bra and panties, so she hides him in her underwear and pushes the tiny inside of her.

    The door opens before Katelyn has a chance to put clothes on and the boyfriend thinks that she has gotten ready for him. Knowing the tiny is in her panties, she asks if he wants to do oral, but the boyfriend says “Ok… I’ll go down on you first!” Drats!

    The boyfriend pull down her panties and sucks the tiny up. Luckily he knows Katelyn like to have it spit back into her mouth, so the tiny rides in the boyfriends mouth to Katelyns as he kisses her and pushes the tiny into her mouth.

    “Ok my turn!” The tiny cannot escape before the giant penis enters Katelyn’s mouth. The man finishes in Katelyn’s mouth and Katelyn drips the tiny man onto her cleavage. The tiny man stares up as Katelyn and the boyfriend tower above him and hides in her bra.

    The tiny hears the boyfriend say “Ok I have to get going, but this was a nice surprise babe!” Katelyn laughs and then as the door closes she panics to try and find the tiny, she checks her vagina but cannot find him and then realizes she might have eaten him! The tiny bites her nipple and she screams “Ow! What was that?” She looks in her bra and exclaims “oh thank god! I am so sorry little one!” And smothers him in kisses apologizing for almost eating him and having him near drown in cum.

  10. Clover

    Katelyn, in her bra and panties, has been playing around with a tiny shrunken man. Just then she hears the front door open, her regular size boyfriend is home early! Shit! Katelyn sticks the tiny in her panties and pushes him inside of her.

    The boyfriend opens the bedroom door and sees Katelyn lying on the bed. “Hey babe, whoa! I thought I’d surprise you by coming home to eat lunch, but it looks like you had a surprise waiting for me!” Katelyn knowing the tiny is in her panties suggests oral. “Oh yeah, and for being so spontaneous… I’ll go down on you first!” Crap! Katelyn looks worried as her boyfriend pulls down her panties and starts licks. The tiny man tries to dodge, but eventually is gobbled up by the boyfriend, but thankfully the boyfriend doesn’t swallow and he ascends up to kiss Katelyn.

    As they kiss the tiny man is pushed into Katelyn’s mouth, though Katelyn is unaware. “Ok now my turn” the boyfriend says. The tiny cannot escape the huge cock approaching Katelyn’s mouth. The tiny gets tossed around as the Katelyn sucks her boyfriend’s cock. After a while the boyfriend finishes in Katelyn’s mouth and Katelyn drools the tiny onto her breast before swallowing.

    The tiny stares up at the boyfriend and Katelyn towering above and runs into Katelyn’s bra to hide. The boyfriend says “Thanks babe, this was a nice surprise, but I’ve gotta get back to work!” After the boyfriend leaves Katelyn starts to panic and looks for the tiny in her panties. “Oh no… where could he be?” Katelyn then realizes that her boyfriend kissed her before sucking his dick. “Oh NO, I think I might have eaten him!” Katelyn starts to pout and cry, but then she feels a pain on her nipple. The tiny has bitten down to get her attention! “Ouch! What was that?!” Katelyn checks her bra and finds the tiny. “Oh thank GOD! I am so sorry about that little one!” She kisses him slowly and continues to apologize, adding in a little tongue to clean her boyfriend’s cum off of him.

  11. Chuck

    I can see yoru fans have already given quite a lot of scenarios. That’s pretty impressive and in such a short time.

    Me? I might think of something and e-mail it, but more in the vanilla side – geez, I might be more boring than expected XD -, since there are already some interesting and detailed scenarios for giant couples: tinies coated in cum, from-cock-to-mouth, fucking over cities, kaiju-esque sex, threesomes with tinies – I’m digging this one -, cuckload with small worthless husbands… Pretty much to go for. :P

  12. catman

    i like it when you crush the tiny couple under your shoes or eat them unaware. i really like unaware scenarios . for some odd reason i like unaware business women crushing and eating tines.

  13. Alman001

    Man a lot of ideas are coming in fast :) There’s definitely gonna be a variety to choose from ^_^;

    Though if I may add one more suggestion along the ideas of the cuckloading scenario (which sounds great by the way ), but what if instead of the cuckloading victim being the boyfriend/husband who is shrunken in favor of a larger sexual partner, the cuckloaded boyfriend remains normal sized but is forced to watch as you take a far more skillful (albiet tiny) shrunken slave to bed with you?

