“Midnight Goddess” Sneak Peek, Part Four

“Midnight Goddess” Sneak Peek, Part Four

Today is a MUCH better day! :mrgreen: For I baked cookies. With real shrunken men and women in them. (I like to stick them in just as the cookies come out of the oven still soft- it burns them a little, but it keeps them alive and struggling when they reach my eagerly awaiting tongue!) You should have heard my tummy as I digested them afterwords… I could almost hear their screams in there… Mmmm, so good. Cookies make everything better- as do shrunken people!

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my last blog! You have no idea how much I appreciate your thoughts and feedback. And yes, a RAID is definitely something I’ll be adding to my wishlist! :grin: I’m still working with my slower PC now, but I’m looking into what’s wrong with my faster PC, in hopes I can fix it to speed things up again.

Without further delay however, here is the next and final set of Midnight Goddess’s screen shots!

Midnight Goddess Preview 21

Midnight Goddess Preview 22

Midnight Goddess Preview 23

Midnight Goddess Preview 24

Midnight Goddess Preview 25

Midnight Goddess Preview 26

Midnight Goddess Preview 27

Midnight Goddess Preview 28

Midnight Goddess Preview 29

Midnight Goddess Preview 30

Midnight Goddess Preview 31

Midnight Goddess Preview 32

Midnight Goddess Preview 33

Midnight Goddess Preview 34

Midnight Goddess Preview 35

Midnight Goddess Preview 36

Midnight Goddess Preview 37

Midnight Goddess Preview 38

With the purchase of the HD Special Edition version of Midnight Goddess, you’ll also be getting a Personal Commentary video included with the movie. In it I talk about the origins of this fantasy of mine, my actual Midnight experiences, along with tons of incredibly sexy details about all what goes through the head of a Giantess and what makes her cum! ^^ I also talk about my favorite parts, describing in detail what I loved about them- I’m sure you little ones will be shaking with fear and delight! I also talk about what’s coming next in my upcoming Giantess effects movies, and even give you a little foot show! ^^ There will also be many other goodies included with the HD Special Edition version as well.

Oh and if you happen to like light bug crush (ants!) you’ll REALLY enjoy the high res photos that are included with the HD Special Edition of Midnight Goddess. They were taken while shooting an upcoming Effects movie of mine, entitled “The Girl Next Door”. :mrgreen:

If you’re on a tighter budget though, you’ll be able to buy the normal version of Midnight Goddess, which comes with a normal quality version of the movie and bonus POV video like all of my previous Effects movies. (The HD version comes with twice as many POVs though! ^^)

Now once again, back to work for me. :twisted:

*Takes another bite out of her shrunken people cookie, faintly hearing a tiny man scream as he and his cute, terrified friends enter her warm, salivating mouth*
MMmmmmmmm ^_^ I bet I can take their pants off with my tongue!<3


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. dare46

    Thank you katelyn beauty queen, our star favourite ! :oops:

    I love you infinitely :oops:

    Very great job :!:

    Sorry my english is not perfect

    :arrow: Sorry my english is not perfect

    I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, !

  2. Snap

    Blessed are the powers that be, (namely, you my darling Goddess,) MG was not lost. Thank you for the delicious screen shots! My credit card awaits the release of this masterpiece.

    All my adoration & worship.


  3. Kisuke Urahara

    PC pretty much dies on you and you STILL putting out the good stuff! My Goddess, you have done it yet again! I’m so looking forward for the release of “Midnight Goddess”!

  4. Corsair

    I can’t wait anymore for it to be released! Is it like a new form of torture? You’re so evil Goddess Katelyn… :twisted:

    I will get the HD version for sure! I’m curious to know the origins of this fantasy for you.

    And I really hope you will be able to release it for the week-end!

  5. Bobbob

    Yay! Can’t wait to see it!

    And ant crush! Thats my absolute favourite kind!!! They’re slightly intelligent… but we already discussed that… lol… So I’m definitely in for the HD version! :-D

    and you should definitely release a bunch of ant stuff this summer! It’s so hard to find!

    Might take a bit longer though… my bank account says that I don’t have as much money… as I would like to have… lol :-/

    Love ya Katelyn!

  6. Rodeney

    I love you Katelyn, baby. I love everything about you and your soft sexy feet that i would love to be under and suck your sweet toes and lick your ever so soft soles…mmmmmm.love and hot kisses Katelyn darling. bye Rod

  7. Clover

    Is there a set date for when this will be released or are you trying to get this out asap? Hopefully it comes out this week, I’ve been dying with anticipation!

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