Let’s have some fun!

Let’s have some fun!

I’m in a really playful mood this week and I’m really tired of working on super huge secret projects! So this week I’m going to record a whole bunch of short FREE FX videos each around 30 seconds long. Anything you’d like to see? :D TELL ME! Anythin’ you want. I can even do little Q&A videos with FX. Doesn’t matter to me! My feet are just dying to crush some tiny men!


Update 5: Ok- it’s Sunday and the neighbor’s kids just set up a slip’n’slide (garden hose powered waterside) SO, I’m going to *try* to film, but I don’t know how much I’ll be able to in between the slippery screams. That means you have ONE more day to post suggestions, bugs! And yes- I have and will read them all no matter how many! I’m also tallying up the requests to make sure I get the most popular. (And several of you will find your detailed scenarios made real) You may also be happy to know I’ll be filming “Sex with Her Science” and a few other paid longer ones on Mon + Tues too along with the free ones! And… after seeing Sheela’s artwork here (Warning: Male Genitals in your FACE), I don’t think I have any other choice but to film me some hard cock sucking and fucking for the first time (tinies involved, naturally). It’s going to be an FX extravaganza! :D Also, be sure to answer my question below. – Posted Today at 10:00AM PST


Update 4: When you guys say micro, how small are we talking about? Garden of a Giantess size with crowds? Or a few millimeters each? Better let me know! When I hear micro I think <2mm. “Microscopic”!


The Shrunken Perspective

174 Responses and Counting...

  1. Jet

    Unaware shoe/foot crush with tiny lady.

  2. Shrunken One

    Vore, POV and FX mix. Deep mouth cam shots, showing the victim(s) sliding down into the dark abyss of your gullet.

  3. MarkM

    Hi Katelyn,

    Can you think about making a short one where you crush a little man in between your toes like you did in “Time to Exterminate” when you said “two more right over there, I’m going to pop you both between my toes” “Just like that your gone”

    I like how you sometimes crush them by trapping them in between your big and second toe and kind of wiggle them to death! lol I like to imagine I’m a big strong body builder with lots and lots of muscles which I use all of my strength to push against your toes to keep them from crushing me but even with all of my muscles my attempts are futile as little by little my bones get crushed! Big strong body builder proud of his muscles humiliated and crushed by the sexy toes of a Giantess!

    I just love when you sometimes crush your victims that way! Ware them down weakening them, humiliating them and finally crushing them for your pleasure! In this scenario I like to fight back as hard as I can against you for my survival but it only makes you laugh at my futile attempts.

    Humm……… if that looks longer than 30 seconds don’t worry about it. Just trying to think of something quickly and get it out there before running to work now. Running late.


  4. Oktober

    How about smothering the daylights out of a tiny beneath your worn socks. You know, with something bright for the summer, like green or blue, red, or purple which could be with a matching outfit. Like the socks matches your shorts and top for the whole vibrant sexy jogger look. Just something that pops and stands alone from the average white and black world of socks lol. :D

  5. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    It’d be awesome if you did more hand-held scenes of a 1 inch – 1/4 inch tall man standing in your palm! I’ve said it before, youy have such pretty hands, with a nice manicure, & I especially like it when you wear a couple of nice rings when you’re holding a tiny man ;-)
    Then you can hold the tiny man close to your gorgeous face during these Quick FX vids, tease him, flirt with him, kiss him, etc.
    You can have scenes of him standing on the bottom of the screenlow angle scenes of yoyr lovely face looking down at the camera while the tiny man is on the bottom of the screen looking up at you, & can also have scenes of the tiny man close to your mouth as you hold him too
    In addition, scenes of the 1/4 inch – 1 inch tall man holding on to your luscious breasts are great too!
    I hope you’ll consider my wild ideas & it’ll be great to see more hand-held scenes :-)
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  6. Jonathon

    If you don’t mind how about a brief after the event insertion scenario. The little man the giantess used is being stubborn and making use of his now very lubricated body to avoid the giantess’s fingers and stay inside of her. Perhaps at the end she even gives up for the moment and says he can just spend the day in there if he’s that determined to stay.

  7. Perception

    Something simple I’ve always wanted to see you try out – and that seems to be a rarity in clips – is fleeing tinies. All too often the tiny just stands/sits/pleads or otherwise doesn’t move. I think it’d be great to see some running for dear life – and preferably a few of them! Love the idea of a small group scattering like panicked ants! =D

    Also, regardless of which of our ideas you pick, thanks for doing this! Sharing your fantastic editing/acting talents for free is needless (We gladly pay!) but appreciated, and adds ‘generous’ to your impressive resume~!

  8. ken fischer

    Inside-out views of your mouth. Ala “super micro views”. Do this please!

  9. Chuck

    So… half a minute free videos? Yeah, I guess I could go and support Bill Thumb’s suggestion, thus linking to my hand fetish I mentioned some time ago. I’d add gloves – yours is the choice how they are or if you even consider putting them on – in the mix.

    And how could it be? I’m thinking of beginning with something gentle, maybe some tickling and poking would be nice, playing with the little guy in your palm… and after having your fun, you just get bored and get your hands – gloved or not – messy crushing the poor fella. Either one hand does the work or you can use both to finish the victim, whatever pleases you the most and gets the biggest impact when filming.

    After all, it’s just 30 seconds, I don’t want to ask for something too complicated. Just enough for anyone to imagine themselves in the place of the little victim. I have to admit, despite not being in macrophilia, I’d love being in your hands, no matter the size.

    I know your feet want some crushing, but I think your beautiful hands need some screentime too. :D

  10. Giantess Ka...

    @Perception: Any tinies in danger will rightfully flee from me. I hate it when they just sit there and don’t try and escape! (Not that it changes their fate! Well except for a few I’ve lost under the couch… but they typically still find the bottom of my soles at a later date.) Also thanks! ^^

  11. Smag

    Hi Katelyn,

    I would like to see some shaved armpit fetish!! This type of fetish, related to gts/shrinking world, is too rare in the web..

    It would be so exciting to see you catching one or more little men and putting them onto your beautiful armpit in order to crush them by only lowing your arm :) or ordering them to worship your sweet flesh!!

    I would like to see those type of things only if you want and if you want to try something new :)

    Thank you for your time,
    Sinceraly, Smag

    Ps: “Sleeping in katelyn’s armpit” is awsome!! Your armpits are soft and sweet, love them :)

  12. Pyramid

    Might be an unusual one, but I’d love a scene with you as both the giantess and the micro. And both as yourself, as if one were a shrunken clone. Approaching your giant lips, and perhaps trying to get your attention, only to get slurped in and gulped!

