“Serving a High School Hottie” Sneak Peek One

“Serving a High School Hottie” Sneak Peek One

Ooo! A sneak peek! It’s about time! This incredibly hot project has been one of my main focuses this summer and I can’t tell you how excited I am to talk about it. This particular work features me half naked and horny forcing a younger, shrunken classmate to serve my hard nipples before I swallow him alive. Interested yet? :angel:

First off, what makes this project so unique (well, besides the whole nudity thing) is that instead of a film, this is a full blown collage picture story much like “Exploring Her Soles”– only 3 to 4 times larger and featuring Pussy, Boobs, Ass, Mouth, Vore, and a dildo. It’s even micro themed (although not unaware!) to create a really HUGE and MASSIVE looking world. From the inside of my panty drawer to running up my dildo, you’ll be amazed at how big the world really is…

Originally this project was only supposed to be a simple vore scenario roughly the same size in length and work as “Exploring Her Soles”– and free too. That quickly changed when my high school fantasy got the best of me and I ran completely wild with it! Picture after picture I kept changing things, taking new shots and instead of following the vore script I so neatly typed up, I totally lost myself in my part and became my 12th grade self. I ended up doing exactly what I would have done in the 12th grade to a poor shrunken classmate of mine- use him, abuse him, eat him alive and cum hard. It was incredible- I was finally was able to live a real fantasy of mine and it was so fucking hot!!

However… through my crazed fantasy I managed to take some 2000 raw photos- a record for me to say the least- all of which needed to be edited down and shaped into my story. Eventually I successfully weeded it down to approximately 50 stunningly hot photos that visualized my fantasy and story perfectly. But this was still WAY longer and would require far more work than I had ever planned for this project. The sheer size of the project also created a ton of additional work for my poor shrunken green screen friend I hired. Instead of him just getting eaten, now he had to climb mountains.

The work load for the written story increased as well and it will no doubt be a short novel by the time I’m done with it. :whistle:

So what was supposed to be a short- and free might I add- vore picture story ballooned into a project that rivals my short special effects movies. This means I will have to sell in my store, due to the sheer amount of time I’ve put into this project. But I’m hopping all this work will be totally worth it and you little ones will go crazy over it! I personally would LOVE to make more collage story sets like these in the future as I feel they are incredible at expressing my fantasies and sexuality- but I can only do that if they sell well and are worth the time I could devote to them.

So what’s this story about? The plot goes like this: You, a lowly sophomore, receive a note from a popular 12th grade girl to meet her after school outside by the picnic tables. Upon meeting the intimidatingly beautiful, popular, and older 12th grade girl after school, you are quickly shrunken down by her and placed in her purse! When you awake next you are surrounded by her panties and her feminine scent deep inside her panty drawer. Dressed only in a bra and panties, the girl plucks you out of the drawer… along with her cute blue dildo! She then proceeds to force you to please her, teasing you on her dildo, nearly eating you alive, almost crushing you under her ass and pussy, and finally forcing you to climb her tits and pleasure her bare nipples as she masturbates. Nearing her climax, she plucks you off of her nipple and proceeds to play with you in her mouth until she cums… and then she swallows you alive!

Here is a sample pic, at full resolution from the beginning of the story.

Serving a High School Hottie

Keep in mind, I haven’t finished them yet so this is still a bit raw looking! Also, as this is a picture set, I’ll only be releasing one or two more photos and probably at lower resolutions to give you a preview of what you will be buying- but not much more than that as I can’t give too much away! To see this incredible set you’ll have to buy it! :)

To sum it up, this story set will contain 50-60 high quality collages and a huge written story. I’m currently only halfway done working on it, so it’ll probably be another two weeks before it’s release- just in time for the beginning of the school year I suppose! How fitting. :evil: It will probably be priced in the low $20 range- well worth it in both quality and quantity, I can promise you that, even if you just want to see my tits!

Oh right, the nudity. I suppose that’s a little unusual for me. Let’s talk about that for a second. :p

Well… I was really horny… and I wanted him to serve my tits. So I took off my bra and forced him to pleasure my hard nipple while I came with my dildo. Did I mention I was really horny when I took this photo set? >.<

When I began sorting through the photos after the shoot I quickly realized that my panties were also see-through in every shot- something I didn’t originally intend! So in the pictures my pussy and tits are completely exposed for you little ones to climb all over. While being nude and sexual like this is a HUGE part of my fantasies (see the “Midnight Goddess” bed scene), this picture set will be a first for my site in that it contained all out nudity.

