Scarlet Magazine Interview

Scarlet Magazine Interview

About a month ago, the UK based magazine Scarlet contacted me with a few questions regarding the Giantess fantasy for an article they were doing on out-there fetishes. I happily answered! ^^ As a result my interview is now in the July issue of Scarlet Magazine.

Giantess Interview - Scarlet Magazine

It’s definitely cool to see my site attract mainstream attention- even if only brief and a small glance at that. But honestly, the giantess article itself is rather short making it not really worth buying the magazine for if you’re looking for some good giantess reading. They even cleverly slipped in an advertisement into my interview by not including it in quotes! (For lube LOL) Overall, it’s neat to see! But other than that, you might as well just read what I originally wrote them. But where could you read what I originally wrote them? Right here of course!

I was asked not to post the article itself in full but nothing was said nothing about posting what I originally emailed them, which 98% of they didn’t actually use- they were too busy advertising for lube apparently. :) I was asked two questions- 1) What is it about the Giantess Fetish that turns you/your audience on, and 2) What sex tip(s) would you recommend to vanilla people who would like to try out the fetish? [the idea is they aren’t too extreme, but are still based on the fetish’s main concepts]

So yes, they asked me about sex tips for vanilla people without the fetish. So… that’s what I gave them! Warning- the answer I gave is kind of giantess-couple-ish. I mean, sort of… but not really? You’ll see what I mean. I answered the first question the best I could, trying to hit on all of the feelings of this complex and wonderful fetish of ours.

1) What is it about Giantess fetish that turns you/your audience on?

For me, the Giantess fetish is all about the power and size. Nothing gets me soaked faster than towering over a city as a Giantess, my feet so large they could take out entire car-packed streets at a time. It is truly the fetish of the Goddesses- it places the highest power and control possible in the woman’s hands. You literally become a female deity to the people below whether they accept you or not. Millions of lives find themselves beneath you struggling to survive as you fulfill your own deep sexual desires. Not only does the Giantess fetish allow you to indulge fully in this extreme sexual power, but it allows millions of others to indulge in it too as you orgasm high above them.

Some days I find myself insanely horny to walk through a city, swallowing tiny busses and crowds of people whole while licking my lips as they slide down my wet throat. Other days I wish to discover a shrunken town outside, forcing the villagers to sacrifice their lives to pleasure my massive pussy. Other times I want to be gentle, such as using one of my shrunken slaves as a dildo. Occasionally I want to be so massive and powerful that I’m not even aware of all that I’m crushing under my body! I know all of this can sound incredibly weird to the average person, but the power trip and pleasure is absolutely amazing. And the fetish for me isn’t just about my own feeling of power and control, but the strong, overwhelming feelings I get from the sometimes thousands of little people trapped in my pleasures. When I know my shrunken victims are terrified or turned on, it only adds to my lust-filled power trip. This in turn causes me to only get hornier and bolder in my quest for sexual satisfaction.

All of this power directly relates to the Giantess’s size. I personally prefer to be at the very least as tall as the average skyscraper- with my foot being as long as several subway cars. I’d also prefer to grow to that size- rather than magically pop there. That way I get to play with everything at different heights! When it comes to the maximum of how big I’d want to be- the sky’s no limit. I wouldn’t mind pushing the entire planet earth deep inside of me. On average though, I tend to prefer to be a mega-giantess, my foot print leaving several blocks of city flattened and the highest buildings standing near my ankles.

There are also so many sub-fetishes tied in with the Giantess fetish that turns me on. I personally have a female foot fetish, domination/power fetish, vore (eating things alive) fetish, female shoe fetish, bug crushing fetish, growth fetish, digestion fetish, furry fetish and more- all of this making up the Giantess fetish. I’m also bi, which means I don’t care what gender my shrunken slaves tend to be and I’m more than happy to have a Giantess-sized lesbian encounter in the middle of a city!

As for my audience and fans (which are made up of both girls and guys- although the majority are guys), they too are turned on by the insane power and control a Giantess has. But at the same time they want the exact opposite out of the fetish: they wish to feel fear, terror- like they no longer have control of the situation. They want their heart to race as the giant city-destroying female does as she pleases with them and their environment. A Giantess to them is no different than a Goddess- they love how she has the incredible power to give or take life away- whether she realizes it or not! The only thing in the girl’s mind is “how can I please myself even more?” and giantess fans love it.

When it comes to scenarios, my fans are turned on by everything from being trapped high above the city in my hands dangling over my hungry, enormous mouth or struggling for their lives on my bedroom floor as my soft bare foot comes down atop them. Many of them are seriously willing give their very lives for my pleasure or to nourish my body, whether that pleasure is hunger, sexual, or just for my own amusement. They worship and devote their tiny lives to my every step- even if that step ends up crushing them and all their friends!