  13. Anne O'Nymous

    My favorites have always been scenarios of nonviolent but cruel objectification, particularly sexual, especially F/f. Have you read “Changing Room” by tinygirllost on GC?

    A young professional woman gets caught in an industrial accident during a job interview, and later shrinks in a department store dressing room. A 19yo girl finds her, and after humiliating and abusing her for a few months, and living off the balance on her bank account and credit cards, ends up getting caught up in a kink chat room and discovering the girl makes a great dildo & buttplug. Meanwhile the little woman starts dealing with an unwanted attraction and feeling of dirtiness at the things being done to her, even as she is horrified at how she’s being used and abused. And once the teenager has used up all the little doll’s money and spent months using her as a pleasure object, she makes plans to sell her off to someone else so she can continue living comfortably.

    Maybe you could pull a few select scenes and ideas from there? For example, there’s a great scene of masturbating with the tiny girl for the first time in front of a live webcam audience, after getting turned on by all the online attention, and not even having considered the possibility of using her as a sex toy before. Both sides of that sound fun, maybe a dual-perspective video with close-up shots of entering various parts of your body, and first-person-perspective giantess shots looking down at the tiny being used?

  14. Skechers

    I second fleeing tinies running for their lives after you get home from the gym. You absentmindedly unaware crush them under your sneakers as they try and get your attention! Sneaker unaware!

  15. ezak

    This might take longer than 30 seconds to portray, but I’ve always wanted to see an insertion video where the tiny man is ordered to crawl inside you, under threat of being swallowed. After he obeys you go about your day. :D

  16. Guest

    I’d love to see a very micro person get sat on by you. They try to escape, fall and then attempt to hold you off by placing their arms up. You should just grind him up every which way. Outfit that would be cool is booty shorts or something.

    Putting a micro size man between your ass cheeks and clenching/sitting down him while he’s in there would be sexy. Just describing what you feel and how he died.

    I’d also love to see an FX hard vore. Where you stare at him on a table pick him up between your fingers and chew him up (maybe on a slice a pizza or like you did in your birthday video with cake). If not that then pick him up in between two fingers and place them in your mouth to eat him describing everything before chewing.

  17. Anne O'Nymous

    Ooh, here’s another fun one. Might be a little too involved for the “30 second quickies,” I don’t know.

    You’re fooling around with someone in bed (boy or girl), when you’re horrified to hear the front door. Your girlfriend got home early! You quickly shrink your unsuspecting partner in crime, and before they even know what’s going on, you hide them inside yourself in a moment of panic.

    Your girlfriend walks in, and is excited to have caught you in the middle of (it looks like) playing with yourself. Before you can come up with an excuse, she joins in and starts going down on you, with a scene of your micro-lover trying to dodge a giant tongue and fingertips inside you. As you lose control and climax, your girlfriend looks up at you with a slightly odd expression–apparently she swallowed something unexpectedly.

  18. GamingProfe...

    Anything with thigh high socks and/or growth

  19. potzorbie

    It sounds like you want a challenge but I would really like to see an unaware micro video. A lot of low angles and booming footsteps. And I’d like it if you wore stiletto pumps, the higher the better, no platforms.
    For something a little different you should recreate the giant scene from Time Bandits. I wish they used a woman and have always wanted to see that.

  20. Jumi

    I would love to see “looping” clips… ‘load’ a man into your mouth with some food, chew, repeat. Short clips like these would be perfect for simple, sexy loops. :P

    And hey, maybe an incest scene? “Oops, sorry “big” brother… guess I’ll have to cover up your disappearance into my pussy… <3 "

  21. daniel

    im sure your going to have more suggestions than you can handle, but..

    Inshoe POV/FX with a focus on the overwhelming smell of your larger-than-life feet. gespecially since there are so few inshoe pov clips out there.. one that focused on the giantess’s foot odor, and the enjoyment she gets out of forcing it on her victim would be amazing. The louder, brattier, and more humiliating.. THE BETTER!!! (for example, your demeanor in “big sisters big feet”.. thinking about it now makes me so weak and submissive.. mmm, sooo good lol)

    actually now that i think about it, this might deserve to be a full “fx” clip as it probably has quite a commercial value.. i dunno.. fuck it, do em’ both heh.

    ps. by inshoe pov, i mean all the way into the toe of your boot (or shoe, or sock)

    pss. Never stop. you are the best. thank you so much, youll never truly know how much i appreciate what you do.

  22. Bobster

    GTS Katelyn crushing a puny Tank? or two

  23. daniel

    psss. not to over use the concept, but the “big” sister angle was pretty hot. could probably even get into being shrunk down by Katelyn, my “mother”. the little sister thing doesnt appeal to me in the same way, i think because her being younger than me in someway undermines the dominance in some important way. but im not 100% on this. lemme think about it over night.. in bed.. with some lube.. ;)

  24. Joe

    I’d love to see you aware with someone who wasn’t, encouraging them to do stuff that was killing tinies. Otherwise anything micro and unaware is the bomb as far as I’m concerned – you do it really well

  25. Shrink Ray'd

    I’d love to see a clip of you looking in the grass for a few people who were accidentally shrunk to micro size. The basic idea is that someone else (off camera, to make it easier) is helping you search for them with the intention to save them. However, you have other plans.

    When you spot them in the grass, you lie and yell something like “No, I can’t find them anywhere,” and proceed to look around nervously before you stomp into the grass. You’re more concerned with getting caught than with how successful your attempt is, so you stomp down a few times, quickly, and with as little movement as possible. Looking out for anyone who may spot you, you don’t even dare to look at where you’re stepping. You assume you are successful (and you are) as you casually walk away, hiding your guilt.

    Yeah, I’ve thought about this before…

  26. Tarkenflig

    I’m infatuated by scenes like Midnight Goddess where you unawarely masturbate with a tiny person trapped in the action (it’s probably my number one fantasy of all time) so I’d love to see you insert a dildo with a tiny person stuck to the tip who goes unnoticed and pushed deep inside you over and over again until you explode all over the sex toy and then maybe lick them up with the rest of your fluids. That or unknowingly ground under your pussy as you dry hump a chair or bed or pressed under your breasts and nipple as you rub your body against a mattress or the floor.

  27. Swag

    Anything involving butt crush. Though I’m also seconding thigh-high socks.

  28. Joseph Rogers

    Maybe…a nude in shoe crush? I’d also like to see the Mighty Giantess Katelyn eventually shrunken down by on her co-horts, and tortured. Would be a nice twist. Wouldn’t it?

  29. nboud223

    unaware foot crush/in-shoe crush :3

  30. Brian

    You should do a growth video where u grow more and more as u fuck and orgasim!

  31. Name

    Any chance for including ripping clothes in a growth scene?

