I-Raf-You! Micro Magazine: Issue One!

I-Raf-You! Micro Magazine: Issue One!

That’s right! Prominent Japanese giantess comic and giantess video game producer I-Raf-You has officially joined the site, and as such I would like to extend a giantess-sized welcome to him. Starting today with his wet and naughty “Micro Magazine: Issue One”, together we plan on translating, adapting, and releasing ALL of his video games and comics right here! :D

Of course, we can’t do it without your support. If you’d like to see I-Raf-You’s works, both games and comics translated and available to the English community, please support him and our efforts by buying “Micro Magazine: Issue One” today! ^^

We are also still looking for a dedicated translator, so if you are you know someone who is fluent in Japanese and would enjoy getting paid to translate these comics, let us know! :D

I-Raf-You comics are finally here! Translated and adapted to English from Japanese, this black and white issue contains three sexy stories by various artists. “Maid Changing Clothes” features a shrunken master walking in on his Maid while she changes- and having to orgasm over and over as punishment! “Falling in Love” details a shrunken student who finds himself the sexual plaything of a horny female classmate. “Lap Around the School” stars a group of gigantic female classmates abusing a tiny fellow classmate with their feet and pussies out on the school’s running track. All three comics feature dripping wet interaction with hot young pussies!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Karachoux

    Best … News … EVER !

  2. Greg Viera

    wow i will deff buy this <3
    you are amazing hehehe

  3. Anonymous

    Please start with an English translation of “My Sister the Witch!” SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  4. I-Raf-you fan

    Could you please flip it back to the way it originally looked, or at the least not flip the future issues. Seeing backwards kanji in the background just reminds me how stupid it is that you felt the need to flip the images backwards because you think people are so retarded that they cannot read the the manga panels right to left.

    A document in the downloadable file saying to read this magazine right to left is enough.

  5. Giantess Ka...

    @I-Raf-You Fan: I’m afraid both I-Raf-You and I disagree with you. The problem here is that an overwhelming majority of westerners do not read any Kanji and nearly all do not read right-to-left naturally. Those that do read Kanji and are accustomed to reading right-to-left are a very, very small and select group, although it is fantastic that they can do this!

    But for most Westerners, reading “backwards” is extremely difficult if they have little to no former practice. They have been reading left-to-right their entire lives! It’s more than just being told to read it that way. It becomes hard to take in the whole page and to understand the flow of events at a glance. It makes the comic more frustrating and confusing to read for many (the last thing either of us want), and for what? So that they can look at the correct Kanji they can’t read anyway? There’s very little point in not flipping the pages if it benefits nearly everyone who reads it.

    The only exception we’d make would be if it broke the flow or design of the artwork. (Which in this comic, it doesn’t at all!) Therefore those that can read Kanji and naturally read right-to-left can buy the Japanese version, and those that prefer English and read left-to-right naturally can buy the English version.

    Our goal is to please both audiences the best we possibly can, and we both felt this was the best way to do it. :)

  6. tbk

    Wouldn’t it be best to put up a poll for that type of thing rather than just deciding based on your own perceptions of the audience? At the very least, it wouldn’t hurt anything to create a poll asking everyone who visits this site what they think.

  7. Sins

    First of WOOOOOT!!!!!!

    I actually bought MM1 through DLSITE so hearing that I raf you ae finally releasing all their games and the rest of the MM series is a god-send.

    Heck I was about to buy MM2, 3 and their latest installment MM4 which looks very promising.

    However they`re priced at $15 so seeing MM1 the official english version here for $9.99 puts a grin on my face.
    Honestly although MM1 was undeniably FANTASTIC, I personally thought $15 was abit over-priced, $10 is much more reasonable.
    Frankly I`m happy about that.

    Although I have a few questions:

    1)As I said I bought MM1 through DLSITE and MM1 had 4 stories, yet you say there are 3 and have not mentioned the 4th story at all.
    It kind of bothers me that you don`t mention this at all.

    I imagine the reason is becuase its loli-content and you may not want to have that here, although I feel EXTREMELY hesitant to buy this official english version knowing its actually missing 1 story.

    This leads me to beleive that you plan to censor I Raf You`s content while hiding that fact from the customers who pay here.

    I have been following I raf you`s site for years now, heck its through their site that I found out about this news, Although I have not purchased their games, I finally got myself to support them by buying their MM1 and if I am going to pay for something I want the FULL thing.

    2)I noticed your sample pics were abit odd and that was answered in the comments section, I would be lie-ing if I didn`t find it irratating that the pages are flipped just like how manga was FIRST introduced in the west back in the 90s but nowadays Western manga readers prefer to read in the original japanese right to left.
    I do agree with you that left to right will be more comfortable for westerners so to speak, however for manga reader(from the west as well as anywhere else) it will be irratating at best.

