My Delicious Little Toppings – RELEASED!

My Delicious Little Toppings – RELEASED!

Craving some cold, delicious ice cream with extra special toppings, I scoop myself a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and grab a jar full of shrunken slaves. I carelessly sprinkle my little pets on top my ice cream, eager to eat up my refreshing dessert. Raising my spoon and licking my massive lips, I decide to eat the plump, juicy, red cherry first…

To my delight a tiny shrunken girl stands on top the cherry waving her arms, begging for her pathetic little life… I scoop her and the cherry up in my spoon and proceed to tell her how wonderfully delicious she is going to taste! She lets out a scream as I push her world deep into my wet and hungry mouth. I devour her and the cherry easily, her tiny taste only making me hungry for more. My spoon rises again and another victim reaches my lips… only to never be seen again. Over and over my spoon finds and brings me my victims and ice cream until the bowl is nearly empty. With only a pool of melted ice cream and one little life left, I pick up the bowl and pour it onto my tongue, shrunken little man and all. Never has ice cream been so delicious!

My Delicious Little Toppings Preview 5

My Delicious Little Toppings Preview 6

My Delicious Little Toppings Preview 7

My Delicious Little Toppings Preview 8

The Details:
9 victims eaten alive
The movie is 6:24 minutes long
The movie comes bundled with a free six and a half minute long bonus clip featuring slow motion shots of the best scenes in the movie
Lots of talking on my part as I scoop up and swallow them one by one!
The little people let out tiny screams and yells as they enter my massive mouth
Some are eaten slow, others fast, some I torture, two get sexily sucked in with a lump of the icecream, and one is even poured onto my tongue!
From the moment the movie begins until it ends it’s all special effects and vore, making for an extremely sexy movie! ^^


Have a great week, my delicious little toppings!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. anonymous

    you are a goddess!!!!!

  2. anonymous

    hi my name is chris send me a picture of u giant and naked.
    [email protected]

  3. Giantess Ka...

    Lol, too cute. :P

  4. anonymous

    this is so hot. i love. lick me all over and eat me. if ya can catch me

  5. Giantess Ka...

    The Giantess Meter on my site has been updated! ^^

  6. anonymous

    Hi there,

    I just ordered this vid before finding out you were switching hosts. Last time I ordered from you, I got a link right away, but nothing this time; what do I do?

    I got a sales receipt from 2CO…..

    Cart Purchase: xxx5146

  7. anonymous

    WOW! You fixed my issue fast dear lady! This is a killer vid too! You are the best going my dear. To become some of your nourishment looks to be quite pleasant indeed.

    bye bye,

  8. ryanluvskat...

    I can hardly contain myself, literally and I haven’t even seen the movie yet. They’re so helplessly at your mercy. Little nothings. Goddess Katelyn just eats them up. They were born into this world to reach this point in their lives and be little nothings. Consumed by the Goddess Katelyn, like little nothings! You love it Katelyn! At one time man thought woman was the weaker sex, boy was he wrong hehe. Goddess Katelyn is the way stronger sex! Little specs at her mercy! Hey they came out of a woman, now they go back into a woman. Except the way out won’t be as pleasant.

  9. mr 64

    Giantess Katelyn, Us tiny folk beneath and between you giant toes have not got to see enough or hear enough from your greatness. I realize that we are but worthless specks of nothingness in your eyes, but we just can’t help to worship and praise you at all times to keep you pleased, so that the everything as we know it does’nt get crushed in you anger. I guess even you get tired of so much butt kissing, but its all in the game that we are all playing on your sight. I’m looking forward to seeing more new material from you, Your almost microscopic little man, mr 64. P.s. I hope that when you profect the growth formula that I’m so tiny next to you that your toppings are giants compared to me.

  10. mike

    You’ve got such a beautiful face, body from hell, and a mouth I wish I could jump in like it was like a sauna (hot tub)so I could wrestle with your tongue as it lifts me up by my groin.I get hard just thinking about it.

  11. Steve


    Just some friendly advice……let your nails grow a little longer. This is a huge “turn on” for guys…..real nails though, not the fake ones!

    With new technology out, will you be upgrading your recording equipment?

    Lastly, any close up scenes of you squeezing a guy in your hand on the horizon?


  12. anonymous

    With all this desire to eat your little slaves, do you ever fantasize about expelling them after your body has fully used them?

  13. anonymous

    i would love to be in your ice cream any day

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