  32. Jessiah

    Anything dealing with soft vore, possibly multiple people. Like it when you lick them off a surface (table, floor, micro city street). Possible idea suck little people through a straw. Little people on your lips and licking them off.

    Just a few ideas I’m throwing out.

  33. JohnDoe

    I love unaware videos. Maybe something with unaware sitting on a tiny man or unaware boob crush.

  34. Background NPC

    IT would be awesome to do a “Growth while dancing city video”. The specifics are much better left to you, but that’s the basic Gist of what would be awesome IMHO.

  35. Jerkules

    Growth. Grow grow grow as big as you can, just for the sheer badness of it. All that power filling you up as you laugh evilly, the people in the dwindling city below screaming in terror. And when you’ve gotten big enough? Grow some more!

    Pretty please. :)

  36. Guesty

    I’d like to see you see smush a little micro city underneath your butt~

  37. Todd68

    Stumble upon a village of women and have your way with them boob butt crush inserstion and vore!!!

  38. Reietto

    Anything involving unaware vore (innocence is bliss, am I right?) and POV shots of your maw. Far too little good quality of such things exist, and the majority of the ones that are good quality come from you =D.

  39. D

    how bout a micro city crush :) like ur really good at that ( UR THE FUCKIN BEST)

  40. Joey

    Katelyn, your butt crush scenes are among the hottest videos that I’ve ever seen. I’d love to see more of them.

  41. Mrfeeny


  42. Johnnie Boy

    Omg…anything involving you growing would be perfect. Just watching the physical process of you growing… bigger and bigger… that would be the hottest thing you could possibly do :)

  43. ImpEndingDoom

    My ultimate fantasy would have to be shrunken man, insertion, boobs, gentle-to-malicious, lips, mouth-play(no vore please), maybe unaware to start or maybe the two of you fucking as he begins to shrink, either way it’d be awesome to see my goddess.

  44. chief

    Boobs, please boobs. Especially any quick amount of nipple play. It would be a shame for you not to show them.

  45. BQB

    How about some anal masturbation and or farting where you can actually see your butt hole… Thax, your devoted slave bqb…

  46. Gline77

    Would love to see some pantyhosed pussy insertion.
    maybe be a sexy bank teller opening an account looking for a deposit,
    or a sexy lawyer trying to hide witnesses,
    or a hot newscaster reporting about a shrinking epidemic.

    but giving a nice sexy sheer tease first then sliding a little man inside your hose showing both their POV and the wet spot they caused.

  47. Insectakon

    Squish a tiny bug size guy with your dirty feet in the bathroom. Then wad him up in a piece of toilet paper and flush him down! Please show you walking away at the end, like it was no big deal and you’ll never give him a second thought.

  48. Mictivle

    Something unaware! Something unaware! And maybe boobs!

  49. Phoenix_24

    Hi Katelyn, it would be great if you could do any type of soft vore, maybe liking someone off the table (like in your valentine day special), or maybe having someone walk onto your tongue letting you swallow them. Or even holding someone in your boobs and/or crushing them between them. Thank you and I really love your work!!

  50. anotherrand...

    Maybe a micro/boob crush scenario? Here’s the first idea off the top of my head:

    A small crowd (or perhaps block of houses, now palm-sized) has been transported to the edge of a table. The people, between 1/4 and 1/8 inch tall, are looking around bewildered when you (topless of course walk past and do a doubletake.

    You lean in for a closer look and carefully pinch up one guy between your fingers, hold him up to your eyes to see what he is while he squirms and tries hopelessly to pry free, then squeeze your breasts together and drop him in. He struggles, stuck. Meanwhile on the table one girl is smart enough to run away (she moves very slowly at that small size) while the rest stand transfixed by your mountainous form looming in front of them. As you squeeze a little more the “lucky” guy is enveloped. Then you let your breasts go and all that’s left of him is a tiny red speck.

    Now the crowd realizes you’re dangerous and starts to run away. You spot the one who started running first, far from the crowd, and slowly lean over the table. As you do your breasts descend upon the city block and the crowd, slowly crushing and grinding both. You barely notice as you lean over the girl that was smart enough to run away first, stopping her by playfully planting a kiss on her that smashes her into the table.

  51. o.o

    Boob crush video. First play then smother. Then take bra off and crush between bare breasts.: D. Please

  52. T&G

    You hold a little man in your hands above your head, teasing him (talking to him or licking him) and them swallow him.

  53. Mikael

    Unaware: Movie night at home with popcorn and tiny boyfriend on your shoulder, you react to something in the movie, guy falls off hiss pearch, slides down your breast and lands in the popcorn. You grab the popcorn and a screaming boyfriend, and eat them.

    Aware: Drop tiny guy on tip of pizza slice, tell him to run fast or he’ll be eaten. Side view of him running across the slice, you bite off a mouthful including the tiny guy.

  54. Marcrtr

    It would be awesome if you could shoot a video of you laying on your bed, on your tummy. And holding your gorgeous mouth open for a tiny admirer to walk right in! You know, like with your chin on the bed as well. Anyway, POV vore, lol.

  55. Ryan

    Unaware older Sister masterbation

  56. Torsten

    I hope suggestions are still open because I’d really love to see a sequel to “Crushed Dry”. Another one of your slaves has been infected by the bad influence of the first, and he’s wandered out of his cage. You discover him whilst you’re dozing naked on your bed. Since he’s not new and should definitely know better, his punishment is much more severe: in spite of all his begging and squirming, he gets slowly pushed into your waiting asshole.

  57. anonymous

    boobs and pussy insertion please.

  58. John

    I’d love to see you crush a city with your awesome thighs, just watching from a side angle as it slowly drops down onto the city.

  59. Izzy

    Anything vore related is always a plus. One thing I’ve always been interested in is mass vore of tinies around 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch, which would look amazing with SFX, much like your ice cream topping video. Maybe eating one right after the other or all at once….both are arousing indeed. Seeing them between your fingers right before you drop them into your mouth is also kind of hot, I’m not really sure why, just shooting out ideas.

