October’s Sitewide Updates

October’s Sitewide Updates

Hey there! I have a hot little story to share. ;) About two weeks ago, I was PMSing and I just couldn’t resist my craving for shrunken people. Like usual, I went to use my shrinking device but my cat must have messed up the functions or something though, because when I used it I accidentally shrank down an ENTIRE city. Oops! >.> Since I was in a PMS hunger craze, I ended up licking, chewing, swallowing, and fucking every last person and particle. I couldn’t help it…

I wanted it ALL inside of me. Sliding down my throat into my stomach, fucked up my throbbing pussy, and forced up into my colon. FUCK! >:D Haha… The not so good news is- as satisfying as it was at the time, I haven’t been feeling very well since then so I’ve been paying for my ravenous Giantess rampage that’s for sure. This is the longest I’ve been sick in a long while. Was it worth it? I’d say so!

So anyway, while recovering, I’ve been trying to get as much computer work done as possible. (Er, that is, when I’m not in bed with shrunken my sex slaves between my legs making me feel better). Now some sitewide updates are ready for everyone, including: a mini spiff up project, new POTD, last POTD downloadable as a set, loads of sexy new fan art, a BB2 update, and upcoming shoot news!

Mini Spiff up Project

Wanting get in the zone and work on something new and out of the ordinary for this month’s update, I excitingly immersed myself into a mini website design project! Woot! As a result, the store’s front page, navigation icons, comments, review box, and account areas have all been ~spiffed up~ as well as my site’s front page, top and bottom navigation, comment areas, and reply box. Yes, I had a lot of fun with everything! I’d like to spiff up some more areas around here as my schedule allows so let’s call it a project in progress! If everything still looks the same to you try holding down CTRL + F5 to refresh!

New POTD: Cavewoman PoV and Collage Material

Guess what? This month’s POTD photo set ranks #1 for craziest experience I’ve ever had at an on-location shoot. My photographer friend Larry has been to this cool cave area (along the coastal highway in CA) many times with other models, and once prior with me, and all was good. However, this time while shooting, a real caveman (or so it kinda looked) appeared from another cave’s archway across from where I’m standing in the picture below.

He was blonde, scruffy, nude, tan, and using a pipe to smoke some weed. The thought had crossed my mind to improvise something for the set out of the situation and get him into the shot in some fitting way. I appreciated that it’s not every day you get to see a nudist, although I was naturally a little wary given the sexual theme of the shoot.

When he came up and started talking to us, I found it hard to look at his face with being able to see his junk in my peripheral vision. Is that what it’s like for you guys when a girl is wearing a low cut shirt that shows off her nice rack? Hmm! :D

Anyway, back to what I was saying. While we were small talking, he kindly picked me an edible flower and told me about it. How nice of him! He noticed we were trying to shoot so he kindly laid down to let us work, saying a little bit here and there. But then… lol… he soon started fondling himself while moving around to get a view up my skirt!?!? Wtf!!!

And that’s not all that was going on, either! O_o There was another guy on top of the mountain (also across from where I’m standing in the pic below) with a pair of binoculars in hand and a DSLR with a zoom lens attached. He had been following us around since we got there, not only voyeuring in on me but also snapping shots without my permission (which isn’t the only time that’s happened in CA). It would seem pervs are plenty in CA but I seem to kinda be one of them with shooting in a semi-public location like this huh?! :D

I think the icing on the cake was this guy in the bushes with his hard dick slipped out through his zipper, licking his fingers and stroking it fast any time I turned his way. Heh! And no, I’m not joking or embellishing anything here. It really was the craziest experience I’ve ever had in my 8 years of shooting. But you know, I thought everything was hilarious. (Larry didn’t think so, lol) It didn’t bother me at all since there were quite a few people around as well as some people passing by. I felt no threat but I didn’t want to push it so my costumes stayed on (I was originally planning to rip off my cavewoman costume!).

Too bad I didn’t have my shrinking device on me that day though because I would have used it during this shoot for sure! >:D


View My Pictures of the Day

Previous POTD Set

As usual, last month’s photo set has been added to my full photo gallery here. I remember feeling very blissful in this set. It was blazing hot with sweat dripping down my tight, tone body. My feet were a bit dirty and stained from walking around without shoes earlier that day. The shrunken people were so tiny that I could barely feel them down below, so I did lots of crushing, twisting, and pressing with my feet. I crushed them from multiple angles with varying levels of pressure in order to get the most enjoyment out of them! ;)


Download Full Set | View Individual Photos

New Collages by Wonderslug

Yes, yes, YES! How big I am in the collage below, the toppling buildings, mayhem, destruction, looking down at my next target… that all really hits home for me! ;) And in great news, there’s a whopping 18 new collages by Wonderslug- two of which feature Giantess Rachel! If you’re a fan of his high quality artwork like I am, be sure to check the gallery out!

Katelyn wades into downtown Chicago by Wonderslug

Click here to view 17 more new collages by Wonderslug!

New Collages by Shadester

The isolation in the collage below gets me really hot and horny! I imagine lifting my foot up, spreading my toes, and compressing the surface’s texture with one precise movement while trapping some helpless individuals between my toes just where I want them. I’d raise my foot up, leaving a massive foot print that I’d enjoy seeing them get out of while the dirty remains on my foot hail on top of them for a few seconds. I’d then sadistically repeat the process, taking a life or two and making it even harder for them to escape the next time around. >:)

Almighty Goddess Katelyn x458

Click here to view 11 more new collages by Shadester!

