January’s Sitewide Updates

January’s Sitewide Updates

Hello, my shrunken mortals. <3 Starting a few days ago, early in the month, I began following through with my site-wide updates plan as mentioned in my Happy New Year 2014 blog post. Now I’m happy to announce the updates are complete, so here’s a list of everything that’s new in the various sections of my website!

New Pictures of the Day Set

Two nights ago I shot a new Pictures of the Day set, and got it edited and up yesterday. This set features my powerful bare feet and curvy booty in a striped thong, with me slowly pulling down my cozy white fleece pants revealing more and more.


Click here to go to the Picture’s of the Day area of my website and enjoy a new photo twice daily!

When I shoot my Pictures of the Day sets, I enjoy doing a variety of themes and expressions, mainly with point of view style pictures where I sometimes look at the camera and other times look elsewhere as if there are tinies there with me in the case anyone would like to collage a photo or two or make a set. =) So if any my fellow little collager bugs would like to create art with my shots, I’m totally fine with that! (As long as the images aren’t being used by my ex or in relation to him, of course.)

Those of you who follow my Twitter may have seen that I had to chose out of 17 sets that I’ve stocked up! It was hard to chose which set I wanted to use because they’re all fun! With having so many sets, I’ve been thinking that I might end up releasing an extra set in its entirety in one of my upcoming early month updates.

My previous face-shot and mouth closeup Pictures of the Day set Happy Holidays 2013 still had 11 photos left, all of which you get now!


Download Happy Holidays 2013 full set or view Happy Holidays 2013 individual images.

New Wonderslug Collage Gallery

Many of you know Wonderslug, an incredibly talented and revered collage artist of our community. Here and there throughout 2013 I exchanged some emails with him, us trading content back and forth, and I actually meant to release the collages he’s made of me much sooner– so I’m very excited to be doing so now.

Click here to view 14 new collages of yours truly, crafted by the amazingly talented Wonderslug.

Also, for those of you who aren’t aware where all of his artwork can be found, I’d like to share with you a link to Wonderslug’s collages at egiantess.com! <3

Before continuing on with listing the rest of my updates, I’d like to say I’m personally into all Giantess sizes from Mini to a Giga. However, I’m the perfect size in the image above because Mega is by far the size that gets me off the most. I love the sheer amount of mass destruction and terror that I would cause at such an incredible size. The very thought of all of those buildings demolishing into crumble and dust, people crushing all over my skin staining me with their remains, hearing the screams and sirens of the havoc below while I lower my head to lick and gulp down a few blocks’ worth of civilization…. mmmm! *Reaches for a vibrator, inserts it, and gets one off before continuing.* … Ahhh, ok, back to the post!

10 new collages have been added to the Giantess Fan Art Gallery!

Click here to go to the Giantess Fan Art Gallery! The image above is one of my favorites of the bunch. This beautifully done collage makes me want to get Giantess Rachel (back) and Giantess Kerri (front) together for a shoot at my place sometime- I think they look pretty damn hot together as Giantesses! Don’t know what the chances of that happening would be since they’re from different states, but if I have the opportunity I’ll definitely take it!

3 new collages have been added to the Shrunken Fan Art Gallery!

Click here to go to the Shrunken Fan Art Gallery! The scenario of being nude in my back yard with shrunken people crawling up my body like bugs gets me all worked up! Looking at this image, I imagine how much pleasure I’d be in during the tinies’ journey, with them sending tingling sensations up my body with every new inch of their successful (or tragic) journey. For conquering the near impossible task of crawling my body like a mountain, I’d fulfill every one of their sexual desires…. but I’m sure I’d be so horny during playing with them that I might steer a few of their fantasies into the direction my own, ultimately ending with them inside of my throat, pussy, ass, and crushed at various locations all over my nude body.

By the way- I’m super DUPER excited for the warm season to come and I *hope* to shoot HISTK parody in my back yard and in my kitchen this year!

Also, during one of my upcoming site-wide updates, I’d like to take some time to source every single fan art collage possible, and add in a way to link to their personal galleries that way you can easily find more of their artwork to enjoy. With the amount of collages I have on my website, I’m expecting this to be a few day process, but I figured I’d let everyone know it’s in my plans of turning my website into a larger sexual playground. ;)

New fan stories featuring Giantess Growth and Shrunken Man!

By J Woods — Featuring: Slow Growth, Multiple Orgasms, Insertion

Katelyn was working on her website when she heard a knock at the door.  She hopped up and ran over to check who it was.  Looking out she saw no one there but when she opened the door there was a small package at her feet.  “I didn’t order anything that I can remember” she said to herself.  She picked up the box and brought it into her kitchen.  It was addressed to her but the return address was faded and she couldn’t read it.  Curious she opened the box and looked in to see a small bottle and piece of paper.  Opening the bottle revealed 2 different colored pills.  One was green and the size of a normal Tylenol the other was black and the size of a small egg.  Katelyn looked at the note:

I’ve created these pills so that you can fulfill all your dreams (and mine).
The green pill will trigger a short period of growth causing you to grow about 20 or 30 feet tall.  This should make you big enough to do most whatever you want to but if you decide its not enough take the black one and see what it does.  I’ll be watching the news to see.


P.S.  As these have not yet been fully tested there may be some side effects.

Click here to continue reading…

Just for Fun
By Adam Crask — Featuring: A 3 Inch Shrunken Man, Captor Scenario, Smelly Feet

Life is too short. We have so limited a time to experience as much as we can before it’s all over. Why was this on the mind of eighteen year old, Mark? Given the situation he was in it was all he could think about. What had he done to deserve this? He’d always been a good brother and son. His grades at school could have been better, but so could a lot of other kids’. He sat on the massive bed, near the not as big, but still huge pillows, as the fleeting thoughts coursed through his mind. At three inches in size everything was way above normal proportion to him.

He didn’t know exactly where he was other than a bedroom, but he at least knew it was in a hotel of some sort because he had been able to sneak a few peeks when he was being transported here. Now, all he was doing was waiting for his captor to get done with whatever she was doing in the bathroom. She was probably taking a shower. There was a small cloud of subtle steam coming from under the door.

Click here to continue reading…

Last but not least, if you’d like to lay a contribution such as a collage or story at my feet, you can mail it to me at [email protected] and I will be sure to share it on my site for everyone to see! <3

Well my little play things, that about wraps up January’s site-wide updates. Sometime mid month I will be working on a new artsy creation of sorts to share with all of you! In the meantime between my posts I will be working on my regular store updates, emails, customs, taking a day or two off (which I haven’t had in a while!), etc.

Giantess Katelyn


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. TheDreamer

    Some additions to the vids under “worship” category would be lovely, if possible :-)

  2. Greg Viera

    Loved the Blog always :)
    can’t wait to see what you have in store for the next month
    the last video I saw of my last moments as 22 was midnight goddess

  3. nick

    hello katelyn can get a vore video with subtitles in French if you like because it will be a great commercial advantage for you because there is no video in French and we are many lol

    Then I have an idea for a movie or move while sticking the camera on you feet, legs, belly all over you for the purpose of making an exploration of you as close as possible and then up your mouth

    and then make a video with a girlfriend or a boyfriend who will stop somewhere and you show her strength inside your mouth or you then lick his face everywhere

    sorry for my English is not very good

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