  60. emilio

    Katelyn can you do a sunbathing short fx video.. Where you are sunbathing outside and you spot a tiny man spying on you .You stand up over him and start to taunt him with your barefoot .You proceed to slowly crush him under your foot ..Show crushed remains …Thanks

  61. gromacro

    please grow. this may be a bit much but you would be so hot in it. You are the power hungry cotporate manager of a company lab and have brought one of the lab tecs into your office for a discussion about the lies he is spreading. When the clip starts you already seem taller than the tec (simple camera angle) and your clothes are extreamly tight, almost as if they are several sizes too small. You tell him things like “some disturbing rumours have been circulating and i have traced them back to you” & “how dare you suggest that i have been stealing growth serum from the labs, do you know what kind of serious accusasion that is” “I could have you fired for this” “no one is going to disrespect me, I’m in charge here and won’t stand for this to continue” & so on. The whole time you are degrading and threatening the tec we see subtle signs that he is telling the truth. Camera cuts to your top and several buttons pop off. Cuts back to your face as you’re chewing him out and we can see that your head is creeping towards the ceiling. Your skirt is creeping up your thighs at an alarming rate and starts to rip. Just as you finish telling him you’have his job your head hits the ceiling and your skirt and shirt burts off revealing panties that look like they are ready to burst and a bra several sizes too small that can barely contain your growing breasts. “How am I gowing to teach you a lesson, what can I do to make sure you never say anything like this again?” As you say this you are still growing and have to sit down as your body is filling the room. Your bra bursts off your breasts and you moan rubbing them as you feel the power flowing into your growing body. You grab the tiny tec. The camera cuts to your tattered panties that burst off your growing soaked pussy with a wet snap and you shove the tec in using him to get off, showing him who’s in charge.

  62. Megagiant5280

    I would love to see you crush a bunch of little people then have you like your foot clean!

  63. Freedom Fig...

    You tied down scenario…..haven’t seen one of those with you since the days of Gnomes of Gulliveria

  64. Snap

    Oooooo. Mistress Katelyn! Please, please, something involving a tiny (1/2 inch) desperately tring to climb your nylon clad instep to gain relative “safety” atop your metatarsal. Maybe you sidestep and crush him before he succeeds. Maybe you roll your foot slowly out as you casually shift your heavenly weight, first snagging/entangling the tiny and then, slowly crushing/steamrollering him out under your instep. Maybe he succeeds only to be squished and smeared by your other foot as you casually scratch an itch (kind of like one of the victims in ABMU)
    Oh please dearest heavenly Goddess! I beg thee!

  65. crusader

    Its been sooooooooooo long since u did any fx vore, so for all that is good eat someone! It would be great if it was in a spoonfull of icecream.

  66. tgwnal

    I’d love to see something more giga-ish. Boob crush, ass, insertion, or vore of the planet. The short video format means you wouldn’t have to worry about having to keep up interaction when people are too small to really interact. I just really wish there were some videos somewhere out there like that.

  67. Jon

    Why not try throwing a little guy/girl into a glass of water then gulp ’em down!

  68. Shrink ray

    Would love to see a scene like you did from the spellbook, where you see the guy shrinking down at your feet and from the back between your legs, only this time your wearing your catholic school girl mini-skirt and some beautiful suntan pantyhose or thigh-high stockings. We see a shot of him in front of your stocking feet and a shot of you looking down at him and saying “well Kevin my little shrinkee, you could’ve been my little footslave for life, but all you want to be is a fuckin’ prick. Now all you’re gonna be is a nasty stain under my beautiful sheer pantyhose.” We see a shot of him at her feet as she lifts her foot to squash him and then walks away saying, “what a waste, he would’ve made a great addition to my shrinkee collection!”

  69. Masta Small

    Hello Katelyn! Would it be too much to ask if you could do a video of you doing jumping jacks, your massive feet crushing the ant like victims around with ease? Or maybe a Micro City quakes with fear as your gigantic rear lowers over it, you not noticing the thousands of lives being crushed under your massive ass. I’ve always had a vision of you flooding a city with your cum as you experience a powerful orgasm, the buildings and people destroyed as a wave of your juices covers the whole area!

  70. El Portero

    I’ve always wanted to see you clone and shrink yourself so that you can understand why we worship your sexy body like we do. Force your shrunken self to experience the hot breath of your mouth, the perfectly-knobbed recesses of your navel, the flawless folds of your asshole. Make HER want to be inside your taunt, smooth belly as the food sitting heavy in your stomach and gurgling through your bowels. And, once she’s digested, you get to absorb all the memories and then pleasure yourself to the thought of both sides of this sexy scenario.

  71. Megalomancer

    One word says it all: Pussy.

  72. Portside

    Since there’s none of it in your store yet, it’d be good to see you crush and devour whole worlds >:3

  73. Phil

    Growth growth and more growth please!!!!! I’ve been waiting so long to be able to see you really grow, and just the idea that you could do a quickie of it to show off is making me anxious!!!!

  74. unnoticeddeath

    A lot of votes for Unaware. Id personally love to see you go about your morning routine unaware of some tiny people in your bathroom. Morning pee with a tiny man trapped on the toilet seat, shower, teeth brushing, ect.

    Or if you’ve got the backyard privacy you should consider flooding an anthill for us. Nothing like panty drop flash flood to teach those bugs some respect.

  75. hybrid

    Bare foot, ground tremble, tease and crush with a tiny man, same size as midnight goddess.

  76. Clocksmasher

    30 seconds? plenty of time to bulldoze a micro city with your pussy.

  77. boo

    One humble request to You Goddess – a FX between legs/thigs crush/smother. im I would see it I could die happy :D

  78. TinyGuy01

    It can’t hurt to ask or suggest, but maybe I was thinking a quick video which depicts to prelude to a shrunken-newbie’s role as a sex slave?

    Just something along the lines of you ramming it into the guy (or gal) about what you will be doing with them

    – Its a pervy suggestion I know, but something along those lines would be pretty cool I think… maybe you could even make the 30 second short as a prelude to one of your already existing video’s :)

  79. Michael

    Hey Katelyn! I remember a while back you did a community appreciation video, but I never got mine. :(
    But that doesn’t matter! Hopefully I could get one of these done, which would be fantastic.

    I’d like to see a tiny man standing on top of a stand-up glass dildo. He’s got nowhere to go and the fall is too much, he may not make it. Along comes the lovely giantess Katelyn, ignorant to his presence…she is standing above him warming herself up. Teasing herself and sliding her fingers around. She drops to her knees and, while the tiny is screaming for help, she spreads her lips apart and kisses the tip of the dildo, but pulls back! He is stuck to the tip with the juices from her sex. For a moment, she hovers above him, the tiny thinks he is safe. But again, she spreads her quivering lips apart and her pussy swallows him whole. She presses down deep onto the stading glass dildo and grinds her hips side to side. She pulls the dildo out and it’s clean, no little tiny to be seen!

    If you could do this, it would be absolutely fantastic.
    I’d have some video to accompany my imagination, a dream come true. ;)

  80. Colin

    Stuff a tiny down the back of some tight shorts and keep him trapped between your butt cheeks. Then maybe you could go jogging or dancing with some girlfriends or something. Would rule.

  81. Torsten

    I like the mass vore suggestion. You’re just finishing up eating a whole bunch of people and there’s just one left. Now they have to undergo the torment of dangling by your huge mouth while you ponder if you’re just too damn full for even one more snack. It’s funny, you think, how so many people with names and lives and hopes and dreams are now just a pleasant full feeling in your belly. Then of course you eat him, because there’s always room for one more.

