Personal Update! What I’ve been up to…

Personal Update! What I’ve been up to…

As you may have noticed, for the past few months my site hasn’t been updating as often as usual. For those of you who know me all too well by now… that means I’m probably working on something big behind the scenes! In fact I have been extremely hard at work on a very large and secret project that I can’t tell you anything about! :P

Ok… well, I can’t leave you hanging like that! Here are some extremely vague hints about my large project. 1) It will be free to everyone. 2) It’s not an FX movie. 3) It has taken me a considerable amount of time in the past few months to plan and get started. 4) I have hired someone to help me complete it. 5) Its release date will probably be in a few months. There! That’s all you get for now!

Now that I have help with my large secret project, I can take some time and create a new full FX movie! :) But since I’m working on my large secret project too, I have a set time that I want to complete this FX movie. As for what it features… let’s just say it’s something I’ve never done in any of my movies and only something I’ve only briefly talked about! It’s still too early to give out any details as nothing is concrete. Hopefully in a week or two I will have some Sneak Peeks for you all. :D

Other than those two monstrous projects, here’s what else I’ve been working on:

Last week I shot a brand new collage material set! It’s been ages since I’ve done collage material of myself and as such these should really blow you away. They will all come pre-masked like my Daphne set, so you won’t have to extract me out of the images. Simply drag, drop, and BOOM! I’m a Giantess! ^^ I might release the photos in my Photos of the Day section as I know it’s going to take a while to mask them all, especially with everything in my plans at the moment. I’m also hard at work getting daily update videos up and I am booking a new Giantess model for next month too! Whew!

Now that I’ve loaded you up with info, I need to get back to work! If you want to help me along and serve your Goddess, you can rub my sore feet, offer yourselves as little energy snacks, or squirm in my panties just enough to keep me on the edge! Just do not disturb me while I sleep- those who wake a sleeping goddess shall receive NO mercy! Speaking of which, it’s now 3am as I write this so time to go get some rest! @[email protected] Have a great week tiny ones! Muah!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Mark Bryan

    Hi Katelyn,

    Glad to hear you are well and keeping busy. I would love to offer myself to you as a nourishing snack I only ask for a few last requests. I think you would like most of them.. to massage your arms, legs and feet and after you swallow me alive you exercise your arms, legs and feet so that I get to nourish those parts of you. *Smiles* Anyway good luck on your project. Let me know when you’d like to collect your little snack. *Wink*

    Mark Bryan

  2. John Reane

    Hi Katelyn,

    Great update! I was wondering, though, do you have any news regarding the film project you first revealed in your July 15th, 2011 post? Is this going ahead? Please let us know; the scenario was fantastic, and I can’t wait for it’s release!


  3. ...

    I would like to offer myself to your breasts or to your pussy. It’s your choice.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Katelyn

    I know its been a year since its been mentioned. But I’m still hoping you still have your version of ‘Honey, I shrunk the Kids’ in mind. Anyway, still looking forward to your secret project, sounds interesting if your keeping it lip-tight.

  5. Sambo

    Not sure what your upcoming FX movie is, but if it has something to do with your ass…. well, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! ;) Either way, keep up the awesomeness.

  6. Atj1211

    hows you first full length gts movie coming along, havent heard anything about it since last summer

  7. MarkM

    Wow I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas with all this good stuff coming!

    Love You!

  8. Corsair

    My little finger tells me the FX video will be Katelyn the Giantess in a city! :D

    And concerning the surprise I have no idea what it’s going to be but it’s probably better this way, it’s a surprise after all. ;)

  9. Wes

    Are you going to do a growth video?

  10. Brad

    awesome i hope its as awesome as im thinking im really excited to see it… im not gonna lie though i love when u do unaware giantess videos u do them so well i would love to be as small as an ant trying to get your attention then to be accidentally squished under your beautiful feet :)

  11. Greg Viera

    with you secrets are always good :)
    hey what happen to the gift that goes to the peeps that bought midnight giantess special edition

  12. Lexy

    Hopefullay shrunkthekids is FINALLY coming

  13. Joseph


  14. MarkM

    Hey Katelyn I wanted to mention the picture of your face that you’ve attached to this blog is super beautiful! I Love your dark eyes best of all. I wish I could frame that one and hang it on my wall but obviously my wife wouldn’t approve. lol Or I could put it on my desk at work and tell everyone “that’s my wife” and they’ll get all envious like crazy! Your just so nice looking I can’t even believe it! I never even needed to see your sexy parts I was belong to you way before that!

    Love, Mark

    P.S I think I know what the secret project is! Well I could be wrong though. Anxious to see!

  15. anonymous

    i love you katelyn, i’ve done so most of my life… thank you :)

  16. Bob

    Hmmm, a mysterious secret project eh? Its free, requires x-tra help, and takes months to complete. I wanna toss out a guess or two! A new website of sorts perhaps?… Maybe one where we could post and share our own homemade gts videos and stories?! Kinda like the Booru does with artwork and stills. Lol, pure guess. Right or no, can’t wait to find out reguardless! :)

  17. emilio

    hi Katelyn
    I was wondering if you can make a fx video that you are laying in a hot tub or pool . You notice a tiny man spying on you. you get out of the pool or hot tube and teases the tiny man by placing your barefoot over him and slowing crushing him under your foot ..Then show the crushed remains of the tiny man on the floor…Thanks

  18. harrison


    hun, you gotta get paypal…..that is all

  19. Sheela

    @harrison: Using paypal for adult material is illegal, so she can’t use paypal on her site, which is why she doesn’t.

  20. Corsair


    You gotta get a credit card…. that is all.

  21. MarkM

    Goddess Katelyn how is it you always say the hottest things!

    “Yuuummmm… enjoying some gourmet spreadable cheese on wheat thins topped with 1 shrunken person on each bite sized piece!”

    Wow I can just picture your fingers pressing little 1/2 inch size people into the cheese spread on top of each cracker! The thick cheese would trap and hold there little bodies in place like glue. Plate full of crackers with lots of flailing arms and legs trying to free themselves as one by one they disappear down inside your beautiful body of perfection never to be seen again! Gone forever but for such a higher purpose than themselves!

    Those would be lucky to meet such a fate for the Goddess they Love!

  22. MarkV

    “a very large and secret project”

    I would expect it to be very large, at least!

  23. Aladan57

    Will this FX movie finally have some substance and not begin at some random point without explanation like 99% of your movies. You need a setup, middle and an end darling. I can’t get aroused by randomness. I have to care in order to feel something down there if you get my meaning.

  24. Vander

    I’ll call my tailor and ask if the coffee-colored tuxedo he sells can be customized to include extra caffiene and a rich mocha flavor! If I’m to serve as your energy snack, I want to make myself as delicious and invigorating as possible! <3

  25. MarkM

    Hey Katelyn I have a quick question if you have a minute. Actually anyone feel free to answer if you know. How come the new PNG pictures have poke-a-dots on the background after I save it to my computer? Is there a way to rid of that? I’m sorry but I know absolutely nothing about pictures or video’s except to enjoy watching them.

    Thanks, Mark

  26. LG

    Hi Katelyn,

    I recently wrote a story for a girl on – it’s what you might call ‘roughly hewn’ but I thought you might like to have a read. I would certainly value your opinion and in any case, you’ve been making me smile for years, so it only seems right to give something back ;-)

    How would I go about sending you the story?



  27. nick

    Katlyn I’m French

    I have an idea that will help you make a revolution in marketing is very simple … make films translated into several languages ​​including French priority, although it must resume previous films. the top is new in vore with little men in prison and you eat celon the actions they have done wrong So translation in french films and novelty would be his top!


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