Really Old Journal Entry – Vore Daydream

Really Old Journal Entry – Vore Daydream

This was orginially to one of my pets who regularly orders customs… since I’m frequently in contact with him I tend to day dream a lot about him, particularly vore scenario’s…. and here, is the most recent scenario I’ve fantasized about.

It was really just a quick 3 minute picture story that played inside my mind while dazing off in the mid air while the tv was on in the background but as you know, it takes so much more detail and time to write it all out because only one picture is worth over a thousand words itself…. but here, here is my try at describing what exactly slipped through my head this time.

I am very glad to have such a wonderful pet, you, that would easily become so submissive to me that I could eat you and digest you for my pleasure. It’s such a satisfying thought. I was having a little fantasy earlier that involved us meeting for lunch at your place, you cooked for me and everything, it was a full healthy meal filled with yummy foods like home made organic style spaghetti, home made garlic bread, wine, candle light, all nice and set up one a cute round diningroom table for two with candles, cloth napkins, silverware so clean I could see my teeth in them, and also a clear glass filled to the top with ice and filtered water. The meal was so delicious. We were softly conversing about how good the meal was and I was complementing you on how you did such a great job preparing it.

I was taking the fork, slow and gently swirling it around the spaghetti and sliding it out of my mouth with my eyes shut going mmmmhmmm and making supreme satisfying mmmhs ooohhhs and owe-yeahhhh’s… licking my lips in the candle light, slightly smiling and watching your cute face blush and your lips spreading…. it appeared you were getting as much pleasure as I was… I came quick to notice your delight in my eating. Seductively licking my lips clean of red sauce which looked similar to blood, as if I were sucking little men into my mouth with the dripping noodles, I then stopped my eating for a second, took a sip of the wine and the second before I placed it on the table I sayd “mmmmm, soooo delicious”. My plate was nearly cleaned of food…. there were just a few bites left which got me wondering what could possibly be for desert. The food was so mouth-watering satisfying-good and pleased my taste buds and hunger so great fully I could only imagine how good desert would taste. I told you that I didn’t want to totally fill up on supper alone and gently asked you again, telling you that I bet you had planned the best desert for me that I’d ever wrap my lips around. I could barely hear your voice, it was so soft and pleasant just as if you were entirely relaxed by my presence. You told me the best kind of desert is when you can take just one bite and be pleased… so that I should finish my spaghetti if I wanted because desert would be small, possibly the tiniest thing I have ever eaten… you told me it’s going to be fresh, the freshest thing I have ever eaten… I started to really wonder…. I was exited…. I was thrilled to find out what I was going to eat after supper!

You excused yourself from the table, you told me you had to go prepare desert for me really quick. But, before you left the room you said “My Goddess Katelyn, if I don’t return before you finish your last few bites of spaghetti you’re more than welcome to come searching for me.” “Ok”- I said You left the room and into the kitchen you went. Just as I was finishing my last bite of spaghetti I hear you go into your room. I thought nothing of it at first- maybe you had to go get a change of shirt from making a mess on yourself by accident, maybe you wanted to just quick clean yourself up, I thought to myself. Very patiently, I crossed my nyloned legs, sitting at the dining room table dazing off into the candle light, sipping at the last of my wine and thinking about how amazing supper was. After a few minutes had passed I decided I should come looking for you. You were gone for a good 10 or so minutes now. So, I put my glass down, got up, slipped off my black heels and peeked into the kitchen. You weren’t there, so then I carefully walked through the hallway, “steve, are you in here?” I asked.

Into your bedroom I went, and the first thing I noticed was the white dessert plate on your bed. On the plate was a small piece of key-lime pie, on top of the pie was drizzed red stuff, to the sides of the pie was a curly fruit shaving, a few raspberries and blueberries which were centerly placed ontop of these small mounds of whipped cream. I was amazed and confused at the same time. I was amazed at how delicious the desert looked. I was confused as to why it was on the bed, where you were, and was wondering why the clothing you had on was placed on the bed beside the desert plate. I took a few steps and kneeled down, “I hope this desert is for me!” I said— Licking my lips “mmmm, it looks soo good”. I got really close to it now to smell it, I inhaled deeply with my eyes shut… “mmmmmmmm” “oooohh it smells soo good” I opened my eyes…. and fainted beside the plate. My wildest fantasy had become a reality…. It took me by such a surprise that must have had an instant orgasm, when I awoke my panties we SOAKED. I moved very slowly since I did not know where you were– the last time I saw you, you were shrunken down and laying naked in the middle of the pie.

