My New Journal Beings: A Building is Just the Right Size

My New Journal Beings: A Building is Just the Right Size

Woohoo! Hello tiny ones, and welcome to my new Journal page!

I hope you enjoy your stay and check often. ^_~ As you can tell, this journal kicks the skyscraper out of my old journal!

Unlike my old hunk of junk, this one is extremely easy to read and use, comes with tons of features to make my and your life easier, and allows for you to leave me comments which I’m extremely looking forward to! I can even run polls and all that good stuff. It’s going to be a lot of fun! Oh and did I mention this new Journal is hot? For example, take note to my warm cum dripping down the sides of the screen. >=) If you’re here looking for my old journals, you’ll find them here too- I entered in all of my old entries which can now be found in the archive. Feel free to look them up- or don’t, as they are kind of embarrassing now that I’ve had the chance to look back on them! o>_<o

So this new Journal was actually the first of many new years’ resolutions! My old journal had been bugging me for ages, to the point of me not wanting to even bother posting on it. My journal was dark, unattractive, and a pain in the ass to edit as everything was done by editing html code and then updating the files on the server. Yuck! It took a forever to post a new entry and the longer the entry the harder it was to format correctly. So as you can imagine for the past two years I haven’t posted nearly as much as I have wanted. I literally wake up in the morning with all kinds of fantasies and then float through the day on daydreams. Many of times I write them down, but they rarely see the light of day simply because I don’t have the time and I hated how it looked and was so… cold.

So this year, I made a series of New Year’s resolutions for my site! My first was to find and create an amazing journal, one that I could be proud of. And one in which I could finally hear feedback from you, my tiny co-inhabitants, so that I could share my deepest fantasies and know that I’m not the only one with this crazy thing. I LOVE hearing from you, really, I wish you only knew. It warms my heart and makes me want to stick you down my bra! It’s what keeps me going inside day to day and what keeps my little site crashing along.

And so, I’m happy to announce that I have, indeed, completed my first New Years resolution. It all started a few days ago when I had a palm-on-the-forehead-why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-a-year-ago-moment and remembered the site, whom a friend of mine uses. After doing some research and finding it a perfect match in terms of customization and features, I went at it and bought a subscription!

Before I knew it I was working on the artwork for my new Journal. I really struggled to come up with a good art concept at first but then realized it was so simple in the end. I wanted you, the reader, the worshiper, the innocent bystander -at every moment while you were browsing my journal- to feel like your entire, tiny body was being pushed deep inside my hot wet pussy as I told you my deepest fantasies. When you entered my journal page, you would enter my pussy along with the thousands of doomed others who would come to read my fantasies. So I covered it in light pink, dark pink, and wonderfully warm cum. The drawing I did at the top depicts me holding a building dripping with my cum, which you are most certainty inside of right now, reading my journal. Maybe I’ll suck on all of you, or maybe I’ll put you all back deep back inside me- I’m in a playful mood! That’s why I decided to go with a cutesy yet sexy drawing rather than a collage, as I wanted to reflect my playfulness and my artistic love for the fetish. Either way, welcome to my pussy, tiny mortal! ^_^

So now you know all about my new Journal. Almost. My second new years resolution (and I have SIX by the way!) was to vow to update my journal on a regular basis. Once I had an easy to use, great looking journal, I would have no excuse not to fill it with my thoughts! I’m hoping to update at least once a week at first- but if I’m able to do it more often I sure as hell will. I already have tons of fantasies written down; I just have to put them into order and into readable English! So expect more of me more often. I’m really looking forward to finally putting to words my fantasies and every day thoughts and experiences with the giantess fetish. They’ll be days you’ll fear me, days you’ll love me, and days you’ll be able to relate.

And so I really, REALLY hope this Journal turns out to be an amazing experience, for both you and me. I look forward to polls, thoughts, discussions and of course your feedback! Even if you just want to tell me I turned you on, drop me a comment! You have to keep in mind, it’s apart of what makes this fantasy real for me. Knowing that there are thousands of people out there who fear, love and worship me- and that their little mortal bodies are so easily pleased by me. I get to actually be a Giantess, towering above the city, to many a Goddess of Sexuality. I LOVE it. So post comments, I want to hear from you! ^.^!

