“Midnight Goddess” Sneak Peek, Part Three

“Midnight Goddess” Sneak Peek, Part Three

Just as I promised, more screen shots of Midnight Goddess! And again, I’ll be releasing yet another batch of screen shots in just a few days! The movie is getting closer and closer to being complete now- in fact I’ll probably be releasing it sometime in the next few weeks, so keep your tiny eyes open!

Midnight Goddess Preview 11

Midnight Goddess Preview 12

Midnight Goddess Preview 13

Midnight Goddess Preview 14

Midnight Goddess Preview 15

Midnight Goddess Preview 16

Midnight Goddess Preview 17

Midnight Goddess Preview 18

Midnight Goddess Preview 19

Midnight Goddess Preview 20

Here’s some new info about the movie:

  • It’s going to be 30-35 minutes long! Yes! Plot-driven and fast paced, it’s PACKED with different scenarios, deep dialog, and fantasies of mine… I wanted it all! :eek:
  • There’s going to be a “normal” version of the movie which will come with a single bonus POV clip and a “special edition” version of the movie which come with a super high-quality HD version of the movie along with tons and tons of goodies (including a personal commentary video by me and barefoot crush photos from my NEXT movie) for about $10-$15 more. It’ll be worth every cent.
  • The movie focuses on vore and barefoot crush, but also contains body climbing, ass crushing, pussy tease, finger crushing, unaware, and more- it’s a complete sexual fantasy of mine.
  • TONS of hot dialog- not only do the tiny ones talk, but I am constantly talking to them and treating them like bugs. I act bitchy and like a Goddess who knows she’s thousands of times bigger than the ants on her floor… I’m totally power tripping in this movie
  • There’s some very… revealing scenes… not too much or over the top, just… classy, artistic, and playful… but definitely more than you’ve ever seen of your Goddess…
  • I use real shrunken people! But you already knew this. :twisted:

Love hearing what you think so far! Back to work for me ^^


The Shrunken Perspective

11 Responses and Counting...

  1. dare46

    In a word :arrow: MAGNIFICENT

    Miss KATELYN, You are Goddess among the goddesses !

    Sorry my English is not perfect

    I love you :oops:

  2. gtsquisit

    wowwowow, this is looking good. :) i love the shot of the little guys smushed all over you feet. will you have one like that with your ass? very sexy :oops:

  3. Handsome Gamer

    Hi, KB I’ve never seen your movies because I don’t have a credit card and I really want to see this one so I was wondering, do you take money orders and if you do can you give me the address to send it to. My myspace user name is master K.G.

  4. FreedomFighter

    am I dead? cuz this can’t be real :) EPIC mein goddess! Truly epic

  5. Snap

    Just utterly stunned. Everything about this whole project has been jaw dropping. I eagerly await the release dearest Goddess.

  6. footphan

    These scenarios have always been fantasies of mine, like being treated like a bug and trying to survive in the home of a giantess, i haven’t seen anything like this before and cannot wait until this is released!!!

  7. MarkM

    Wow the screen shots look hot as usual! Even though you can only see part of them I love your eyes in that first pic! Tongue too in the second. Bare feet in the others!!! Oh and I CAN’T WAIT to see what happens to that little guy in the TRAP!! All I know is I TOTALLY ENVY those shrunken little people even though they do lose their lives! Small price to pay for a few intimate moments with the best looking Giantess in the whole world ever!

    Love, Mark

  8. lildude85

    i just think your beautiful , and what would you do to me if i were that small.

  9. charles

    do you crush ants katelyn

  10. rodrigo

    i love you :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: <3 <3

  11. Jon

    woow if i was tiny would u put me inside u?

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