Mukbang Vlogs!

Mukbang Vlogs!

Today I’m happy to announce the start of vlogs in “Mukbang” style! Vore fans, you’re going to love this! What turns an ordinary vlog into a Mukbang video; eating while candidly chatting. I’ve always liked eating on cam! Filming these will really be a lot of fun! I liked making the first video and I have a feeling a lot of you are going to love it and want to see more! :D

In my Mukbang vlogs, I’ll be chatting about whatever’s on my mind. Past, present, future, sexuality, shoots, personal life, exercise, production techniques, projects, daydreams, and what I’m working on. Anything goes and they’ll be anywhere from a few minutes to who knows. My first one is 8:54!

Now, just to let you know, I’ll be able to fit these into my schedule by keeping the production pretty simple. They will normally have one shot through with basic color correction, audio noise reduction, and my copyright. Compared to my store videos (which take anywhere from 1 day to 1 week to make 1 video!), this’ll be easy. I’d like to keep my Mukbang vlog videos exclusively on my domain, but you’re welcome to share them via link to it on my website.

When a new video is ready, you’ll see a new blog post pop up! If you feel so brave as to grab a Giantess’ attention then leave a comment below. You never know… you just might end up lovingly pressed against my tongue or squished under my butt! That’s what I’m in the mood for today. Ok! Enough typing. It’s time for the action!! :D I look forward getting your feedback about shooting this style of video to chat with you! <3

Cheers to happy new beginnings!
–  Giantess Katelyn


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. MarkM

    Thanks Katelyn it’s kinda cool seeing you be candid like this. Teeth look great but I thought they looked nice before too. But yeah no tinies can escape now! Maybe they wouldn’t want to escape from you anyway.

    Side topic I’m loving the new feets pictures of the day! I was waiting for a feets one! So sexy.

    Sincerely, Mark

  2. catman

    great mukbang vlog Katelyn. do a whole more of them . you teeth are sharp and super deadly now no tiny will live. what is the name of the kitty cat behind you in the video ? Katelyn youre famous I have talked to people online from over 30 nations . I have been following you since you started this site. hands down you are the smartest most beautiful giantess goddess in the world hands down no one can beat you. now for me I would buy your great work but I cant the reason I seem to never have money I work a lot and I make less than 20 grand a year and most of that goes to bills taxes and food. if I ever did buy something from you it be a new special effects movie from 2017 or 2018 . ok these food vlogs are great idea I like to see more of my goddess who can crush 100 tinys under high heels . I love when you kill tinys unaware in my eyes that the best way by not knowing it. ok I’m the same guy that said you fans love you last night on you twitter. I cant send you right now for valentines day except my love and my support. I’m sorry I this was too long I had a lot to say. in the end I love food vlog do more Catman out

  3. Jamie

    Anything that enters your mouth is truly lucky. You spoil us! Gonna be looking forward to your future meals. Thanks Katelyn!

  4. Dalvin

    WOW i actually really enjoyed that. you never really see or hear about what someone you don’t really know is thinking. i liked hearing some of your trials and triumphs so please continue to do more.

  5. Micromatt93

    Just wanted to say. Amazing video!!!! Looking as stunning as ever! An the meal looks delicious! Big fan of cooking I take it? Anyways. Just wanted to say your teeth look great an amazing video!!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
    Ps cute kitty

  6. littlebill343

    Really enjoyed hearing from you, cool to see the giantess we all know and love just being a normal person. I would suggest doing more vlogs they are pretty cool. Glad to know if you eat me I woldn’t be able to get out :)

  7. Chuck

    Funny thing is everytime I hear or read the work “mukbang” I have to google it because I can never keep what it means in my mind. Not good for my memory…

    Anyway, now I’m hungry and have the urge to look for the recipe of those veggie balls. Will be a good change from usual meatballs.

    Glad to see the progress with the invisiline. I have to admit, until you talked about going for it months ago, I didn’t notice how your teeth didn’t get that close, but really, seeing this, there’s lots of progress – and have to say, I’ve seen those teeth quite close.

    Also, good to hear that despite the lots of work you get your time to rest. Overwork is always a bugger. And you speaking of Gotham and Steven Universe and Adventure Time… reminds me of the tons of shows waiting for me on Netflix.

    I liked the concept of these vlogs. Whether they are mukbang themed or not, I think it’s a good way if you want to just talk or give some updates or whatever, so I’m looking forward to any new vids like this.

  8. Josh

    I hope we can see you eating a PB&J one day :)

  9. Greg

    Hey Katelyn,

    I really enjoyed this.

    Thanks, Greg

  10. JayT

    This is a great idea. I recently became a fan of Mukbang videos and have started following a few users who also engage in this type of fetish on YouTube. One of them being “Asian Food Girl”. Being a vegetarian, I’m curious to see what type of dishes you make and binge on. If you do continue to produce videos like this, it would be interesting to see you try foods you never had before. Something similar to the edible flowers video you made some time ago or the flavored bug eating video you made recently. Also, I really love the commentaries too. It really shows off your personality.

  11. Adam Lentz

    I am a big vore fan I like seeing the inside of your mouth and eating food or people

  12. Bryan

    I liked that vlog! I have seen the TV show “Adventure Time”! anyways Awesome Vlog!

  13. rooster

    I can’t seem to get it to load on Chrome or IE :(
    Any chance you can upload this/them to YT?

  14. Leprechaun

    Well I doubt you’ll read this but you were like the only thing growing up relatable to this kink ( 12 years plus I’m 25 now) being a popular city kid even with good looks I’m too shy /embarrassed to tell any girl idk why I think its so rare theyll either gonna think its really cute or disgusting , Idk but your cool and your looking better everyday , keep it up

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