Now I’m not done my little bug. I made a third New Years resolution too- and it’s one I think you’ll really like! This past fall was absolutely amazing- after amassing all of my needed equipment (which took nearly a year to do!) I finally was able to start working on special effects movies- my true love. When I released Gulliveria, the response I received was amazing. You guys have no idea how much you inspired me. Same for Spellbook! I was so incredibly happy that people enjoyed my work and were willing to help support my site so that I could keep pursuing my fantasy. So I decided that in 2008- I would start releasing free special effects videos to show my thanks and to finally fill my free video section with a load of special effects videos! They are all currently still in the works, but I hoping to have the first one out soon. They will each be 1-3 minutes long and many of them will be a part of an even larger storyline. You will see shrunken men, shrunken women, vore, foot crush, butt crush, bare feet, bug crush, handheld, gentle and yes….. even mega. Real Mega. I will then release them over the course of the year so that way you always have something to look forward to. I want everyone to be able to enjoy my work and I hope that those of you who like it will continue to support my site so I can keep them coming and I can keep growing! I will still be releasing my normal large effects movies, some of which will surely razzle and dazzle you like no other! I can’t wait to start getting them out there, I know you will go crazy I’m EXTREMELY excited and looking forward to… growing. :D

My fourth New Year’s resolution will probably make the collagers out there jump for joy! I’m looking to update my collage material on a more regular basis. Because right now, my current collage material is extremely outdated. My hair has grown out a lot and I look quite different. And I’m starting to get sick of attacking cities in the same dress! :P Each month I change my look and I’m getting better at … well, looking good! So I need to update my pictures to reflect that! I might start weeding out the really old stuff too so that way everyone is working with the nicer more recent stuff! I like to look good when I’m devouring or crushing thousands of people. Giantesses have to be very picky about how they dress!

My fifth New Years resolution is to try to capture my fantasy on camera with the best special effects out there. I am looking to release the largest special effects movies to date, all focused on bringing me one step closer to my ultimate fantasy. These I think will really blow you away as they are like nothing I have done before. I want to truly fulfill my giantess fantasy and I will do ANYTHING to get that. I’m so excited!! This year you are going to be submerged in Katelyn’s cum. My fantasies will so easily drown you!! But… I think that’s all I can say for now… just… stay tuned…. ; )

And finally, my SIXTH and final New Years resolution, is to slowly overhaul my website. I know many out there love it as it is now, but it’s starting to show its age. And it’s a pain to update so I’m looking toward PHP and Flash, both of which would allow me to go crazy on the artistic side while allowing me to update more frequently. The overhaul might start with just a section or two to test my technologies, but eventually it may swallow up the entire site! This is a long term goal though, so this might turn out to be next year’s resolution if I stay as busy as I have been!

As for collages, ever since I started working on special effects I’ve had to put them on the backburner. I still have a few in the process of being collaged but just haven’t gotten around to it. I’m hoping to find some time… some time… to do collages again, maybe even quick ones but as you can tell: 6 New Years resolutions + high traffic website + a somewhat normal life = VERY busy goddess. :S

So congratulations, I think you made it to the end of my first entry! It was quite the climb wasn’t it tiny guy? I hope you’re excited because I sure am. And there’s so much more I’d like to tell you too! But since this journal entry is already huge, I’ll save it for another day. This year is going to be great! And I promise I’ll get better at these journal entries and make them much more interesting.

One last note: Every year I enjoy summarizing what I think the coming year will be like, and I think my new Journal sums my thoughts up on this nicely: You…. are going to spend this year trapped deep inside the wet, hot, pussy of a Goddess, as a mere plaything in her sexual fantasies. Are you ready? >=)

Happy New Year ; )


The Shrunken Perspective

57 Responses and Counting...

  1. anonymous

  2. anonymous

    wow Katelyn, that journal entry was truly amazing and awesome!!

    you will definately blow us all away this year, this entry definately and literally made my heart skip a beat!!

    plenty of good, awesome and amazing news from you for this year, it’s going to Giantess sized and truly spectacular.

    Keep up the awesome and truly amazing work, Goddess Katelyn Brooks!!

  3. anonymous

    Amazing. I’m going to look forward to reading your journal all year long. Being inside your mind is like looking through a window into the heart of this fantasy.

