A Smashing Sex Show

Katelyn's brimming with excitement to make one of her biggest fantasies --studding you out to another woman-- come true tonight. The fun will include multiple orgasms and begins with blowing a hot, sticky, dripping, load all over Katelyn's sex in perfect timing of the special guest's arrival. The night takes an unexpectedly erotic, entrancing, dark twist when the aphrodisiac you're all on turns any intense emotion, even fear, into a sexual one. A blip of fear on the shrunken woman's face seduces Katelyn to cum by crushing her into an explosive pulp...

Big Sister's Big Feet

You just couldn't resist, you had to steal your big sister's worn panties again to masturbate to! Now you're paying for it and on HER terms. Shrunken down and trapped in the gooey squirt of lube you were planning on using for your cock, your amused big sister has caught her perverted panty thief... sticky handed! Naturally dominate, controlling, and unforgiving, she puts her gigantic feet dangerously close to you and begins stripping off her shoes and socks while tearing you apart verbally. You are one dead bug boy. Unless of course, you take her offer and completely humiliate yourself in front of her...

Garden of a Giantess

Nothing tops savoring the sweet juices of a ripened and freshly picked strawberry on a beautiful summer morning! Who cares if the strawberry has a few thousand microscopic people on it? I mean, they were just asking to be devoured alive by a giant and hungry gardener! As for the city of pests who escaped being swallowed, I don't want to take my chances with them "colonizing" any more of my garden. I suppose I'll just have to get my feet a little dirty!

Katelyn VS Ant Men: Under Soles

Ever since I was a young girl, Ants -or Ant Men- have played a large, unwilling part in my giantess fetish. Based on a true event from my past, watch as I discover and naturally eliminate a collection of Ant Men who have invaded my home. As the Ant Men run for their lives and try desperately to avoid my booming soft soles, I intimately watch them and masturbate wildly to every burst of wet gooey pleasure!

Serving a High School Hottie

[This is a Collage Story!] As you walk across the dark pink circle of the enormous nipple, Katie moans loudly with pleasure. Unable to contain yourself any longer upon hearing the High School Goddess's drawn out passionate moan, you lunge toward the nipple and a resulting "FUCK" escapes Katie's lips. You land on the side of her soft, horny nipple which jiggles upon impact and continues to grow further, pleased with your body's sudden offering...

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife

Thanks to a dizzying cold, you're home sick. Your lovely work-a-holic wife on the other hand has just arrived home from work after a grueling 8 hour shift. Her stomach is roaring and her feet look worn out! Amazingly, she's picked up some cold medicine for you but when she turns her back to look for it- you begin to shrink! As she heads out to the car to find it she fails to notice your new height. Can you survive your hungry, unaware wife?

Midnight Goddess: Special Edition

At barely a half a centimeter tall, the world around them was large and dangerous. Their environment was unforgiving, terrifying, and worse yet, food was sparse. Foolishly, they first tried searching for food during the day only to meet the very Girl who's massive house they now struggled to survive in. In just the first few days of searching several lives were lost... thanks mostly to the giant Girl who they now desperately lived off of... and feared.

Mistaken for a Mint

You have some how ended up shrunken, trapped, and within the possesion of a beautiful Goddess. It's not looking good for you as she is completely unaware of your tiny, helpless situation within her mint container. She is also far too busy with her journal to notice a mint sized pip-squeak like you! Even as you slide down her breasts, lay in her hand and even ride on her tongue before she swallows you with the rest of her minty treats unnoticed!

My Delicious Little Toppings

Craving some cold, delicious ice cream with extra special toppings, I scoop myself a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and grab a jar full of shrunken slaves. I carelessly sprinkle my little pets on top my ice cream, eager to eat up my refreshing dessert. Spoonful after spoonful my shrunken slaves slowly disappear into my hungry mouth. Will any of them survive? Not if my growling stomach has anything to do with it!

A Business Meeting Unaware

When I show up late for a meeting with my boss I find the entire office mysteriously empty. Waiting for everyone to return, I decide to snack on some delicious chips and dip left out for the meeting. Little do I know that everyone in the office has shrunk and are now fighting for survival in both the dip and at my feet...