Is it possible you get crashed by her foot?

Is it possible you get crashed by her foot?

A few days ago I was browsing Giantess City when I ran into a topic that asked, “How do you fell getting trap in a giantess shoe like this?”. Written by someone who’s native language was definitely not English, the topic began to sink. The questions made me giggle so I decided to jump in and seriously answer them! Here is the result! :)

superal84 wrote…
“How do you fell getting trap in a giantess shoe like this? / Does her foot touch you?”

It feels GREAT to trap shrunken men in your shoes as a Giantess. I would know as I just tossed some into my shoes this morning before I went out yard saling! (It’s a hobby- My mom and I go all the time in the spring/summer ^^ I like to keep an eye out for girls selling used shrunken slaves or sexy clothing) At first, it can be a little hard to manage- you have to get your foot in without crushing him/them, and often one dies at the heel or something stupid and you have to take it off and put more in. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe how many shrunken men die this way. It’s like they become so terrified they try to escape while my foot is coming in, only they never make it out as the backs of my shoes are usually too high- and so my heel slides right in on top of them. There they struggle like a pinned bug, their gasping breath warming a tiny section of my massive, soft soles. Sometimes I wait… drawing out their death… slowly readjusting my feet or sliding my foot in and out of the shoe if it has an open back… But as soon as I stand up- CRUNCH! A burst of warm pleasure hits my soles and I sometimes hear maybe half of a faint scream. :whistle: They deserve it though- I expect my shrunken men to last longer than that.

Enslaved to a Giantess

Also, the feel of trapped men in my shoes really depends on the shoe! :o Sometimes there’s plenty of toe room, making for quite a nice area for the shrunken men to stay. However, this leads me to stretching out my toes and attempting to grab them and pulling them under my toes throughout the day. I’d did this ALL the time when I was in school. I became really good at grabbing the shrunken men with my toes, pinning them down, and then pleasurably stroking their entire bodies until I could feel their hard little cocks poking my toes. I’d continue until their bodies would shake as they came. The warm, throbbing, pleasurable burst they send all over ones toes feels AMAZING and I recommend it to any girl. However, when they cum it often makes me extremely horny and that can be VERY distracting when say, when you’re taking a math test in class. :angel:

Survive Me, little man

After they’ve blown their tiny load, I either grip them tighter and FORCE them to smell / live with being trapped between my toes for an extended period of time or, I release them back to their friends embarrassed/humiliated that they came to my toes, or if I’m horny to be evil, I crush them under the very toes that just got them off. That can be extremely satisfying and feels great as you’re toes get nice and warm. It’s like stepping in something warm and squishy! It totally freaks out the other shrunken men however… and until I get home, they have to deal with a mess. And sometimes, I’ll keep grabbing more even after I’ve crushed one or two, forcing them to cum all over my blood stained toes while they lay in or next to their mutilated friends. It’s amazing I can still get them to cum in such a truly horrific situation, but my feet are really good at what they do, believe me. :twisted: Not to mention my smell and pheromones must be overwhelming at that size!

Smell and Worship my Feet!

As for other shoes, some don’t have much toe room and the shrunken men are forced to live in between / on top / under my toes. Wiggling my toes can cause devastating results… It’s much harder to grab them with my toes too, so I usually have to wiggle and move my foot around until they slip under them, and sometimes stroking them ends early with them being crushed. BUT the upside to this (when they aren’t crushed so soon) is that it feels MUCH, much closer as I can constantly feel the shrunken men struggling on my toes- even their occasional boners from all my pheromones. Every struggle, every squish, every hump might I add, is felt in these types of shoes- it’s far more deadly and far more personal… You’re more than welcome to try surviving in a pair of mine.

superal84 wrote…
“If a giantess put her feet in when you are in the bottom of this shoe,you can survive? When she become to walk you are bang in the shoe? Is it possible you get crashed by her foot?
Can you breath?”

Hmm. I’d say for me personally, there’s a 60%-70% chance they won’t survive the first day. It depends on the week, my mood, and what activities I’m doing. The more intensive the activity, the more likely they end up mashed like ants to my soles. I’ve had some suffocate- especially when I’m doing something that REALLY makes my feet sweat and I’m in tight shoes. Some don’t last the first 5 minutes, and as mentioned some dumbass always seems to get trapped at my heel or under the curve of my foot and ends up bursting all over my soft soles the second I stand up. It feels great- but I usually hope they last longer! Which is why I usually throw in 2-5 of them.