After the go-kart accident (lol) destroyed my work flow on this project, I ended up spending a large portion of the summer just thinking about how I felt towards nudity in my work and whether I should even release this collage set at all. While all of my thoughts this summer and my unique history on nudity will be the feature of another upcoming blog post, I will tell you that after much thought, the want to be nude in my work won out this summer. The idea is I don’t want anything to hold my fantasies back and as nudity is a huge part of my personal fantasies (how else would I fuck a skyscraper?) it should be a part of my site as well.

Does this mean I’m going to be nude in all of my work? No. For Giantess, I want it to be reserved for only the hottest content- stuff I would genuinely be nude for, such as this picture set. I don’t want nudity to be the focus of my work but rather a powerful compliment to my work when I feel it calls for it. But once again, more on this and the challenges of nudity in a later blog post!

Hopefully this sneak peek has piqued your interest in my project!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Greg viera

    wow i am most intrested in this project just by the 1st part of your blog i was excited to read the rest. it will be sexy to read the story and see any sexy pics u will have up :love: . the details you put in this blog are so sexy. cant wait for the project to come out

  2. marco

    i love all of your films and pictures so i am super super excited about this Goddess Katelyn!! its so exciting to here about your thoughts on nudity and thanks for sharing them with us all! im looking foward to more of your amazing sexy projects in the future, and fantasys of becoming micro (my greatest fantasy) and being used to pleasure my goddess :wink: keep up the fantastic work!!! :D

  3. unnoticeddeath

    Just spent 400 dollars on textbooks but I am definately saving a little cash for this. I think I will call it my independent study “Art Appreciation” course for the semester. I’m also pleased that you’ve decided not to limit your expresion and include ample (as in geographic) anatomy lessons as well.

  4. Kisuke Urahara

    I WANT TO BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t WAIT for this picture set to come out!!!!!!!!

  5. Ilyas

    All I can say that your pictures and texts have always been AWSOME , so good luck in this new direction that you’re giving to your site !!


  6. Loehnwolf

    ok I think I had a seizure just trying imagine all the amazing possibilities!!

  7. Curious

    I’ve always been curious… since you enlist the help of your friends for your effects work, what do they have to say about the materials? The girl mired in your cum in Midnight Goddess? the guy on your dildo in this forthcoming set? What did they say when they found out you were creating scenes of them coming into contact with you in such a way?

    Was it difficult to explain the scenario to any of them? Did you feel guarded about it, like you had to find a way around explaining it, or was it easy to share the experience and your feelings about it with them?

    Where do your recruits typically come from? Are they real-life friends? classmates? volunteers from your followers? or folks you hire? I’d imagine you have plenty of willing volunteers… but it can be hard to find *good* volunteers, who are actually decent at it and do what you want/need them to without problems. Then again, I’m sure you have ways of dealing with that ;)

  8. lildude85

    I can’t wait for it to come out. I really wish I coulda been your classmate.

  9. Bobbob

    Hmmm…. I might need to find a way to get more money soon… Rent raised on me! ;-(

    And I need a new job… I lost my old one for disecting an alien and starting an intergalactic rivalry or something… :alien: I actually just like using the alien face… and have no affiliation with any aliens that may or may not “exist.” lol

    Tags for this blog: Boobs, Collages
    Thoughts: yay! lol

    To tiredly quote one of the actors from Sean of the Dead, “Life is a precious gift, like boobs, or rockets.”

  10. m.j.g

    katelyn when is the pics for this coming out plz tell me

  11. Corsair

    Hi Katelyn!

    Looks like an insanely hot project! I can’t wait to see the final result!!!

    And if you could post more preview pics in the meantime that would be cool!

  12. Jaedon

    Very interesting to finally see you in the nude. Glad also that you’re concerntratating on the things that turn you on. I can’t wait to see you naked in a vore scene. Probably won’t bother with just pics but when you do a full on vore movie with you naked I… well.. I just can’t wait. =)

  13. Raysmuckles

    Great you finally sorted through things and decided to go all the way! You’re really a pioneer you know, no one else is anywhere near as dedicated, hard-working, as you, and, when it comes down to it, no one has the cojones that you do to be so open about it. So. Hot.

  14. johnn

    the pics are amazing…. but the video can be perfect! :o
    No more micro FX video are in production? :(

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