New Bug Crush + Bug Eating Videos

New Bug Crush + Bug Eating Videos

I have some good news for those who love bug crush and bug vore. Today’s Friday update includes 2 new amazing videos in my store- one starring both myself and my Giantess friend Emma and another with an entire crowd of crickets! I think you’ll really enjoy tonight’s update…

First we have an extremely hot and sexy video starring both me and Emma. I play the hot jealous Goth girl and Emma is your poor, helpless girlfriend. This video has easily become one of my absolute favorite and most pleasurable bug crush videos to date. At nearly 30 minutes long, it’s incredibly detailed with tons of sexy dialog between myself and Emma.  Crickets are crushed under my Goth Boots, Black Fishnets, my bare feet and her bare feet.  I think you’ll really love it…

Forced To Crush Her

Forced Her to Crush

Duration: 29:27
199 MB

I’ll admit; I’m a jealous bitch. I’ve had just about enough of Emma’s friends and you, her loser boyfriend. I want Emma badly- and for myself! That’s why your poor girlfriend Emma is all tied up and helplessly restrained on top of my coffee table. And you know what? I’m not the one who’s going to get rid of you. SHE is.

I start by shrinking you down and turning you into a poor, helpless little cricket. I then shove you into your now gigantic girlfriend’s face, teasing her with your new pathetic, tiny form. She can only cry and plead while looking on at your new fragile form- she is fully restrained and unable to rescue your poor cricket soul. After laughing and showing her how fragile and easily squishable you are between my fingers, I place you inside a plastic bag with five other friends of hers. Emma looks on terrified as I reposition her so she has a front row seat to her friend’s executions. Her face is now only inches away from where I’m about to crush her closest friends.

I pull out the first cricket. Rachael, that was her name. I tower over her in my sexy Goth boots as Emma looks on in horror, begging for Rachael’s life to be spared. I laugh and joke with Emma as I slowly put more and more pressure on pathetic little Rachael. Emma is nearly brought to tears when Rachaels tiny guts explode all over the table as my enormous Goth boots crush her to death.

Derek -much to Emma’s extreme displeasure- is next to meet his fate under the heel of my Goth boots. He is quickly reduced to a messy pulp right in front of his huge female ex-friend’s nose. I tease Emma with the guts, but I’m yearning now for more of a personal touch… And so I decide to take my Goth boots off, revealing my hot black fishnets! Her next friend, Chris, is placed within them, trapped between my sweaty fishnets and my soft, moist foot.

I talk and tease Emma with his tiny trapped life and then ultimately but oh-so-slowly crush Chris. At this rate Emma won’t have any friends left! I slip my fishnets off next and do away with two more of her precious little friends barefoot. Each are proudly displayed on the bottom of my sole as guts and mashed tiny bodies before Emma’s terrified face. She doesn’t seem to be enjoying this. Yet.

Now there is only one cricket left- and it happens to be you, her innocent little boyfriend. I sit Emma back up and swing her massive feet overtop your trapped little body. She becomes hysterical as I inform her that I won’t be the one crushing you- she will have that pleasure all for herself. As she begins to cry I slowly slip off her sneakers revealing her beautiful bare soles. I take you out of the bag and place you directly under them, trapping you between her sole and the clear table. Slowly, I press down on her foot and your body begins to break. She screams! I press harder and harder, smiling wickedly as your tiny life comes to an end beneath your own girlfriend’s feet…

Your body now just a gut covered mess on the bottom of her soles, I look into her eyes and pull down her mouth gag. She looks so cute when she’s upset! And now she’s all mine. I lean in… and kiss her. She kisses back. It looks like she enjoyed crushing you after all…

What a fitting movie to take Emma’s bug crushing virginity in…
This is also now one of my all time favorite crush videos!

After Emma left that night, I realized I had an entire bag full of crickets left. I contemplated their fate. I decided to take them all out in one video… in an incredibly erotic cricket massacre. This video turned out to be just as amazing as the previous video and is also now one of my favorite cricket crush videos. Both videos not only made me cum, but have had me horny and wanting more for DAYS! :twisted:

Cricket Crowd Massacre

Cricket Crowd Massacre

Duration: 12:45 minutes
87.1 MB

It’s the end of the night and my friend Emma has left. However, I still have an entire bag full of crickets left uncrushed. I could just let them all go in my backyard… or keep them in a cage as my pets. But, you know what? I think it would be so much more fun and pleasurable to massacre them all at once! I place the cricket filled bag on my clear coffee table – there’s at least 40 of them in there squirming, trying to escape.

