My Delicious Little Toppings

"All of you little things are going to taste so good..."

• A fully Vore featured movie

• At 6:34 minutes long, the action starts right away

• Watch me lick, suck and pour my slaves into my hot mouth

• Comes bundled with free 6:30 minute slow-mo bonus clip

• Tons of sexy dialog as swallow my tasty treats one by one


Digital Download Only98.8MBs

Product Details:
♥ 6:24 Minutes
♥ WMV Format
♥ High 720x480 Wide 1.2
♥ Vore, Shrunken People

The devouring beings...
The devouring beings...

Craving some cold, delicious ice cream with extra special toppings, I scoop myself a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and grab a jar full of shrunken slaves. I carelessly sprinkle my little pets on top my ice cream, eager to eat up my refreshing dessert. Raising my spoon and licking my massive lips, I decide to eat the plump, juicy, red cherry first. To my delight a tiny shrunken girl stands on top the cherry waving her arms, begging for her pathetic little life. I scoop her and the cherry up in my spoon and proceed to tell her how wonderfully delicious she is going to taste!

Tiny mortals are so incredibly delicious...
Tiny mortals are so incredibly delicious...

She lets out a scream as I push her world deep into my wet and hungry mouth. I devour her and the cherry easily, her tiny taste only making me hungry for more. My spoon rises again and another victim reaches my lips... only to never be seen again. Over and over my spoon finds and brings me my victims and ice cream until the bowl is nearly empty. With only a pool of melted ice cream and one little life left, I pick up the bowl and pour it onto my tongue, shrunken little man and all. Never has ice cream been so delicious!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Nine tiny victims are sprinkled upon my ice cream and eaten

Some are eaten slow, others fast, some get sexily sucked in with the yummy ice cream

One little man is even poured onto my tongue and goes for quite the ride in my mouth!

My terrified little pets let out tiny screams and yells as they enter my massive mouth

Is bundled with a FREE six and a half minute long slow-motion-version bonus clip

The movie is entirely special effects and vore, making for an extremely hot movie!

The Shrunken Perspective

3 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Enrique

    Realmente uno de los mejores videos en su tipo realizado cuidando todos hasta el màs minimo detalle con grandes efectos especiales que no dejan nada a la imaginacion. Super Recomendado !

  2. Bobbob

    Dont even ask for a hint… This video is absolutely incredible! Never before has the giantess vore fetish been captured in such astonishing detail… other than in dreams, but lets not try to prove the reviewer wrong… Well, yes, I suppose all of Katelyn’s special effects vore movies maintain a captive audience through the slightest of details, but… hey! Your doing it again! As I was saying, with my improper grammer (sic), Katelyn has managed to, once again, produce a video that far outperforms the expectations of… Well, lets just say I hope to god no one in Hollywood sees the special effects ability of our goddess and decides to helicopter her away to some movie, in production, requiring a better special effects artist… I’m just saying… she makes the shrinking effects on modern television look like an awful sham. If I was to go into a higher detail, I would mention that when one of the shrinkees is on Katelyn’s spoon, she turns it slightly before shoving the frightened victim in her mouth… Every angle was perfect. Don’t let a conspiracy theorist see this… they’d think our Katelyn a murderer. :-P Other than the final scream, which sounded slightly like a construction vehicle backing up (Sorry, had to maintain a nonbiased opinion somehow :-P ), this is quite literally the greatest video (that I‘ve ever seen) describing the giantess vore fetish. Hmm… I just got a sudden desire to be waste deep in Mint Chocolate Chip… :-P

  3. kaitlin

    i loved your stories about being shrunken and about the one where you mention sizes i would love to be the size for you to eat

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