Your Hungry, Unaware Wife

"Eww... is that... an ant?"

• You shouldn't have worn black today- you look like an ant!

• Grabbing her attention only gets you one thing- EATEN!

• Be crushed, teased, dripped into clevage, and swallowed

• Comes with a bonus 2.5 minute inside Mouth POV Video

• A Romantic, yet terrifying unaware vore and foot scenario!


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Product Details:
♥ 13.5 Minutes
♥ WMV Format
♥ Super High 864x480
♥ Vore, Mouth, Unaware, Digestion, High Heels, Bare Feet, Ants, Power

A [c]Hot and Romantic[/c] yet Terrifying [c]Unaware Vore[/c] Movie!
A Hot and Romantic yet Terrifying Unaware Vore Movie!

Here's the official scoop! The movie is 13.5 minutes long: 5 minutes of the movie centers around your wife's sexy, worn out (and slightly dirty!) feet and includes a sexy POV, while the other 8.5 minutes center around her incredible, hot and hungry mouth and HUGE breasts. You'll find yourself crushed to her bare soles in a pile of dip, teased and tormented by her massive mouth and tongue as you struggle desperately in her food. You'll even find yourself splattered in her soft cleavage as she grows hornier and hornier over her new found feelings of incredible power by consuming a tiny, helpless live ant!
The movie features several incredible mouth POVs taken from your view DEEP inside her mouth as she chews and savors her food. It also features an amazing boob POV as she scoops up the dip from between her breasts desperately searching for you. As always, there's tons of dialog on both your giantess-sized wife's part and yours as you scream for her attention. There's even music too that compliments the film and gives a strangely romantic feel! Oh, and did I mention your wife ends up coming with you inside of her mouth? ^^ The movie comes bundled with a 2.5 minute bonus clip featuring even MORE sexy, deep mouth POVs with celery.
Bottom line is, if you enjoyed either "Mistaken for a Mint" or "Midnight Goddess" or you are even thinking of purchasing from me for the first time you simply can't go wrong with this video! Definitely a must for ANY Vore fan!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Ride my tongue deep into my mouth as I chew, savor, tease, and swallow you and my food

Comes with an incredibly hot 2.5 Minute long deep Mouth Cam POV video with celery

Gaze up at my beautiful soles as I devour veggies and you run from my massive high heels

Drop into my soft, overwhelming cleavage as I attempt to scoop you out and eat you alive

Centered on Vore and Breasts but with a second focus on high heels and dirty bare soles

Hot, powerful dialog with some very interesting twists and a sexy, pleasurable end

You scream and shout as you desperately try to get my attention... worthless ant!

The Shrunken Perspective

12 Reviews and Counting...

  1. bauerpower24

    This is another MASTERPIECE from our Goddess. I have literally just finished watching it, so I’m flooded with emotions about it. The angles in this clip are again phenomenal. The sound effects are incredible, and through a surround sound system, they made my floor shake. The vore scenes are even better than in Midnight Goddess. There is also a bonus scene, and only one thing comes to mind. HOLY SHIT! IT IS SOOOOOOOOO HOT. Makes me wish I hadn’t given up celery. THANK YOU KATELYN FOR ANOTHER DELICIOUS CLIP. WHAT A WIFE YOU ARE!

  2. Anonymous

    I LOVE ALL YOUR UNAWARE VIDEOS!!! I’ve gotta say, the unaware vids are the best giantess videos! Keep it up!

  3. Sexplorer

    Hi Katelyn, Another great movie. Really fantastic breast pov shots and a mouth you just want to jump into. And I love the size ratios you do. Don’t know of another person making good movies with ant sized men. Thank You

  4. Gregviera

    wow you were right. i did Love this flim. in fact i love all ur sexy giantess flims

  5. iLOVEyou

    hi katelyn just searching the web for some good giantess sites then i foun this one. then i looked at the video!!! possibly the best one yet! your sexy even when not a giantess so, that makes you like super mega sexy when you’re a giantess . P.S HOPE YOU FIND ME SHRUNKEN ONE DAY :D

  6. Digested Bayou

    Katelyn, once again you have outdone yourself with this video clip; you hit all my buttons on this one, no doubt about it! You are not only a lovely young lady, but you have a playfully naughty streak running through your very core; and I like that! You have a great talent for knowing just what to do, and, more importantly, when to do it. This sets your GTS work ahead of all the others in this genre by miles. It is the bane of my existence, that this manner of mutual interaction is only fantasy; I can not envision a more deserving giantess to nourish than yourself.

  7. pedro

    Please,i want to see toilets in your movies.I love you katelyn!!

  8. marcus

    i just love that feet of yours. maybe i can give you a footrub

  9. marcus

    i also like those big boobs of yours

  10. Johnn

    Is an amazing video… with great video and specially audio effects!!

    When we will see other movie like this one???
    Maybe with moooore micro people!!

  11. Zollee

    Greates video !, but why not free ?

  12. James

    Hi Katelyn
    I love this video it would be great to also have other tiny cameras but shooting in different angles of your mouth. I’m sure that type camera technology will be available and will be available for you to use.
    I also found it hysterical when you mistook the guy for an ant! What a privilege it must be for a man to be eaten by his wife!
    Keep up the good work Katelyn :) <3

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