My Personal History – Grade School to Now

My Personal History – Grade School to Now

This past week I’ve been spending most of my time putting together a very special project, something that I really hope will interest and satisfy those who have always wanted to know more about Me, My past, and how I got here. It’s a huge gallery of personal photos that go all the way back to the beginnings of high school.

It’s not intended to be sexual- but rather an insight to my sexuality as it developed and also as a fun look at my life, my crazy hairstyles, and fantasies and dreams at the time. It’s a collection of my past leading all the way up to the present. But they’re not just photos either– I’ve captioned every single image with detailed explanations, history, and info on myself and my sexuality. Hopefully it will bring my pets even closer to me and help you discover who I truly am as a Goddess.

My Past: High School
My Past: College
My Past: My Site Begins
My Past: 2008

And secondly, a new free vore video for you all. I was playing around with a smaller camera of mine which takes extreme close ups and this was the result. I’ll probably be doing more in the future (and of higher quality) if you like it! :eek:

Also I’d like to thank all those who’ve bought my latest FX movie, “Mistaken for a Mint” and by which have helped support my site. The Growth potion meter has been updated again. (You may have to delete your cache to see it) A few more FX movies and I think I’ll be set to become a true Giantess! :grin:


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Kisuke Urahara

    I’m glade you decided to take the time to work on this special project. Shows how devoted you are to your page. I LOVE the pictures! You were a sexy Highschooler and College student. And I can say that without sounding a perve because I’m 19 in real life! I freaking love your page! I can’t wait to see more in the future!

  2. Jaedon

    To start with, can’t wait to see your new camera in more action, beautiful shots in that video. Haven’t had time to look through all the photos, just skimmed through a few and aside from the obvious ‘wow’ of seeing you as a goth throughout highschool I think the next thing that stunned me was how you had all the fantasies going through your head; destroying poor (read: lucky) ants, keeping things like the ankh and your fairy stuff etc, yet only stumbling into the community quite recently.

    I mean, I was surprised myself when I discovered I wasn’t alone with my vore fetish but I was alot younger and definitely not as certain as you seemed to be in your fantasy (kinda thought it just a weird quirk about liking girl’s mouths or something I guess).

    Anyway, always nice to know a little something extra ’bout your Goddess, blind faith is overrated.

  3. Trek22

    Insane amount of pics, that took quite a while to get through and read all of them, which was cool cause it kept me entertained. Glad to see how busy you like to keep yourself, getting out of the apartment and going clubbing and just having fun. Many many sexy shots in there, and its crazy to think that both of us could have been sitting in the same class with the same fantasies on opposite ends of the spectrum, even been friends as you were heavy in the goth scene where I was, and we’d have never known that unique connection. Its no secret that I’d have pictured myself in every pair of shoes you owned lol.

    Long, straight hair is hot though, you’d have had my attention all through highschool and college, too bad I’m a shitty dancer, the club scene isn’t really a place I ever appeared. That will change after this MA school though, trying to dance has always made me feel like I was fighting without throwing a punch lol. Wushu and these other martial arts should give me some pretty cool moves to be able to pull off, when I get back here I’ll definately have to hit the Portland scene and see what’s up.

    Sexy as I rememberr, and when I first saw you, you did have short short hair, and you were still damn sexy, you made it look great. Don’t completely shy away from the Goth scene though, its a warm friendly breath of darkness that you are sure to miss. And looking up at your dark haunting eyes from beneath your naked fishnet feet is where i need to be laid to rest, my judement and hopefully my acceptance beneath your warm forgiving soles you know?

    Much love young Goddess, I might not have been fortunate to have met someone like you in my schooldays when this fetish had its grip around my throat, but your being here today helps to fight its control. Forever appreciating what you do.

  4. Brian

    I can’t seem to find the gallery of photos you mention on the “about me” page plus I can’t seem to find the video. Am I doing something wrong?

  5. Giantess Ka...

    @Brian: I’ve placed it on the “about me” page somewhat near the bottom under the “My Life” section. If you still don’t see it, try deleting your browser’s cache / temporary internet files. As for the vore video, it’s on my free video’s page, under the “Mouth Section”. If you still don’t see anything, you may need to install the latest version of flash- both viewing pictures and videos on this site requires it. Hope this helps!

    @Kisuke Urahara: Me too! I’m thrilled everyone loves them. And I’m glad you thought I was a sexy high schooler and college student! :wink: And don’t worry, no one here is a perv for thinking I looked hot when I was younger. Everyone has fantasies of when they were younger and in high school. And besides I would have loved the attention and worship back then anyway! :P

    @Jaedon: Thanks! Yeah- I really don’t know why I didn’t search for it sooner. (Although I wish I had) I just didn’t expect there to ever be anything out there so I didn’t bother looking. I just thought I was unusually dark and twisted, like any of my other goth friends. I had no clue I was so extremely different from everyone else. (I was also very lesbian when I was younger, so my sexuality was… confusing and all over the place)

    Also I didn’t really go porn crazy at any point as I had my own fantasies (and little ants) to keep me content when I wasn’t in the mood for “normal stuff” or “lesbian porn”. My first taste of abnormal sexuality was when I discovered the furry fetish around my raver phase. It was cool but just not 100% of what I was. Then I found out there was a foot fetish (which I had)- and that’s when I knew I would love to date a guy with one of those!