  82. Greek

    I been big fan ever since you created a store : P and I think you are pretty familiar with Karbos work.

    I think a vore scenerio like this
    karbo. deviantart. com/ art / Felarya-manga-T3-page-42-150199402 would be very cute! It can be like your “Garden Of A Giantess” where you find a small tent of tinies camping in your garden and you decide to teach them a lession! You can pick a few up and swallow them and the ones hideing in the tent you can grab and chug them down! Showing off your throat while doing it with load gulping noises would be great! You can even add in a small mouth PoV its all up to you, it leaves a lot to play with.

    What I really enjoy are the digestion noises in your “Giantess Of A Garden” movie. If you can include them in this one or any vore clip that would be amazeing! (If it fits within the 30 seconds of course : P)

  83. Bradley Roush

    i have a couple ideas. your boyfreind shrinked unexpectedly and got stuck on your flip fops and u unawarely crush him with your huge beautiful goddess feet one night u decided to go out to meet the girls. another idea i have is u shrink your freind who is always making rude pervert comments to you and u stuck him to your dildo and stick him in your pussy and ride thrust him in and out untill your tight pussy walls crush his tiny body :)

  84. Bradley Roush

    Michael i love your idea that is a sexy video i would love to see that ;)

  85. Arend

    Could you sit on a tiny man on a chair in Lululemons Your probably the best to do it.

  86. Nicholas

    Sweet! You are just the best, Katelyn! :D

    Maybe a sanwich making and eating video with a tiny (or tinies) inside. I prefer unaware here, but I don’t care much.

    Or if you could get one of your other giantess friends over and lick a tiny off of her breast, that’d be awesome.

    Or speaking of couples, licking a tiny off of a hard cock would be good too, but I doubt you’d do that.

  87. Caomasta

    How about an unaware inshoe flipflop crush where you crush a tiny man with your toes while you wiggle them in then slide the rest of your foot over his mangled body then maybe do a little dangling with the shoe he was crushed in.

  88. dre

    guy masterbats while looking up at you playing with yourself and as you are about to cum you crush him under your bare foot as he is cumming.

  89. TinySean

    be cool to see some pov videos from you, maybe some unaware..or shrinking down to micro size whether it be a person or prehaps a whole city if possible..but i would like to see a pov video the most maybe like a exploration of your entire body..just a couple of ideas for you

  90. gtsquisit

    Whoa … that’s a lot of comments. I don’t really have a script but I’d love to see you stick a house in your ass and slowly crush it with your sphincter. :'( after the deed is done, you finger the rest in to finish the job.

    While this is happening we can get some dialogue with its occupants and a pov from the inside.

    Um yeah… pretty crazy :-[

  91. moose

    Bunch o’ tiny micro people end up in your bra cups while it’s laying around and you unawarely put it on and then after you’re dressed you start to notice take a peek in and oh boy does it end up turning you on.

  92. david

    can do one where dump bunch micro people into mouth like pit, then swallow them whole licking lips burping afterwards?

  93. mr mini


    .Eating tinies, or a tinyman with cum.

    .Tinymen cracker, etc toppings.

    .Stomping along (with the boom noise) then stick unaware guy in pussy.

    .Micro city snack/eat mini cities in various ways.

    .Sneak up on another unaware guy and put him in cleavage.

    .Say Meow or Rawr, as you are about to crush city with hand or boobs.

    . tinies or a tinyman eaten in/on Nutella.

  94. Anon

    DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY micro insertion!!!!!!!!

  95. joselitooo23

    micro city, many micro cities you with huge heels stepping on lots of miniature cities, it would be excellent

  96. gtsquisit

    Slightly smaller than Garden of a giantess size. I love micro, but when things get way way too tiny, its hard to follow the action.

  97. AnonymousMP

    I remember seeing this picture on your Giantessbooru site months ago, so I went to search for it and found it and I think it would be a great fx inspiring piece. It’s a giantess surrounded by multiple tinies, all of which are different sizes ranging from a size small enough to be snuffed up the woman’s nose without her knowing to large enough to hold against her armpit to force them to lick up her warm, salty sweat, which is glistening everywhere on her body.

    Basically, everything possible is happening to the small people; squeezed between her toes and under her feet, while a much larger tiny is standing and licking the raised heel of the same foot; there is one servicing the naked giantess’ butt, half of her body is sticking out from between the large butt cheeks, while her upper half is under and in between the large, toned ass of the giantess; some bloody bodies are strewn around the wood floor and box the giantess is sitting on, all showing evidence of the method that their bodies capitulated to the giantess’ playful nature; some tiny people can be seen climbing on her discarded clothes, sticking out of her shoes, and some failing to escape the dirty, sweaty socks; there is a small implication the she is swallowing the tinies by way of small forms struggling on her moist tongue inside a steamy mouth that is sexually gaped open, with strands of saliva connecting the top and bottom of her mouth, that are as large as gigantic pillars to the doomed tinies in her mouth. There are a couple situations missing, breast play and anything around her pussy, but I imagine that if this idea is made into one of these FX shorts that can be changed.

    Another observation I made, but isn’t too important, is all the naked tinies are women.

    BTW /post/view/121513 is the picture in case I’ve sparked interest in the picture. One of Vivian’s best. Just put the site before the first forward slash and paste in the url.

  98. XS

    Tiny city/Really Big Katelyn :) Anything where you are proportionally a mile hight is good OR tiny earth would be nice as well (like the size of a Golf Ball) :)
    Thanks Goddess

  99. MarkM

    Wow almost a hundred posts in little over a day! Does this set a new record Katelyn? Exciting blog with such great fantasies! Wish I could of thought of a better one but so busy working a string of 12 hour shifts.

    Looking forward to seeing some of these!


  100. Jessiah

    I’d like to think that micro is 2 inches to more than 1 milimeter in comparison. Smaller than than I like to think nano.

  101. AnonymousMP

    P.S. Had to change my email since I forgot the password to the previously provided account. As you can see it follows the same persona as the prior one, so it should be obvious that this isn’t some person pretending to be someone else.

  102. LittleLawrence

    How about an interview? Some lucky tiny gets to interview you, though the questions make you hungry ^^

  103. ken fischer

    to me “micro” is just small enough to fit inside your mouth comfortably, that’s why I love those “inside-out” POVs so much.

  104. LCD

    I would love to see crowd crush from a micro city type perspective – love the giga idea if crush is involved… but a taunting city/crowd crush would be awesome – but fully aware that it’s people not bugs. I also love the idea of a pinkie crush before the big crush, be that toe or foot or hand. The scene from Midnight where you caught the folks under the table and taunted them is the type of taunting I mean.

