Mistaken for a Mint Released!

Mistaken for a Mint Released!

You have some how ended up shrunken, trapped, and within the possesion of a beautiful Goddess. It’s not looking good for you as she is completely unaware of your tiny, helpless situation within her mint container. She is also far too busy with her journal to notice a mint sized pip-squeak like you! Even as you slide down her breasts, lay in her hand and even ride on her tongue before she swallows you with the rest of her minty treats unnoticed!

Here are all the juicy (or should I say minty?) details on my latest FX movie:

The movie comes with:
Mistaken for a Mint Movie (6 minutes)
A short bonus clip with the Vore and Boobs zoomed in and slowed down
The three page sexy journal entry I actually wrote during the film
And finally this blog entry’s avatar super-enlarged ^^

Mistaken for a Mint Preview 1

Mistaken for a Mint Preview 2

Mistaken for a Mint Preview 3

Mistaken for a Mint Preview 4

Mistaken for a Mint Preview 5

Mistaken for a Mint Preview 6

Mistaken for a Mint Preview 7

Mistaken for a Mint Preview 8

Mistaken for a Mint Preview 9

Mistaken for a Mint Preview 10

Mistaken for a Mint Preview 11

Mistaken for a Mint Preview 12

Mistaken for a Mint Preview 13

Click here for even more Info!

Hope you buy it, love it, and cum all over your tiny selves! It feels great to be making FX movies again! :mrgreen:

If you’ve bought it, let me know what you think!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Kisuke Urahara

    My Goddess! Sorry for your car dying on you. Did you crush it under your massive toe, or did you toss it over your shoulder as if it was a Hot Wheels toy? I’m glad you are feeling better, and “Mistaken for a Mint” seems to be an EXTREMELY good FX movie you’ve made. Good for you! I dream of seeing your smooth ass devestating an entire city as you sit to enjoy a meal, the thousands of people dying instantly as the weight of your rear comes upon them. *Drools and looks down at his pants* Someones awake. *Bows* Later then my Goddess!

  2. charlie

    I prefer a preview :( I will not buy until the preview as movie.

  3. Paul

    I can tell you, that I have had the fantasy, of being a tiny little man for about 18 years now. And never in all that time… have I come across a web site like this. Goddess Katelyn is amazing. She just made me a custom video ~ with the PBJ sandwhich, and I was dying as I watched it. LOL… I guess if you watch the video, that is exactly what happened to me. Charlie above left a comment about needing a preview for the mint movie… but I will just say that Katelyn is amazing. I only want her to just keep doing her fanatastic work, because there is nothing else like it on the web!!!

  4. Giantess Ka...

    Sorry, but I don’t do video previews on my shorter FX movies. It would make buying the movie itself kind of pointless, as the movie is only 6 minutes long. I also feel that when it comes to shorter films, previews really hurt the experience of those who bought the movie. (And those who purchased it are the ones who should be rewarded the most for helping support my site) And I especially don’t want my shorter movies to feel like your watching a longer version of the preview and already know what’s going to happen, I want there to be plenty of surprises and thrills for those who went and actually purchased the movie. Hence no video previews on my really short films.

    Full-Res screen shots and a huge description hardly makes a poor preview I think. :eek:
    If you love my work, love my mouth, and have about six bucks to spend (Less than a meal at Subway lol) then just go for it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. And you’ll be helping me make even more films in the future! :mrgreen:

    @Kisuke LOL :grin: Since you’re curious, I crushed it under my massive toe and then tossed it over my shoulder like a hot wheels toy. I probably would have played with it longer, but it was leaking antifreeze everywhere and the clutch completely bust. Not a very fun toy for a Giantess ^^ I pretty much rode the car into the ground. Now I have a used (100k+ miles), but slightly newer car to play with- which I will also run into the ground ^^

    Hmm, I like your dream. I’d do it in a thong. Would be able to feel soooo much of the wonderful destruction. :twisted:

  5. Giantess Ka...

    @Paul: LOL :grin: Thank you little one!! I’m so glad you liked the custom Video! And yes, that’s exactly what happened to you. How does it feel to be digesting in my tummy with that sandwich? Hopefully your tiny life will provide as an example to my other little pets!

    I have to say I really enjoyed making that movie very, very much… and I’m absolutely thrilled that you loved it and I was able to bring both your and my fantasies to life. ^^

  6. gtsquisit

    it looks really sexy. what id like to know goddess is if there are sound fx in the movie and if you crush any tinies between your boobs. :twisted:

  7. Kisuke Urahara

    *Imagines you wearing a thong as you crush Downtown Orlando with your amazing ass*………oh dear god…..YESSSSS!

