More Giantessbooru Moderators Needed!

More Giantessbooru Moderators Needed!

It’s been only two months now since Giantessbooru’s launch and I’m ecstatic to say Giantessbooru has been nothing short of a massive success for the community and it continues to grow wildly everyday! So much so that Giantessbooru’s current moderators are up to their eyeballs in collages, drawings, and artwork that desperately needs to be tagged and sorted. That’s why this week I’m looking for another wave of individuals who wish to join in the fray.

What does it take to be a moderator? Not much! :D Moderating images is easier than sneaking into a girl’s bedroom while shrunken! The moderation queue (the area where all images go for inspection before going live on the site) is extremely simple and fun to work with. You simply view any image you like, assign tags, and either approve or delete the images. You also make sure that images that have been approved on the site meet the quality and content standards. Overall, it’s a really easy and I find moderating giantess images oddly relaxing. (I love moderating images after work) It’s almost like a game!

I also have a large moderation guide written up to help you get started and to help you in distinguishing content that should be approved versus content that should be deleted. If you follow the guide you really can’t go wrong. :D

If you think this sounds like fun and you’ve always wanted to help make the community a better place here’s your chance!

Here are the requirements for being a Moderator:
1) You must speak/write fluent English
2) You must be levelheaded, drama free, and down to earth
3) You must be open-minded to all sexualities, even ones you might not like
4) You enjoy organization and tagging Giantess images sounds like fun!
5) You wish to become a part of the community and help make it a better place!

If you meet these requirements:
Please send me an email to [email protected] with the following:
A) A little about yourself, or your history with the community, and/or why you’d like to become a moderator
B) How active and how much time you think you’ll be able to spend moderating and tagging images.

There’s really no pressure or quota you have to meet in order to become a moderator,  I just want to make sure that you will be active in helping tag images.

Be sure to put the word “Moderation” in the subject line so that I don’t miss it!

Thanks little ones and fellow large ones.  Oh, and if you haven’t seen it already, there’s a discussion over on Giantessbooru about my upcoming FX movie with plenty of spoilers. (Just scroll down) Hope you have a great week and I look forward to storyboarding up my movie! =D


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. MarkM

    Oh I wish I could help Katelyn I really wish. I like to do things for you! I just don’t have the free time though. I don’t know where all the free time goes. Well yes I do it’s called work. I work to many hours. Trying to pay bills and save up for retirement.

    With Love,

  2. nboud223

    I sent you an e-mail two days ago. can’t wait to moderate :3

  3. boo

    Me too :) Waiting for replay.

  4. Pink Sour L...

    Yeah, I’d like to be a mod, we all need to keep up this awesome place!
    I hope you accept my application.

    Sour Lioness

  5. Antonio Huerta

    Can I be a moderator?.

  6. Greg Viera

    As with what Mark M says i would love to help out but i am going into my last tri and then i get my AS degree. Over the summer i will get a great job and get u something worth while. gosh i wanna be in ur socks next to ur sexy and bare divine feet. Hows the packing going for you? Hope all is well for you <3

  7. macross

    any idea why several images i’ve tried to upload to giantessbooru have never been posted?

  8. nboud223

    What should I do if someone placed an image in moderation but gave no reason or just left “Enter Reason”?

  9. Prisha

    I love writing gts stories and would be honored to write for you. I have samples of my writing if you need them.

    Love, Prisha

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