Sexy September Updates!

Sexy September Updates!

Hello my little morsels! I can’t believe September is here already! August was full of filming, planning, and tons of shrinking poor little actors and actresses. Things got so busy (and my filming days moved around so much) that I barely had time to blog. But September… oh yes. This month is going to be huge as all of this hard work pays off. We’ve got comics, movies, FX, and more lined up every single week. Here’s a taste of what’s coming up!

Free Special Effects Shorts!

During August I had the pleasure of filming several of your 30 second free FX requests. The first one, staring someone you know and someone I’ve been wanting to feel under my feet for some time, will be out sometime this week. While I can’t give set release dates for every free video, what I can tell you is that it would make this Giantess absolutely *ecstatic* if I could get one… two… or maybe even three free FX videos up every month for all my tiny slaves! (Including longer pay ones here and there) I will therefore strive to make that come true for us all and I will continue filming and making new ones too throughout the next several weeks and months. SO EXCITED! >=D

Giantess Comics and Shrunken Comics!

Magically, telepathically, or otherwise, several artists have managed to finish their comics all at the same time! There are now 4-5 comics that I am preparing to release over the next several weeks. They include:
– Pogojo’s “Emi ☆ Eri 2”
– CG17’s “The Three Little Pigs”
– I-Raf-You’s “Micro Magazine” (Issue still to be determined)
– And possibly Sheela’s “The Snack Shack: Summer Fun Edition”

Store Search

Last month I finished tagging all of my store videos for the implementation of a store search function. This summer was so insanely hectic that I did not get the chance to program as much as I wished, but thankfully now that things have steadied a bit, I’m going to take a swing at coding it up soon. I think you’ll all enjoy it VERY much! I was also thinking of re-organizing my main categories, so if you have any suggestions lay them on me. And while I’m in there, I may just have to program up a few other improvements too!

Pictures of the Day

All of my Pictures of the Day sets will now star either myself or myself with another Giantess, upon popular request! (And I agree with you guys on this too) Full collage material sets and any possible solo model sets will be released as full albums and posted here on the blog. Fun stuff. ;)

On Other Giantesses

Even though I’m gearing up to focus on spoiling all of my beloved bugs with content starring yours truly (another popular request), I will indeed still have the occasional model over here and there for solo content as I love working with other Giantesses. But at the same time, I’d also very much enjoy getting more involved with two girl scenarios and picture sets and so on (starring myself with another Giantess)!

Giantessbooru 2.0

Giantessbooru 2.0 is coming along and is being worked on daily. Any suggestions or comments posted to the previous Giantessbooru 2.0 blog will still be taken into account for the development of the new site! So feel free to keep posting any ideas or suggestions you may have there.

Various Site Updates

Throughout September I will be scouring my site to get it all up to date for the best browsing experience possible. Some pages are not only months but years outdated (yikes)! To keep everyone updated with what I’ve been improving around my site, I’ve created a fun list below which you will see grow and grow and GROW as time goes on!! Check back often and at your convenience! (Keep in mind the list is for page updates and improvements- free stuff, not pay stuff!)

Completed Site Updates List:
Picture Sets Thousands of thumbnails have been aligned for high quality previews ♥
Picture Sets are now available as full album downloads!! ♥
Picture Sets names and descriptions have been updated ♥
♥ I discovered SIX missing picture sets which are now available! ♥
♥ 1) Close up Finger POV
♥ 2) Gummy Bear Vore
♥ 3) Stockings and Red Fishnets
♥ 4) Toy Car Crush
♥ 5) First Feet Candids
♥ 6) Katelyn’s Mouth 2007
My Giantess Art is up to date and thumbnails aligned for high quality previews ♥
Giantess Fan Art is up to date and thumbnails aligned for high quality previews ♥
Shrunken Fan Art is up to date and thumbnails aligned for high quality previews ♥
Mikeyboy’s Collages is up to date and thumbnails aligned for high quality previews ♥
♥ Shadester’s Collages is up to date and thumbnails aligned for high quality previews ♥
Fan Drawings is up to date and thumbnails aligned for high quality previews ♥
Adrien’s Drawings thumbnails aligned for high quality previews ♥
♥ All of my Free Videos are now downloadable! ♥

(Updates to be continued — Keep checking back!!)

I could so easily type up about 5…10…15 more paragraphs on what’s in my agenda for the next several weeks but instead of overloading my little loves, let me go ahead and get started on all of this RIGHT NOW!!

I want to let you all know that I -love- having you as my pets, bugs, and slaves, how much happiness you all bring to my life. It is my goal to make my site as enjoyable as possible for all of you. If it were not for all of you, I would not be able to do all the things I love so much. Thank you all and I hope you enjoy September!

Much LOVE!! :D <3


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11 Responses and Counting...

  1. Chuck

    I was wondering about the free FX vids, but supposed you were busy. See I wasn’t wrong, but you were also busy with those vids. xD I’m still rooting for gloved hand play, though, not giving up. ;P

    Busy August will be worth it, seeing all that’s coming for September. So the only thing we need to do is patiently wait for all that stuff to come. And if we even have to wait longer… Well, we’ll have to do so. You’re the one in charge, after all. ;)

  2. ATJ1211

    hows your full length gts movie coming along?

  3. Sins

    Pogojo posted nearly 4 days ago on his DA account that Emi Eri 2 would have been up in a day or 2.

    We all are naturally in high anticipation for it so I hope you can upload it very soon.

  4. SkedarE

    Saw blog thumbnail! -> Lost my S***! Hope thats part of the FX (crossed fingers)!

  5. Greg Viera

    cant wait to see what sept has in store :)

  6. johnn

    Great! But there is any update about your Mega/Massive FX video???

  7. lleee

    When is that Unaware Science one coming? And get any HISTK stuff done? Summer’s ending so I hope you got the outside shots…

  8. bill

    For gb2.0 could you look into a chrome extension called Photo Zoom. I use it on a lot of websites and it greatly reduces number of clicks on photo sites. Essentially when you hover on images in a gallery it creates a jquery lightbox for you to view the zoomed in image on without clicking the image itself. It works for just about every gallery site except giantess booru.

  9. Chuck

    You sure are working hard seeing the list of current updates, Katelyn.

    But I couldn’t help noticing something in the free videos… aside from the fact Hand POV has no sound – I guess you couldn’t save it -, the web says there are 68 vids when actually there are, if I’m counting right, 46. Maybe some video-download pair are counted as two videos instead of one? I mean, it isn’t a big thing, but maybe you didn’t notice before…

  10. Wes

    What’s the status of the growth movie?

  11. JD

    Hey Katelyn! Where is that picture of you that says “sexy site updates” from? is it from a future set? would love to see it full size :)

    Sounds like super cool stuff is coming!

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