    Hope this isn’t too late to be considered.

  105. ThatGuy

    I’d love to see you as a Giga size Giantess pissing on a city or two!

  106. Jet

    For clarification on my idea, I mean the size in A Business Meeting Unaware.

  107. buttcrush

    Do some thong lap dances like in midnight goddess with micro people! :)

  108. Valciron

    When I think micro, I think really small, ranging from an ant hill sized city to an grape sized planet.

    Haha, hope that isn’t a problem.

  109. Mike

    Throwing another vote out there for farting

  110. Sheela

    Well I’m utterly flattered that an image I did inspired you so much! I look forward to seeing the video that was inspired by it. I do love me some giant couples, and it’s rarely done!

  111. art

    Growth please, out of control!

  112. JakeT

    Anal insertion, please! :)

  113. nick

    for me anything involving soft vore would be perfect, i especially enjoyed the videos featuring digestion noises :)

  114. Tiny Todd

    This one would be pretty easy to film I think. I would like to see you open the scene with a closeup of you with your hand closed. You open your hand and there is standing a scared tiny woman. You move her close to your face and smirk at her. As you pick her up she starts begging you to stop and once you open your mouth, she starts screaming and you put her into your mouth and swallow her alive. Then you lick your lips and rub your stomach like you are very satisfied after eating your tiny snack.

  115. Tiny Todd

    Sorry one more that I would also like to see a tiny woman insertion. I know this will be hard to do in 30 seconds but it would still be nice to see. With sound fx of course. :)

  116. RytheGuy

    Unaware ass crush, tiny man strapped to a dildo, or tiny man in panties. Any of those would make my wildest dreams come true! All scenarios with the man about an inch tall. Keeping my fingers crossed that maybe one can be made. Thanks! :)

  117. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    Hello again. I want to add that I think hand-held scenes can be incorporated in pretty much all of the above ideas from your other fans! And of course, I do enjoy it when you have a nice manicure & wear several rings ;-)
    And, even though I might be in a minority, I hope you can have some friendly interaction with the shrumken man, whether he’s 1 inch tall or 1/4 inch tall!
    Also, I’m still interested in seeing your “vanilla sex” & bj videos you’d talked about in your past blogs, although I’m not sure a 30 second vid will be enough time for these!
    Really excited about your upcoming FX videos :-)
    Bill Thumb

  118. mrfeeny

    centimeters and millimeters are good

  119. James

    Another +1 for vore and thigh highs (preferably opaque white stockings). I’d love to see you pulling tinies out of your stocking tops to eat.

    I much prefer aware – it’s much more fun to torment I think, so I’d second the comments on having a fleeing scenario.

    Also, a lesbian sex scene + vore would be incredible ;) Throw in stockings and I might faint.

  120. James

    Also, I think the perfect micro size is in the range of the one from that picture to about half that size.

  121. LiquidZ

    Show us what you would do to galaxies when you are big enough that they fit on the tip of your finger. And better yet, what you would do at that size with an equally sized giant to join you =p .

    Also Micro is 1mm or less… preferably much much less like 1/1000th of a mm.

  122. MarkM

    “I don’t think I have any other choice but to film me some hard cock sucking and fucking for the first time”

    Oh Katelyn I would Love to see this! Please do! I’ve completely warmed up to the male stuff now. I’ve been liking Sheela’s drawings with the male private parts too! Very hot!

    This is the most exciting blog I’ve read for a long time. Nice reading everyone else’s fantasies besides my own. Most are all hot!

    With Love,

  123. moose

    I’d put micro at a centimeter. Even though its name implies microscopic and many times it refers to speck-sized, I think it’s just imagined small enough to distinguish from the inch or two height range but still intractable.

  124. moose

    *interactable :/

  125. Chuck

    Most popular ones? Awww, we aren’t getting any hands videos then. Oh well, at least some of us tried. :P

    And micro? Nah, I’m more for something like 3 inches tall…

  126. Ryan

    I would love to see some foot worship with tiny women. Or shrunken woman crush. As for scale, something like BMU sized tinies would be best (IMO)

  127. Reietto

    I apologize ahead of time, I know this is overkill for a free 30 Second clip, but I figured I’d think a little more creative than my last post.

    You walked in from a rather long day at work. Being a waitress sucked, but it did help pay the bills. Your day was so busy, you had no chance for a break and as such, you are starving and overwhelmed. Your boyfriend of some years should be home somewhere. You thought he was having some of his friends come over to play Xbox. Maybe they went out somewhere and will be back?

    You see a box of cereal thrown on its side on the ground. Oblivious to the origins of the box on the floor, and not really caring where your boyfriend or his friends are at this moment, you decide this will make a good snack. With your famished stomach growling hungrily, you take out a bowl and milk and prepare cereal for yourself.

    Completely unaware of the travesty you have missed previously; the reason for the box being on said floor was because your boyfriend and his friends were shrunk to about 1/2 an inch by mysterious forces. You two have a pet cat, and because of the predator nature of felines, chased your poor boyfriend and said friends into the box of cereal that fell from the table during the initial pounce.

    Luckily, the box landed open and with a little effort, the shrinkies managed to take refuge within the cardboard sanctuary before anyone was harmed.

    Unluckily, you do not share this knowledge as you pour the contents of the box into awaiting bowl.

    None the wiser, you eat the cereal. Plenty of POV from the unluckily survivors of the previous attack ensue. To finish, you place the bowl to your lips and slurp in any cereal (or anyone ;D) you missed. Now full and wondering where your boyfriend is, you try calling his cell.

    No answer.

  128. Greek

    A other video I thought of which would be amazing (and fits within the 30 second mark) if your a giant Succubus invadeing a large city to absorb everyones souls by inhaleing them! (You could be on a mission to punish their sins! or just doing it becuase your hungry : P )

    The FX could be similiar to Isabelle Shys “Trashy Women” Video with the scene where she sucks in the garbage like Kirby : P

    Sucking in the souls could be followed with a close up of your open mouth with the souls going into your throat!

    After the inhaleing is done it can be followed by a large gulp (with your neck completely streched foward and up) <3 then maybee a view of your stomach with Digestion FX noises.

  129. Bradley Roush

    Heyy JakeT i think like a shrunken man about a quarter inch stuck to Kates Dildo and stuck into her ass would be sexy that would make some of my favorite fantasies come true :)

  130. steve

    A scenario where a bunch of frshmen collage girls ask you if they can go inside to borrow an umbrella for thier swimming paty. When they all go inside you offer them something to drink and that shrinks them. shortly after you decide to punish them for making the loudest noise the other night and you insert a couple of them in your ass while you let the others watch in horror. later you tell the rest that youll let them go if they scale your ass and lick it(close ups on their faces while licking)you then change your mind when their at the point of your hole and youu decide totake a dip while their still there. After that you decide to give them a dip of yyour own and send themm swimming in your pussy while fucking them and you finish them off by slowly swollowing them.