To me the Giantess fetish is the most erotic, sexually satisfying fetish out there. I love the power, the control, and the worship from my fans. I love crushing tiny people as much as I love swallowing them alive in either my mouth or pussy. I love the feeling of skyscrapers as they hit my g-spot. The fetish is as lovey-dovey, heart meltingly sweet as it is dark and sexually passionate. If you ever happen to be walking down a street and look up to find a giant brunette towering over the local office buildings- prepare yourself because you’re in for one wild ride!

2) What sex tip(s) would you recommend to vanilla people who would like to try out the fetish? [the idea is they aren’t too extreme, but are still based on the fetish’s main concepts]

The first thing I’d recommend trying out is what I like to call the “Cock Skyscraper”! You force your slave to lie down in bed facing up while you stand towering above him. His body literally becomes the tiny city with you standing at its center as the all powerful Giantess. His hard cock beneath you becomes the city’s pride- a towering skyscraper, filled with thousands of helpless people (including your boyfriend!) for you to do with as you please.

Depending on your mood, you can start off by using your powerful feet or mouth to feel the city, dipping your toes into the incredible power you have over its inhabitants. Crush entire sections of the city with your massive soles, swallow entire streets of traffic and people. Indulge in your lust, fall deep into the ultimate power trip. Run your feet or mouth over his eyes- that being his street view – to give him a glimpse of the destruction first hand!

Most importantly realize that nothing else matters except your pleasure, your own sexual fulfillment. Realize that the fate of thousands of people below you, including your boyfriend, merely exist for YOUR sexual satisfaction and pleasure. To you they are nothing but helpless bugs. They should be so honored to have their tiny lives end under such a powerful and beautiful Goddess such as yourself!

When you’re ready to violate the city further, slowly lower yourself over the tiny metropolis, directly above its lone, shinning skyscraper. Imagine that there are thousands of men and woman working inside of it who are about to get one hell of a show. Push your pussy down on the tip of the skyscraper, teasing it. Rub your clit all over the top of the building, thinking about what it must look like to the poor people being tossed around inside! Continue to tease and play with your victims until you are absolutely drooling all over the top of the skyscraper, your cum running down the windows, your sexual scent overwhelming everyone in the building- perhaps diving the tiny men inside absolutely wild!

Then take total control over the lives beneath you and push down, forcing the building and everyone along with it deep inside you. Use it. Ride it. Fuck it. Force it to please you. Push the building as deep inside of you as you can. Imagine the view from inside the building- windows cracking, people running, some having sex, masturbating, cum pouring in through the windows, the building buckling under the stress, and incredible sound of you pumping it in and out, your moans of pure pleasure being heard for miles- forcing many inside to cover their ears. Think of those standing outside at the base of the skyscraper, watching your lips coming up and down, your cum flooding the tiny streets. Rub yourself on the city below the high rise, crushing entire blocks of the city with your powerful clit. This in turn causes people to become stuck to your clit, allowing you to indulge in their struggling. As you continue to ride the skyscraper and grind the streets below you, build into an incredible, powerful climax that shakes the city to its core!

As your boyfriend begins to cum and his cock begins to throb, imagine the building crushing and exploding under the stress of your orgasm, destroying the building and leaving hundreds of people deep inside you. Imagine your tiny boyfriend inside of you, cumming as the building breaks apart. Continue to ride until there’s nothing left of the building. Then pull out and lay down on the entire city, allowing the rest of the tiny metropolis to crush beneath your body. Relax and take in the pleasure…

The second thing I’d recommend trying out is keeping a small dish of tiny chocolates (like chocolate chips) near the bed. During sex or masturbation I like to pretend they are shrunken people, shrunken cars, shrunken buses- or even entire shrunken buildings depending on how big I want to be! I then have a slave pleasure me (or I pleasure myself!) as I swallow and eat them alive. It’s a total power trip! If you’re having regular sex your boyfriend will have a perfect view of your mouth which will drive him nuts as you swallow your tiny chocolate people alive. As for what you can do with your shrunken victims, some I slowly chew, some I swallow whole. Others I play with on my tongue until they melt. It’s incredibly sexy- and quite delicious!

Another two great yet simple techniques I’d recommend during sex would be having your boyfriend stare into your open mouth or, if in a crushing/foot mood, put your feet in his face while having sex. For me, having his eye near my mouth makes me feel like he truly is shrunken, staring at my wet, gaping maw before him. I lick my lips- and his eye to make him and myself feel as if I’m about to eat his tiny body! When it comes to feet, I have him kneel and I bring my knees to my chest- forcing him to hold my ankles and have my feet directly in his face as he thrusts deep inside of me. I can then move my feet closer or farther away, as if I were stepping down on his shrunken body. Not only will he really enjoy it as he can see not only my feet but my wet pussy beneath him but his breath on my feet and his hard cock inside of me make me feel as if he’s making love to my very soles!

