A Giantess’s Worm Day

A Giantess’s Worm Day

I’ve been meaning to share a little “real life happening” with all of you since the middle of December, but I simply haven’t had the time as “Midnight Goddess” and my weekly updates have been taking up most of my blog writing time. However this morning I woke up once again day-dreaming about my adventure and so I decided that I was finally going to post it to my blog! It is about bug crush, just so you’ve been warned! Here’s what happened…

A few weeks ago, back in December, it snowed / rained in my area and for whatever reason there were worms all over the place- sidewalks, lawns, driveways. I thought it would have really been too cold for worms, and I totally wasn’t expecting to see them above ground until Spring, but it seems they all wanted to try their chances above ground today. However… had they known I was running chores that day… they probably would have stayed underground to drown or freeze to death!:twisted:

The Giantess's Sneakers

Well anyway, I was getting my new car worked on that day with a little bit of shopping on the side and to my pleasure everywhere I went I was given the delightful opportunity of crushing, squishing and smearing worms under my sexy pink sneakers! It was SO much fun! o^_^o People would just stare at me as I went out of my way while walking into the mall to crush the little worms struggling to get to high ground, giggling as they squirmed and fought back under my shoe. So many worms were tortured that day… so many pathetic lives lost to the soft rubber soles of my pink goddess-sized sneakers. I even remember walking into the mall with a poor little worm dragging off the back of my heel. However… I forgot about him once I entered Victoria’s Secret… and by the time I remembered as I walked out of the store he was gone. Perhaps he spent his final moments, dropping off a Goddesses shoe into a pink and white pinnacle of femininity, to be crushed and trampled over and over by unaware Giantesses searching for thongs and panties for 5 for 25 dollars.

But with all the lives and crushes that day, there was only one other worm that really stood out that day- I found him crawling up my driveway when I got home, among the dead ones I had crushed earlier. By this time I was quite horny and I felt as if I were in one of Cliff’s stories– so I decided to have my way with him and REALLY go all out. I quietly got out of the car and spotted him crawling by his dead friends, I had just barely missed him with the tire of my car. I named him “Cliff” as it seemed so fitting. I gracefully walked over to him, and began hovering over him, inspecting him. It was kind of cold, and so he was really struggling to get wherever he was going. Not much of a challenge, I thought. I raised my foot and teased him, talking to him louder and louder as I became more eager to feel him squish.

“How does it feel to know your life is about to end under a bright pink shoe, my little cliff? To know that a beautiful, uncaring Goddess high above you will take your pathetic little life? That seeing your guts and juices explode out all over the pavement will bring a smile to my face? I’ve been crushing your friends all day, and now I’m horny and in the mood to REALLY see you crush. So… bye bye my worthless little cliff… Oh, but wait, I know how much you’d want to taste my juices before you die… I think that’s one wish I can grant such a pathetic creature…” and so right there on the spot, I spit on the worm! The little worm rolled around, tossing my juices, unsure of what had just happened. To him my warm saliva must have tasted like, cherries and green tea- I had some cherry gum earlier and was drinking green tea on the way home- and of course he must have tasted my feminine taste. *grin* I then raised up my foot high and began to lower it. I wanted to make it really slow. And painful. And pleasurable. Over the course of a minute I applied more and more pressure and the worm starting wiggling more and more…. the worm knew what was happening by now. It was cold, so the struggling didn’t last long. Before I knew it, there was a juicy, wonderful, *pop* from underneath my sneakers. I smiled and started laughing, and I dragged my foot in it’s pathetic little juices.

I cannot express enough how much this turned me on!! But the worm was still alive- I had only crushed a section of it. It was wiggling frantically now, and I hovered my foot and started to lower for a second, pleasurable crush… but then it hit me. The worm was probably cold… and it probably couldn’t feel much of his body because of it. I was also going crazy as I wanted desperately to feel more of him crush, so….. I slipped off my sneaker and sock right there in the driveway! I REALLY wanted to feel his last little struggle under my bare sole. I wanted him to feel my warmth, the warmth of a Goddess’s bare, soft, and oh so warm sole. I imagined in my mind you, the worm, snuggling up my warm foot, which had been in my cozy sneaker all day as I ran chores… My bare sole warming your little body and spirit, giving you a moment of pure warm and fuzzy ecstasy! And then… that very moment would turn to a complete, yet wonderful nightmare as the very thing you loved so dearly and worshiped completely would slowly, millimeter by millimeter, second by second, crush you into it, spewing your guts all over sidewalk and on the bottom my warm, bare sole! And that’s exactly what I did. Your guts rushed out to greet the bottom of my foot and my panties were instantly soaked. I crushed you over and over, rubbing your guts all over the my soles. It was so intense.

Once there was barely a worm to recognize I quietly grabbed my things and went inside, the worm guts still smeared on my bare soles. I then laid down on the floor right inside the door, and looked at the guts on my bare foot. I was SOO horny. And so with you all over the bottom of both my sneaker and my bare sole, I masturbated right there in the hallway, coming hard to the feeling and sight of you squished all over my feet.

I then went upstairs, cleaned myself off and went about my day as if nothing ever happened… although thoughts of the worm kept popping in my mind from time to time. And I could still feel a little bit of worm guts stuck between my toes for the rest of the day… but I didn’t mind. It was a sweet reminder of the little soul who served me as nothing more than a mere toy in satisfying my selfish, sexual pleasure…


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. nutnut1234

    what a great story,

    all those other worms must have been his family and friends, i bet he was looking for them as they’ve been gone for so long :P imagine the horror he must have felt when he saw your nike treads imprinted in them.

    i sure hope he enjoyed the taste of your bare soles katelyn :P

  2. Bobbob

    Thanks Katelyn! Always love your stories!