  131. steve

    sorry if the last one is a bit lon, I just have a lot to say. thank you for your time and what you are doing for all of us. c:

  132. Guest1

    When I think micro I think size of Midnight Goddess or smaller. That’s the size that would be awesome in a video (Midnight Goddess or a little bit smaller).

  133. nboud223

    where will these free FX shorts be when done?

  134. (blank)

    micro = as small as you can get with the fx where we can still distinguish them as people and not just specks. < 2mm is fantastic.

  135. sp180

    Micro as in microscopic–I think a scenario involving a Brobdingnagan stripper and Lilliputian customers with Gulliveran guides would be really hot. For reference, Minuss’ Wedding Story describes this set up perfectly (but I would love to see more feet and ‘between toes’ action involved)–here is a link to the chapter in the story mentioned:

  136. (blank)

    forgot to mention sound effects. booms, shakes, screams…the works.

  137. dan

    Please do a vid involving a shrunken man inside your navel! I have a big navel fetish and your bellybutton is soooooooo hot!

  138. matt

    could you please crush a man between your asscheecks ina thong? :D u have an amazing booty

  139. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    I have a few more ideas, like maybe you can get a space toy ray-gun or even a water-gun, & paint it silver, then you can use that as a Shrink-Ray Gun prop.
    One idea is that you can have a suitor who you’ve shrunken down, & he sits on your shoulder so you can talk to him while you’re working on your computer, watching a dvd or playong a video game.
    And while you’re laying down in the nude resting, or with just a see-through bra & panties, it’d be great if you could have a 1/4 inch tall man or 1/2 inch tall man crawl along your leg calf, then along your breasts & cleavage, & by your mouth so he can be near your luscious lips!
    Also, I know this might sound silly, but do a video where you act somewhat “normal” & realistic – like how you acted in The Spellbook or The Giantess Walks Among Us. It would just make your reaction to the shrunken man seem more interesting IMO.
    In addition, I’d enjoy seeing p-o-v low angles of you from your chest upward, & low angle, full bosy low angles, & low angles of your beautiful face & mouth.
    Oh yes, regarding my hand held requests, it’ll be awesome if you can do an extreme close-up of the 1/4 inch man standing in your palm, as he stands next to one of your big rings. Do you have a macro-lens for this effect?
    Maybe after the hand-held scenes, it’d be super if the tiny man was standing on the bottom of the screen, & we’d see an extreme close-up of your lovely eyes looking straight ahead at the camera, then camera would go down & we’d see an extreme close-up of your mouth as you talked to the tiny man.
    I guess I just have a lot of wild & crazy ideas, & I very much hope you’ll consider them :-D
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  140. coolk17

    Micro is a speck, so small that your toes would look like Mountains IF NOT BIGGER!

  141. BBT

    How about swallowing a tiny airplane (or helicopter, I’m easy)? Could be an unaware scene, just stretching and yawning outside and the ill-fated vehicle flies into your open mouth, followed by a reflexive swallow. Perhaps round it off with stomach rubbing and wondering what kind of bug you just ate and why it tasted so good.

  142. Dan

    Food + Tiny Vore.

    Quite simple, you could be sat at your table, or place of your choosing – you have a slice of awesome chocolate cake on a plate your already tucking into. On, or in the slide is a tiny – ideally a women (FX) under a glass upturned is another tiny (guy) – no real back story is given, just the impression one might take from a the sight they are BF/GF.

    While banging on the glass prison, he has to watch as you single out his trapped GF in the cake, bring it up to your open mouth (which already has some remnants of a previous slice of the same yummy chocolate cake) – Shot from the fork’s / cake POV – looking into the abyss.

    She screams as into your mouth she goes – you enjoy the cake, and open up after a moment or three, showing off the remains of the cake and her trapped (still alive) in ‘the mix’ to the glass (and the guy) before forcefully gulping it down.

    One you have finished you go back to maybe reading a book, or looking at something on a tablet.

    The idea being, the 30 or so seconds is just a glimpse, a snippet (if you will) into the every day life of a giantess.

    In this instance, you (for example) caught this tiny couple trying to take food from you – as such, you trapped them and make them pay – him first, by having to watch his girlfriend sent forcefully into your stomach, while enjoying a slice of cake.
    But it’s done in such as way that while you show off her in your mouth, and swallow her whole, you are somewhat disinterested – it’s more like a ‘day off’ type clip, where the ‘plan’ was to chill out, read a book, but ‘nooo’ they had to come out and try and steal your food.

    So, yes that would be kool I think. A no-nonense vore clip, with you swallowing some tiny women caught in your kitchen, no real dialogue – your in no mood to really talk or play with them, she is simply placed in your goey cake, and eaten (swallowed).

    Screaming and exaggerated gulp would be appreciated.

    Hope you like the idea.

    Dan xx

  143. Anonymous

    Hope I’m not too late…

    It would be awesome if you did a scene where… you are laying naked on your stomach on your living room floor, trying to figure out what to do with the tiny 1-2mm man that you found sneaking around. Holding out the tip of your index finger with the tiny man on top in front of your face, you think of a unique way to “make use” of the tiny guy. After a brief moment of silent thinking, you knew just exactly what to do with him… Rolling over onto your stomach, you very carefully moved him to just above your butt. Then using your other hand, you pulled on a cheek, spreading your crack open slightly. You then turned your finger upside down and held it there for a moment to insure that the tiny speck fell in. You then released your butt cheek, allowing it to jiggle back into position, and folded your arms up under your pillow and closed your eyes, drifting off to sleep. You imagined you could feel the tiny man squirming around between your massive cheeks, but considering just how tiny he was, you doubted this was the case. In either event, the man was as good as dead, whether it happened later or had already happened(hopefully it can be filmed) was of no concern to you.

    I feel as though this would make for an excellent scene! Hope my imagination helped! Good luck with your videos!

  144. kentlillipu...

    Hi Katelyn!

    I don’t know if its too late to get in a small request, but here goes: Any chance of a Gulliver’s Travels type sequence somewhere in your film? Where you fall asleep and get tied up by tiny people?

    Anyway look forward to seeing the results.

  145. johnn

    Hi Katelyn,

    The best video are micro people crushed (the best size is between an Ant and a Fly) and micro city crushed (in this case with the buldings not much taller than your ankle)!
    Boobs crush ans pussy/butt crush are always the best…..

