New Comics by SorenZer0 & Team!

New Comics by SorenZer0 & Team!

Hola, my little fans! Today I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the release of Disposable: a high quality giantess fetish comic filled with more than 65 illustrations by the legendary artist SorenZer0, paired with a blazing hot story by Miss Kaneda. If you like fine details in both images and writing like me, then you’ll love this comic! It’s a crush-lovers dream come true! ;)

“Beautiful, wealthy, privileged and entitled teen Jessica has always treated others as her playthings, twisting and manipulating and tormenting those beneath her for pleasure and entertainment. Now that she’s been given the mysterious and unbelievable power to shrink things, a whole new world of games has been opened. She crosses paths with a happy family out for dinner and in an instant takes everything they’ve ever had away from them. From the moment she first sees their tiny forms trembling in the shadows of her perfect, powerful feet she knows just what she’s going to do… show them the nothings that they are, break them one by one, and only when their spirits are utterly crushed will her soles finish the job.”


♥ Watch an entire family as they’re utterly destroyed for the fun of two cruel teens.
♥ Rich, wicked and ruthless humiliation and abuse abounds at Jessica and Lindsey’s feet.
♥ SorenZer0’s art brings powerful reality to both the family’s despair and gory remains.
♥ Miss Kaneda’s first premium story, too intense for just one part!  Part 2 coming soon!
♥ Watch a shrunken family get crushed under sandals and sneakers of two sadistic girls!
♥ Click here to read more about the comic and what all it includes for your enjoyment!

SorenZer0 fans- Have you seen that Crush 2 has been available? ;) Story written by the sadistic TinyOne234!

“Jenni and Lauren are back! Ever ambitious, the lovely duo have expanded their crush film business and talent for torture to include a weekly live camshow! Join the sisters as they do what they do best with a box full of shrunken men and women! ”


♥ 51 pages with 77 gruesomely-detailed renders by SorenZer0!
♥ Hand-oriented! Above-the-waist torment fans rejoice!
♥ Watch as tinies are destroyed, dismembered and disemboweled!
♥ LAUGH! with the girls, who bring a bit of silliness to a grim affair!
Click here to read Crush 1 for free!
♥ Show your support with a purchase of Crush 2 to see more!

There’ll be more comic news to look forward to within the next month or two! For those of you who are curious what I’ve been / what I am up to… I’ll be writing to you all again soon! ;) I think I’ll keep you all in my sandals until then. (Ok, I might swallow some of you too!!) >;P


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. tinymen

    I want to die crushed under your bare feet .. you do not shrink me, you bite your bones under your frosty feet.

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