The Spellbook

"It says here I have to crush you three times..."

• Features story driven dialog between Phil and I

• Phil is crushed 3 times- With Shoes, Socks and Barefoot

• With Phil an inch tall, each crush is extremely detailed

• Comes Bundled with 2 free bonus clips with new content

• Contains a start to finish special effects shrinking scene


Digital Download Only215MBs

Product Details:
♥ 16 Minutes
♥ WMV Format
♥ 720x480
♥ Sneaker Crush, Sock Crush, Barefoot Crush, Shrunken man

Do you believe in spells?
Do you believe in spells?

After leaving my mysterious rune-covered book down at the tennis courts, a cute guy named Phil drops by my house to return the book to me. Happy to have my book back, we soon find ourselves in a lighthearted discussion on the existence of witchcraft. But the mood turns serious when I playfully cast a spell on Phil- and it actually works! Before my very eyes Phil begins shrinking down until he stands not two inches high! In a state of shock and disbelief I move him to my table where I read further into how to reverse the spell. It turns out... the only way to reverse the spell is to crush the shrunken victim underfoot- three times!

So sorry Phil!
So sorry Phil!

Without any other choice Phil soon finds himself staring up from the floor as my massive foot comes down on him. Nervously, I slowly crush his tiny body into the carpet with my shoe, listening to his tiny body crunch and ooze as I grind him into my carpet. Just when I begin to fear the worst, Phil magically spawns back to life near my feet! But this time... wanting to feel a little more... I decide to crush him with my socks. And it feels amazing! He pops back yet again and this time I'm waiting for him barefoot.

Never trust a girl with a spellbook...
Never trust a girl with a spellbook...

His body is no match for my powerful feet and he finds himself struggling under my toes. I can barely contain my new found pleasure as his body pops under my foot. My feet and carpet are now a mess but it was worth it! When Phil spawns back to life at normal size he nearly jumps for joy! But... I on the other hand... enjoyed it far too much to just let Phil walk off... to Phil's dismay... I begin to cast the spell again...

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

The movie is 16 minutes long and contains Shrinking, Shoe, Sock and Barefoot Crush

Bonus clip ONE is 9 minutes and contains the best scenes slowed down and zoomed in

Bonus clip TWO is 6 minutes and contains tons of POV crush not used in the movie

Sexy and playful, both gentle and evil, this is a shrunken man's dream

Audio is of higher quality than previous movies, thanks to a brand new mic system

I hope this doesn't give anyone... Goosebumps...

The Shrunken Perspective

4 Reviews and Counting...

  1. MarkM

    Katelyn has so much excellent work that it would be very hard for me to pick a favorite but Spellbook has to be up towards the top of my list. At under 17 dollars it’s a total bargain. Knowing how good it is I probably would have payed 100 bucks for it. It’s that good for several reasons! Both the special effects and the personal interaction between Katelyn and Phil make Spellbook a very life like and believable scenario. It’s also amazing to me how good looking Katelyn is even with just a sweat shirt and pair of blue jeans on. I enjoyed watching Phil as he freaked out concerning his predicament. Especially once he found out Katelyn had to crush him! Poor Phil was panicking and Katelyn finally had tell him, “look relax I’m just going to do it” giving Phil no choice in the matter. Personally I like bare feet crush but I also enjoyed the sneaker and sock crush a lot too. It has good views looking up from the floor into Katelyns beautiful face looking down as she twists her leg back and forth crushing poor little Phils body into a bloody mess. You can notice with each successive crushing how Katelyn begins to enjoy herself more and more as the satisfaction is seen in her face. For me the sneaker and sock crush serve to build up the excitement for when Katelyn finally takes her sock off displaying her very sexy barefoot to Phil. Needless to say the barefoot crush is totally awesome. Katelyn portrayed my life long fantasy far better than I ever imagined it could be. You can actually see Phils little body being pressed down into the carpet under Katelyns sexy foot. Then you begin to hear his bones snapping and Katelyn moaning with pleasure at his feeble attempts to squirm under her powerful foot. There is more and especially one very exciting part which I won’t reveal. I think those who have already seen it know what I’m referring to. Thank you Katelyn for Spellbook!

  2. Joseph Rogers

    I am pretty sure it would be better if you squashed me then a 1000 foot Giantess who is out for blood and accaly eats people! But to to tell truths I love your work keep it up

  3. axel

    Goddess Katelyn with a spelbook,this must be heaven. Being crushed by You over and over again……

  4. Ruben

    enviame mi giantess bella

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