    Cute shoes. :-P

  3. Katelynsworm

    Worm crush is of course my absolute favorite and to be honored, by name, in Your pleasure scenario, is far more than i ever deserve!

    You reign and rule supreme — i have exhausted every possible superlative to describe You!

    In everlasting worship,
    that worm, cliff

  4. Jacob (Sock...

    Simply Amazing Katelyn!! Of course I would have liked you to smash a couple in your shoes and then go shopping squishing them to your socks the whole day! Great story and thanks for the share. Are these sneakers going to be for sale?? I haven’t forgot that I am still planning on buying you some more victims sometime… just thinking about it drives me crazy! Thank you for the story… wonderfully told! :cool:

  5. Billy

    Cool story, though a little frightening.. hmm.. I see you mention the room mate is “moving out”.. hmm.. I’m thinking that might be code for shrunk to grain of sand size and spending the rest of their lives inside your sneaker hehe.. :smile: If you did that then at least you wouldn’t need to go find a new vacuum cleaner..

  6. Handsome Gamer

    Thank you for the story. That was hot, but at the same time just… cazy. Any way when/if you get the time can you please put some artwork up! :-P

  7. MarkM

    That got me turned on Katelyn!

    I’m a little different in that I don’t like bug crush cuz bugs are kind of gross. I like real people crush better. However I LOVE your sexy bare feet so I have no problem putting myself into the bugs situation and imagine it’s me instead. The thought of your panties getting wet while slowly crushing me under your bare foot and then taking pleasure as my insides ooze out under your sole sound like pure ecstasy.

    Then how you went inside and masturbated while looking at the remains on the bottom of your feet is so awesome. To think someone paid with their life just for that brief moment of pleasure for you………… and then forgotten going about your day as if nothing happened. Yet a life was over. Ended. Meaningless and insignificant to you but yet important to the person. But the person (imagine me) being so in Love with you gave it willingly!

    You continue to make my head spin Katelyn! :shock:

    Yours, Mark

  8. dare46

    i love you

  9. ultra

    Just wanted to tell, that this was a HELL OF A GREAT STORY!!!
    Perfect, that’s the word. I could imagine every single scene.

    I’ve been a fan of your work for a couple of years now (I think…) and I also wanted to say that I just downloaded your New Photoset. Holiday08, and, well, Ive never thought this could be possible, but your photos get better and better every upload. Not only the scenes and the shots, but your outfitss, the posing, the expressions…. and of course, your body. Each time you submit a bikini photo, you look better and better.
    Also, your hair looks great. It matches your eyes :P

    Please Goddess, forgive my bad English, as it is not my mother tongue. :(
    And keep the Excellent work. Truly, this is the best GTS site ever :)

    Hasta pronto!

  10. Billy

    Bring on some bug crush updates!!!

  11. MarkM

    I had a dream last night that you had a boy friend and I was so jealous! Crazy being as how I’m already married. Humm………if you ever get one can you don’t let us know? Some of us might get broken hearts. Girl friends are ok though. Not jealous of those. :grin:

    And RATS why do I have to have a dream like that. Why can’t I have one where I get eaten or squished instead! :???:

    Oh I didn’t know you could crush snails with bare feet! I thought their shells would be to hard and might hurt. Cool!

    Yours, MarkM

  12. d-mac

    Did you happen to get those mealworms on video? : D

  13. Giantess Ka...

    Hi everyone! New blog entry coming soon. I just wanted to reply real quick to everyone who left me a comment! ^_^

    @nutnut1234: Mmm, I can just imagine. ^^ Very sexy! I was thinking the same thing as I came to his mashed little body on my sole. I hope he enjoyed the taste of my soles, for I enjoyed the feeling of his body squish under them!

    @Bobbob: Glad you liked the story and my shoes! :grin:

    @Katelynsworm: Ahh, there’s my little worm! Thank you as always, my adorable little crush. I will hopefully be reading your latest story very soon, things have just been out-of-control-busy here with work on Midnight Goddess. I must say it was so much fun coming to your tiny, pathetic guts smeared all over my bare soles that day… and for giving your life to please the whim of your Goddess I thank you. <3

    @Jacob (SockCrush): Hehe, thanks for the idea! I will have to try stuffing my shoes with worms sometime. Hopefully no one else would notice! That might be hard to explain! ^^ Plus I’d be unable to concentrate with whatever I was doing and probably soaked for the entire day.

    @Billy: Oh no! You’ve figured out the truth about my roommate!! Well… I guess I’ll just have to shrink you down too… perhaps you’ll enjoy spending time with her in my sneakers? :wink:

    @Handsome Gamer: New artwork and photos are coming shortly, along with a new blog entry and store videos. Probably sometime this weekend.

    @MarkM: Always a pleasure to make your head spin, my tiny, tasty, crushable Mark. ^^ LOL at the boyfriend dream! Ok, if and when I do find a guy who is worthy of being a slave to my giantess-sized will, I won’t let you know :P And yep! I have no problem crushing snails with my bare feet. It’s a little tough and some crush easier than others. It’s kind of like crushing a house or a skyscraper… it’s a little rough, but it quickly collapses into dust and parts under my feet… along with all of the inhabitants!

    @dare46: I love you too, my tiny pet! <3

    @ultra: They’re coming! They’re coming! Not this week, but probably next week. :)

    @d-mac: Yes. *evilgrin* It’ll be in my store this weekend.

  14. dare46

    Thank you my Goddess !

  15. dave

    that was soooo hottt ive watched you on youtube i love all your vids and this blog is to die for i was wondering if you do any car crush {running over things with your car } lol would love to hear about that if you do


    Kate… I from Brasil I love you whit sneakers love !!!! when coming to Brazil let me know I know it closely bjsss kitten sorry for any mistake in my English translation is not the best bjao

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