    A scenario where your guy thinks just cus he thinks he’s well endowed he’s automatically a better lover but after another disapointing romp, you decide to make him watch how a real-lover should take care of your needs. Cue the reveal of the your slave/slaves. As far as your experience is concerend, the little worshipers are far better at pleasuring you with their weak little bodies than your boyfriend is with his useless cock.
    So going on from there your guy could be made to sit tight and watch you get off by using your slaves all the while praising their skill and scolding your bf for being so bad that little bugs are able to show him up in bed.
    Following that the video could end either way, with the slave being either crushed/discarded after taking you over the edge or just having reached a point where you’re satisfied enough to give your guy-friend another chance but then you warn him that if he fails to satisfy you again, you’ll be shrinking him next :D

  14. Lurkworthy

    I’d love to see a video done with the little plane you had on the beach recently… Your husband’s an airline pilot, but you’re frustrated with how much he’s away, so you’ve shrunk him down to humiliate him once and for all. You compare the tiny plane against the bodies of you and your lover, taunting your husband, remarking on how he thinks it’s so powerful, but it’s smaller than your friend’s cock… Then you get more carried away with your boyfriend, the tiny plane with your husband in it sandwiched helplessly between your hot bodies…

    Or… similar, but with one of the tiny cars you have. So your husband comes home from work early, while you’re in bed with your lover. Spotting his car in the driveway you shrink it down and bring it back in to bed. You were planning to dispose of him at some point anyway, so why not have some fun along the way… hell the car he was so proud of isn’t even as big as the head of your boy toy’s cock..

    Anyway, whatever you do I’m sure it’ll be fantastic, keep up the great work :)

  15. MarkM

    Oh my gosh all these scenario’s from everyone are a huge turn on. Especially Stewdrick’s! Very hot!

  16. Spray

    I’ll second filming Stewdrick’s scenario! The more pov the better, if you have micro cam that would really add to the immersion.

  17. Stewdrick

    Thanks everyone! That scenario really gets me going as well. I also have some other devious thoughts for that scenario, which I can share if people are interested. :D

  18. Megagiant5280

    The Giant Couple scenario I love is when the couple has a shrink ray, shrinks a bunch of random people at a club or gym, then eats, crush, masturbates and fucks them to death. Love the fucking with some in a condom and some in the pussy. This could also work with Katelyn taking the lead and talking down to the people while the giant just follows.

  19. star man

    I think perspective is your biggest ally in a quality GC video. For example, an extreme POV set directly between the giant’s legs at the base of his member, making it seem impossibly huge as it looms over shrunken victims… as they strain their necks up the mountain of flesh, they see your playful face beyond the peak, smiling down at them, laughing, teasing them. This allows you to stay in a dominant role as they are forced to watch you play with his tower while lustfully gazing down at the helpless people. They watch you pick up some of their friends and introduce them as sex toys to help massage and grow his cock as large as possible for your eventual pleasure.

  20. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    Hello. Regarding your Giant Couple scenario for a video, I’d much rather see you shrink your boyfriend down small, less than an inch tall. First you’re dressed very fashionably, very low-cut shirt, shorts or skirt, boots, one or two nice silver rings on each hand, & nice make-up & manicure. Then you use a shrink-ray gun on your boyfriend, loom over him from a very low angle, & then you’d pick him up in the palm of your hand, tease him & flirt with him. You also tease several other shrunken men who are watching you. But then you restore your boyfriend to normal size, as you think he’s worthy of you. Then you seduce him & lure him to your bed, as you gradually take each other’s clothes off, although you still wear all of your nice rings & jewelry! And the other shrunkn men watch with envy & excitement. You & your boyfriend kiss & make-out passionately. He gets on top of you, kisses your legs, bush, breasts, then lips. And them you get on top of himn, kiss him very passionatly, kiss his nipples, & then you go down on him for a great BJ. And then you get on top of him, ride him & have passionate sex with him, until you both climax!
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  21. Phantom8

    I would love to see a mega nude couple destroy a tiny city or shrink a city and play with it.

  22. Unnoticeddeath

    Unaware. Has the best potential, You can be your normal dominant self but your man doesn’t know there is a tiny involved. He came home too early and you were fooling around with a poor tiny who gets hidden. If you hide him in your mouth you know where this is going ;) if you hide him elsewhere just as fun potential.

  23. jerem37

    Hi Katelyn could you give to your slave a super toejob with blackred polish?

  24. Vanou

    I would love to see a horny girlfriend growing by accident (science, magic…) by just pleasuring her boyfriend. A gentle girl who just can’t stop herself, she doesn’t want to hurt him but she’s now so big that she could do it by accident. She could try by putting him into his car then in a building. At the end she could be in pain of being this big and waking up at her normal size, her man safe in the bed with her

    (sorry if my english sucks, I’m french (plz be gentle =’D )

  25. Giantess Ka...

    I’ve gotten all riled up from the fantasies you shrunken ones have been submitting to me which led to the filming of Pan, Alman001 (threesome), Stewdrick, and Clover’s scenarios. Plenty more from the comments here will be filmed in time. THIS Giantess has been in a great mood and will please you all if possible. Keep them cumming, if there’s anything else you want to see just let me know! I’m probably going to release 1-2 per month. The threesome scenario will be released first, around Valentine’s day. I’ll update you guys again later when I have more news. Love, Giantess Katelyn

  26. Ashley

    im sure every fan of macro, can love a Growth couple video ;)

  27. Jason

    I’m a little late to the party here but it doesn’t exactly have to be a giant couple video. I love the one you put out and think it’s amazing but I’m curious about what some of your friends would do in such a scenario? I’d love to hear what Rachel’s take is on giant couples and what she’d want to do if she had a tiny one at her disposal with a giant lover.

