Meet New Giantess Fetish Producers!

Meet New Giantess Fetish Producers!

I’m so incredibly happy at my new home studio and location! :D Physically moving house back in June was the fast part. A mere one and a half day process. Getting settled in has been going on here and there for the past month+, along with working some overtime to make up for the unpacking time. Now that I’m much more caught up all around, I’d like to introduce you to three new Giantess Fetish producers whose quality you will love. Meet them inside!

Giantess Olivia Fyre


“Hello tiny ones! While I’m not new to the fetish community, I am fairly new to the giantess fetish community. My first introduction was through Giantess Katelyn. She was excited to show off her tiny people to me, and after crushing some buildings then teasing, tormenting & tasting some little men & women, I was hooked! I started exploring the fetish on my own, and I found that it’s a very pleasurable way to satisfy my need for domination.

I was so pleased when Katelyn told me there was a place for me on her website. It was just the motivation I needed to start filming some of my exploits. Though I’ve only published a few so far, check back often for new content. I have so many ideas about how I want to play with you tinies.

It’s a big big world, but if you’re really creative & resourceful, you can hop onto a keyboard & message me for your very own custom clip. E-mail [email protected] & I’ll see what I can do about making your little fantasies come true.”

Click here to browse Giantess Olivia’s videos! ♥

Rated Raw


“I’m a giantess/shrinking fan since I was barely acquainted of my sexuality but didn’t discovered that I wasn’t the weirdest guy on the world ’till my early 16s or even less, when I came across TAG (yeah, If you have been seeking for this fetish for almost a decade I know you know what I’m saying). Then I became a lurker until last year, when I decided to take my fetish to the next level. Why? because for me it’s not a sexual desire but something I objectively like. I love my fetish, I really like having it and not just enjoy random porn. Because of that, as I never been a great student (not bad either though) I didn’t become a scientific but a Journalist and now a Creative Media Production student. I’m barely 23. I’m very young, I know it, but that works for me more like a motivation than an obstacle. Many things to learn and a very long road ahead to drive in my life that I’d love to keep riding hand of Giantess Fetish.

I just barely started and just made a few vids with Amarna Miller and Amber Nevada and by the way thanks to our greatest site owner you can already check out. I’m also in touch now with more models for a few other upcoming exciting vids. I also love to read and write stories, and now I’m writing one, though it’s in spanish as I don’t have the skills yet to do it in english :(.

My goal in life: Bring not only giantess/shrinking fantasy fetish to Spain but any kind of fetishes, as my own country is too conservative according to sex and I’d like to change that. I’d like that any teenager from my country who feel like he or she is a weird or rare because of his/her sexual tastes doesn’t have to hide it from the rest like I once did. I’d like to give them someday a place where they can share freely their dreams without caring about what would anybody think of it. I want them be proud of what they love.

In a more global view, my real goal(dream) in life would be to make a movie including giantess fetish as everything related to it that you see in theaters is usually very disappointing. By now actually I’ve written a script for a short-movie that I’m starting to move around big producers at my country, though that’s not very far from not having anything done yet :(

I feel that our fetish is growing and it’ll surely do faster as long as we keep working on spread it. I’m sure many people in the world have not only this sexual desire but others that they just don’t know as they haven’t come across with them by internet or any other ways. I just love my fetish and I love working on it.

So as long as I can I’ll keep riding :)

Click here to browse Rated Raw’s videos! ♥

Drevon Colossus

Skip over this part if the (solo male) Giant Fetish offends you.

Either it be from seeing the .gifs in my store or watching my Giant Couple videos, many of you have seen Drevon Colossus- who now producess Giant Fetish videos with the quality you’d expect having been mentored by me and with full access to my studio. For those who are interested in seeing his videos, they’re hidden away right here with the convenience of checking out through my website. If you buy a clip, you can feel good knowing that your purchase supports me too since we live together and split rent.