Giantess Pie

Before moving too far I peered into the plate, seeing if you were still there, but I did not see you anywhere. I was now sitting up on my elbows, not moving an inch but only peering at every place possible around my body. “Oh! There you are!” I found you between my cleavage – you must have been exploring my body as I was asleep! You waved to me and blew me kiss. Then, you bowed to me and gave my cleavage a cute little hug =) “awwh! you are so cute! The desert you made for me looks absolutely delicious! But, for some reason I don’t think that’s the only thing you were planning on giving me for dessert, now was it?” I asked. You nodded your head no and smiled! You then started jumping up and down on my boobs pointing to yourself and fell deep into my cleavage! “Hahahah!” I laughed and smiled. “Well, now he’s stuck between my breasts, I don’t think he’s going to get far, he’s pretty safe in there hehe”

I slid the plate of pie up to me and started eating it. It tasted soooooo darn good! It was the best key lime pie I had ever tasted. Bite, after another bite, and the third bite…. down it went… between my lips, into my mouth, slowly mushed between my teeth and forced down my esophagus. During this time I was still totally aware that you were naked and currently jammed in between my breasts… it felt as if you got a little bigger though… something was poking at me a little bit, at first I thought it was your arm or legs pushing against me as you were trying to get out but I realized it was an ongoing movement in the same location. Rather you were really stuck, or you could hear the food gooshing into my stomach soo well because of your small size that you had become erect and started making love with my beautiful body. I put the fork down, then took my fingers and slowly lowered them between my cleavage. As soon as I saw you, it got a lot wetter down there… “hehehe, I see what your doing!” I said. You had a complete erection at this point, it was so horny that when I picked you up it felt as if you already cam all over your little naked self. “MMmmmm, hehee” I wondered as I licked my lips clean of any pie particles* “I wonder what you taste like” I said, right before extending my tongue out to you while you were hanging between my fingers.

I slowly and passionately licked your naked shrunken body from foot to face. “Mmmm, you taste goooood” I remarked. “Mind if I taste a little more?” You screamed…. I could see you were in total terror of what could happen. You remember seeing how much I enjoyed and indulged into supper and you worried that you would taste so darn good to me that I wouldn’t be able to resist you. I slightly tilted my head “Awh, don’t worry, I just want to have a little taste, that’ll be all unless you’re ok with me eating you?” you had a look in your face that I had never seen in any other. It was a look of pure horror and pleasure all in one. You didn’t even say anything, you didn’t answer me, all you did was shake and shiver in between my pointer and thumb with a total hard on. I licked your body once again from head to toe, drenching you in my saliva. I felt a little bad for drenching you so bad but my taste buds were going nuts at this point. I have always wanted to see what a little person tasted like, and you…. you were delicious. A little salty and little sweet… I was soo tempted to just eat you and get it over with…. Selfishly indulge into my own fantasy without caring if you wanted this to be your fate or not… to be eaten by a Giant woman… I rolled out my tongue to get you wet again, this time you were dripping all over, then I slipped you in between my lips. You started screaming again, but this time it was a mix of moaning and screaming… your moans were so darn sexy I could tell just by hearing them that you were enjoying yourself as much as I. I pushed you fully into my mouth with my pointer finger… right onto my tongue…. I moved my tongue back and forth under my finger with you between it, I could taste a hint of key lime pie and felt your body rocking back and forth, trapped between it all.

I was sooooo sooo horny, feeling your little body inside of my mouth falling and slipping side to side, once in a while falling into some of my teeth but mostly trapped between hot and sticky saliva…. I simply couldn’t help it, my panties were even more drenched before they were when I had awakened. I slid the pie to the far away side of the bed and rolled over onto my stomach. Placed my cheeks onto a pillow with my eyes shut, swirled my tongue around feeling you and tossing you side to side, seeing where you tasted the best on my tongue, gently humping your bed and playing with you inside my mouth got me more and more horny… I felt like I could barely last and I had just begun…. I noticed myself humping faster, my pants getting hotter and my cum getting thicker, I was tickling on my clit, I felt it throbbing down below like I was going to come in an instant… the harder I inhaled and exhaled the more unbelievably good and un-resistible you had become, I could taste you better than I ever could since you slipped pretty far back my tongue, I started fantasizing you slipped the whole way and fell down my throat… but this time it was real… this time I could feel you there, it wasn’t just a fantasy any more, it was a reality… I felt myself starting to come and I slowed it down a little bit.

