May’s Sitewide Updates

May’s Sitewide Updates

Hey tinies! It’s that time of the month again for site-wide updates! This month I have two new picture sets, 11 new fan art collages, and a FREE video! Also… I’ll be shooting with Jason Ninja again at the end of the month so if you have any requests involving me and a guy (for example: face sitting, domme/slave, foot worship, “pg” giant couple, etc) then now’s the perfect time to let me know as I’ll be scripting scenarios up soon!

New Pictures of the Day Set, Team Pretty Feet, started!

I shot this month’s POTD set on the first beautiful spring day here in WA. I’m sporting a tee and sticker sent to me by Team Pretty Feet™ – Check out their Instagram for hundreds of free foot fetish photos!



View Pictures of the Day

Free full photo set, Foot Imprint Project, released!

I had a blast creating this keepsake for Tagg’s Photography the last time I was there. He took me to the craft store and told me to pick out whatever I wanted for the project. The charms, beads, and colors all have a special meaning- pink (my fav color) for my name, Giantessy charms (airplane and Eiffel tower) to symbolize my fetish, a camera charm because I was there to model for him and we’re both into photography, black and pearly (my zodiac stone) white beads, and a bedazzled heart key! I was even sure to crush the Giantessy charms into the mold with my bare feet lol! :)


Download Full Set | View Individual Photos

Previous POTD set, Barefoot at the Park, added to my Photo Archive!


 Download Full Set | View Individual Photos

New Giantess Fan Art Collage by Wonderslug!

Katelyn laying on the city by WonderSlug
View Wonderslug’s Gallery

New Giantess Fan Art Collage of Giantess Daphne by Encolhido!


View Encolhido’s deviantART!

A whopping NINE new Giantess Fan Art Collages by Little B!

4 tinies

Out To Your Right


katelyn vs police

katelyn lake

katelyn skyline


Cleaning Goddess Feet

jade moon

I’m happy to announce that with both the quality and the number of collages Little B has made to date, he now has his own little pet Gallery on my site which can be found here! Congrats Little B! <3

New FREE video, Team Pretty Feet!


Well tinies, that covers this month’s site wide update! Hope you all enjoy everything, and let me know what you want to see as far as videos starring Jason and I below!

Mega sized love,
Giantess Katelyn <3

PS: Sorry for missing last month’s mid month artsy update. My focus was all over the place last month. O_o I began to write a story (which I may turn into a video instead), scripted up a really hot xxx Giant Couple video, started editing the Giantess Rachel Growth FX project… but nothing was completed. I may try to make up for it this month with two artsy updates if possible! :)


The Shrunken Perspective

20 Responses and Counting...

  1. Alex

    Sounds like we’ve got all kinds of good stuff going on! My suggestion/request for you and Jason would be to maybe try a couple based foot humiliation video. Possibly POV? But basically you guys shrink the viewer, then torture him with your feet, their smell, licking, etc. So ya. Just my idea. ^^;

  2. catman

    thanks for another great blog cant wait for your next fx vids to come out.
    by the way the new godzilla movie comes out next week will u see it during an off day. and if you got into a fight with godzilla who would win you or him and would any of us tinies be left to see the winner?

  3. Q

    MORE NAKEDNESS! My Goddess, your body is so wondrous and beautiful. I think you should never cover it up and let us all drool in lust and gasp in awe of your glorious uncovered flesh. You DESERVE to lord over us in your full nude glory, you’re far and above any mortal sense of shame or insecurity.

  4. Microman316

    What’s the sexy hot couple one you’re working on?

  5. David

    Please no crushing or giant stuff with Jason, keep your good work, only giantess stuff, no males crushing.


  6. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    All of these projects sound cool! But I have some big script ideas that I’m hoping we can work out & add to the existing one I’d recently sent you :-) It’d be great if you did more FX shrunken man scenes in your vids, holding him in your palm, etc. And I’m also really interested in hearing more about your “hot XXX Giant Couple vids” you’d mentioned in you p.s. ;-)
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  7. lexy

    anything unaware would be nice. maybe switch the scenario up a but and do an unaware daughter.
    by the way, any update on when you’ll finally be doing your HISTK movie??

  8. otto mayer

    Hey Katelyn? A while back you guys mentioned that you were translating the I-Raf-You games? Is that still happening, or did I miss an update that said that didn’t pan out? I only ask because it hasn’t been brought up in a while.


    Id love you to do a shoejob video with Jason. Rub your Nike sneakers from your XXX media cheating boyfriend video until he cums!

  10. Koto Cakebane

    Hello Katelyn, it’s Koto here. I wasn’t sure how best to contact you so I’ll give your blog a whirl. If you’re interested in taking on more moderators, I’d love to help out around the booru. I probably won’t contribute as much as some of your lovely admins, but I’d be happy to help out with tags and duplicate removal at the very least. Please let me know if you’d like the help, and let me know how to proceed.

    Best way to contact me is at my email, which I entered above, or by PMing me at the booru. My username is just ‘Koto’.

    Thanks for all you’ve done for the community!

