“Serving a High School Hottie” Sneak Peek Two

“Serving a High School Hottie” Sneak Peek Two

Here it is: A second sneak peek of my up coming semi-nude collage picture story, “Serving a High School Hottie”! If you’ve ever wanted to be at the mercy of a horny, half naked high school senior girl with a blue dildo and an taste for her high school crushes… this story will suck you in! I’m getting extremely close to finishing it up and I’ve got a ton of juicy details I’d like to share with you…

The Package will include:
51 high res 2300 x 1700 pictures, featuring professional photo-realistic quality collages
A massively detailed written story of your shrunken adventures through out the pictures
A HTML viewer allowing reading and viewing of the pictures and story at the same time
Audio featuring me reading and acting the story- Listen to me orgasm and swallow!

The picture set is also my first nude work and contains your Goddess naked from the waste up in many of the shots. My underwear is also quite see-through… so to say that you’ll like what you see is an understatement. :angel: The nudity is strictly for artistic purposes of course, and done in a very classy way.

The Vore:

Needless to say, this is a vore fantasy first and foremost. Right from the beginning you’ll realize how easily you could end up my mouth’s playthingand how this massive senior girl wouldn’t mind at all sending you down her throat to satisfy her curiosity and flavor for tiny men…

You’ll be teased at my mouth over and over. Nearly sucked off my dildo. Forced to climb and run for your life to escape my mouth and saliva. You’ll literally hang from my saliva strands! You’ll climb my lips, struggle on my tongue and when I’ve had enough… I’ll simply toss your micro sized body to my throat and send you to digest within my massive, beautiful high school girl body.

The fun doesn’t end at the back of my throat… there are two extremely hot “inside my body” collages I worked very hard on- you’ll get to realistically see me both swallowing and digesting my classmate from the inside! Many of the final vore shots take place deep inside of my mouth too, so you’ll be getting the entire ride with this picture set!

The Boobs:

You’ll climb them. You’ll play on them. You’ll fuck them. You’ll stand on my dildo as it pushes between my huge, firm breasts and when the time comes you’ll climb your way up to my nipple and fuck it as I orgasm. My tits are huge, like mountains before your tiny body. You’ll see them up close from a micro perspective and far away giving you a full view of my incredible size…

This is my only work that features nudity as of yet and it might be some time before you see nudity again as I only want to use it in fantasy specific, artistic works. I really felt like this was a special project and the nudity was needed to complete my fantasy. If you want to see me naked anytime soon, this is your ticket!

Other Hot Stuff:

There’s several extremely hot ass shots, a brief ass crush in the beginning of the story, and well, hot ass throughout! This goes for my pussy as well- I nearly crush him under my pussy and I tease him with it… bending over and showing him what he can’t have. You can easily see through my underwear, but this wasn’t intended, lol! >.<

The set also includes several POVs at different times in the story to give you a sense of size AND the story contains a shot where you can see my classmate shrinking. Each shot serves as an important part of the story- there’s no filler.

Here’s another shot from the story- only at 1/4 the resolution. Obviously, as these are pictures, I can’t show much without giving it all away. So I’m afraid my written descriptions will have to do. At the time of release, I will have a .gif that will show more of the pictures.

Climbing a Giantess's Dildo!

The price? $29.99. I put a ridiculous amount of work into this set (collages, story, audio) as I do with all of my artwork and I feel this is the right price. It’s top quality. <3

As for a release date… hmm. There’s still quite a bit to do (aka hours and hours and hours) and I feel my original estimate was a little optimistic. I’m going to continue making this project my top priority (no weekend updates) and try to get it out sometime in the new few weeks. :D

Needless to say, I can’t wait for you to enjoy this fantasy of mine!! :woot: :love:


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. unnoticeddeath

    I love it. I can’t wait to see the whole thing.

  2. Greg Viera

    i am in love with this story. omg i am so gonna buy it when its all done . i love u giantess katelyn brooks :love: im allways at ur mercy <3 how did u come up with this idea :love: ur so awesome

  3. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    Very excited about this great project of yours & can’t wait to see it! I’m especially looking forward to all the sexy shots of your beautiful face, nude chest, low angles & close-ups – and the shots of the tiny man near your face, legs, chest, hands, etc.
    I wonder if there are any shots on the shrunken man standing in your palm? Always had a thing for hand-held scenes with the tiny man in a pretty girls’ palm!
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  4. Kisuke Urahara

    We get to see your ass in High Def pictures!? This is what I’ve been waiting for!!! I can’t WAIT to buy this photoset!!!!!!!!! And I can’t wait to see your ass too1 :woot:

  5. LittlemanPa...

    Katelyn…. everything you touch turns to gold. First off to have a giantess that is as beautiful as you, kicks ass. Second, your videos and pictures come to life, like I have never seen online. I have bought three of your custom videos, all of your main featured ones, and many of your other smaller ones. I have never been disappointed. I just wanted to let you know today, how grateful I am that you came into my life a year and a half ago……. and that I will always be one of your greatest fans. Love you. (oh and by the way, I cannotttttttt wait, for this upcoming feature).