My clit was covered in a silky puddle of cum and it felt ohhhh so damn good, I could feel your erection on my tongue, it was moving closer to the tip as if you were trying to reach a safer place. You couldn’t resist as much as I though, I could feel you stop and hump my huge wet tongue after every attempt to move up. You started pressing it into my tongue very roughly, it felt great to me … it was pure satisfaction, and pleasure down below… I felt it coming again… breathing deep and moaning lightly I gulped, I could feel you hanging onto a thick string of saliva and now you were moving around in my mouth more than you ever were and I was humping harder than I ever was, moaning louder and louder, I knew just one more gulp, one more hump, you would be gone and part of me, part of beautiful me… I could already feel you sliding down into my stomach, rubbing me on the way down, I moaned, breathed, moaned, breathed, then… totally indulged, I was sweating, humping, moaning, breathing, saliva was flowing in all sides and directions of my mouth, I simply could not hold back any longer, I could not resist one more hump, one more breath, or one more gulp, mmmm I could taste you so well, I could feel you throbbing harding and ever so passionately and gently I took my last gulp *Gulp* All of the saliva and juices, particles, and your tiny body started to slide back my tongue and drop down into the beginning of my throat. “oooohhh!!! ohhhh!! ohhhhhhhhhhh:!!!”

If anyone were in that room besides me, I’d be embarrassed at how loud I had moaned, I had cummed harder than I had ever and feeling you slide down my throat felt better than cumming itself. It was a hole slur of satisfaction, I couldn’t tell if my digestive juices were eating away at you already or if you were cumming as long as I because I could taste you in my throat, I could taste all of your wonderful juices flowing all over my insides and it was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced. I stopped moving, I was drenched in both sweat and cum. I layed and enjoyed your feeling for a few minutes, rolled to my side… sliding that last bit of cheesecake over to me. Thirsty, from all of that… that just happened… I walked out into the dining room and took a few big gulps of my water. It was a little warm now, but it was still great. I walked back to your room, slid off all of my clothes and crawled into your black satin sheet covered bed. I took the last few bites of my pie, my head was totally numb, and right after that last bite of pie I licked my lips, rubbed my tummy in satisfaction and drifted into a deep sleep. Just before the sun-rise I had awakened… I layed in your bed and pleased myself one last time before leaving.

I just thought about what had happened the previous night and it got me off only in a few minutes. I was pretty silent, it was more of a silent pleasing cum than an exaggerated vigorous one. After coming, I got up and went to the bathroom, used some of your mouthwash to freshen up my breath… slipped back on my clothing and left the room. I smelled delicious food… it smelled sooo good, and I couldn’t tell exactly where it was coming from. I searched all around your house, you were no where to be found. That was just pure proof that what had happened the night before really happened. I was very pleased to know it wasn’t just some vivid dream of mine. I was a little sad to have you gone forever, but you were still with me in a way… you were just now a part of me… you’d now be a part of me for ever. After scouting out your house to make sure no one else was around I finally made my way to the door. “hmmm…. I wonder how he managed to shrink himself?” I wondered. Before I let myself out I couldn’t help but go look around and see if I could find any clues on how you did it………

I might continue this since it sorta turned into a little story =) I hope everyone enjoyed reading it! ^_^


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. anonymous2

    i so wish that was me i would love to slide down your sexy throat oh goddess

  2. Scorcher

    This was a very sexy story!! I so wish I was sliding down into your belly my goddess!! But I would like to play in your cleavage first!! :wink: Anyway, great story I love your work!! My goddess, please keep up the good work!!

  3. Drudicta

    Wow that was…umn…. o////////o Extremely good.

  4. goddess kat...

    That would be the luckiest thing to happy to anyone! I wish your digestive track could improve me into devine goddess turd :)

  5. Lazer

    I would like this too but ONLY if I was completely immortal to the stomach acids.

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