Pictures of the Day!

Pictures of the Day!

Happy October 1st little ones- my favorite season is underway. :mrgreen: To celebrate, I’ve coded up a new site feature called Pictures of the Day. You’ll find this new feature of mine on my newly touched up Worship page. Now as you may have noticed it’s called Pictures of the day and not Picture of the Day: that’s because the page updates with a new photo of yours truly every 12 hours.

That’s not quite all however- I’ve also updated my site with the latest Fan Artwork (13 new giantess collages) along with a new Mikeyboy Giantess Collage. And for those wishing to make some giantess collages of your own, I’ve uploaded a brand new Collage Material Set starring Emma and I! She’s only been in a one collage so far, so give her a giantess sized welcome and make some incredible collages of her. Also expect more giantess collage material sets with her later this month. :grin:

The Giantess and the Tiny Car

October 1st also marks the end of my crazy filming phase. Minus the lack of sleep, filming went even better than expected- the footage looks incredible and my latest fantasy is turning out just how I imagined! :twisted: So that now means editing begins on my largest FX project today- officially called “Midnight Goddess”. With any luck, I’ll have a very special sneak peek for you little ones by the middle of the month.


The Shrunken Perspective

13 Responses and Counting...

  1. Billy

    I’m your biggest fan.
    Can’t wait to see upcoming videos.

  2. Kisuke

    Oh my dear lord….I’ve died and gone to heaven….This is truly one of THE best Giantess websites out there! I’m loving it! You ROCK!!!!!

  3. Haar

    So many captions come to mind for this picture:

    “I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque!”

    “Niagara Falls ain’t got NOTHING on this!”

    “This is gonna kill my gas mileage.”

    “No, you stupid car! Turn around! I wanna go back!!”

  4. Kisuke

    I just saw the second new picture of the day……..dear lord that would be a great ride! I would floor it and see if I could go any further south!

  5. Bobbob

    Yay! Amazing updates, Katelyn!

    Great collage material! I’ll get right to work :-P
    Love the idea of the daily image, too!

    By the way, loved ‘Delicious little toppings!’ Sorry it took soo long to get the card, a few unexpected expenses kinda landed in my lap… Damn stock market… I have nothing invested, thank god, but I need more excuses for delaying for a goddess! :-P

  6. Katelyn's worm

    Gorgeous work as always, Goddess Katelyn.

  7. corey_ten

    love the daily pic and can’t wait to see what your new fx movie is going to be. i wonder if it has something to do with those fortunate little cars :) keep up the awesome work!!

  8. James

    you are so big!

  9. Giantess Ka...

    @Billy: Glad your excited! So am I. “Midnight Goddess” is going to be absolutely incredible. I can’t wait to finish it. :grin: I also have several mini-FX movies in the works but I have no clue when they will be out- all of them will have to be a surprise!

    @Kisuke: LOL- I love your comments Kisuke ^^ I’m really glad you like the Pictures of the Day!

    @Haar: LOL I like those captions. Although I think most of you wouldn’t want to turn around after driving so far and so close… :twisted:

    @Bobbob: Glad you like! And I’m thrilled to see you loved “My Delicious Little Toppings” as well. And such a cute little excuse, little one. :lol: I think I can forgive you.

    @Katelyn’s worm: Thank you my wonderful worm. You recently sent me a story and I’m reading it now… *carelessly tosses a coffee cup into the grass by her worm as she begins reading his story*

    @corey_ten: I love your excitement little ones, it’s contagious! Hopefully your curiosity will be answered with in a week or so, my tiny pet.

    @James: I know I am. And you are so very, very small. :twisted: *slowly raises foot*

    As always, I love reading your comments. They really make my day. :smile:

  10. Lurkworthy

    Hi Katelyn!

    I’ve not commented before, but I’ve bought a bunch of your videos :) The pics with the tiny car are absolutely awesome! I’ve been meaning to ask you for ages, whether you’re planning to have any more fun with those cars in a video soon? There are just so many places for them to explore…

    I keep meaning to write you a story as well (not sure if you’re familiar with any of my older mega work from 2003-4), but we’ll see :)


  11. Giantess Ka...

    Since this is your first comment little one and I happen to be recording in the next few days for my future Friday updates, I will do some videos with my little cars. :twisted: I will have them explore many road-trip worthy places on my body…

    I also look forward to your story when you get the chance. :wink:

  12. Charlie

    Hi!! What happened with your pictures this week?? Are terrible.

  13. Charlie

    Terrible again?? Please better pictures.

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