“Midnight Goddess” Sneak Peek, Part Two

“Midnight Goddess” Sneak Peek, Part Two

SCREENSHOTS! :D The movie has about 2 more week of work left on it. That means you’ll be getting another sneak peek in a few days, and probably another one after that! The screen shots here were taken from only 1/6 of the total movie, too- there’s still so much more to see!

Enter the house of a Goddess at your own risk…

Midnight Goddess Preview 1

Midnight Goddess Preview 2

Midnight Goddess Preview 3

Midnight Goddess Preview 4

Midnight Goddess Preview 5

Midnight Goddess Preview 6

Midnight Goddess Preview 7

Midnight Goddess Preview 8

Midnight Goddess Preview 9

Midnight Goddess Preview 10

And if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the First Sneak Peek of Midnight Goddess– it’s a Giantess FX movie in itself!

And in other exciting news, please welcome Daisy and Anna- my two newest Giantess Girlfriends! Feel free to check out their videos in my store. Back to editing for me! Hope you’re ready to worship this Midnight Goddess! :twisted: I’m SO excited!!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Clover

    Finally, it looks like someone finally got it right with shrinking. I was disappointed with a lot of your other works, but it looks like this one has changed drastically for the better. Keep up the good work, maybe you’ll influence Gary to stop making so much garbage and actually take time to make a good FX film. Very excited for this to come out! Quick question though: will this contain nudity? That last screenshot strongly hints towards yes :D

  2. dare46

    you are a great goddess !!

    MG contain a lot barefoot crush ?

    you are the best Miss Katelyn, i love you !

    Ps sorry, my English is not perfect !

  3. Giantess Ka...

    @Clover: Awww, hey now! Gary is a good friend of mine! Everyone has to keep in mind he runs a totally different style of site- it’s a huge model-geared business (and business first and foremost) with tons of paysites, models, and a wide range of content and people working for him. All of which he needs to keep up with daily- and pay. I only have myself- I do the effects, modeling and editing. And I don’t pay myself (! :razz: It all goes back into supporting my site, the next movie I make, and bills), so I can take as long as I want and really get my fantasy and the effects down to the very last detail. Gary does do special effects, but he’s limited with time, money, and models- and he needs to make a larger profit and fast. I think he said it best when I was over modeling for him the one time- he’s the McDonald’s of the giantess community! :lol: In other words, a large business that produces tons of content fast and en mass for all to enjoy. (And he called me the Outback Steakhouse, hehe!)

    As for the nudity… you could say I’m a bit revealing in this video at times… :twisted: classy, sexy, and artistic, of course…

    @dare46: Yes, it contains a lot of barefoot crush- my favorite kind! :mrgreen: It even contains a really cool barefoot scene where the little guy…. hmm… I think I’ll leave it as a surprise for the next sneak peek! :wink:

  4. dare46

    Thanks Giantess Katelyn

    Good Job !

  5. MarkM

    Ahh!!!!!! the little guy what Katelyn? :shock: Just kiding I can’t wait to see! :smile:

    Love, MarkM

  6. Bobbob

    God I’ve been busy… 4 am and still doing homework thats due for a test in a few hours! gah! Just one more cup of tea!

    Looks incredible Katelyn! Can’t wait to see it!

  7. Katelynsworm

    Your girlfriends may come and go, but there will always be only one Goddess, You!

  8. stephen t

    where did you get the idea of doing giantess videos?

  9. katelyn

    i want the midnight goddess preview can u have a part 2

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