Bank Bug Crush

Bank Bug Crush

I was extremely turned on and embarrassed about happened in the bank the other day. I’m sure my face went red. My friend and I were standing in line and the lady behind me spotted a bug which was in front of us. Well, I had absolutely no clue that there was a bug on the floor in front of us…

Until she actually went out of her way to kill it. AH! She moved a little to my side and somehow twisted her foot right in front of me and killed the bug by slowly crushing and twisting it under her sneakers. When she lowered her foot on the bug I could hear the poor little bug slowly-firmly-crunnnnnnch and the guts popped from the explosion under her foot. I could hear the mess 10x louder than usual, probably because of my embarrassment- you know, when your embarrassed everything seems more dramatic. Once I saw what she was intending on doing with her foot I just stared and watched it happen. Afterwards I tried to laugh it off at an advertisement above our heads to control my horniness. Yah know, it’s not every day that a girl with the bug crush fetish goes out in public where a lady literally does a porno right smack in her view. Whew.


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. shrink me p...

    dear katelyn,

    i wish u could make a video with me in it with the guy i like! and actully im one of ur facebook friends hannah goodell wht i was thinking is have me and the guy i like in a video and i shrink down to ant size! and i get traped in his pocket and he almost crushes me but he doesnt and every step he takes it makes a loud boom! hope to see a thing on my facebook say something good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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