    And then finally, I found the Giantess fetish one curious night while looking for anything that could fulfill some odd fantasies I happened to be strongly in the mood for that week. To be honest I was just hoping for magazine covers, billboards- giantess material the mainstream media accidentally created that I could enjoy as I thought that was my only hope. BUT the return on that search pretty much made my mouth hit the floor. :shock: I would have never imagined there would be more people like me with such similar tastes and in such an extremely strange fantasy O_O And that’s when I learned about collages and knew I just had to give them a try! :mrgreen:

    As a side note- I think this is one of the many reasons why there aren’t more girls in the community- girls tend to not go porn crazy as often as guys, or think to look up their fantasies online as girls are less visual-needing in their sexuality than their male counterparts. (And shy and extremely self-conscious of being different than what is thought to be the normal girl sexuality) ((Whether caused by society or gender differences or not))

    @Trek22: It’s great to hear you went through every one of them my little pet! ! ^_^ I’d make you dance little one, even if I had to threaten you with crushing you right on the dance floor! You wouldn’t have to be shy either- the clubs I went to were so packed and visually intense that only I would have seen you dance- provided you were covered in glow sticks. ;) Martial arts moves sound like they’d make some pretty good dance moves- provided you don’t knock out those around you! *grin*

    Don’t worry- I will never shy away from my Goth side. ;) I still love it, the only difference is now I try to be more carefully put together and dressed up rather than thrown together and in all-black like I dressed in high school. Eventually I’d like to do some goth FX videos and really go crazy with my Goth styles!

    Thanks for all the comments little ones. You know how to make a Goddess’s day. :grin:

  6. Jeff

    Programming and video games?


    Anyways, hi kate :D

  7. Bobbob

    Very cool Katelyn! You were gorgeous then too :-P

    I havent had a chance to go through them all, but I enjoy reading…

    By the way, a few of the captions seem to go a bit further down than my screen will display them… what can I do to fix this?


  8. Brian

    OK I think my problems was the Browser, I use Firefox and it didn’t seem to display on that even after installing the latest version of Flash. But it does look likes it viewable using Internet Explorer. No idea why, but thanks.

  9. Esoom

    Great update! I looked through the pictures and I’d have to agree that you still had your appeal in college and even high school! :cool: That’s also a very nifty little camera you got there, can’t wait to see it utilized in different ways as your sexual ingenuity has its way with it…

  10. Thanatos

    Hmmm… I’m speachless.
    Needless to say, I knew we had some common things in our approach to the Giantess Fetish. What I didn’t expect was so many common things in our personal real lifes… Or should I?..
    I went through all your 4 slideshows and it’s captions and I read all the texts in the “About Me” section. It’s incredible…

    I won’t go through all the details of describing common issues, as it would make this blog comment long and unreadable, but all I will say is that Bauhaus is still my favorite band of all times and I never loose a Peter Murphy concert; I love dancing and I am known in most nightclubs I go to in my entire country, for my dancing unusual style; I also am a nature lover (I studied Forestry in College); and I also have a Siberian Cat (the only one in my country).

    Needless to say that I also am a computer graphics and arts professional, and that I also enjoy the Evil GTS fetish, lol…

    Uncommon issues: I am not bi, I don’t like trance and most dance music (although I like Sven Vath, Aphex Twin and other exceptions); I prefer Spring and Summer to Autumn and Winter, although my birthday is in Autumn (Scorpio)… Oh yes, and I have a dog (a bull terrier), which is my chinese sign.

    Oh… And Trek22: Martial Arts do help a lot in dancing. I can say since have been a kung-fu/Wu-Shu athlete/teacher for most of my lifetime. 20 years of Kung-fu have strongly influenced and helped my dancing style.

  11. Aeonic

    It’s very interesting to see the touch of personality you bring to your site with this, it really shows – and to be honest, I’m glad there’s someone like you in this community. There is so much impersonal media or pure money based groups out there it feels really good to surf around the net and see someone who’s here for their own, REAL interest in the concept and fetish.

    And wow, I’m pretty much positive that if we went to the same schools I’d have been on you like hot butter on toast – I have a knack for detecting peoples hidden sides and no doubt I’d have been very interested in you, just from looking. Though, I’m just 18, so the age wouldn’t have let us, most likely.

    It feels weird commenting as I’ve lurked the GTS community constantly since I was…13? 14? (Shh….) and this is like….the second time I’ve ever actually put my thoughts down on something online.

    Anywho, I very much appreciate what you do, it’s one of the few well put together and quite genuine sites that make me really happy to see as the community for all involved fetishes go. <3

  12. Katelyn's worm

    Wow, this is going to be pure pleasure to read: a theophany of our Goddess!

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