    Also, not sure if it’s in my best interest to say this, but you counted five twice in your resolutions. Please don’t hurt me. >.>

  4. anonymous

    I am going to be in bad shape if your 1st journal entry of the year already turned me on. It looks like all of us are going to be in for an exciting/erotic ride. Anyways, I love what I hear and I can’t wait for the coming improvements. *Kneels down and begins to worship*

  5. anonymous

    You’re SO SO SO SO HOT! Please shrinks me! PLEASE!!!

  6. anonymous

    Oh my god, insertion? You are too good to be true. Use me as your sex tool, Goddess Katelyn Brooks, please!

  7. Giantess Ka...

    You bet I will tiny ones! I would thoroughly enjoy shrinking you both down and have my way with you… mmmmm! ~<3

    Glad you all are SO excited about my Journal! Me too!! =) And I'll try to respond to comments EVERY night (as long as I'm near a computer!), so even if I don't post a new entry, you'll at least have something from me every single day- and I will always try to respond to all of the comments left for me in some way. So if you want to chat, leave me a comment! Think of this as more of a forum, rather than just a leave a comment. If you want me to know your name / username, don't forget to sign your comment personally! Hope to hear from you! ^_^

    Eek! So I did make six resolutions and counted the fifth one twice! O_o Well, that's just great. I'll fix that in my entry- thanks for pointing it out... although now, of course, my tiny informer, you will be squished. *slowly lowers foot, ending with a soft and pleasing crush!*

    Wow, 6 new years resolutions. I’m going to be busy! Tonight I took over 500 pictures, most of which will be upcoming collage material. I’ll probably be filming and taking more pictures tomorrow too. Get ready for a Katelyn filled year! ^.^

  8. anonymous

    I can’t wait to squirm, wiggle, and lick within Your “sugar walls” in all the ways You like, Katelyn.

  9. anonymous

    Dear Goddes Katelyn.
    Since i found your website i am a realy great fan of yous because your are the living Goddes of my Dreams.
    You make every Dream come true to me.
    Your new Journal is amazing and allready turns me one. ( For sure a asure you ).
    Please dont forget to Crush us with sexy High Heels or but us in your Bra or your ……. well ……… hotest point of you :-)
    Thanks so far for everything you are to us ( me ) .
    Sorry for my english but i am form Germany

  10. anonymous

    I’m kind of into vore and reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaly want to see some high quality vore with great special effects in the near future!
    P.S. Please make sure I’m not in any of these videos. Or… ANY for that matter. Unless of course it pleases you.

  11. anonymous

    Wow! Cant wait to see it Goddess Katelyn! Sounds like an exciting 2008 for all of us! :-)

  12. anonymous

    Your ideas are amazing goddess. Can’t wait to see all the changes you’re going to do. And WOW! I absolutely love that drawing you made @[email protected] So HOTT! I am so in that building ^_^

    Good luck my goddess. I hope everything goes as planned.

    Your pet (drowning in your cum and loving it)

  13. anonymous

    It’s amazing that someone like you exists!

    Please shrink me down to a mere inch…I want to see your barefeet up close and personal :D

  14. anonymous

    katelyn, pleaseee shrink me……. it would be awesome for your loyal and tiny subjects if you could include a video with f/x breast play… since your beautiful body is magnificent to behold when we are only an inch tall…

  15. anonymous

    Sounds like you’re going to make 2008 the year of the Giantess!

  16. fernloth

    Your enthusiasm, creativity, ambition and playfulness are an invaluable asset to this community and I know I’m hardly alone in expressing my appreciation for all you do. As an editor, I know how much work goes into many of the productions you have put out free of charge and I look forward to seeing what you come up with in 2008. You’re a lovely lady, and your journal entry here has me cursing my normal size and the fact the ‘cum’ is only dripping down my screen. Thanks again!

  17. Giantess Ka...

    Aww, fernloth! o^_^o That was really, really sweet comment! Thank you so much! ^_^ I really love hearing feedback like this. Btw, it’s also very cool to see others with a live journal too!

    Hi KeyLink56! I thought I’d find you here at some point my little pet! Hehe! They’re going to have to rework the Chinese calender after this year to fit me in! Especially after I end up crushing and swallowing nearly all the Chinese cities.

    @others I would so very much like to shrink all of you down! Someday, I will. I promise you. >=) I can’t even begin to count the days when that is all I can think about.