Now if you’re lesbian or bi (like me!) you can have a blast with a female partner too with any of these scenarios I’ve listed. Double dildos become buses, buildings, or even a hot shrunken guy or girl. You can even take turns performing the “Cock skyscraper” with a strap on! The best part about the Giantess fetish between two girls is that you can orgasmically take on an entire city together and while feeding off each other’s power trips!

All in all, the giantess fetish is a highly imaginative one. But it’s insanely empowering to the female and has resulted in some of the best sex I’ve ever had. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these tips and will give them a try.


That’s it! Hope you enjoyed. Now you know a little bit more about me and this crazy giantess fetish of mine =) My next journal entry will be coming up shortly (I hope!) and will feature a HUGE site update. Hope you have a great weekend little ones!

*raises her foot above the crowd*


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. fiascomonkey

    Thanks for sharing, Ms. Brooks!

  2. anonymous

    i see jordan (aka katie price) is on the front cover as per usual.

  3. katelynsworm

    May this brief article lead to even bigger and better things for You, Goddess. Check Your email!

  4. anonymous

    Many compliments, my dear goddess, on this acheivement. With hope, this article will eventually lead to the rest of the world to recognize and worship you as we, your loyal playthings do.

    <3 Your pet

  5. anonymous

    hello goddess, my name is james, and i wish to offer myself to you to eat and digest and shit out. it would be the greatest honor ever to serve you as such. i would love to end up in your toilet as you feel great relief. :)

  6. the2500

    What’s not cool is that they only used 2% of what you sent them and plugged their lube. Out of curiousity, what did they print? I’m interested in seeing what the mainstream got.

  7. anonymous

    Thank you so much for sharing Katelyn! Read this on the Giantess City a couple days ago… Very interesting to see how your side of the fetish works out in the bedroom ;-)


  8. anonymous

    Hı cute giantess ı want to be your tiny husband

  9. anonymous

    that’s pretty cool that you have a mention in a magazine. whats with all the balloon popping videos?

  10. anonymous

    hi my godess. i am going to set up a footfetiss mag and wud be happy to do a gts and shrinkg bit of it as whell so if you wud like to be a gts and feet madel but on a playboy scale just say so in a repliy and i e-mal you ok?

  11. anonymous

    wow that was a great read, if i didnt know about the giantess fetish by now and i read that article, i’d be all over the fetish. You are positively the hottest giantess/goddess that ever appeared in this universe!

  12. anonymous

    Dude, as cool as that sounds, magazine making takes a lot of money and a lot of good spelling and grammar. Though I totally understand if it’s a foreign country magazine.

  13. anonymous

    Playboy scale? Psh! No scale can measure up to our giantess goddess ;-)


  14. morningstar...

    Hey gorgeous, I wanted to introduce myself here first. I have never actually committed a real comment on any website about this fantasy, so this is making me quite nervous, but here goes. I just wanted to tell you that I have been very distracted by all of your work here online lately.. you are like planted in my thoughts:) At the risk of seeming like a crazy person, I have made about 4 attempts to contact you through a few of your different sources, just to hopefully get your attention really.. like I asked you to add me to your myspace.. I am not the most effient user of computers to say the least and am still not totally sure I am doing the best thing to contact you. I just really have wanted to hear from you. Everyday now I have checked my incomings with no avail :(

    My big thing right now is I have a story that I’ve written over the last few days. It’s about 12 pages worth of spiral notebook and I think I might divide it into 3 chapters. I’ve been wanting you to read it so bad.. I would take anyone reading it that understands it really, but honestly one of my biggest goals lately has been to contact and become friends with you, lol. Back to the story though, I really don’t know where I could post it up for you to read. Could you let me know. .. it’s not very long, maybe about a 15-20 minute read. Then I will try and figure out how to get some of these drawings I have done on here for you to check out.

    Sorry I havn’t commented to you as in a role playing sort of way, I just felt more comfortable starting off this way.

  15. katelynsworm

    It’s been 12 days since our Goddess has posted — longer than that to have heard back from Her in certain other ways.

    I’m hoping that She is okay, maybe on a nice vacation somewhere. Have any of Her very special pets heard from Her and can vouch that She is safe?

  16. Giantess Ka...

    You’ll be happy to know I’m ok my little worm! Sadly, I’ve just been too busy to post and my email has completely bogged up- for now. I’m working like a crazy-girl to finish my latest surprise project…

    I promise it’ll be worth the wait my pets ;)
    Until then it may be a little quiet around here.

    Too quiet… ;)!

  17. katelynsworm

    Our Goddess is safe. All is well in the world. I feel much better.

  18. Ducky


  19. Ducky


  20. Giantess Ka...

    Thanks Ducky, you’re the best! :mrgreen:
    You’re doing a great job of hunting down those server bugs. :lol:

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