    Love, Paul

  6. west911

    I have a feeling due to this collage set your gts meter is going to go way up. So with this theme of nudity am I guessing the next story collage set will probably involve a growth theme or something like that?

  7. JustinG

    :woot: Vore is my main fetish and it seems like you put alot of time into this project i think the nudity is just a really great bonus =P I’ll likely buy this

  8. snap

    I am tingling with anticipation for this! I can remember waiting for Midnight Goddess and oh man was it worth it! That was a masterpiece, dearest Goddess! I have no doubt this release will be in a like vein. You are most talented and beautiful. All my love & worship.


  9. nutnut1234

    woah katelyn, your AMAZING :love:

    much as i love giantess stuff, i love bug crush also. are you still involved in this much? loved all your previous videos and blog entries. fantasy is good, but nothing actually beats a living bug actually feeling the giant foot of katelyn turning on them :evil:

  10. sphrog

    @GiantessKatelyn re: UT2004, dyou play Onlaught? If so I will crush you >:-D

  11. Rafael

    When ready The Girl Next Door Movie ?????
    answer to my email please?


  12. Giantess Ka...

    Hey everyone! Going to answer everyone’s questions! Hopefully I’ll get a new blog out today too!

    Here’s an mini-update on “Serving a High School Hottie”:
    Right now I’m still working on the story. It’s taking me way longer than I expected BUT I it’s turning out awesome. I originally had a rough draft that was supposed to turn into a final draft but I decided to just rewrite it again from scratch as since originally writing it I had come up with a ton of new ideas. Each day I make more and more progress on the story, but right now I have no clue when it will be done. Hopefully before Halloween! >.< I NEED to move onto my next project, lol Now to answer your questions... @unnoticeddeath:@Greg Viera:@Kisuke Urahara:@JustinG: Thanks so much you little guys! I'm glad you're so excited about this project!! <3 You are really going to love it!

    @Bill Thumb: Lol, the only thing it doesn't have is an in palm shot. Sorry! >.< Plenty of him between my fingers though. @LittlemanPaulie:@snap: Awww! Thank you both for the ultra sweet compliments. I always love hearing it when people really enjoy my work. It fills me with pure energy and makes me want to work day and night to make a ton of awesome content! :woot: This passion of mine wouldn't be nearly as fun if it weren't for worshipping little bugs like you! :love:

    @west911: I hope so!! However, I don't know IF (or rather when) there will be a next picture story set after this. Even if it does amazingly well and is a huge success, I really enjoy making movies and have been getting the itch to work with film again. However as soon as this collage story set is complete I'm back to work on my site revamp project that I had to put on hold a few months ago. I want to have that finished by the end of the year, along with maybe a shorter film project. 2010... who knows what that will bring...

    @nutnut1234: Thanks! I'm still involved in small bug crush (crickets, ants, meal worms, house hold pests hehe!) but I'm officially done with larger bug crush such as crayfish, lobsters, etc. While it sold well, I just didn't sexually enjoy them nearly as much smaller bugs- smaller bugs feel more like shrunken people while large stuff... well... doesn't. So filming the large bug crush videos became a real chore and felt like "work" (something I hate) so I decided to move on to other stuff and focus on Giantess, my true love. But hey, if you like being a small bug too, there will still be plenty of that! ^^ <3 I agree that crushing a live little bug (like the ant in my kitchen and red bug in my bathroom last night) are some of the closest ways to fulfill a part of the Giantess fetish!

    @sphrog: Actually I'm kind of new to the game and haven't played any Onslaught yet. A friend showed it to me after they saw me playing Quake Live and so I've been having a blast playing around with the game! Right now I'm playing mostly team Death matches but late tonight I might give Onslaught a try! 8) Oh, and I think I'll do the crushing around here. :p

    @Rafael: That's a very good question! I have no idea! lol :D I filmed it almost a year ago (wow!) and it has sat on my hard drive ever since. I was planning on finishing it after Midnight Goddess, but got swept away in a TON of other projects. I might try cutting it down to a mini-FX movie and playing around with it... but I honestly don't know if that will even happen before the new year! O_o One of these days I'll take a look at it and see... but one huge project at a time and I have to finish this one first.

    Thanks little bugs for leaving me comments! Now to go write up a new blog...

    ~Giantess Katelyn <3

  13. sphrog

    As much as I want the collage story to come out RIGHT NOW, I can certainly appreciate you wanting to take your time on it. Sometimes an idea just grabs you and refuses to let go, and, well, there’s a reason they call it “masturbatory prose” XD

    Deathmatch is a great way to learn the UT weapons well, but I think Onslaught is some of the most fun you can have shooting people. It’s a huge rush sweeping in on an unprepared team in a Manta and flattening three or four of them in a row as the announcer roars PANCAKE!! and other such reassuring declaratations. Something tells me you’d especially enjoy that part ;3

  14. Hotshotrunt

    love this idea hope u will finish it perfectlyxD till then :whistle: :love:

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