    Since some of you asked, several of my upcoming large movies deal directly with vore, although many of them have a mix of other stuff too. The one large movie I’m doing is directly centered around vore and approaches the vore fetish from many different, sensual angles and not just your typical “drops tiny man in mouth”. I think you’ll really like it. The video is going to be HUGE. The free clips also contain quite a bit of vore here and there with some really sexy twists!

    As for high heels, bras and sensitive areas… yep, that’s coming up too. Just you wait. :D

    For now though, check out my latest collage material. :D It’s entilted “Fire Red Outfit Part One” Some of the photos are a little more racy than usual, as I’m slowly getting more comfortable in front of the camera! In fact, there’s one or two shots that if you look carefully…. <3

    The pictures in this set are of pretty good quality, although some have too much yellow in them and are a bit grainy. Luckily for my other photo sets I corrected most of these problems but I think I just need more lighting and a even better camera. Each set I improve a little more. Let me know what you think of the new set!

    As for my Journal, I've really been thinking hard the past few weeks on it and I'm bubbling with ideas. I'll be going over many topics here, some of which may help you guys with the females when it comes to approaching the fetish (both if the girl has it or doesn't!). I'll also go into what everyday life is like with the female side of the fetish and all the little details that come with it- including past relationships, growing up, quirks, preferences and all that good stuff. Not to mention I'll be sharing my dreams, deepest fantasies, and what gets me going when.... I get going. <3

    Well, that's it for now I think, I'm headed to bed- I'm really sleepy. Really busy day tomorrow. I want to thank you all again for the wonderful comments, I truly love hearing from you. It really helps me fully connect with my fetish on a much deeper, real, level and for the first time in my life I feel satisfied by my fetish. I only wish I could actually keep all of you in my underwear drawer! o^.^o

    See you tomorrow my tiny lovers! <3
    *Stuffs everyone into her PJ's and soft warm slippers*
    **hopes they will go exploring while I sleep* :)**

    ~Your all powerful Goddess, Katelyn <3

  18. anonymous

    YES! You’re status is loving insertion. Gives me a better reason to bookmark this page. Thanks!

  19. anonymous

    hey Goddess Katelyn Brooks, I was the 1st to comment on your new journal, I love your new journal coz it’s sooo much betta than the old one!!

    I also agree, that this year will definately be “The Year of the Giantess”.

    I’m also very happy to hear more awesome and exciting news, eg. you are starting to focus on vore as a main subject for an upcoming movie and many upcoming clips later on this year.

    You are still just as gorgeous as u where, when u first became a Goddess/Giantess back in 2006.
    u are sooo hott!!

    Keep up the gr8 and awesome work Katelyn, you are impressing us shrunken men a lot and making us very happy with your amazing work!!

    I Wish you all the best 4 this year, from Mark.

  20. anonymous

    Is that your butt in your LJ icon =P?


  21. Giantess Ka...

    Yes, yes it is. And there are shrunken victims climbing all over it.

    *evil grin*

  22. anonymous

    Goddess you’re so awesome XP, and I have to say, you have one hell of an ass

    Hmm, I was wondering, what are your thoughts on larger-than mega scales? As in, big enough to crush entire mountain ranges under your thumb, or perhaps big enough to smother the entire continental United States under your well-toned behind(while the US military throws every last nuclear weapon at their disposal at you in a desperate attempt to avert doom inevitable). Anyway, I just thought that there’s a distinct lack of material covering such scales, be it collages, stories, whatever. I really don’t know how you’d go about making a collage of that though o.O.


  23. anonymous

    Please incorporate some opaque stockings into the vore green screen vids – perhaps you can store some of your morsels in the tops of the thigh highs, and pull them out when you are hungry? :)

  24. anonymous

    I submit to your pussy! Drown me!

  25. anonymous

    Katelyn, you are going to wear yourself out trying to respond to all of us. And you need that strength to hunt us down and squash/munch/insert us!

    So I’m one little bug who is just happy to comment and you don’t have to answer back.

    I promised you a story and I will meet that deadline. I’ve been putting the elements of it together on and off today.

    I love your new format. Just have fun with it. Don’t make it into too much work.