  11. Shrink ray

    Any chance you could do a sfx video with you wearing some tan pantyhose, you shrink Jason down to 3 inches or so, and he kisses and worships your feet and toes. You pick him up and hold him in your hand and then stick him down in your pantyhose. Make sure to show him actually shrinking, that’s one of the best parts of the shrinking videos and it always seems to get passed over. I love to see the look on the face of the woman as she watches him shrink and the look on the guys face as he looks up at her towering over him in all her power. Your ad-libs as he shrinks are the best and I would love it if you referred to him as your little shrinkee. I hope you can do this, be a nice change from crush.

  12. Jake

    I second Alex on the idea of being humiliated by a couple in POV. I can’t seem to find videos like that, and I’ve always wished somebody would do it. I like the idea of a couple ridiculing the viewer and the male finally crushing the viewer as well. There are so many videos of men or women towering over the viewer, but it seems like there’s nothing as far as a couple taunting somebody in POV and crushing them.

  13. Greg Viera

    Great Blog as always
    hope you are well
    gonna send you an Alaskan update email soon heheh

  14. Giantess Ka...

    Alex: Thanks for the suggestion (& Jake for seconding it!) It’d be fun to shoot a video based off that scenario so consider it added to my shoot sheet! ;)

    catman: I totally forgot that Godzilla was even out (wasn’t watching the days) until I saw your comment. :D I want to see it, mainly for the Fx, but I’ve heard the movie overall is so-so (has anyone else seen it)? Might have to get it in my plans. If I went up against Godzilla I’d use my growth potion to make myself so large that I could simply squish him beneath my bare sole. I’d be so large that everyone would naturally fear me, even though I just squished Godzilla. But, I’d either return myself back to my normal size, or turn into the next thing worse than Godzilla. >:D

    Q: Lol… thanks. I like to work with a wide variety of fantasies so I can’t image going exclusively nude. However, it sounds like you’re the kind of tiny that I’d keep handy for my pleasure in my shower or on my bath ledge. You’d always get to serve me in my nude glory that way. ;)

    Microman: It’s a non-fx college girl + incest (sister and brother) based scenario with fucking that starts with me grounded, horny, and crushing in an extreme PoV (like in The Stolen Shrinkray) outside. I don’t want to spill all of the details. I have it all written out, all I need to do is type the shots out for filming, and then get it going!

    David: Thanks for voicing your wishes. I’m working on coming up with a nice variety of scenarios to shoot with him, none of which will involve solo Giant. Last time we worked together I was curious to try that out, but this time I will be focusing on scenarios with me dominating or shrinking him, and a little PG Giant Couple. :)

    Bill Thumb: Glad you like the looks of my project plans. I’ll email you back about your custom Fx script asap.

    lexy: No update on HISTK. That would be a huge undertaking I’m not sure I could make work with my current schedule being only one person with so much responsibility across the board keeping things up to date. I do have mixed feelings about it too since it’s something my ex mentioned to everyone. I’d like to do it, but with the amount of pressure from some fans based of a project that my ex originally mentioned many years ago is a bit of a turn off to the project for me. But like I said, I would like to do it sometime, just with no pressure or expectations.

    otto mayer: Giantess Nova is slowly trucking away at translating MM2 with some of her free time between work and school. Isn’t it hot that the comics will be getting translated by one of your local Giantesses?! (She takes Japanese in college, and can read and speak it!!) =^,^=

    Koto Cakebane: I’d love to welcome you to the team! Will send you an email shortly.

    Shrink ray: Thanks for your request- I like it! I’ll see what I can do. If not with Jason (for time reasons), then perhaps with another male actor.

    Greg: Hope you’re well too, and enjoying Alaska!

  15. catman

    i saw it today the plot is ok. but the monster on monster fights were the best i ever seen and how godzilla kills the other monsters was great
    go see it. some day we all like to see you hire a full staff to help u with your projects like gary pranzo so u can put out giantess videos while trying no to kill yourslef by work burnout.

  16. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    Yes, I highly recommend seeing Godzilla! It’s rather like the late 1960’s Godzilla films. And as a huge Godzilla fan myself, I’ve always preferred the 60’s & 70’s films! He’s very tough & powerful, but he’s almost an anti-hero in the new film!
    Oh yes, I rewrote that script & recently sent it to you. So I really hope you like it & that we can work out this custom video :-)
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  17. tarheel

    If you are bringing someone in. How about a scene where he is writing messages on your soles.

  18. nick

    hello katelyn

    I have a project idea for you
    can get a new exploration HD video
    your whole body (feet, legs, stomach, breast, mouth)
    and if possible SEVERAL small worms devoured by dropping directly to the inside of your throat or swallowing

    thank you

  19. Matt

    Giant couple in a city please? ^^

  20. the enigma

    Dear Ms. Brooks,

    I know this blog post is old and that you have no doubt already filmed what scenes you were going to film, and i have no idea if you will read this comment, but i was actually curious about a giant couple idea you had not too long ago. In 2011 you posted a post entitled “On the topic of Cocks,” in which you said you would be making a video sometime soon of sucking tinies off of a cock. I havent seen this video if you posted it, and i havent seen anything else about it on the site so i thought id ask if you were still interested in doing it or if you had put that idea away?

    Thank you for your time.

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