The Giantess overlooking a town

I have had some shrunken men survive weeks on end- they learn how to survive down there and how to please their divine Giantess. Foot rubs, kissing, caressing will all earn you points- including licking up my sweat from between my toes- I can tell when a shrunken man knows his place. These men often last much longer and I’m far less likely to crush them after I’ve forced them to blow all over my powerful toes. I tend to rape them several times over with my toes and then allow them to continue serving my feet. If they survive the first day, I usually fuck them when I get home. Most… don’t survive this. But those who do, get to go back to serving me a second day…

Shrunken Men in my Shoes

If your curious, the record for survival was several months by this one little guy! He only died when I accidentally left him in a shoe at a shoe store (I was trying on shoes >.<) and this hot blond chick grabbed them and tried them on with him in it. LOL, you should have seen her jump when she felt him crush under her sole!!! :eek: Thankfully she never noticed him personally- after she jumped and half-crush him in the process (I definitely heard something crush!), she must have thought it was only an ant or a bug then proceeded to quickly utterly destroy him by grinding him with her huge toes. She didn’t even care- she then continued modeling the shoes and totally forgot about the bug that died a gruesome death at her feet. She even bought the pair, too! :D I’m sure there will forever be a stain by her toes. And if she ends up trading/selling them… well, many many girls may end up having his little stain by their toes! It just goes to show you how dangerous girls really are when you’re shrunken.

Toes of a Giantess

So yes, to answer your question, when I walk, sometimes they “go bang in the shoe” :eek:

superal84 wrote…
Write about this story if you were in a situation,ioke this..

Well, I don’t have any stories- only personal experiences. I used to have this couple and they would regularly fuck each other in my shoes and all over my feet. It was REALLY hot. Some days I’d be working / going some place and I’d start feeling little humping motions in my shoe. If it were quiet, you could hear the tiny girl’s moans when she came- I also demanded that he pull out of her when he was cumming and shoot his load not only all over her, but onto my toes to please them. If the shoe was big enough, they’d even fuck each other in the soft crevices leading in between my toes. I loved it- I think either they both had a thing for the Giantess fetish or it was my foot’s overwhelming smell and pheromones that drove them to have uncontrolled sex at my feet. Once they had sex 5 times in a single hour! My foot was extra sweaty that day, so maybe that was it. I even made the guy treat the girl like a Goddess too- even though they were both my slaves. I’d occasionally masturbate to him eating her out- and then rape him after he had pleased her- much to her horror. Don’t get me wrong- they enjoyed what they did but only because they had no other choice really. They were just as terrified of me as any of my slaves and [i]always[/i] feared for their lives. I guess you could say they lived in a “sexual fear” I suppose. You would be too when you’re the size of a bug and live enslaved to unpredictable sex crazed Giantess!

The Giantess's Pussy

So what ever happened to them? Well… xD I ended up losing the guy in my pussy one night while using my 8 inch realistic dildo and so I decided I might as well eat the girl while I came. :angel:
I miss them, but I’ll find more.

superal84 wrote…
Sorry for my english..

No worries, it’s REALLY cute. “Answer numerous!!!” had me giggling. Also someone wrote a story for me a long time ago and they didn’t have the best of English either- instead of using the word “crush” in their story they used the word “crash” every single time and ever since then the word “crash” has been an inside joke for me and my girlfriends. “City at my feet? CrashCrashCrash!” OR “Hmm, in this scene I crash the guy and…” OR “Do you want to get crashed?!” as I sometimes say to my kitties when they are being bad :p Don’t worry, they never get crashed, they just get snuggles!! ^^

Well, I hope that answers your question!

Worship your Giantess!


I hope you enjoyed this. :love: Here’s the original topic if you’re curious, as I did reply a few times after that.

I have tons and tons of blog posts coming up- there’s so much I want to talk about. You can definitely expect a change in blogging style- I WANT TO BLOG MOAR! In fact I might talk about it in a future blog post!

Any slaves have any questions like this that you’d like to see me seriously answer?

It can be about any subject you want, too. I obviously won’t be able to answer them all, but I will pick a question or two, or a series of related questions and feature it in another blog post like this one. :) Leave me a comment!

