Really Old Journal Entry – Shrunken Woman Vore

Really Old Journal Entry – Shrunken Woman Vore

I dreamt of vore last night! In the dream I was at my grandparent’s house and there was a boyfriend figure with me on the computer there. I remember he was looking up something or checking his mail but for some reason giantess (namely, Vore) kept appearing on the screen and I was extremely embarrassed that one of my family members would see it. I panicked a little and he kept trying to close it for me but it wouldn’t go away… and it really got to my sexual side leaving me insanely horny.

On the screen it was actually me- which is what made me eager to get it off the screen- but anyway the video looked professionally made- it was extremely realistic, rubbing me all the right ways even though I was trying to get it off the screen. There was a naked shrunken women in my mouth (about 3 inches) with dirty blonde hair, sitting on her knees on my tongue, and my mouth was wide open and wet. She was reaching out for someone to take her out of my mouth, it was almost like she could see through the screen and was screaming for help with her hand extending so far it looked like she could grab onto the screen. Then I woke up >.<


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Zaphod

    Maybe you’ve been at this for too long dear… you should take a break from this fettish of yours for a while… its starting to control you and you need to find something else to do with your time… it pains me to say that, but that’s what I see…

  2. mark

    i think u are the most outstanding giantess ever!!!!!!!!!! id love to be 2 inches tall at ur mercy , smothered between ur boobs , then devoured by you , eat me katlyn , chew me up and swallow me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Mr. Bob Banks

    :wink: I think that is pretty awsome, I know exactly how you feel about people jumping onto your computer……I think to myself “GAH!!! :S Hey!!! lets do something else!” anything but “Giantess Vore!! Giantess Butt!” Pop up……..and then I think id die a little inside XD. I think its amazing that this fetish is part of a system, where we have lads like me who like to try our best to avoid getting eaten, by seductive and very gorgeous woman, however…..we like it when it happens :P

    And then we have those gorgeous woman like yourself, who love the idea of having us for dinner :P isnt that just amazing that those two things work together to make the perfect mental, emotional and sexual stimulation :P? Pennie for your thoughts ^^ xXx

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