Really Old Journal Entry – Bug Ice Cream

Really Old Journal Entry – Bug Ice Cream

It must have been a week ago… I was sitting here at my computer and craving something really super sweet. I guess you could say I had a sweet tooth! My taste buds were horny for a little extra something that I couldn’t find in my fridge.

Well, there’s this mini market just a walk away from my development. There, I found a Klondike ice cream treat (YUM, my FAV!). Bite after bite of delicious goodness, licks after licks of sweet satisfaction, *mmm!* but… right when I was just about home and close to the end of my Klondike bar something orgasmic happened. It then became the best Ice Cream treat I have EVER consumed. Can you guess what happened? Well, somewhere within those last few bites I vividly remember a tiny-helpless little bug accidentally flying right into my mouth! Haha, I took notice but of course didn’t care. *So, you little bugs better watch where you’re flying! If you fly inside my mouth, don’t plan on getting back out!!* All I cared about was enjoying my treat. Bug, or no bug. This little buggy guy just tipped off my pleasures, leaving me to go home as a very happy Goddess. Now I want to go get more treats because I’ve been dreaming of swallowing more bugs since that incident! ^_^ I know it probably wouldn’t happen again like that though, so lately I have been thinking of going bug searching myself and eating them regardless ~_^


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  1. anonymous

    Wow, that’s really hot! Makes me wish I was a bug flying innocently along, only to accidently fly into your mouth and be trapped/consumed. What a way to go! For no other reason then so you could enjoy your Klondike bar. You were a lucky girl (lucky bug too, even if it didn’t think so :P)!

    Love your journals/blogs goddess,keep up the good work!

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