~Giantess Katelyn ?


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Jaedon

    Granted I probably bring it up too much but it’s a valid question I’d love to know more about; what’re your turn ons in more detail about digestion and the scat ending to vore? I’d especially like to hear about a fantasy you’ve had before involving it. Also you said you’d be likely to do a movie about it, has been in my head since you said so just wondering how you’d go about doing it, would it just be teasing about it? A toilet scene without showing too much obviously?

    Anyway, would be great to learn more about that side of your kink. Thanks Goddess.

  2. cor36

    :ninja: dear Giantess, have u ever thought about a Crocidile Hunter type scenario? He would b called the Giantess Hunter. He would have a show & hunt down giantesses. He would climb the giantess & explore different parts of her body & talk about the dangers & things that could happen. Especially if the giantess caught him! Thought it would b HOT!!! I would love 2 do it u!! U can answer if u want.

  3. bigguy

    if a tiny boy was in ur shoe begging not 2 be squished by your soles. what would u say and do??

  4. Kisuke Urahara

    I loved this blog. I have a question for you, well more like three: If you had a chance to have sex as a giantess in any city, which city would that be? The second question would be who would be the other giantess you would pleasure yourself with, and the third is what would you and the other giantess do. *Prays his questions will be answers and bows at her feet* Oh mighty Goddess, hear my wishes.

  5. bauerpower24

    Hey Katelyn,
    Here’s a question for you. Have you ever imagined yourself being a Giantess over St. Louis? You could tower over the arch and straddle your legs PERFECTLY over it. Can you imagine it? You’re grinding your pussy along the arch and when you finally come, it gushes down the arch and washes all the people (who look like ants) into the Mississipussy. (I mean Mississippi) NOW THAT’S A WATERSLIDE I’D LOVE TO RIDE! WE COULD CALL IT SEX FLAGS OVER ST. LOUIS! Makes you horny just thinking about it, doesn’t it Goddess?

  6. mjg

    katelyn i like your vore alot better but this was still hot can u finally make a nude collage like u said u eventually would plz

  7. mjg

    please respond fast! :o

  8. bauerpower24

    Just like Kisuke Urahara asked, I would also like to know what city you would like to have giantess sex in? I’ve already mentioned the possibility of St. Louis, but how about Chicago? In Millennium Park, (which is in the downtown Loop area), there is a relatively new attraction called Cloud Gate aka The Bean. It is sphere shaped and it reflects whatever comes near it in many different directions.
    Imagine towering over this thing with your legs spread. People would be able to see your wide open pussy and ass from all different directions. Think of the questions they would ask each other. Is that someone’s giant pussy? And then the terror everyone would feel as you masturbated and then came all over this sphere. It would splatter and run off and everyone in downtown Chicago would drown in your come. OMG, sounds hot to me. What do you think Goddess?

  9. Daniel

    Goddess Katelyn, would you be turned on by the idea of swallowing people to have their souls (assuming such things exist) trapped inside of you forever? After all, death is a form of escape from your belly, but if you keep their souls in your stomach, they’ll be trapped for eternity!

  10. DavidG

    Wow. What a gorgeous body….. Sorry, wildly distracted. I’d like to know your thoughts on if you dropped me in your pantyhose, where would I end up? Positioned for your soon to arrive toes? Up in the crotch area or anywhere in-between. I’ve always thought that if a tiny man was placed at the giantesses knee, in her pantyhose, he would squish as she bent her knee and the nylon stretched over her knee. What do you think?

  11. mjg

    katelyn can u make a video where u grow bigger then the world then swallow it pleeeease
    please respond soon-love yout lil mouth cleaner m j g

  12. Scorcher

    My Goddess Katelyn,

    I would like know, if I was a shrunken man, naked with a total hard on and begging to be eaten! What would say and do, before eating me? Please let me know oh goddess!!

  13. crusader

    okay here is a q… if you could eat any celberity male or female, whoed it be

  14. crusader

    also how would you do it… shrink put them in ice cream ect ect

  15. Jake

    Have you ever fantasized about swallowing the entire planet?

  16. bauerpower24

    I feel like fucking one of you with you strapped tightly to my finger… gahhhh
    Which finger? I’ll bring the wine, but what color wine do you drink after fucking someone who’s been strapped to your finger? Your tweets are SO HOT!

