Really Old Journal Entry – Little Yummy Spices

Really Old Journal Entry – Little Yummy Spices

I had this crazy dream last night! (It’s Vore – just a fore warning!!!) I was walking through a lobby to my group of friends who just sat down to split our pizza. The smell lingered through the air and made me incredibly hungry before getting to my chair. The table was tall and round with high barstools. I think we were all celebrating from having won some kind of contest in a college art show.

It was Me, Kelly (guy), Sara, and a few others. The place was pretty busy so there were quite a few people around us. I was the last one to the table so right when I got there Kelly offered me his piece of pizza because the last piece looked better. I said, no thanks! Laughed at him and took the last piece. Then everyone else laughed at him for trying to swap pieces with me. So I grabbed the last piece and dropped it down onto my paper plate. I was thinking “mmmmm, looks so yummy!”. I wanted to eat it right up! But before eating pizza I like to put spices on it! Then Sara opened one of the pizza shakers that I was eyeing up. She tilted the shaker above her pizza and as the first few flakes dropped she said “Awe look! They’re tiny people!” I got sooooo embarrassed!

She put the shaker back on the table… I could feel my cheeks blushing bright red and I grabbed it next. As I shook a bunch onto my pizza I glanced at the top of the shaker to see what it was called but there was no label. Then I peered down onto my slice of pizza and was totally amazed! They really were tiny –living- people!!! They looked like army men, were brown in color, and even had little weapons! They really were made out of a spice too because of how fragile, weak and tiny they looked. I put the shaker back down right beside my plate then looked up. I kept the shaker as close to me as I could because I didn’t want the guys to get it next. I wanted so badly to put it in my purse but I didn’t want my friends to think anything weird of me. I looked back up, Sara was lifting the pizza from her plate up to her hungry wet lips. She was really hungry too, and made a big swipe across her lips with her tongue as she was lifting the pizza to it going “mmmmm”. She opened just enough for the pizza and then I saw her army men covered pizza slowly slide right onto her wet tongue. Her perfect teeth rip right through it, taking a pretty good bite. She had a very satisfied look on her face and before she started chewing I looked back down at my plate. I was extremely turned on and yet felt horrible for looking at her like that, and I felt like she knew what I was thinking so it made it worse. Then woke up in a sweat and instantly got my computer to write this ^_^

Giantess Pizza


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