Seduction by Tonto Blackadder + Cool News

Seduction by Tonto Blackadder + Cool News

Along with some cool news I have for you today, Tonto Blackadder‘s comic “Seduction of the Tiny” is now available in my store. This comic is a detailed, high-res, 90 page poser comic featuring a young couple who are shrunken and kidnapped as sex slaves by a Giantess Mistress! It features insertion, foot rubbing, shrunken blow jobs, and more! ^^ If you haven’t already, check out “Seduction of the Tiny”.

I’ve admired and enjoyed Tonto Blackadder’s work for a long while now, so when he accepted my offer to produce a comic based on anything he wanted I was thrilled! However while the comic was finished in September, sadly I wasn’t able to release it until now as my previous merchant wouldn’t allow it (There was just too much nudity, hehe! Thankfully with my new merchant that’s no longer a problem). So now after several months of waiting, here his comic finally is. I really hope you enjoy it and the fantasies of Tonto’s work!

Seduction by Tonto Blackadder

As for news, here’s what I’ve been up to and what you can expect in the coming weeks. First, as you may already know, I’ve released several videos now that contain full blown nudity. :twisted:  Two of these videos feature Jade too! Here are my two personal favorites out of the bunch:

The Naughty Police Officer

Jade’s Breeding Program

As for other news, today I am an extremely happy NerdyGirl! I’ve just purchased the parts for a new computer (i7, six cores! *droooool* @_@) with the last of the growth potion money I had saved up, as I felt the time was right. This should help massively in my creation of FX movies in the coming months.  I can’t even tell you how excited I am to put all of it together! I expect I’ll have it together and running in about two weeks, which means I’ll be able to start on FX very soon. I can hardly contain my excitement!! I have been looking forward to filming FX movies for what seems like forever now. :biggrin:

Next week I will feature a blog centered around my plans for my FX videos and my plans for the next 6 months to give you little ones an idea of what to expect. (I’m planning on moving in six months and as such my FX plans have to fit into this!) This will be a fun blog and I’m looking forward to hearing from you. I still haven’t fully fleshed out what stories or plots I want to tackle in the next six months, so I think I will be open to feedback or suggestions- especially considering now I can be as sexually adventurous in my movies as I want!! (But save your feedback/ideas for the next blog as I will have time to read them then :3)

A Chinese artist named “G17” (introduced to me by Vivian) completely surprised and blew me away over the holidays. He has already finished his first comic and I can already tell you it will not be his last. It is perhaps one of the sexiest vore comics I have ever laid eyes on (and I am a HUGE vore fan) and I know for certain that you will absolutely love this comic. O_O I still have to do some translating work on the comic, so it will probably take some time to reach my store. Until then I will taunt you with previews when I get the chance. ^^

Have a great week swimming in juices little ones! And Happy 2011! :heart: :happy:


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. nboud223

    Can’t wait for the new FX movies! :D
    I can tell you will get a bunch of ideas and suggestions, but is there any plot you already had inmind? or will u see what your tiny slaves come up with? :3

  2. Giantess Ka...

    @nboud223: Haven’t quite decided yet (although I have a few plots in mind, but not sure if I will use them or which ones I’ll talk about) but I’ll be answering that next Monday, for sure! :happy:

  3. Guest

    katelyn i want to contact you because of sizebooru.

    first of all….thank you for bringing sizebooru back to the gts-community :)

    but now some critic:
    i think almost 40% of the images are too large(over 1000×1000) which make it hard to see something.It may be a great POV-perpective, but e.g. at a simple foot picture you could barely see the small toe let alone the whole foot.
    So i want to tell you, if the images could be displayed at a size, where the whole pic can be seen and to enlarge the image you just have to click it.

    i would be very grateful if you could try to change something… or atleast give me some feedback.

  4. Sixinchestall

    Well your plans for the future sound great. I have got an i7 as well and it is amazing. You can easily and with no risk overclock them to 4ghz on air, the performance is just amazing esp on multithreaded apps. You also get 6 virtual cores making a total of 12 which is just incredible. As you do lots of 3d stuff it might be worth looking into graphics cards if you have not already (and tell me to shut up if you know this already). Some notable software houses Adobe being one are now making software that utilises the huge parallel processing power of modern day graphics cards. The current top nvidia (home use) card has 512 cores and will set you back around $400-$500. Will render things up to 10x faster than a maxed out i7. If you have not already It might be worth researching this. Anyway enough geekery, I wanted to say you turn me on more than any other woman ever and I have never even met you. Reading your fantasises in your blogs I cannot believe that a woman like you exists yet here you are. I sent you a story (several times) the last one is the complete one (I kept adding to it :-) When you have had time to have a look would this kind of scenario be possible to do as an fx movie? I wanna see you be REALLY evil giantess. Anyway just wanted to give my thanks to you and say keep doing what you are doing cos it is perfect.



  5. Justin

    I would also like to see you as really evil giantess.

  6. Greg Viera

    <3 all this sounds amazing <3
    ohhhh what a year this will be <3
    i love ur fx videos
    what ever plot u come up with will be amazing
    how long has it been since u even thought of doing an fx video? <3

  7. MarkM

    Thanks Katelyn! Like others said I really miss the FX movies too. Midnight Goddess remains my all time fav. of your works and I still like Spellbook a lot even though it’s older now.

    Your new video’s are great too Katelyn. I already told you how much I loved NaughtyPoliceOfficer which you mention here but also KatelynEatsherMaster was awesome too!

    An Um…… Katelyn? I noticed in KatelynEatsherMaster that You have the nicest looking chest of any woman!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow it’s incredible an I LOVE it!!!

    You really have the body of a Goddess!

    Love, Mark <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  8. Johnn

    Finally new FX movie!! Great news!!!!!!

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