  146. BQB

    I’m pretty sure its safe to say that at least a 1/5 of us whants to be your ass slave (up close) farting anal insertion ect…

    Your devoted slave BQB

  147. BQB

    Hopefully POV or shrunken men. :D

    Your slave BQB

  148. An

    Lots of shrunken women would be awesome in your videos, not to many of those out there.

    For example you could be a cheerleader who didn’t make the cut and shrunk down the cheer-leading team and do what you want to them (vore, foot massage, in-shoe crush)


    you could shrink down your boyfriends ex girlfriend and have “fun” with her…. like say… suck her off his cock.(Giant couples).

    also thanks for all the videos you make, they are awesome! :D

  149. anon

    Giant couples is so hot! tinies involved during fucking please

  150. James

    I know we have had a lot of ass crush videos from you but I was thinking of one quick fx where you have a guy crawling on your ass and I would love to see more of your bum hole.

  151. yours always

    Hi katelyn
    I’m pretty sure you don’t remember me but I caught the attention of a goddess about a year ago on the ‘toering on ship’ post ^_^

    Anyway I’d love so see a couple of slaves dedicatedly worshipping you while standing on your massive toenail, and then if you could casually tilt your foot to let them slide off and grant them a most divine death under your beautiful toes..

    I’m also a huge fan of high heels, so I’d be most humbled if you’d do something with that :D
    Infact I’d be honoured just knowing that you read this insignificant ants comment ..

  152. BQB

    Uhm… goddess katelyn, where and when will these movies be posted and will they be mobile  compatable?

    Your devoted slave BQB

  153. Michael

    I thought so too Bradley! Hopefully she will feel inclined to appease my tiny wishes. ;D

  154. StarryAqua

    When I think micro, most of the time in the giantess and furry communities, it is about the size of a toe. So toe quenching and squishing could be good.

  155. Microbe

    How about one with microscopic people living inside of you?

  156. Courtney

    Hey Katelyn, not sure if it’s too late, but my request would be you walking in, after a long day, and noticing several tinies on the floor, intending to have yourself a treat, it would essentially involve some being dropped into cleavage, ass crush then ending up being devoured.

    Not sure if it would exceed the 30 second mark though, thanks.

  157. Courtney

    Browsing the other comments, I forgot to mention about sound effects. booms, shakes, screams…the works, if possible.

  158. MarkM

    Oh I’ll second what Courtney said just for future reference. Sound effects add so much. I remember in Midnight Goddess a couple of place’s where Katelyn slams her foot down either in front of or on top of a little person and with my headphones on it was like an earthquake. Almost made me jump and heart skip a couple of beats.

    Another really good sound effect I Love is when Katelyn swallows a little person how she augments the swallowing sound so you can hear it extra well. That really gives me the effect of going right down her throat!

    Oh one more coming to mind. When she squashed that guy on her bathroom floor in Party Crushes as she was just about to crush him you could hear his voice straining under her weight. Just like it would be in real life! Whew so hot……………


  159. p

    defo the fleeing crowd of tinies under sweaty feet with screams

  160. p

    2mm perfect!!!!

  161. Corsair

    I might be too late on the show but in case you still accept ideas, what about a different type of buttcrush? Since it lasts only 30 seconds how about squeezing them between the wall and your ass?

    And since we’re talking about micros how about sitting how a micro army or something.

  162. Greg

    You should do a Xrated one where you are 20 feet tall. You look down at the pathetic man and pick him up. You rip his clothes off and can see and hear even with his crys of “you’re crushing me” that he is really excited and ready to be used. As you begin to get wet you jam him into your gorgeous vigina. Feeling very powerful you continue until he is spent. Having not reached an ultimate orgasm you drop him at your sexy feet. To fulfill your gigantic desire you crush him repeatly with your giant foot until you cum with a tremendous fury screaming as you reach your ultimate ecstasy!!!!

  163. Dave

    I want to see you crushing a woman. A story about youre sister with a foot fetish. Befor you chrushing her she must lick youre feet or so. A slowly crushing was cool to see. She know that she never grown up and her last wish is it to get crushed from her sisters feet ^^

    Sorry for my bad english.

    With love Dave

  164. David

    I’d like to see a remake of the “Unpack your Adjectives”. Specifically the part where the girl who is tall gets taller, and the boy who is small gets smaller. The boy gets soooo small he looks like a tiny bug trembling before your enormous goddess feet. He bows down to worship but it doesn’t matter because you are the tallest and he is the smallest of all. “STOMP!!” Your right foot comes down with earth-shaking force and the little bug boy is obliterated. Close ups of your beautiful face and lips singing the words very sweetly mixed with the perspective of shrinking boy. The last thing he sees, a bugs-eye view of your gorgeous foot towering over him. He probably wets his pants too. I have`a strong preference for right foot crush. Feels like you really mean it when you use the right foot! Luv you…

  165. Michael

    You are wearing daisy duke shorts and black close toed pumps and there are micro(less than 1 mm) men on the floor as you strut around your kitchen, doing chores and cleaning, and you have no idea they are there, so you unknowingly crush them until there is only one left. You squat down on your toes and pick him up, but you think he is just a grain of sugar your dropped earlier while cooking so you eat him and stomp away :)

  166. lilleo1968

    Here’s an idea. What if you did a movie where You were the Dean of a University and you are debating on cuting off funding to a research professor. Just before you are scheduled to meet with him, He attempts to perform one of His experiments and accidentelly shrinks himself in his lab. You come walking in in buisiness atire, maybe Stockings and patent leather pumps. Not realizing that he’s only a quarter of an inch tall dodging your giant shoes. Naturally you grow impatient being stood up and start impatiently tapping you foot and finally stomp out of his office in disgust, not realizing that you Stomped the scientist, and he’s stuck to your shoe…

  167. Dave

    Not to be a burden, but when are these videos supposed to be released? I’m sure you’ve been very busy, so please, I’m only concerned with when we could expect their release. Thank you.

  168. Joe Bombable

    Anything Cosplay related, fantasizing about your favorite; comic, anime, cartoon, video game character does a number to the imagination.

  169. nick1000

    hello please katelyn made ​​a video or voice or subtitle in French please!!

  170. ty

    i would of love to of been the person that you eat becouse i think it would be really cool to diegest in your stomach

  171. Joshua P

    Katelyn can you make shrunken men video and post on utube? I love ur feet a lot!

  172. Mike

    I know you must be very busy, are any of these videos going to be released this year? I just seems like the blogs have been less and less the last few months.

  173. Ghostgunner88

    How about u do a ass crush video were u have on a shirt and jeans plus socks and you sit on your victim with your ass half of the video you sit on them with your jeans on and the other half with your panty on that would be awesome.

  174. Tbuddy

    Panty entrapment while pulling the up your legs! Could be aware or unaware!

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