Picking Up the House and Moving It

Picking Up the House and Moving It

Just wanted to let you all know that I’m currently in the process of moving house and on top of that filming several effects movies which both have kept me completely swamped with work and packing for the last week.

It’s a long move too which means a long drive and several days without a net connection. I had a really big journal entry prepared to explain the big move and all the amazing news for my site in February but I doubt I’ll be able to post it in time as this place looses the internet tomorrow morning.  Sorry for this little break in the journal, I didn’t expect the move and filming to be this absolutely crazy! @[email protected] But as a result of all this hard work I will have one heck of a treat for you this Valentine’s day. ~_^

See you in a week my pets!


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  1. anonymous

    Katelyn, your little bugs are just happy to hear that you are okay. We worried a little as the days went by.

    Be careful, be safe, don’t over-extend yourself. We’ll be here when you get back, waiting our chance to be chewed to bits in your lovely mouth or crushed to paste beneath your shoes.

    EIYT, Cliff

  2. twcool

    It’s good to know where you’ve been. I was starting to miss the booming footsteps of Giantess Katelyn around. I hope all works out good for you!

  3. anonymous

    Just wanted to wish you luck on your big move. Have a safe trip. Your faithful playthings will be waiting for you to get settled in.

    Take care

    <33 Your pet (packed safely inside one of your storage boxes asking "are you there yet?" over and over again)

  4. anonymous

    Big Move indeed!
    Where does one get packing boxes for skyscrapers? :)


  5. anonymous

    how can these stupid football players call themselves giants, we all know you are the true giant, a Giantess, and goddess who rules over all of us.

    I wish to be fortunate enough to be digested by you.


  6. anonymous

    Been quite a while since you posted this, I hope everything has gone alright with your move, it sounds like a real fiasco to undertake. Hope you brought along some pets to keep you amused until you regain a net connection. I know its hell going to long without one…

  7. anonymous

    hehe, i am just sitting here picturing all us little ants trying to move Your Giantess stuff; and then all being scooped up and being dumped unceremoniously into a dresser drawer for the move.. oh oh it’s the drawer with dirty laundry .. or should i say yippee ! !

  8. anonymous

    So when can we expect a new post from you. Have your fingers to gigantic for our keyboard or do you need to employ a typist?

  9. twcool

    It’s been like more than 2 weeks since you’ve posted. We miss you! I hope all is well with the move and everything.

  10. anonymous

    Aye, Happy Valentines Day Katelyn! No doubt its hard staying sane without the net, but we haven’t forgotten about you in your absence be sure!

    Kisses from below,


  11. anonymous

    Er, did you survive the move?

  12. Giantess Ka...

    I’m back!

    Talk about a rough move! The house was much heavier than I thought but I managed to get it here in one piece. (mostly!) I ended up not having internet for nearly two weeks due to a long waiting list at the internet company. But that gave me plenty of time to work on other things and get the house ready again I suppose. I wish I had been back for Valentine’s Day though! Thanks everyone for the Happy Valentine’s Day emails and posts, you tiny ones are so thoughtful. <3 I have a few special treats coming up within the next week to celebrate the lovey-dovey holiday so stay tuned!

    Will also be making a new blog entry sometime within the next few days to explain all the craziness! ~_^

    Love ya!
    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  13. anonymous

    Welcome back. — Cliff

  14. anonymous

    Hey I’m glad to see your back, and figured you mustn’t have had the internet. Makes you feel like your suddenly cut off from the world doesn’t it? Anyway look forward to the update and hope your becoming comfortable in your new area!


  15. Giantess Ka...

    Yeah, you really feel disconnected from everything and everyone without it. And you never realize how much stuff you google until you have no google to google. Next time I’ll carry a cable van in my pocket for faster hook ups. ~_^

    Whew! Another busy week. New journal entry coming soon along with a ton of juicy news and new effects videos!

  16. mastasmall

    *Comes out of the cobwebs and looks up at you. He bowed forward, kissing your big toe*

    You’re back! Oh thank…well You I suppose! Our Goddess has returned! It’s just not the same waking up and not seeing debris from a rampage outside your house. I also wrote part two to my story, hope you like it!

    *Continues to kiss your big toe*

  17. anonymous

    Lets trade some ethereal tunes -j2

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