“Midnight Goddess” Sneak Peek, Part One

“Midnight Goddess” Sneak Peek, Part One

While editing my latest FX movie, “Midnight Goddess” I came across some footage on my camera that was shot without my knowing. Upon further review, it would seem my shrunken co-stars were pleading in an act of tiny desperation for some last minute help. They were too late, of course.

But I think I may release this video to show what you pathetic little things are really up against and to demonstrate what it really means to sign your life away to star in one of my fetish movies.

Of course, my friends rarely know they’re signing their lives away… they actually think my movies are made with special effects! But everyone knows that would take way to long and would be totally boring. I prefer the real thing.


I hope you enjoy this surprise preview! “Midnight Goddess” is looking to be one of my largest and most detailed movies yet, so you have something to really look forward in the new year little ones. Well, unless you starred in the actual movie of course. :twisted:


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Kisuke Urahara


  2. Trek22

    That is some pretty incredible stuff! It’s amazing to see how quickly you are developing. I know you went to college for this, but to see it in action is pretty mind blowing, so much much kudos to you!

  3. Trek22

    That latest picture of you in the random photo gallery… The east coast had better feel thrice gifted to have you blessing the very ground you walk on. <<<3

  4. Hansome Gamer

    I wish I was those tiny people down there at your soft sweet feet ! I would be happy to do any thing for you!

  5. charlie


  6. Esoom

    Excellent preview!

  7. moose

    ouch =( You didn’t post your coupon when you woke up and I just got home but am on pacific time so 11:50 is too late and I missed it I guess.

  8. corey_ten

    that looks incredible, i hope it comes out early january…say..around the 4th, cause that would be an awesome b-day gift to myself :p keep up the awesome work!

  9. Lurkworthy

    Absolutely awesome preview – I’m speechless! :shock:

  10. mark (snack)

    wow Katelyn, this looks so real, amazing and awesome =]

    the green screen effects for the tiny people are mind blowing :)

    i loved every minute of the preview, u rock and ya just look soooo beautiful D:

  11. gtsquisit

    this is looking sweet. will the film centralize around the inside of your house or will there be some outdoor interaction with buildings and stuff? I like that the tinys actually talk in this one. it adds some life to them.

    id love to know how some of the tinys meet their fate in the most creative ways :evil: please tell me there’s some butt crush scenes. if you include a scene where you crush a tiny between your cheeks i will be sold!! eh, maybey i should post that as a special request… :oops:

  12. Bobbob

    AMAZING!!! Best preview of any giantess film ever! Great work Katelyn. 2009, here I come!

  13. Hansome Gamer

    Will you think about making the film free :?: :oops:

  14. 1inch Chris

    WoW im gonna have to start getting a debit or credit card, all your movies look realy gd. but this one one WOW! think im just gonna have to mail my shruken self to you.

  15. twcool

    Wow, those special effects are looking pretty hi-tech. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of people wanting to buy that video, like record sales haha. I hope to see these amazing skills put to use on a growth video some day.

  16. Billy

    I see your Holiday wishlist is up. I should buy you some sexy shoes to crush with.
    Oh, thats right, I did!

  17. shrunkdude

    Hey I think it would be awesome to use special effects on another vid but make the guy bigger so u can hear him gettin crushed under your bare heel and so there can be a big bloody spat on your foot

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