  26. anonymous

    yeah this is some serious improvment! I cant wait for your updates! You’ve come a long way from eating gummy bears (stil a fav of mine)! So quick question… Do u prefre to chew us lil guys or swollow us whole??? – nox

  27. Giantess Ka...

    I prefer to swallow alive. But some days I’m in the mood to chew, especially if I want a little more flavor with my meal! But sucking, playing and than swallowing you tiny mortals is by far my favorite as knowing that there are tiny people being slowly digested by my powerful body turns me on like crazy! o^.^o

    @Cliff Aw, thanks! I’ll try not to wear myself out! I know that when you tiny ones get going, you tend to swarm up my feet and legs and sometimes even bring me to my knees! Like I said, I’ll try my best to respond to as many of your comments as I can, as it is MUCH easier than individual emails. I’m looking at my journal as half journal half forum, which should be alot of fun! PS: I can’t wait to read your story!! ^_^

    @Green Screen Vids – I have always loved that concept! ^_^ And although I don’t want to reveal too, too much, in the large vore movie I’m working on, I will totally be sporting stockings with tiny snacks inside! Hehe!

    @Skybottom I love ultra mega. I’ve been sitting around thinking of a good way to handle it too, for both collages and even for movies. I have some ideas, which I might test out sometime. I REALLY look forward to making them but I want them to look 100% Hollywood real before I put anything out there. Maybe you’ll see something soon…

    I think I’ll be posting a new entry tonight. I have some neat pictures I’d like to share with you all! <3

    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  28. anonymous

    Hehe, well, I’m writing an ultra mega-story right now about you actually! It’s set in the far future, where a war between galactic empires is taking place. I’m a writer of sorts, and this is something I’ve been thinking of awhile, an ultra-mega saga of epic proportions. I’m adding a new perspective/literary technique that I don’t think has been seen in the GTS community so far :P, I’ll send it to you soon I think. How do you want to be characterized? I’m sort of characterizing you to the best of my ability, but that might not be very accurate.


  29. anonymous

    Love the new journal and sweet jesus that theme pic at the top is so hot. I can’t wait to see your next big screen screen vid and am hoping it is the one you said you might use some of the elements of the story I wrote for you (the one about the 2 pills and growth). :) Also kudos on your new pic set very hot!

  30. Giantess Ka...

    @Skybottom Awesome! Don’t worry, I think you’ll do a great job of characterizing me! I look foward to reading it! ;)

    As for the growth movie… hey now, don’t want to give too much away just yet! Hehe! ^_~

  31. anonymous

    I can’t wait to see what you do in the growth movie!

  32. anonymous

    hey there my Goddess, do u still like little man/men snacks, meals from time to time? lol

    do you love to add extra crunch and taste to your sandwiches, eg. PB&J “manwich”. ^^

    your vore clips/vids are getting better all the time, you make me sooo horny, they are just so amazing, awesome and very realistic.

    do u like chips and dip? (honey we shrunk ourselves style)

    do u want vore clip/vid ideas, or do you have plenty already? lol.

    take care, super hott Giantess/Goddess Katelyn Brooks.

    this year, you will truly take over our world. =]

  33. anonymous

    Name: Justin

    (if all of this could have perfect moral sanction)

    It gives me a warm feeling, the idea of being a small man, who is here to satisfy the selfish desires and pleasures of a beautiful, massive, powerful woman.

    If I could rub/massage your feet, or you could hold me in your hands and play with me, maybe you could talk to me while I look up at you as I sit in the palm of your hand. I would hope that you get personal enjoyment by having me around, getting me to satisfy your desires one at a time. If I see you smile because of my hard work, it would be euphoric.

    Before you eat me or crush me, I hope I could be useful to you for a little while in different ways.

    * Polish your finger and toe nails
    * Crawl and massage your body to help you relax/get to sleep
    * Sit next to you to keep you company, maybe even walk all over the TV remote to change the channels/volume for you
    * Feed you M&Ms/smarties/grapes/peanuts one at a time, take one (like holding a basketball), climb, and drop it in your mouth.
    * Swim around while you take a bath, could be like your rubber duckie (you could sink me and splash me around for fun)

    After doing all that, you could then dispose of me, and I would feel deep satisfaction and happiness knowing I gave you pleasure and enjoyment. Even if I am Small Man #724, I would be thankful for the other 723 small men who have worked hard and gave themselves to give you satisfaction.

