One way or another…

One way or another…

Want to know what gets my heart racing? Waking up and turning on my PC with months of work on Midnight Goddess and days before its release, only to find that the computer won’t even send a signal to the monitor, let alone boot. Yeah! So that’s how I spent the last 13 hours. :neutral:

Thankfully- (I can’t stress “Whhheeewww” enough) it was only the motherboard that went. I managed to get all the hard drives out and back up ALL of Midnight Goddess onto a new terabyte hard drive. I’m now finishing Midnight Goddess on my older computer, which sucks and is slow is perfect and wonderful*, but at least my fantasy will see the light of day!! :!: It just may take me a few days extra to get it out, as I’ve already lost today to work on it, plus the huge drop in computing speed. However I’m so glad it’s only days instead of weeks, months, or worse… never. *doesn’t even want to think about it*

The silver lining: I now have 2 backups of Midnight Goddess (So one way or another I WILL get this movie out), and in my hard drive swapping I managed to fix and restore a once broken external hard drive, which contained videos of Heather Eve and I totally making out. :mrgreen:

The gray cloud: I’m down my fastest computer, the office is a wreck, it’s nearly 3 in the morning, and I’m horny to grow into a Giantess but can’t. Sooo bummed. :(

Expect the fourth and final sneak peek picture set of Midnight Goddess to be out tomorrow though. I’m taking a shower and going to bed… hopefully tomorrow will be better!
*I don’t want to hurt its feelings and have it go all emo and die on me too :(


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  1. Moose

    Time to add an xserve farm and RAID to your wishlist :)

    I’m sure you will now but yikes, backup your major project stuff especially since it’s not just a hobby but your business.

  2. MarkM

    I was so worried I’m glad you got it all Katelyn. In addition to being our Giantess you sound like quite the computer tech too!

    I know your to busy to think about it now but will we ever get to see you making out with Heather Eve? That sounds so hot! I got one of the videos with you and Emma just so I could see the two of you kiss. :oops:

    Anyway sorry your so busy. Maybe soon when it’s released you can take a well deserved break.

    Love you Katelyn,

  3. Corsair

    This is in time like this that we learn the importance of back-ups. A situation like this all happened to one of us one day (or will happen). Like Moose was saying you should add a RAID array to your Christmas list! But in the meantime, a good external drive to make frequent back-ups is a good idea.

    I’m using two external drives for my back-ups. One in my apartment and another one I put at my work just to have one offsite in case of fire or something. The only drawback is that I am not making back-ups too often. If I haven’t made back-ups for 3 months and I loose my main drive, then I loose 3 months of work. But I could live with that. You decide the frequency of back-ups depending on the importance of your data. Maybe in your case, considering the quality of your work, at least one back-up per week would be recommended.

    You might also want to get a UPS (Uninterruptible power supply). Power disruption can also damage computer equipment.

    Hopefully, a computer shop will be able to replace your motherboard in days (or if more lucky maybe the same day) and you will be able to use your faster computer again.

    I almost fainted when I started to read your message, I was scared you lost the whole project! Even if the hard drive would have been damaged, there are businesses specialized in data recovery. However, they are not cheap. Recovering a damaged drive is usually around $1000.

    The NASA recovered 80% of the data on a hard drive found in the debris of Columbia (the space shuttle that crashed some years ago). If data from a hard drive can be recovered after such an event, I’m confident that 99% of the drives can be salvaged in the hands of professionals.

  4. Scott

    I know how hard it is to lose a loved one. My… (*sniff sigh) Alienware left me to go to that big silicone valley in the sky… I’m sooo lonely now. I’m on a… a… DELL! *(WHAAA) {runs off stage crying hysterically}

  5. jackshepard

    When I saw you burnt you computer yesterday, I thought “Nooooooooo!”. As geeky as you may look sometimes (don’t worry, I mean in a good way) here or on GTS City, I thought you had a Mac computer, and so that you were using Time Machine, or at least any else backup software. I’m glad you could save everything and that you learnt that backups are important (especially when you make money out of your PC).
    I’m looking forward to crawl on your cookies and on your kitchen floor.

  6. dare46

    Miss Katelyn you is the best !

    I love YOU :oops:

  7. Kisuke Urahara

    What are the chances of that happening!? Well atleast you have copies of it, or that would have been a terrible lost. Can’t wait to see the fourth preveiw of “Midnight Goddess”! And if my eyes aren’t mistaken, the last picture of the last preview of “Midnight Goddess” was a close up of your rear. *Starts to drool* I can’t wait to see this ass crush, I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

  8. Bobbob

    Wow! I’m so sorry to hear that! Thank god you were able to back it up though, I’m so excited about it’s release! Can’t wait to see it!!!

    Love ya Katelyn,

  9. Adamwriter

    Lol, have to love it when that happens :mrgreen:

    I can only imagine your face when you realize somthing is wrong, sweat running like a waterfall, blood pressure at a jogger’s pace… I hope you had a glass or two of water xD

    Anyway, glad your project didn’t get ruined! All that work coming to a seriously unexpected, “kick-to-the-balls x infinity” crash would have sucked major. Dx

    Hope you get it up soon! Looking forward to it!


  10. Greg viera

    wow that is one really sexy pic :love:

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