Introducing FX Quickies!

Introducing FX Quickies!

What’s an “FX Quickie” you ask? It’s a new breed of video that combines my my daily-update style filming with some very sexy special effects! My goal is to bring FX to you on a weekly basis, that way everyone can enjoy a much larger range of styles and fetishes with realistic effects rather than plastic toys. My first one “Girlfriend’s Deception” is out now and in a new category dedicated to FX Quickies!

FX Quickies has always been something I’ve wanted to do, but I was never able to get the whole “Quick” part down. For example, Garden of a Giantess was supposed to be a quick FX movie but that didn’t work at all; it still took me a month and a half to complete. The trouble has been that I always want to take on huge projects that really challenge me and even if a project starts out small, I end up adding more and more to it as I go along because “it would be FUCKING HOT“! Of course, I won’t stop making these kinds of movies any time soon! What I’m doing here is creating a new category of FX that will be filmed alongside my normal, massive projects.

Typically, every FX movie I take on has to be carefully, meticulously planned out as they take months of dedication and work. This has unavoidably lead me to taking on fewer films and scenarios for FX. More often than not I have no choice but to deem a scenario completely unusable for my FX movies simply because it is too short, too simple, or too niche. It has also prevented me from ever accepting FX customs.

…And that sucks. I’m constantly fantasizing about hot scenarios that would be insanely sexy to have FX in- and so are you! That’s why I’ve decided that I NEED to develop “FX Quickies”! The goal: Movies that can be filmed and released in a week, with one or two high quality FX scenes in the places where it counts. Shot mostly from POVs, they are designed to be filmed in the same style as my daily update videos, but with just a few more angles and deliciously hot shrunken FX tossed in along with a few sound effects.

Obviously these movies won’t go breaking any new ground- that’s what my big projects are for- but they will keep us both sexually entertained as I work on the larger stuff! (Not to mention they will contain the same quality FX that you’re used to from my site!) And for every FX Quickie filmed, that’s one less video with plastic people in them and one more film with real shrunken men and shrunken women! Pretty sweet! :evil:

So check out “Girlfriend’s Deception” and after you’ve been digested and shit out, let me know what you think! If you guys like it, I’ll keep doing it. Simple as that!

Have an awesome weekend :eek:


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. johnn

    The shoes are really orrible, but the video looks nice!!!

  2. Jaedon

    I can’t believe this video… it’s like the closest to my fantasy I’ve ever been. I adore the toilet teasing and hope you do it more in your vids as I would love nothing more than to be eaten by you and let your body take what it needs from me and letting the rest out as waste. Ofc you can’t do this to every vid sadly as that teasing can be a turn off for some.. but I look forward to every vid that you do involve it in.

  3. Jaedon

    Oh, just to say.. since you are ok with peeing on cam, maybe a nice ending to some videos like that would be if you pee whilst still teasing and talking.. like, you’re peeing on the remains after pooping out the person (obviously don’t have to show that) and then flushing it down.. that’d not only be close to my fantasy like this vid.. but would be it.

  4. Greg Viera

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
    nice new idea i love it and u heheh <3

  5. Chris

    agreed the shoes where orrible (as John put it) lol, but loved the little foot moment.

  6. MarkM

    I totally Loved this one Katelyn! You did everything perfectly! It really gave me the impression as if it was real! My favorite part was when he was digesting inside of you while you masturbated to the thoughts of his body serving yours like any of your other meals!!! A person, A life taken but for a much much greater more important cause! His life was insignificant and meaningless to your greatness! It was incredibly super hot for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Katelyn you have the best body of any woman!

    Love, <3

  7. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    This is a great video, you’re so adorable in a “Hermione” like outfit, & I love the Quick F/X in it! Yes, you should definitely keep doing this!
    In fact, I think my favorite part is when tiny Scott is on the floor & you get down so your beautiful face & luscious mouth are hovering over him. And I can imagine how intense the sight of your huge face & the scent of your intense breath must be to him :-)
    I also liked it when you picked him up, & we got to see your nice manicure & pretty rings too.
    So I really hope you do more Quick F/X scenes in the near-future. And it would be very nice if you did a Quick F/X scene of the shrunken man in your palm, walking along your gorgeous face, or climbing your breasts ;-)
    Can’t wait for your next Quick F/X video!!
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  8. Bill Thumb

    p.s. It would also be great if you did Quick F/X scenes for your upcoming “vanilla sex” videos. You could shrink a dumb ex-boyfriend down tiny, put him in a small glass cage & force him to watch you having sex with your new boyfriend, making the tiny man very jealous & humiliated. Or you could shrink your boyfriend first, hold him & flirt with him, then restore him to normal size so you can have real sex with him.

  9. Daniel D

    kayelyn I would wanna be in ur fx films being vored by u my goddes

  10. Tiny Todd

    I am really excited about the FX Quickies! I am looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the future. Is there any chance you can make some really quick ones like 3-5 minutes in length? Since most of the clips are charged by the minute, it would be cool to see some for only a couple minutes in length. Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work and all you do for the GTS community Katelyn!

  11. tony


  12. ebeur

    I can’t wait to see you growing out of your clothes and violently rampage through seattle with your awesome FX-skills, that’s certainly gonna be the best GTS-Stuff ever! Hope it won’t take too long. =)

  13. rman

    AMAZING!!! BTW I would like to ask how is it with fan appreciation week videos?

  14. JT

    Fucking awesome idea. I’ve been impressed by some of the creativity that you have been injecting as of late and this just helps to continue that streak. Keep it up, much of the gts community seems to be stagnate as of late so seeing something like this is extremely refreshing. Also just seeing more FX here is relieving. I’m totally looking forward to seeing what will come of these videos.

  15. wes

    Are you going to grow in one of your videos? I can’t wait to see that, when are you going to do a video like that?

  16. lexy88

    UNAWARE quickies!

  17. BeOnYou

    I’m gonna say this straight up. i haven’t seen any videos of yours, but i would love to be SWALLOWED WHOLE BY YOU! It’s my fantasy. If the videos were free, i’d visit this site EVERY FUCKING DAY and so would others. I’m all about pussy, booty, tiddies & basically everthing else. Maybe one day you could eat me……………..

  18. BeOnYou

    by the way if your wondering why i chose BeOnYou as my name, it’s my favorite song of all time so far and of course the “Be On You” part. It’s by Flo Rida featuring Ne-Yo and you should check it out if it doesn’t sound familiar. it’s killer!

  19. BeOnYou

    i’d love to be SWALLOWED WHOLE BY YOU! It’s my fantasy. i’d love for your videos to be free, cuz i would visit this site EVERY FUCKING DAY! and same for others. Maybe one day you’ll be able to eat me……………..

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