    Little by little, bit by bit, we would be all doing our part to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

    And it would be all about love. Even as you crush us under your feet, eat us, sit on us, insert us in your vagina, make us work, etc. you are loving and being loved.

    When you eat us, we become a part of you. When you crush us under your feet, sit on us, or dissolve us in vaginal acid, you are giving us intimacy and closeness. When you make us work, you make us feel useful.

    This I ask you, if I could be shrunk, would you allow me to be a part of your life, to try to satisfy your desires? :)

  34. anonymous

    After seeing your video clips I was wondering if we were ever going to here some sound clips from you of the growing variety? I mean if your body wasn’t sexy enough your voice is the cherry on the sundae that is you…


  35. Giantess Ka...

    Hmm, I never thought about doing sound clips. I’ve always been more visually geared with my site. I’ll have to really think about that! That might be very cool. I bet if I just closed my eyes and sort of acted it out by a microphone (with some sexy sound effects!), it’d turn out to be really hot.

    In fact, this journal has the capability to post “voice entries” maybe I’ll do that sometime!!! ^_^ That’d be fun! I’ll keep you guys updated on that.

    Of course I would allow you to be apart of my life, to satisfy my inner most desires! Well, until you were too worn out or could no longer serve your purpose. Sometimes I save those who have no longer any use for special occasions (to fill my high heels on special nights out) or to make special meals or desserts. Other times, I just crush them or eat them on the spot. Eventually you will probably end up this way after your little body has served your Goddess well!

    As for what you could do my tiny one, I absolutely love your list! Those all look like great things I would love for you to do, not to mention your shrunken friends. I could even suggest a few more, such as cleaning my feet, helping me relax at work in my panties or perhaps more dangerous positions like in-shoe foot massaging during the day out or even teeth brushing! How amazing would it be to have to clean the teeth of a Goddess… from the inside out!? I suppose it’d be like high rise window washing, only you’d be deep within my wet, breathing cave that might decide to swallow you whole instead of letting you continue your job. Too cool! o^.^o

    I really love your thoughts- I agree that it is quite the intimate moment when you guys crush, squish or dissolve deep within me. Well, it may only last a few seconds for you, and I might need hundreds of tiny lives to satisfy me, but in the end I feel deeply, deeply pleased. I’m glad you little ones can go out with such pleasure as well, even if the end result is a little… hmm, costly and painful. ^_^!

    Once I find a way to shrink things, I promise your life will become mine and you will serve to please my body and mind. That goes for all of you little ones too! So romantic isn’t it my little toys? <3

    I love eating my tiny men! Placing them in my sandwiches and watching the sandwich ever so slightly move about as I bite into it turns me on ever so much. I love it not only because I'm partially unaware of what and who I'm eating, but because I can usually feel the tiny ones crunch or struggle down my throat from time to time!

    As for chips and dip, I LOVE the idea, I think the "Honey We Shrunk Ourselves" is probably still one of the best giantess movie scenes out there. My only regret is the girls didn't actually eat them!! Here they all had the chance to have yummy tiny men in their dip and they totally missed them. (It was a good tease though!) If I was at that party, I know I would NOT have missed- even if I hadn’t seen them! Someday, I will do a remake of this particular scene (just as you see it in the movie- only ending the RIGHT way!) as it is one of my all time favorites scenes.

    As for vore ideas, I’m always looking for ideas! Many times people send me stories or concepts and they will totally get me going into a horny rage and I end up coming up with tons of new ideas for my site and videos. I welcome anyone to email me your ideas and fantasies as I might just end up making it into a film! =)! <3

    One last thing for everyone- I’ll be doing a Journal Entry tonight as soon as I’m done replying! Hopefully I’ll have it done by the end of tonight! =) Can’t wait!

