The Gnomes of Gulliveria

"I'll show you little Gnomes gnomercy!"

• 50+ Shrunken People in this film alone

• Bundled with a ten minute slow-motion/POV bonus clip

• Featuring crushing, vore, pussy Crush, butt Crush

• Starts with unaware, sleeping and bondage

• Ends with total annihilation of the gnomes


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Product Details:
♥ 30 Minutes
♥ WMV Format
♥ High 720x480 Wide 1.2
♥ Crush, Vore, Pussy, Unaware

I think I'll take a little nap before work again...
I think I'll take a little nap before work again...

Gulliveria is a tall, beautiful girl who has just arrived home completely exhausted from a hard shift at work. She wearily takes off her sexy red pumps to reveal her beautifully soft fish netted feet and strolls into the living room, unaware of her casual yet deadly footsteps as she lies down on the carpet. She decides to take a short nap and by just dozing on the carpet she'd more easily wake from her slumber and not miss her shift. So peacefully Gulliveria rests her head and slowly drifts to sleep... but little does Gulliveria realize that she has fallen asleep right in the middle of a gathering of tiny people- who have invaded her house in order to mate with her!


As soon as Gulliveria is asleep the gnomes quickly get to work tying up the Goddess so that they can use her. The task is quite a challenge due to their tiny size and the enormousness of Gulliveria as they are forced climb all over her body. A few of the gnomes even become distracted as they find themselves between Gulliveria's huge legs starring up at her tantalizing, bulging panties! The rest of the gnomes continue tying the gigantic Gulliveria down. But sadly for the gnomes all is lost as the ropes are too tight and uncomfortable and the enormous Goddess begins to awaken...

Untie me at once you little fuckers!
Untie me at once you little fuckers!

Gulliveria unhappily struggles to break free thinking someone is either playing a mean joke or robbing her! As she struggles she turns her head to the side and comes face to face with her tiny captors- the gnomes! Gulliveria feels the gnomes climbing between her legs and quickly becomes aware of the tiny peoples' intentions. She plays along at first, luring them closer but then rebels and struggles free. She slowly rises, towering over the tiny gnomes as the ropes effortlessly fall from her body. The gnomes scatter fearing the worst yet unsure if their Goddess will show them mercy!

Prepare to meet my soles, little gnomes...
Prepare to meet my soles, little gnomes...

But Gulliveria decides to show them... gnomercy. She walks around the room crushing little gnomes left and right with her massive fish netted feet. One by one the gnomes meet their fate under Gulliveria's soft soles. And she loves every second of it! She crushes a few under her ass and many more under her hands. Some gnomes find themselves under her feet without even her noticing! Curious she bends down and slowly licks a few off of the carpet finding that the little people taste delicious as well. The Goddess continues her lust filled destruction as the number of gnomes quickly dwindles. With only a few left she sits down on the carpet and proceeds to use them for her pleasure. Rape her? Quite the opposite!

Now who's raping who again?
Now who's raping who again?

After she has finished with them she spots the last two running away. Having the perfect idea in mind she stops them in their tracks with her massive hand and drops them down her panties! Now returning to work wouldn't be so bad... Gulliveria heads to the door, puts on her red pumps, and heads back to work rested, satisfied and thoroughly enjoying the panicked struggling of two tiny gnomes.

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

30 minutes of sexy shrunken interaction

Tons of shots of the gnomes tying me up, climbing all over my body

Contains crushing, hands, pov, vore, ass crush, yawning, and a sexy pussy crush

Bonus clip contains the best scenes in Slo-Motion, plus POVs not scene in the movie

Sexy Background Music and plenty of hot dialog as I go on my gnome enduced rampage

The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Shadow

    Is it possible that older videos get cheaper by the time ? i would like to buy this one but over the new movies the price looks a little out of scale.

  2. Giantess Ka...

    Price has been reduced from $25 down to $15 made possible by those who’ve supported this video since its release 9 years ago. Thank you!

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