  28. Sebastian

    Hi Katelyn,

    i would love to see a something along the lines of the story I wrote.
    You can find it here:

    It doesn’t need to be FX or something just POV of the shrinkee and some Insertion (Pussycam) whatever is doable for you.

    A shrunken male (about the size in the story) gets punished or treated unaware, is put in the bra (slides down from bra into) or panties.
    Then the Girlfriend has Sex and the schrinkee is pushed by the penis into the vagina (can get stuck in urethra), hangs on for a bit (or until he shoots the load with him deep inside) and falls off inside the vagina (close to the Cervix).
    They continue to fuck, loosely according to the story.
    There can be some Softvore in the end and he becomes part of her (Sexual Organs preferably) or he stays in her…
    I’m looking very much forward to it ;)
    Greetings from a shrunken German Fan.

  29. Jake

    In terms of M/F giant couple fantasy, I’m only really into personally being an actual giant with an actual giantess in the middle of the city.

    I could go for one with a girl on girl couple with myself in between though. Admittedly, I’m more into gentle giantess stuff, or at least where the giantess has a positive relationship with her tiny. So maybe one where a girl in a relationship with a guy has been experimenting on the side with another girl, but is either found out or decides to come clean about it. Wanting to make it up to her boyfriend, who she knows has a giantess fetish, she manages to shrink him and give him a front row seat to her getting it on with her lesbian lover. The other girl could be in on it as well and okay with it, or could still be in the dark about the tiny guy. Either way I think it would be pretty amazing.

  30. danny

    yea if shrinking was possible I would do it , shrink down to 1cm and give myself to you and you could do wqt you want to me. But in the end I would want to be swallowed by you because you are a goddess, I dont care if I would die. You could place me on the tip of a cock and lick from the base up, first I see your eyes then they go up and your giant wet tongue comes into view and catches me as it is sticky from your spit. Im thrashed around your mouth as you hungrly slurp that hard cock up. Im nearly driwning in spit but then you stop and I see light as a lay atop your tongue. The guy was about to cum so you stuck your tongue out to catch his nut. He cums and I see a huge blob fly over me as it landed in the back of your throat then another gush of cum falls ontop of me covering me in sticky , as this happens your position your tongue to let the cum puddle in the center ,the guy pumps a few more times leaving me in a pool of cum. Your tongue goes up and im enclosed in darkness. You swish me around for a minute then swallow me down with a smile on your face.Just imagine if shrinking was possible this is would I would want I dont care if I die I will enjoy mostly the view I had before you slurp me up, just thiose few seconds where I see your magnificent tongue and all its beautiful surface befor im encased in darkness. Then I would enjoy my environment inside your mouth as it would be wet hoy humid sticky and. Althat before you swallow me down with your dudes load .

  31. danny

    Do a blow job and swallow the little guy.
    Lots of toungue play please and closeups.

  32. danny

    1 would you put me on your bf cock and slup me off and swallow me with his load. 2 place mo onyour tongue and start sucking a random guy off while you slide me up and down the cock with your tongue smearing me against it. Or would you keep me around longer put me on the base of the cock and tease me with your tongue and lips and make me watch you suvk off a huge cocj then tell me this is wats gona happen to you and you stick out your tongue full of cum you show me then raised your tongue back aanf swallow the load then you stick out your tongue to show me its gone scaring me shitless.Ultimately if I asked you to swallow to swallow me with your bf load because you are a goddess and it would be a privilege to be swallowed by you. Would you be up to it,???Ans would you enjoy it????. Plrase get bak with me I would love to here your response.

  33. JTC

    I would love to be your food, and when I’m digested, transform into your vaginal wetness and absolutely slather his penis as you fuck him.

  34. TinyBlondMan

    How about a man and a woman who were married. Then the man, find out that his wife has a boyfriend. She shrinks the husband and introduces them both by putting the husband on the boyfriends junk and sucking the boyfriend off. They the husband goes in her, while the boyfriend is pounding her. After the boyfriend finishes, he eats the husband out of her and she tells him to swallow the husband, while she talks to the husband in the boyfriend’s stomach.

  35. Karen

    Are you ever going to do anymore?

  36. Adam

    if I was a giant and my gf was a giantess and we both stormed into a city hungry for little people and I would devour sexy women as she devoured other men and we got aroused by watching each other

  37. Dom

    What about a giantess/shrunken cuckold footjob?

  38. Dryeye

    I would love to see a follow up to your clip masturbating first time with ants, where you actually take few of those tiny ants and play with them while you re giving your boyfriend a blowjob. Totally unaware to him, ants are crawling on his cock while you lick it and suck it, sorry for the little ones getting sruck on your tongue or lips :). Finally you make him cum and those fortunate to survive the blowjob, end up swimming or drowning in his cum.

  39. rick

    i am a white guy that would love to be torchered and fucked to death in my wifes pussy.

  40. rick

    hi ,, i am a white guy. i have a small dick and i want my wife to shrink me down and shove me in her pussy and have a group of black men with huge dicks fuck her pussy really hard and kill me.

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