    Love your comments everyone! I think this is going to shape up into a wonderful Journal… I’m already dripping <3

    Love ya,
    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  36. anonymous

    Having always had a giantess fetish…since I was about six years old…seeing your site is an affirmation of the attractiveness of the whole giantess fixation. I’d love to be able to tell you about all the ways I got the girls in my neighborhood to play giantess and crush things for me (Cardboard box “houses”, model cars I’d built, my G.I Joe dolls, etc.)….I only wish YOU had been one of my models! Anyway, probably in subliminal tribute to you, last night, after seeing your site, I dreamed that you appeared as a 400 foot tall barefoot giantess in my town and ended up crushing my house under your gorgeous toes. All my posessions, my furniture, my tools, my vehicles, all ground into unrecognizable debris under your cruel, perfect feet. It was truly intense…the most intense and realistic and erotic dream I’ve had in twenty years. I’d like to do something in return for this gift you provided through your work here. How best may I assist?

  37. anonymous

    name: Mark

    hey there Goddess Katelyn, thanx 4 replying to my latest journal entry 4 me!!

    I just sent u a vore idea via email, hope u like/luv it. ^^

    ps. this journal is sooo much betta and easier to use than the old one, I love it.

  38. anonymous

    can u do me a favor ,scince ur a giantess and im tiny compaerd to u i was wondering if u can eat me

  39. anonymous

    you are more beautiful every time I see you. I love to gaze at your bare belly and long to be deep inside it, a sacrifice I make to you as I ask you in a humble manner to gobble me up. I would kiss your sweet lips as you placed me on your tounge which I would embrace while waiting for you to decide my fate
    Love ya,
    Jersey kid
    [email protected]

  40. Giantess Ka...

    @Jersey kid
    Awww, why thank my tiny slave! I look forward to devouring you! I would very much enjoy that kiss before you slid down into my belly. <3

    Sure thing tiny man! *tosses him in mouth and swallows* Mmm, some of you little ones are just too easy. ;)

    No problem! Thanks! ^_^

    @Thank You:
    Haha! When I was little I wanted people to play cat and mouse with me, and when I got older I just got enjoyment out of crushing sandcastles, toys and all sorts of things (I used to make toy houses and people for myself out of cardboard, tin foil, just about anything that would crush easily and I could set up a whole town/city of in my room). I suppose the kids in the neighborhood thought I was pretty mean! It would have been just too cool to have someone who understood to have me crushing toy houses.

    As for your dream, I love it! It's amazing to see that I have worked my way into peoples dreams and subconscious!

    Well little one, for crushing your pathetic little house, what did you have in mind in ways you could assist/service me? At the very least I would like you to buy a toe ring for me, just so that every time I put it on I could feel and remember the tiny house I crushed so easily and the tiny slave that worships me. And if there’s anything else you had in mind, I would love to hear it- feel free to email me tiny one. ;)

  41. anonymous

    And so shall the offering be provided, oh towering and benevolent one. Is there a P.O.Box where the grateful (but homeless) recipients of your domicile-flattening fury may send such tokens?

  42. Giantess Ka...

    Hmm. That’s right. I’m afraid I don’t have a new P.O. Box yet so there’s no where to send it to! >.< But don't worry small one, I should have a new one very soon. I'll be making an entry here on my journal when I get my new P.O. box so just keep an eye out for it! I'm looking forward to wearing the remains of your house around my toes... ;)

  43. anonymous

    name: Mark

    hiya Katelyn, do u like/love to eat your men in or on top of anything, eg. as a snack/snacks, etc? =]

    do you like them on toast too or for every meal of your day, eg. breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack, etc? ^^

    ps. I absolutely love your website and I am totally “addicted to it”. lol

    and would you like/love some more vore clip/vid ideas from me or anyone? :}

  44. anonymous

    Then I shall wait watchful, hopeful, and diminutive.
    You rock Katelyn!

  45. anonymous

    you are so sexy and I like to see more of you

  46. Giantess Ka...

    I think you already know that I would. ~_^ I’m glad you’re addicted to my site tiny one, hehe! As always, I’m totally open to ideas via email, I just can’t reply to them as they tend to fill up my inbox so quickly. But I read every single one and look at how I can incorporate them into my next film or fantasy. Sometimes I read them just for my own pleasure <3

    @I love you
    lol! o^_^o Hopefully this year you'll be seeing a huge amount of me... a huge amount… ~_^

  47. anonymous

    So …in a previous post I told you of my recent and very intense dream wherein you reduced my home and possessions to rubble beneath your bare feet. My questions are thus: What do you consider the optimal height of a giantess bent on destruction? That is, should her foot be the length of an average house and her height proportional? Twice the length of a house? Ten times? What height do you imagine being most often, and why? Moreover, do you consider footwear to be a viable part of the giantess fantasy? I’ve always considered a giantess to have been “grown” from a normal-sized women…my belief being that whatever force or power that caused such growth would only affect living tissue….not materials like fabrics and leather, hence the clothing would have been “left behind” in the transformation. Since you have quite firmly established yourself in my view as the deservedly ultimate authority on the subject of the destructive female giantess, I will incorporate your viewpoints into all my ongoing fantasy scenarios. I remain your diminutive and worshipful servant. You rock.