Survival Tips + New Collages by My Lovely Fans

The collage below is surprisingly pretty accurate! Go ahead and have a read. Learn some shrunken survival tips! You’ll certainly need to know them if you ever find yourself in my world, and the sooner the better! Even though I’m a little lenient while training any new shrunken SLAVES of mine, there’s certainly no grantee that you’ll ever survive me not matter how much you know, how clever you are, or how fast you can run. I always get my way with shrunken ones.


Click here to view 5 more new collages by my lovely fans!

Bonnie’s Body Chapter Two: Goin’ Galactic Presale

I bring great news to those of you who’ve taken advantage of the Bonnie’s Body Chapter Two: Goin’ Galactic Presale! Thanks to you, we’re SUPER close to reaching our presale goal! We only need a few more supporters before the end of the month to make it possible for Sheela to dedicate November’s month of work to the completion of Bonnie’s Body Chapter Two. Seems promising since there’s still 15 days left until November 1st!

To those of you who haven’t seen the presale yet, if you’re a fan of Bonnie’s Body: Busting Out then please check it out! :) With your support you’ll be getting some presale perks and the sooner we reach our goal the sooner BB2 will be completed and released! Thank you all for your consideration and support and the next BB2 project update will be announced in November!

Upcoming Shoots with Local Giantesses

Have any fetish fantasies involving two or three girls that you’d just love to see get made into a video? Well then, lucky you! Some local models and I are planning to film together next month and I’d love to consider your fantasy for the shoot if it fits (size fetish only) and sounds good (sexy and unique)! You can share it as a comment below or if you’d like some privacy, go ahead and email it to me at [email protected]!

Be aware that I get an abundance of vague requests like “please crush/eat me” “I want to see more nylons/socks/etc” that I’m not interested in and there’s a limited number of videos I can film during trade shoots. If your scenario has some depth (I appreciate creative minds, like my own!) then it has a much higher chance of getting in and there’s also always upcoming shoots that I have going on that it might get into if not this time around!

You can check out the foxy ladies I’ll be shooting with here: Lady Fyre and Ellie Idol, and AstroDomina!

Hope to hear from some of you and I look forward to getting some more photo sets, fan art, misc updates around the site, etc up as my schedule allows!

Giantess Katelyn


The Shrunken Perspective

14 Responses and Counting...

  1. MarkM

    Oh my gosh the “survival tip” chart is fricking awesome! Whew kinda turned me on too.

    I can’t wait to see AstroDomina!

    I’m glad you’ve feeling better Katelyn. Don’t eat to many tinies at once next time.


  2. Greg Viera

    Wow gotta agree with MarkM the survival tip is so freakin awesome and hot <3 speaking of hot all the pics are insanely hot. got some awesome ideas running in my head once hahah. Hope you are well and also awesome news on my part gonna be working at Vail Ski Resorts this winter in Colorado :)……cant wait to see what you have in store for Halloween hehe. you look as amazing as always…..so do your divine feet and soles #NumberoneGiantessGoddess

  3. Chuck

    I can see that you really like spiffing up stuff. *looks at the fields in the comment are* Really digging it. Also, glad to know you’re getting better.

    That little story of the cavewoman shooting… well, I’d say that’s such an awkward story, but in this crazy world of ours, even that is weird. At least they didn’t harass you or worse, kept the right distance and didn’t bother that much. Some people are… well… ARE.

    And have to agree: the survival tips chart is a very original way to put a collage together… pity I can’t see the original, big one. Maybe it’s my Internet connection, or the link isn’t working… dunno, can’t seem to load it. Oh, well, I’ll wait and try again later.

    As for scenarios for the next shooting… Gotta think of that. So you want people to be creative, huh? That’s good.

  4. MarkM

    Sorry off topic for a second:

    Hey Greg Vail is one of the most beautiful places on the planet you’ll love it. I assume you’ll be cooking. If I could afford it I’d buy a home up there in a heartbeat. Way to expensive though.

    Katelyn I’m wishing I could have a huge poster of the survival tips to hang on the wall! Make great conversation item for when company comes over! Tell them that’s what happens to tinies that don’t behave.

    With Love, Mark

  5. Greg Viera

    Haha Thanks Mark lol
    so excited to be going to Vail or Colorado for that matter
    I am a huge Denver Broncos fan and yep you got it right I will be cooking there…after Vail its back to Alaska for round 3
    the poster Idea of the survival tips is a great one

  6. rooster

    So glad you’re feeling better! At least you got the entire city inside you, through different means =D

  7. spenner

    you could be having a party/hangout/sleepover with your friends, and all your boyfriends shrunk in order to spy on you. too bad they get more than they bargained for in this unaware adventure.
    the conversation turns to how to turn your bf on and the girls begin to dance, grind, poledance, etc; eventually having each girl unknowingly kill off another’s bf in their process.

  8. catman

    question what would giantess Katelyn like for Christmas?

  9. catman

    how do find a growth potion and how much does it cost?

  10. md428

    Any chance of you creating more pov Mouse TF videos? They are my favorite by far and would love to see some new ones!

  11. Giantess Ka...

    @md428: I’m glad you enjoyed them! Most, if not all, TF videos were custom ordered. If you’d like me to film a new TF scenario, you can reach me at [email protected] for a custom quote!

    @catman: Check back later for my Xmas blog post to find out!

  12. COOLS

    Will Demonic Exam 5 be released here?

  13. Giantess Ka...

    @COOLS: It already has been released on here at http://giantesskatelyn.com/comics/demonic-exam-5-a-new-beginning :D

  14. Klaus

    You have so nice teeth shrink me and eat me alive bite and chew me

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