Looking Towards 2010… + Growth Potion

Looking Towards 2010… + Growth Potion

It’s half way through December now and the New Year is approaching fast. I’m sure you’re interested in what’s coming up after “Serving a High School Hottie” and what the new year will bring… But first let’s talk about magical potions.

“Serving a High School Hottie” has been out for a week now and it is already a huge success! It’s taken my growth potion meter from 51% to 72%. I’ve still got a little ways to go… but who knows what the new year might bring. :twisted:

For those new to my site or for those who don’t remember– My Growth Potion is a fund dedicated to turning me into a real Giantess. Ok, ok! Maybe not a REAL Giantess, but as close as I can get. The money will eventually be spent on top of the line equipment and resources in order to produce realistic city-destroying (and growing) Giantess movies starring yours truly! In other words, it’s a fund to make my dreams come true! :D

The meter telling you how close I am is located on my blog’s sidebar next to this post (scroll way down the bottom). However it’s currently only working in Firefox as far as I can tell. (It’s pretty old now)

The sum required is quite large and the professional equipment incredibly expensive. And naturally, Banks/Companies won’t give loans to “adult” entertainment unless their making millions (when banks lose their “family morals” apparently), so I’ve been earning it ALL by hand via movies in my store (while still paying bills naturally!). It’s taken me nearly a year and a half, and I’m still only at 72% . But wow, is that close! Not to mention 72 is my lucky number…

In any case, with perhaps another movie I’ll finally reach the top. We’ll just have to wait to see what 2010 brings. ^_^

AS for what’s coming up next now that “Serving a High School Hottie” is out, here’s what you can look forward to:

Regular Blog Updates every week
The return of Weekend Update Videos
A VERY cool surprise in the first half of 2010

Now that I’m not working on some insanely large project with a deadline, I’ll finally be able to resume regular blog and weekend updates. I’m hoping to bring you a vast variety of topics, many of which are still sitting around since summer! In terms of videos, I will continue to bring you the diverse high quality videos you know and love.

And of course, there’s that super cool thing coming in the first half of 2010. I wonder what that’s all about? :whistle:


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Greg Viera

    kool the new year has many surprise for us <3
    that meter will be done next year :love:
    ur the best <3

  2. Chris

    Your meter works with Safari too.. just to let you know.

    Can’t wait for more stuff.

  3. FreedomFighter

    Will this insane early 2010 surprise have anything to do with those that bought Special Edition Midnight Goddess?

  4. Corsair

    By the way, the following links aren’t working on your Growth potion webpage:

    Hawaiian Grass Skirt
    Indian Princess
    Cat Woman

  5. Aussie1

    The meter is working in Safari, too, Goddess :D

    Thanks for the updates. Looking amazing as always!

  6. Kisuke Urahara

    I’m so happy that your giantess meter is at 72% my goddess! I can’t wait for 2010! It’s gonna be EPIC!!!!!!! Hopefully we get to see more of your sexy body, preferably your ass!!!!! *Crosses fingers* :love:

  7. handsome gamer

    Are you going to post up anymore artwork and if yes, will it be soon ???

  8. Jaedon

    Oh.. I almost forgot about your growth potion. Musta been alot like me buying Serving a High School Hottie on the premise of seeing you in the nude to make it jump that far. Hopefully it will take one more project rather than two to make your dreams a reality. If your next one is anything like the last, I’ll be contributing to it for sure!

  9. Bobbob

    Great to see you have some free time! :D I know what you can do with SM… can’t wait to see how you do giantess!

    And early 2010… you sure know how to make a man wonder!

  10. handsome gamer

    BTW are you going to write more storys about your dreams of being a giantess ???

  11. etc

    Does this “growth” potion infer that you’ll only be gearing up for mega-material, and not shrunken guy / POV content? I doubt the tech will ever be able to catch up to the enthusiasm you put into mouthcam clips, but more resolution is always better!

  12. Giantess Ka...

    Lots of really sweet comments here! Thanks little ones!
    Your Goddess shall answer your questions and reply:

    @Chis, @Aussie: Thanks! That’s good to know. IE, naturally is the only one giving me a hard time. :p

    @FreedomFighter: Actually yes… it is one part of it… :wink:

    @Corsair: Ugg! Yeah… I have to go through my blog and fix it up soon. There’s a ton of dead links in past articles and my images and YouTubes are too big or not working. Will get to that soon hopefully. Thanks for pointing that out. :)

    @handsome gamer: I do have a growing collection of new fan art, which I hope to post soon, perhaps as a blog. I’m afraid I don’t have much time to do collages personally myself! xD Although I may substitute personal artwork for blog entries in the future. As far as stories go- yep! There will be more ‘detailed’ blog entries dealing with my fantasies / thoughts, starting next week even. :evil:

    @Kisuke Urahara: Whenever I film ass shots, I’ll admit- I always think of you!! :eek: In fact I always try to add in hot ass shots as I know it’ll please my little shrunken ass slave. You can expect hot ass in 2010, I can easily promise! <3

    @etc: No way! :) While I may be gearing up for mega-material, I won’t be stopping production on shrunken films. In fact, the gear will improve my shrunken work just as dramatically. Sadly I’ve been quite limited in what I can do with shrunken people, but this new equipment shall remedy that! I won’t ever stop producing shrunken people films, I love them too much. In fact I still have many planned out which I hope to film along side my giantess films. In essence this growth potion isn’t just about growth, but about freedom- freedom to work with any size and any fantasy. If I dream it, I can finally film it! :D That’s what this growth potion really stands for.

    Love ya little bugs! This Giantess is curling up in your city and going to sleep. :sleep: <3

  13. Kisuke Urahara

    *Bows* Thank you my Goddess! Your Ass Slaves will be very pleased I’m sure of it! 2010 HERE I CUM!!!!!!!! :woot:

  14. Oh Behave

    “You can expect hot ass in 2010”

    But we have your hot ass now…you have me looking forward to the new year, thank you my goddess!

  15. Rafael

    In the new Year , crush moreeeee and moreeee human antsss and pleaseee make a ants crush movieeeee


  16. Airman

    Good god you are perfect.

  17. Jumi

    Just a vague memory here… was there going to be some ‘future bonus’ thing for those who purchased the ‘Special Edition’ of your lovely Midnight Goddess package? It was a fantastic movie, and I just thought I remembered a tantalizing promise of something extra to come. OR did I miss it already somehow? :P Anyway, keep doing your amazingly hot stuff, Katelyn… we’ll keep buying! <3 Merry Christmas!

  18. Giantess Ka...

    @Jumi: Yep! There is still something extra to come for those who bought Midnight Goddess, and it will definitely be coming in 2010. There’s still a few hurdles to making it happen, which is what I’m working on right now. <3 It'll be worth the wait little bug, I promise! :D

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