  8. LittleSoldi...

    your movie, your skills, you as my goddess…..EPIC

  9. Trek22

    Late to the party I appologize, I just now recovered from that last workout as no one could squish me so thoroughly, but you. Don’t even remember when it finally ended, I just know I was in euphoria for days after, so thank you, I hope I managed to help soften your steps. ;)

    A huge congratulations on the completion of your work! Its excellent to see you’ve not only started such a massive project, but you saw it through to its final stage and finished production. Can’t imagine the level of work that actually must go into one of these, especially by yourself, so its quite an acomplishment. I hope you recieve many many sales for this, and I’ll be on that list as well. I’ll let you know when I watch it, there are a few clips I still need to get yet.

    Much love to you my young Goddess, it feels good being here with you. Though I admit, I feel very cut off from you not being able to reply on your individual pictures of the day. So many of them are such striking poses they demand a response from me and I can’t express it. It just builds up and builds up, I hope you invite me to another workout sometime, being under your foot always eases these feelings and lets me feel much more connected with you. Remembering those pictures within the darkness beneath your feet help me to endure as long as you need me to. Seeing your beautiful face in my mind while your stepping on me, I can go on forever…

  10. Nox

    yooo!!! was really looking farward to downloading this but… you think you could could try and do something about getting your paypal thingy to work???

    love ya lots and lots

    Nox x x x

  11. d-mac

    *From inside Katelyn’s stomach* ummm don’t see anything wrong, but um, *gurgle* uh oh

  12. moose

    Great video.

    I’d absolutely love it if you made the first part of that journal entry you were writing into a clip :shock:

  13. Oriondude

    Hi Katelyn. As I said in the forum. I really do like your F/X’s and low prices. My only gripe is most of your movies seem to be less on back story and more on just the main fetish. Men shrunk. You’re giant. That’s it. I’ll give you example. I bought your valentine movie and I loved the F/X’s and of course you’re beautiful, but the movie lacked any powerful connection between you and your victim. Who was the little guy? What was your motivation for shrinking him? GTS is more than just being a giantess with tiny men. The Lit/Pam Anderson music video made that mistake. It’s just tiny men and a giant woman. That’s great the first few times. Because it’s a giant Pam Anderson. That’s shocking and exciting, but it doesn’t age well and gets old really fast.

    You’ve got to get down to the fundamental story plot like Racerx does for example. Your boyfriend treats you wrong. Your boyfriend laughs about how he’s taller than you. Your boyfriend is working on a shrink potion and accidentally shrinks himself. You discover something that shrinks people. We need more acting from you and the victim. You get the idea. I mean just starting a story where the guy is shrunk already without any reason whatsoever. Can be meaningless to the GTS viewer. Why was that guy tiny with the mints? How did he get in there? Who are you? Who is he? I don’t know and I don’t wanna fill in the rest with my imagination, because having this fetish my whole life. It was mostly filled with having to use my imagination. Most of us here want what we imagine come to life. I’m happy to buy your movies Katelyn. As long as you give the buyer what he wants.

  14. Oriondude

    Why do you think that clip from “The Wrong Door” got so much attention from most of the GTS community?


    It had a beginning, middle and end. It starts with a couple arguing. Already it’s established there are couple with history. Right now as far everything is concerned. It’s the real world. The stubborn guy wants his girlfriend to do something. She doesn’t wanna do it. You can tell they argue a lot. Nothing fantastic can happen though, right? Here comes this magician and he suddenly shrinks her boyfriend. At first she thinks it’s cute, but then she thinks about it. She has the upper hand now. She smiles. Rather than think this is impossible. She gets enjoyment out of the situation.

    At that point is where guys like us start to get aroused. A few seconds ago everything was normal. He was the stubborn boyfriend arguing with her. Now she’s picking him up like a little nothing. The tables have turned in an instant. This once normal guy had no idea when he woke up that morning. That he’d end up in his girlfriends purse that day. She pats down on her purse smirking. I have my boyfriend just where I want him. Classic clip!

    That’s the perfect shrink clip!

  15. Kisuke Urahara

    I hope your mother is alright.

  16. Oriondude

    Yes I hope everything is alright.

  17. Bobbob

    Just got Mistaken for a mint! Great work Katelyn!

    Sorry to hear about your mother’s accident! If it means anything, I’ll pray for her.

  18. anonymous2

    i loved this clip i wish it
    could have been me your mouth looks so sexy
    it would be a privledge to enter it

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