Mistaken for a Mint

You have some how ended up shrunken, trapped, and within the possesion of a beautiful Goddess. It's not looking good for you as she is completely unaware of your tiny, helpless situation within her mint container. She is also far too busy with her journal to notice a mint sized pip-squeak like you! Even as you slide down her breasts, lay in her hand and even ride on her tongue before she swallows you with the rest of her minty treats unnoticed!

My Delicious Little Toppings

Craving some cold, delicious ice cream with extra special toppings, I scoop myself a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and grab a jar full of shrunken slaves. I carelessly sprinkle my little pets on top my ice cream, eager to eat up my refreshing dessert. Spoonful after spoonful my shrunken slaves slowly disappear into my hungry mouth. Will any of them survive? Not if my growling stomach has anything to do with it!

A Business Meeting Unaware

When I show up late for a meeting with my boss I find the entire office mysteriously empty. Waiting for everyone to return, I decide to snack on some delicious chips and dip left out for the meeting. Little do I know that everyone in the office has shrunk and are now fighting for survival in both the dip and at my feet...

My Valentine: Naughty or Nice

This isn't a single movie- but rather 7 unique movies you can choose from. I play as your sexy wish-granting girlfriend on a very special Valentine's Day. I'm either naughty or nice, seeking my own pleasure or fulfilling yours. I first shrink you down to a sexy little size and then either crush you, place you in my boobs, eat you, toy with you in my hands, butt crush you, keep you in my shoe, or use you for my own hot pleasure!

My Tiny Foot and Navel Worshiper

My friend Matt stands before me at barely an inch tall. I tease him with my sexy feet and demands he worship them. Enjoying his show, Matt hugs, humps and bows before my powerful feet- only to get trapped between my toes! I shrink him down even further and pick him up, placing him inside my belly button. I warn him to hold on to my belly button ring for he's about to go for one heck of a ride- I'm about to start a little belly dance.

The Spellbook

When Phil drops by to drop off a strange book I left in the park, he finds himself in for quite the experience. When I inform him that the book is actually a real spellbook, he challenges me to try out a spell on him. I cast a random spell and magically Phil begins to shrink! Reversing the spell however isn't as easy and requires the ultimate sacrifice - three times. It doesn't help that I enjoy this new found power a little too much...

The Gnomes of Gulliveria

When Gulliveria decides to take a nap after arriving home from work she's nearly raped by gnomes! Lucky for her she wakes up just in time to discover the gnomes- and show them "gnomercy". My very first FX movie. Tons of sexy crushing with a few vore scenes thrown into the mix!