I stand high above them looking down at my trapped and terrified prisoners. It’s like there’s an entire crowd down at my feet, begging, struggling, screaming down at my feet. They will not last long. I begin to tease them, picking out one or two with my huge toes and crushing them in front of the rest of the crowd. They all panic, racing around the corners of the bag desperate to escape from their cruel Goddess! I lower my foot slowly once again, only this time ontop of an entire section of my tiny crowd! Ten crickets or more meet their fate underneath my sole in only one step. The bag fills with guts and juice from my victims, no doubt to the horror of the other crickets.

Wanting to feel them under me, I lay down and press the bag under my boobs and then under my hot ass. I then stand up once again, towering over my small prisoners. SLAM! My foot comes down only this time fast and uncaring where it lands. I laugh in pleasure as another section of my tiny crowd explodes beneath my bare feet. SLAM! Again and again, section after section the crowd crushes underneath my massive soles as I laugh and moan with remorseless pleasure and excitement! My feet continue to step on the bag, crushing, squishing and pleasuring in my messy little victims.

When the thunder from my feet eventually comes to a end, I check the bag for survivors. There is only one. I carefully take him out of the bag freeing him from his world of crushed friends and family. I carefully hold him down on my table and tease him with my body. I am hungry and there is no escape. My mouth comes down and my tongue swirls about him.

I bring his helpless body inside my massive, wet cavern and suck on him. I pull him in and out, drenching him in my saliva. Finally I bring him inside me and push him to my throat with my tongue. I swallow, flinging a cricket leg from my mouth back onto the table. The Goddess is pleased.

This is one of my all time favorite crush videos. You have no idea how much I enjoyed making this…

And finally, the free video.  By buying my videos above you make free videos like these possible, so thanks! :biggrin: I was a little hungry and extremely horny after filming- so I crushed a poor cricket with my finger and swallowed him whole- just before going into the bedroom with the camera to relieve my built up hornyness.  :razz:

That’s it for this Friday’s update, I hope you enjoy little ones. For those wondering, my current major project is painting the inside of my house and then after that I’ll be back to work on my latest special FX movies. I want all of my videos to look extraordinarily sexy from the carpets to the walls and as such a full house makeover is (finally) in order. Paint colors of choice? Pink, Dark Pink, Red, Elegent Beige… I’ll post pictures perhaps as when I make some progress. I can’t wait to show everyone when I’m all done. :mrgreen:

Have fun fappin’ it! :razz:


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  1. Billy

    More Bug Crush! More!!

  2. Urahara

    Once again, you have made me the happiest man alive. I can’t get enough of your pov shots, and your bug crushing! I can’t wait to see your next special fx movie. I’ve been praying it’s a mega video. That would ROCK!!!!

  3. Trek

    It would happen so fast, to be stepped on by you and then it would be over. Its sad, I’d wish to be stepped on by you time and time again, always able to come back to kiss the soles of your feet as you crush me colorful once more. Flattened beneath every shade of polish, every color of sock and nylon, hard shoes, soft shoes, and beneath and between every one of your toes.

    You know, after you’ve ghosted me I’d haunt you in your shoes for the rest of eternity, ;)

  4. Rod

    Hi Goddess Katelyn,
    I’m just a pathetic little bug only deserving to be slowly crushed by your beautiful massive soft sexy feet and toes hovering above me. I love your red toenails and would lick them as I am being slowly stepped on by you. I would be a very lucky bug to be under your soft sexy toes after I licked them all over. mmmmm. So if you could change me into a bug, baby, would you? And what would you do to me if I were a bug? Love you Katelyn. hot kisses to you and your sexy feet and toes that I can only dream about loving.

