First Ever Journal Entry! Fantasizing

First Ever Journal Entry! Fantasizing

I started fanta”sizing” while in the shower today. I got horny quick… and well, I have one of those hose shower heads with the “jet massage” setting on it… and it feels really good when I point it down below so I started squirting myself. The pressure of the shower head at the time made it feel like a little car was on my clit.

The top left of my clit there was one wheel, top right another, bottom left the other wheel, and bottom right the 4th wheel. I was imagining that I was pushing this little car into me and the pressure of the Jet massage made it feel like the tires were trying to turn. The tires were trying to turn because the little people in my shrunken car where desperately trying everything they could do to get away, little knowing that the more they tried to floor it the more I pushed them into my pussy and the better it felt because the pressure kept building higher, higher, higher until I pushed them so hard that I breathed harder and harder with juices pouring out of me… so blindly horny that I ended up smashing every little piece of the car into me and taking every life inside that car for my pleasure.


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. aborigen77

    I’ve known a few other women who love the detachable shower nozzle feature. Actually, I knew one who just loved gouts of warm water pouring over her pussy directly from the bath faucet. She had a fantasy about a giant pouring syrup over her and then sucking it off. I wrote a little story about that for her once.

    Now I have very strong imagery of you taking a car inside yourself. I’d be the one in the vehicle trying not so very hard to escape. And I’d have my digital camera out. Even as a remote observer, I’d love to see the vehicle struggle in vain before being completely absorbed.

  2. Corey

    Would you consider yourself a good person?

  3. MarkM


  4. MarkM

    Testing the Love hearts!

    <3 <3 <3

  5. MarkM

    <3 <3

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