March’s Sitewide Updates

March’s Sitewide Updates

Oops! I actually started working on my updates on the first- but admittedly I have been a little side tracked with my personal life *ahem* (more on this later… something’s now possible that everyone’s been waiting for, just have to wait for the right time in my workload!) But anyway, I’m happy to say that my updates are now ready for all of you tiny ones to enjoy! March’s site-wide updates include a new POTD set, a full free photo set, six new fan art collages by Little Bee, and a fan story by Zombie Slave!

New Pictures of the Day Set, Sightseeing in San Francisco, started!

Some of you may have already noticed when this set started on the first of the month. I decided to toss this set up next, as some of you had asked about these photos in a previous blog of mine. I truly had a blast shooting around San Fransisco would love to elaborate some of my Giantess Sized thoughts along with a few images from this set, so here we go!

The Golden Gate bridge! I was crazy horny standing here, looking down at the bridge, fantasizing in detail about playing out this scenario:

-Walk across the bridge as a 100-200 foot tall Giantess, crush some of the vehicles underneath my black pumps, let a few drive by, trap others in one of my shoes or somewhere in between my soft skin and clothing. And mmmh yes, I’d want to feel plenty of them inside of my silky panties- and anyone who would get out of their car while inside my panties would simply be forced up my pussy with one smooth delicate push of my finger… shlewp! I could also imagine slipping one foot out of my shoe to stop a single compact vehicle underneath my gigantic bare sole. I’d slowly scrunch my toes, making love to the pavement with the ball and heel of my foot. If the car was lucky, it might slip under the archway of my foot- its passengers lasting just a few moments longer, but I’d ultimately twist my aching sole back and forth into the pavement and total the vehicle in one long motion until there was barely anything at all left of it. With the fine grains of dirty remains sticking to my sole, I’d get on all fours and glisten up my lips with my long pink tongue, and then lower my massive maw to the street below- licking up individual street goers and anything in their path into my warm wet mouth. After that I’d stand back up and continue down the bridge for more terrorific (muhaha!) fun.

And here’s another quick scenario I was fantasizing about: (~_^)

-Playfully so, I’d want to use the bridge as a mere toy for my Giantess sized amusement! While standing there completely in the nude, probably in the water, I’d smooth my massive breasts across the structure as if playing a harp with my erect nipples, while looking at the traffic below and smiling as all of the drivers making a do or die attempt to speed across the bridge before I completely destabilize it for my sadistically sexual amusement. I’d take it nice and slow to enjoy seeing and playing with the individual vehicles splashing into the water. If I’m in a nice mood I might even lift a few of the victims’ cars from the water and slip them between smiling lips. I’m not sure they’d think my sticky mouth would be any better than being stuck in the very cold water below, but at least it may give them a little bit of hope for their survival and an awesome view of the traffic below before being chewed up or swallowed in whole.


Twin Peaks! Getting ready to reveal my sexy bare soles, longing to demolish San Fransisco underneath every millimeter of my Giantess sized feet. I imagined flexing my soles out, unintentionally sending shock-waves of terror throughout the city as buildings effortlessly crumble from every miniscule movement I make at my massive size.


The Coit Tower! I love how there’s an observation deck at the top- the ideal building for me to tease as I’d get a kick outta putting on a show for those up top! With the shape of this building, naturally, I’d want to test it out as a dildo! I can’t help it! I wonder how it’d feel sliding in and out of my pussy, pushing against my G-Spot swelling more with every thrust! I’d fucking squirt all over the tower, repeatedly with multiple orgasms. I’d most likely drown the city below with my pleasure juices, and without a second thought too if it meant repetitive orgasmic pleasure!

Free full photo set, Bathroom PoV, released!

Bathroom fetish, anyone? As I had previously mentioned, I currently have a plethora of photo sets- so this month I’ve edited an extra set to release in its entirety! The shots in this set of kinky bathroom povs includes panties, pussy, ass, tits, and more!

Download Full Set | View Individual Photos

Previous POTD set, Pink Lingerie, added to my Photo Archive!

Download Full Set | View Individual Photos

6 new Giantess Fan Art Collages by Little Bee!

Little Bee has quickly become one of my favorite little pets to get Fan Art from. The variety of size differences in his collages are spot on for me, and as good as his artwork already is- it seems to be on a scale of constant improvement which is something I really admire and keeps me looking forward to each new image!

Sweeeet! A photo from my last POTD set! ;) This photo makes me fantasize that this would be the heaven a tiny goes to after they’ve fallen victim to my massive mouth or soles!

This one has rekindled my passion for FX- Rawrrrr! Admittedly, I’ve really been enjoying just working on my regular updates, photos, comic releases, etc as of late.

Fanart Gallery | View all of Little Bee’s artwork on DA!

New Fan Story! Katelyn’s Women
By Zombie Slave — Featuring: SW, SM, Crush, Vore

“THWUMP. THWUMP. THWUMP. The sound of massive bare feet hitting the floor filled the kitchen and echoed off the walls filling the air with thunderous noise dampened only slightly from the carpet in the next room.

“Shit, she’s coming. She’s coming!” Jenna shouted.

“Keep running!” Shouted Myra, the Hispanic woman running just ahead of her. Her long dark hair whipped behind her in a stream of silky strands.

“Come on, don’t look back, just run!” yelled the third woman of the group who was running for her life. She was tall and athletic. She had been a runner in her normal daily life and still wore the same jogging shorts and tight sleeveless t-shirt she had been wearing when she had been captured–but here, in Katelyn’s house, she was just a bug like everyone else…”

Click here to continue reading!

Well tinies, that’s a wrap! For the rest of the month I’ll be working on: another blog post welcoming ChibiChan to my site, filming custom video orders, getting my every-other-day video updates back on track (sorry!), making something special for my mid-month artsy update, catching up with my overflowing emails, tackling my personal to-do lists, and more!

Mega Sized Love,
Giantess Katelyn


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. MarkM

    Oh my goodness the bathroom POV’s! Smoking hot! Hey Katelyn did anyone ever tell you that you have the best body of any woman? Just saying…

  2. Jim

    Hey are you going to make another FX video anytime soon? Your others are the best there are

  3. Greg Viera

    Great blog is always nice to see what you are up too hehe
    keep up the great work

  4. Mutagen

    Hello Giantess Katelyn,

    Back in the Sept 27th, 2013 BLOG post here, you had mentioned a
    “Growth Quick Fx video starring Giantess Rachel. It features a supermodel scenario, growing and ripping out of a black nylon body suit, nudity, and multiple Giantess sizes!”

    I was just curious if this is still gonna be a thing, or any new videos with Giantess Rachel that are due to be released?


  5. Mike

    Fx… please!

  6. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    Great blog! But I’m very curious, when you said “a little side tracked with my personal life *ahem* (more on this later… something’s now possible that everyone’s been waiting for)” I’m really wondering what you meant by this? What is it that’s now possible that everyone’s been waiting for?
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

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