Sitewide Update & Life

Sitewide Update & Life

Hello my little morsels! It’s blazing hot here for it being just a little north of Seattle, WA, and as so I’ve had the pleasure of some overly productive days sitting beside the portable AC in my office. Today I’m pleased to announce that some various website updates are ready- here are all of the juicy details!

June, Life, and Site-Wide Update

Apologies for missing June’s site-wide update, and mid-month artsy updates. While early-mid June was wonderfully busy and productive working with fellow fetish models, producers, flying to CA, shooting thousands of pictures (more than a year’s worth of sets!) and over 40 videos, I took work *very* relaxed thereafter. While it’s a good thing that I no longer work myself into the ground with nonstop 10+hr days, I won’t lie- my by body and mind are currently incapable of doing so due to fighting the evils which are known as PTSD, stockholm syndrome, and depression from my previous long-term toxic relationship.

I expected these problems to have faded away by now with it being well over a year since the breakup, but they haven’t, that’s not how PTSD works. The good news is I’m slowly getting better as time goes on, with the help of those close to me, professionals, light take as needed medication, and self help books. I dream of having perfect, predictable consistency with my updates (or at least some of them) when I’m better, and them bettering along the way. Blog posts, videos, FX projects, site-wide updates, pictures, emails, customs, expanding upon this site and GB, and so on takes an incredible amount of devotion.

I happily bear as much as possible on my shoulders by honing in on my passion for everything I do. I’m a very goal oriented and driven person, so it’s a pleasure all around. For now though, with healing, I’m happy with just getting what I can done when I’m feeling well. That’s looking at things optimistically. =) I hope that helps explain why my updates haven’t been as plentiful as I’d like, and what I’ve been personally going through. Also, I’m incredibly grateful for everyone who’s been supportive through this. Thank you all for understanding, listening, and being there. *Hugs* (Oops, crushed a few!)

Also… I thought I’d share this with you all too! :P Just a little bit of fun, personal life stuff!

Some relaxing things I’ve been enjoying on my time off lately have been grilling and good food (BTW, have I mentioned that I now eat seafood after 8 years of being meat free? I’ve digested SO many shrimp in the past few months which I know my Vore fans will appreciate hearing!), 3d movies, going out, watching stuff (I’m now completely caught up with Game of Thrones!), audio books, pool (at the bar… oh and I love creamy alcoholic drinks, yes please), big boggle, and last but certainly not least… ~rolling orgasms~!

I never even knew about rolling orgasms until a few nights ago. Holy… fucking… oh my god. They’re so intense that they’ve got me thinking “Why not add some vanilla porn to my update mix too?!” I’m talking Hardcore… Blowjobs… Anal… I love it all, and I love sharing my sexuality with all of you, so why not! Not to mention that, ahem, all of that is and has been possible in my fetish video updates! But among other things, since my partner is someone who’s involved in my personal life right now, I wanted to wait it out a little to see how things went before jumping in and sharing online. We’ve been excited thinking about it though… and I think I’m now ready!

Anyway, onward! Here are the newest site-wide updates for you all! <3

New Pictures of the Day set, The Pervy Teacher, started!

I have two matching videos to this Pervy Teacher / Student photo set that will be released in my store at a later date. The first video features a PoV where I shrink my teacher for being a perv, and for cumming up my ass through my panties I lock him up in a cage for further torture the next school day. For cumming on me, his student, he’s forever wrapped around my fingers. For the second video I return him to his normal size and make him to worship my shiny white boots and bare soles as I humiliate him.


View Pictures of the Day

Previous POTD Set, Team Pretty Feet, added to my Photo Gallery!


Download Full Set | View Individual Photos

14 new collages by Shadester!

Almighty Goddess Katelyn x338

View Shadester’s Gallery

3 new collages by Little B!

KotB by Little B

View Little Bee’s Gallery

2 new collages by o0encolhido0o!



o0Encolhido0o’s DevianArt

New collage by Starkadhr!

Katelyn's footprint project_giant size_by_Starkadh

Starkadhr’s DeviantArt

New Fan Story! Starship Troopers

By Andrew — Featuring: Giantess, Masturbation, Crush, Vore, Ass

“The Mobile Infantry soldiers marched forward to their target location.  When they got to the edge of a steep ridge, they looked down upon the vast plain.  Private Thomas Haggerty expected to see the place teeming with bugs, but instead, they found nothing except a few bugs running around below them.

“Oh great, HQ had us march to the edge of the Grand Canyon,” he said.

“Zip it, private,” Lieutenant Hayes said.  “We’re here mostly as support for our newest weapon against the bugs.”

“Another weapon?  We already have a full stock of nukes, what else could we possibly need?” another soldier asked.

Hayes nodded.  “True, but this one not only causes mass destruction, but doesn’t put us in any danger from the explosion.”

Before they could continue, a bright light flashed in the valley.  They all turned to see a giant woman standing there.  She was barefoot with red toenails and was wearing jeans and a pink t-shirt.

As soon as her vision cleared from the transporting, Katelyn looked around and scoped out the area.  As predicted, everything around her looked like a green rug, which was actually a dense forest that extended from the horizon to about a few feet (her scale) before her.  There was also a very small river running along the contour of the cliff behind her.  Before she left, she was told by her commanding officer that the target size for her was about 500 feet.”

Click here to continue reading!

Alright tinies… that’s everything for now! I’m off to get some cheesecake icecream, a shower, and maybe make something to eat and relax. Horray for another productive day. Hope you’re all having a fun summer! :D


The Shrunken Perspective

8 Responses and Counting...

  1. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    I very much enjoyed your latest blog & I’m really excited about your updates! In fact, my latest script for a custom video has some of the themes you just mentioned, i.e. shrunken man FX / special effects & vanilla sex scenes O_0 And it’d be awesome if you could shoot it this August? I sent you the latest script on June 26, but I’d be happy to resend it to you. Ergo, I’m hoping we can work this out soon & I’ll look for your reply :-D
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  2. Chuck

    Sorry to read about those problems. But at least you have help to overcome this. Just keep going, remember to have those close to you and professionals at hand, always have some good help and support.

    And sometimes it’s good to just vent and tell those you trust how you feel. Releases a good chunk of the burden, it makes you feel lighter. And better.

    Have your time to get your body and mind in harmony – or the closest to it – when you aren’t feeling that great. There are times that you need to stop for a while until you’ve recharged your batteries.

    Also, vanilla stuff on the site? I’m all for it, of course!

    Have a nice summer!

  3. Jeremy

    While I’m sorry to hear you have been going through what you have with the PTSD, I’m glad to hear an update from you. I was getting worried about you being gone from everything. I know I only know you online, but you have gotten to be a regular part of life. I hope you had a happy birthday. Love the updates. Hug your toe, happy to have you back on here. Love you, your little pet jeremy

  4. Jeremy

    Also I like giant couples, and that pic of you and your parter is hot. would love to be a tiny watching that or used as a sex toy.

  5. catman

    i see that a good part of your state is on fire can you turn into a giantess and stomp or pour a giant glass of water to put these big bad fires out. and stay happy and keep up your lovey work

  6. John "Zakum...

    Can’t wait for future FX videos. I think I’ve pretty much bought all your FX work. Still think a Business meeting unaware was the best and look forward to more unaware FX in the future. Wouldn’t mind seeing a shrunken couple unaware FX adventure ;-)

  7. Allsopoex

    How do I give my girlfriend rolling orgasms? hehe, no but seriously!

  8. Greg Viera

    Great Blog as always
    keep your head up
    you are an amazing Giantess Goddess
    your work is second to none

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