For those of you who are wondering if I am personally into watching Giants… no. However, if the Giant is hot enough, I do check the guy out for a minute and when that continues I fantasize I’m with him destroying the city. P: Anyway! Drevon is happily helping fulfill the Giant Fetish niche and is available for customs if you’d like one. He likes filming and POST work just as much as I do and his sadistic side makes him a great actor for the fetish! And of course… I’ll be producing some more Giant Couple videos with him too!

Next Month

My next blog post will be coming in August, including new: free video(s) from my backyard shoot in June, Pictures of the Day set with a 50 photo start, Giantess collage fan art, possibly a Giantess fan story, and more to be uncovered. Until then I’ll be editing the free video(s), finishing the editing process for my POTD set, getting the rest of the updates organized and up, adding new store videos, and with putting the finishing touches on getting settled in I will be ready to begin filming again next week. It’s been over a month since I last shot, with how busy I’ve been, so I’m stoked to indulge in both my and your fantasies in front of the camera again.

Woohoo! Ok… talk to you again soon! *Muah*


The Shrunken Perspective

6 Responses and Counting...

  1. Chuck

    And the family keeps growing! Yes… pun intended… sorry. But welcome everybody!

    It’s good to see more and more people joining and showing their stuff around here. Yep, Olivia has been around for a while, and she jumping into the GTS is goods news, of course.

    But I’m specially glad about Rated Raw, maybe because we both are Spanish and it’s kinda odd to find something fetish related from Spaniards that isn’t just in the darkest corners of DeviantArt or Tumblr – BTW I’ve been friends with Xanafar way before he became a fetish artist.

    Odd in a good way, I mean. Because we all are a rarity. The fact he got two nice and cool porn actress like Amarna and Amber to film these clips is great as well – and I already left a couple of reviews on the store.

    There’s something that I don’t get… people offended by giants? Really? I mean, I’m not into giants and I don’t feel offended. And if we remove the giantess in the giant couple, people get off…? Sorry, I still can’t believe it.

    It’s not my thing and that’s all, I know I’m not the target of these videos, but still, why being offended? People like what they like.

    And it’s good that this site has a place for big guys too. Really, it’s good that Drevon – and any other who might join – has his place here.

    Now let’s wait for the rest of the updates, specially the backyard scenarios. Patience is key.

  2. Rated Raw P...

    Wow!! Didn’t realise there were a comment section on the site :O It doesn’t say any good of me but I think I never rolled down the vids lol

    Thank you for the support Chuck, either here and twitter, I really appreciate it. I’m very glad that you like my work and the fact that you are spanish as me makes me even more happy. I don’t know many fans from here so it’s good to know you :)

    Now that I got acquainted with comments I’ll check out what have you drop for me :D

  3. Terry Taylor

    Hello Giantess Katelyn!

    I hope you don’t mind me messaging you. I am at University and part of my course on human behaviour actually involves a class on sexual interests! I myself have a huge interest in the shrinking fetish, and I’ve decided to explore it in one of our assignments. I thought this would be a great opportunity as obviously I’m aware of this fetish. I’m a huge fan of your studio and you and thought you would be the best person to contact, I hope you don’t mind? Maybe one day I’ll even get to writing a book on the subject (long term dream!)

    I’m actually studying at Aberystwtyth University in the UK. My names Terry Taylor and really I’d just like to start by asking you some questions on the subject? maybe also some of your actresses to?

    Well I hope you can help, nevertheless thank you for your time!

    Kind regards,

    Terry Taylor

  4. catman

    hi goddess Katelyn

    Just want to tell you Walt Disney Animation studios is working on a Jack and the beanstalk movie called Gigantic and the lead character is a giantess it will be out late 2017 or early 2018 just wanted to give a heads up in giantess news. keep up your great work, Catman

  5. Greg Viera

    Amazing blog
    <3 cant wait to see what the new Giantesses have in store with you <3
    so happy that your move in went well
    so excited for more blogs and to see what that beautiful mind of yours has in store for the future <3

  6. Adam Lentz

    I have an idea for a clip thought I’d put it out there I was thinking about a video where multiple giantesses compete against each other to do the most damage to the city and eating people would increase they’re strength kinda like a video gang back in the day called rampage total destruction but with giantess instead and make it like a movie and add in close up vore effects and destruction

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