  48. anonymous

    Kisses to you Katelyn and your giant soft looking feet. How do you keep your feet looking so soft and are they as soft to the touch. You see I love soft feet and love to rub my tongue up and down soft feet of a giantess lady(Katelyn) before your giant feet squish me…hehehe. Bye lover. Rod

  49. anonymous

    Oh Katelyn, as i look up at you, a perfection that far surpasses comprehension and my very thought, i realize that i’m in love with you. I want nothing more than to please and amuse you. I offer myself to what ever fun and/or abuse awaits me completly to you. Use me as you will. I am your plaything, your little rag doll. I’ll do whatever you want, i’ll rub your sore, aching, burning, tired body, i’ll massage your feet, clean your teeth, feed you, completely serve you. As i am being overpowered by your magnificance and beauty, your power continues to intoxicate me and further envelop me to you. i long to be in and out of your towering, gorgeous body. As i dangle in mid-air, caught in between your soft, gentle, presice, powerful palms and fingers, this timeless ecstacy with you now longs to be fully completed. I am your little puny pet, your toy with no usage limit, bend me, feel me, use me as your pleasure tool, feel me up and down your perfectly proportionate figure, across your face and neck, up and over your shoulders and arms, around and under your bosom, belly, and butt, on your voluptuous perfect legs, rub,stroke me against your pussy, sink in and out of your hot, wet, wanting lips, insert me in deep, deep into you, drown me in your hot wet puddles of your lovely cum, play with me, slow or as fast or rough or as easy as you see fit. Please oh mighty goddess, once your done with me, please i am too small and worthless, please kiss me as an award, hold me against you, hold me close to you. Please Katelyn, please suck me, suck on me and my now useless dick with those lucious lips, blow me and taste me. Taste me even more, let me into your empty, sexy, perfect, hungry mouth, please wrestle me down with your large slippery tongue of pure muscle, swish me around your mouth, submerge me in your hot sticky saliva, and pin me with your perfect teeth. As i lye in your warm soft mouth, please then eat me, swallow me whole or chew me up with your pearly white teeth and then swallow the bits and flavor, whatever you desire! Feel me in your now satisfied stomach and savor me forever!As surrounding pink walls and muscles take good care of me all the way down i can now be a part of you, a part of something even better, a part of perfection… forever.

  50. anonymous

    Goddess Katelyn, how tall are you? I’m 5’2, and want to know if you are taller than me. I wish I was a couple inches tall, but unfortunately a shrinkray hasn’t been invented yet. I wish I was shrunk and would love to climb up your beautiful legs. I think you should place little people on your thighs, since I think they are gorgeous.

  51. aie_procedures

    Nice design! <3

  52. anonymous

    hi sexy giantess how are you doing you look very hoot im david from galveston you ares o sexy i wish i can see you in operson one day i would love to meet you

  53. anonymous

    hi my sexy giantess you are soooooooooooooo hot and sexy i would really love to meet iyou in person someday if you ever come to galveston i would love to see your esxy giantess self my name is David Sanders 23 soon to be 24 years old next month hope to meet you soon love ya

  54. anonymous

    If in your morning coffee you had 4 three naked young men would you keep them to flavor it or eat them??

  55. aborigen77

    Either way, welcome to my pussy, tiny mortal!

    How I’ve longed to hear such a thing. This is just astounding, an incredible find.

  56. Pete

    An adult film & novelty mail-order company was asking customers to submit ideas for an adult film. I suggested a spoof of ” The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers “. As part of the plot,I suggested a nude giantess villianess destroying Angel Valley until she spots some phallic architecture. The kids who grew up with that show are now old enough to view an adult parody & would probably get a kick out of it!

  57. alex

    i would love to be in between your brests:)

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