Really Old Journal Entry – Crushing Bugs

Really Old Journal Entry – Crushing Bugs

I was laying on the living room floor last night and peered to the left of me to find a tiny bug trying to find its way across the dining room / kitchen floor. Grabbing my empty plastic cup (which used to be filled with green iced tea), I took a few steps into the kitchen and lowered myself down onto my knees right where the bug was.

I then trapped the tiny black white stripped bug under my cup. For a while I hovered over and looked down inside the plastic cup and giggled as the tiny bug ran in circles trying to find its escape. That lasted about 10 minutes.

Within those ten minutes I raised one bottom edge of the cup up to trick the bug making it think it could run to get out but I kept it trapped and only let the bug escape two times. Once I actually lifted the cup off the bug and it started running really fast. Another time I accidentally lowered the cup on the bugs leg and it ripped off its body and laid on the floor beside my clear cup. I liked seeing the bug run in circles hoping to get free. Eventually, after playing with the bug I started to think of to kill it or not to kill it? I thought, well… I could keep it trapped under this cup all night and then have more fun with it in the morning and I also thought of various ways to crush it and way in the back of my thoughts something said maybe I should just bring the bug outside and let it be free. I lifted the cup up off the bug to see what its reaction was and it stayed in the same spot sort of twitching. For a second I thought it was humping the floor because that’s how it looked but then I thought nooooo there’s an extremely slim chance that this bug is actually humping the floor! So then I raised my finger and ever so slightly pushed the bug with the tip of my pointer finger nail. I got little to no reaction from the bug. Then I was upset…. I was like grr because I thought my fun was then over ? Then I went to push the bug more forcefully with the tip of my pinky nail and the bug latched on! I observed the bug for a second and realized hey I think it was just having trouble walking because of its broken sure did latch onto my pinky well. Or maybe it was in a defense state and trying to play dead with me *grin* I tried to make the tiny bug fall off my pinky by shaking it some… wow that bug was latched on realllly tight so I took a deep breath and blew as hard as I could on my pinky. The bug fell to the floor and then kept making a twitching motion. I thought to myself this bug isn’t even fun to play with anymore. All it’s doing is laying there twitching. Haha. Time for the bugs life to end. I lifted my head up from observing the bug so closely and I crawled around it- one leg on each side of it- I positioned my right toes over the bug creating a shadow over it hundreds of times bigger than itself. I knocked it on its back with my big toe and moved my toes and sole around over the bugs body as I was trying to decide where I wanted to squish it. Then I put my toes back on the ground (I was on my hands and knees, the heel of my foot towered high in the air and only my toes and the upper part of my sole were on the ground). At this point I lowered the the upper part of my sole down onto the bug and it tried running for its life. Wow, I thought the bug could not run! The bug only got about an inch before it had stopped probably because of the torture I was putting it through. Then I went to play with the bug under my big toe and it kept running away inch by inch and each time it ran I chased after it with my bug toe faster and faster. I said- “that’s it!” I slowly lowered the same upper part of my sole down onto the bug as it was trying to run away from me to trap it on the ground. Haha, this bug is mine now. There’s nothing it could do to get away. It was trapped under my huge foot. It actually latched onto my foot, aggravated at this I raised my foot up again… lowered my foot until I couldn’t lower it any more and then I passionately crushed the bug into my sole with one long twist of my foot on the dining room floor. After I crushed / smeared the bug into my foot I paused… then I pushed my foot back (still on my hands and knees) and scraped up the tiny remains of my little bug pet with my biggest toe. I looked under my huge foot when I was all finished and there was a cute little stain trail filled with bug guts. It looked as if the bug had exploded under my foot and pieces of the bug were smeared all over the one part of my sole down to the underside of my big toe. After I was done taking the helpless little bugs life, I wiped my foot onto my pants and then went into the bathroom to wipe off the remains. For a moment I thought the bug really did stain my foot because it took about a minute of scrubbing and wiping to get that tiny bug stain off of my foot! After I was done wiping the mess off my foot I walked into the living room and layed back down… hoping to find another tiny stupid bug crawling across my dining room floor. *Sigghh* I didn’t spot any more bugs to torture. If there were any more tiny bugs lurking around I probably scared them off *Evil smile* ha hah ha.


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  1. mr 64

    giantess Katelyn, are there any plans for the destruction of any ant civilations on your kitchen floor, for I am sure that is something that everyone would like to see?

  2. Rafael

    Amazing and lovelly history. How about new ant crush history ?

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