  5. Cali

    Emma must be hungry for some crickets, it would be awesome if you placed a cricket or an ant into your mouth then kissed Emma and passed him through and crushing him with your tongues

  6. Trek

    Just to let you know as a security issue, if one of the page links are selected before the page fully loads, users can bypass the sexual content agreement. i don’t know how big of a deal that actually is, but wouldn’t want you to get into trouble since it could be used as a good excuse for “Vanilla Flakes” to go after your server.

  7. James

    will you eat me?

  8. crazydave

    the crickets in a bag clip looks great, i hope they enjoyed the experience as much as you :p

    what happened to the bag of mush afterwards (off cam)?

  9. Giantess Ka...

    @Billy: lol :mrgreen:

    @Urahara: I’m afraid it’s not going to be a Mega- but someday! See this blog entry here: Until that meter reaches 100% I’m unable to do growth or Giantess. I can give you all a little tease however- the name of my next FX movie is called “The Girl Next Door” and at one point it involves a very interesting mix of fetishes… :twisted:

    @Trek: I wouldn’t mind a little pet ghost haunting my shoes..

    @Rod: Thanks for the worship, little one.

    @Cali: I think I’ll have to talk to Emma about that but I’m afraid she might not be too keen on eating bugs!

    @Trek: Thanks for spotting that, I do know about it. It’s not that big of a deal so I’m just letting it slide for now. Before creating that pop-up I did some research on laws pertaining to a website’s “over 18 only” page and was unable to find any reliable US law that requires them. There was this thing back in the 90s but it was partially overturned by the courts and ended in a confusing legal mess. I don’t think websites are required to have them now, at least in the US. I think the sites that do have the 18 or older splash page do it for the courtesy (such as myself) and to cover their butts just in case, or because a server host requires them to. Note that not even Giantess Zone has a 18 or older splash page- Giantess Zone does have the 18 U.S.C. 2257 law stated which can also be found on this website (in the splash pop-up) Anyone who wants to read it will just have to patiently wait for the content to load… like any other website. :) Besides, I like to think of this website as more of an “erotic art” website.

    On top of that, the splash page is really only for those new to the site, and it’ll take a few seconds for them to process where they are before they can navigate to another page- just in time for the pop-up. For those who have been here a million times, think of it as a shortcut :P (at least for now)

    @James: Of course! *gulp*

    @crazydave: Afterwords I carried the bag downstairs and threw it out in the trash- what a gooey mess! As for the one I ate…. his little proteins are probably floating around my bloodstream right now.

  10. Bobbob

    Thanks Katelyn! This clip was spectacular! Do you know if your site takes those prepaid credit cards you can get off the shelf? I’ll be getting a credit card soon, but dont want to wait!


  11. Giantess Ka...

    It should, as long as it’s by one of the large credit card companies such as Visa, Discover, American Express, etc. Glad you enjoyed. New videos coming this Friday too. :mrgreen:

  12. Bobbob

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see whats new :-P

    Any chance we’ll be getting another special effects video soon?

  13. ryu

    If I’m in your mouth, can I eacape from you?

  14. dan

    Oh God Please Swallow me next!!!!!

  15. Stacie H.

    Wow @ your bug vore clips really wild stuff
    love it :razz:

  16. Carlos

    Katelyn, the delicious cricket crush, that you did once you were tired or going to bed, is the most incredible POV CRUSH i have ever seen in any crush store. I love finger crush!!!!!

  17. rodrigo

    creo que deberias de verte mas sexy y mas giantess deverias dehacer unos nuevosvideos de vore :eek:

  18. S0meone

    Goddess Katelyn if I where another of your tinny slaves what you would do to me, please let me know xD

  19. great man

    don’t u feel like peeing on dead bugs after killing them?


    Kate Beto’m from Brazil would like to know how to buy your videos here because I love you all especially those sneakers or that when you stick some of the victim inside his pants is beautiful when you finally come to Brazil is well vindabjs bjs

  21. ta2at

    hello ms.greeting from istanbul turkey…best wishes and happy new year….I love you katelyn………………73

  22. Vai Brader

    Do you ever hear from Emma Taylor? I know it has been almost 8 years since, but I have been wondering if she did any other fetish work after her collaboration with you, or is she has moved on to other things.

  23. Giantess Ka...

    She hasn’t done any other fetish work. She was a friend of mine with a regular day job.

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