  17. Bobbob

    Oh god Katelyn!

    I have two belts we can strap together to keep me onboard! :woot:

  18. Pet Adrien

    Each and evryone of us would love being strapped tightly to your finger while you fucked us… Oh yeah!

  19. bauerpower24

    I’m soooo…. thirsty. I just want to suck the sweat off a bunch of you. Make you cum in my mouth. Squish you and drink your blood. Ahhhh

  20. NM0ore

    I wish i was that guy in your pussy… that would be sooo fun and sexy…. :love: the stories and you should definetly write some more!!!!

  21. bauerpower24

    Daisy is over and we’re eating tiny, helpless little bugs! Mmmm!!!! There’s already some digesting in our bellies… we want MORE!! ^_^

    If you’re ready for some more bugs, I’m ready to be turned into one and be eaten by you. BUT PLEASE OH PLEASE, let me spend some time in your SEXY MOUTH first before you swallow me. I want to explore every bit of your tongue and kiss each tooth before I die. You would let me do that, wouldn’t you Goddess?

  22. Darkone

    “Daisy is over and we’re eating tiny, helpless little bugs! Mmmm!!!! There’s already some digesting in our bellies… we want MORE!! ^_^” —- I hope you’re recording that!! More Daisy Bug Vore!!!!111oneone :)

  23. ninjabbehrens

    This may be a little strange but that photo of the day thing is really cool!

  24. Gregviera

    wow these are some pretty sexy pics <3
    you are the ture deffention of a godess. awesome beauty and power <3
    keep up the great work. Love ya <3

  25. bauerpower24

    Back from my adventure! Went on a local trip with friends and did some river rafting! :D

    Glad you’re back and hope you had a GREAT TIME. I’ve always loved river rafting, but haven’t done it in years. You definitely have some AWESOME river options not too far from you. I’ll be anxious to hear which river you went to. Have a great day, my Goddess. LOVE YA! :woot:

  26. SorehPL

    Oh, this is so fantastic blog :D I haven’t read anything like that in ages :love: Your slave boys must have great live; I wish to know the way to become one of them. I would sacrifice everything for you Katelyn. :wink:

  27. Wemseldefof

    be happy and love. kiss

  28. Phil


    I am such an admirer of you and your work. You are my goddess, tho you don’t know I exist because I am, at least in my mind and heart, merely a speck at and oh how I wish, on your feet.

    My question is this: Is it possible to literally fall in love with an unaware goddess’ feet? I recently worked with a woman who, while kind of average looking overall, had the most incredible feet (aside from yours of course) I had ever seen. I am an actor, you see. I was getting ready for a performance, sitting in a chair while my makeup artist was working on me when I saw her, out of the corner of my eye. She was another makeup artist working on an actress sitting next to me, and she was barefoot. Every time she lifted her foot and flexed her toes I could barely contain myself. And when she got on her knees next to her subject and revealed the bottoms of her toes, crinkling her toes while doing so, I almost died with desire. I would have given anything to be suddenly small enough to lay face down completely on her sole, which looked just weathered and dirty enough to taste and smell (and feel)like manna from heaven.

    That was two days ago. I think about her feet, if not constantly, then almost so. I would give anything to pleasure her feet, to massage and worship then with my whole body for the rest of my days. I would be happy to do so even as she gets off however and with whomever she wishes. I’ve thought of her sucking off an enormous cock while I am pressed into her sole by a snug fitting stiletto high heel. I’ve thought of her, after working out, peeling off her sock and lovingly crinkle her toes and watching me stick to the bottom of her sweaty dirty sole. I’ve thought of her masturbating furiously, using me as a dildo and then, after cumming all over me gently guiding my limp and broken form back onto her foot, moaning as I rub my pussy infused body all over her magnificent arch,licking her foot sweat up and tasting her intermingling juices.

    Is such a love possible?

  29. Name

    I still remember in highschool and I started thinking about the female classmate’s feet all the time in those flip-flops and open toed shoes and imagining how it would be to be in said footwear. The heat, scent and feel of their supple, soft sole completely pressing me into their shoe’s insole, completely trapped and powerless. This blog definitely is relative to my interests and damn if I was even given half a minute at your feet I’d die a happy man.

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