    You say if you want to read the original right-left buy the jap version, and for left-right here.
    Again this is matter is simply a poke to the back at best however it is annoying and it will stay annoying forever.
    I personally beleive it should not be mirrored and be read right-to left, heck you could what western manga publishers like Kodansha, Yen Press, Seven Sea etc.

    In fact I`ll quote it from a manga from my collection from when someone opens the manga in a western manner.


    “This Book is printed “manga-style” in the authentic Japanese right-to-left format. Since none of the artwork has been flipped or altered, readers get to experience the story just as the creator intended. You`ve been asking for it, so TOKYOPOP delivered:authentic, hot-of-the-press, and far more fun.

    I mentioned how in the 90s when manga was introduced in the west it was mirrored, the bove statement which is in pretty much every officially released manga proves there was a time where the majority of westerners wanted to read it in the original way.

    I am only the 2nd person to say this and I`m sure I won`t be the last and history has shown that this minor nuisance will be a complaint that will never stop.
    Again its minor but will go on forever.

    3) Exactly how will I raf yous projects be released on your site? who translates them? will you be releasing the MM series first or games first?

    I apologize my post to be this long but I`ve expressed myself(although my post was kind of sloppy).

    I hope this post gets replied.

    Thank you very much for making this possible Giantesskatelyn.

    I have bought from your site before and with I raf you projects coming, I hope to buy them all.


  8. Redcrow

    Holy mother of God, as i live and breath…..I think i can safely assume that hell has finally frozen over too, LOL.

    I can not emphasize how much I have wanted to get my hands on this, the holy grail of illustrated GTS material. I can never, in any life time, thank you for making this happen, you are the undisputed Master of the GTS community.

    And don’t let any of these little piss ants crap on your parade, they should be grateful this is even happening. I don’t care how i have to read it or whatever, just as long as i can finally scratch that eternal I-Raf-you itch!

    Thank you again

  9. Sins

    @Redcrow, thats pretty rude of you to say. Not to mention it sounds as if you didn`t bother properly reading the above comments.

    As they are all reasonable.

    Setting up a poll before releasing the official english MM1 would have gotten the true preference out of the western audience.
    Whether people wanted the altered left-to-right or the original right-to-left, a poll would have given fair judgement and regardless the result no-one would have the right to complain.

    And Katelynn neglecting to mention the cut out 4th story of MM1 is kind of an issue until we hear an explanation, I beleive its because its loli content but this should have been mentioned by Katelynn in MM1`s page here.

    Redcrow, without a doubt everyone here, especially the long time Irafyou followers such as myself and others beleive official english versions of their works is a God-send.

    But as an Irafyou fan and a customer as well, I want my content in full, I am paying money after all and I don`t want to pay for something thats been cropped.

    Redcrow, I think you should apologize to all the commentators above you for calling us Piss-ants.

    We all are ecstatic but these issues are legit and I beleive they should be taken into account so that the future english Irafyou releases are at their best.

    By the way, seeing the sound-effects flipped isn`t an issue if you can`t read japanese but it still looks weird no matter how you slice it, its still in-perfect and if someone is going to pay for something, it has to be for best possible and not something that screams we could have done this but we chose not to because whatever.

    By the way, I myself prefer to read this right-to-left but if it does turn out the final FINAL choice is left-to-right then could you replace the sound-effects in english, that would solve the mirrored-kanji problem but again I prefer right-to-left with kanji sound effects kept while having the translation of the sound effect in a very small font next to the kanji sound-effect.

    Best of you!

  10. Kaun

    Well said..ditto

  11. Bradley

    wow this work looks great and when u said games what type like rpg mmo arcade i hope one of them is an unaware game where your shrunk and have to try and get help or survive :) but anyways way to go I raf and as always u to kate you seem to be ahead of other studios all the time and your work is fantastic i love it <3 ;)

  12. Giantess Ka...

    After considering and sleeping on your suggestions it would indeed be best for all future releases of I-Raf-You’s comics to be released with both versions (right to left and left to right). Hooray, now everyone can be happy! :D In fact, I might even be able to include the Japanese version as well. That way you have every version with your purchase. I just need to get I-Raf-You’s approval on this.

    There’s nothing that gets me thinking outside of the box quicker than solid constructive criticism. Now looking back on it, indeed it would have been most logical to include both versions. I was simply focused on delivering an ideal English version and had not realized that people would have said tastes so I’m glad something was said about it. I would have never came to this realization without the comments on this blog so I do thank everyone who has voiced their opinion. Now everything can be perfect for everyone!

    As with all comics, this comic was priced according to how many pages it included. The fourth story was not included because it featured loli. The girl could pass as 8 years old so sadly I could not let it pass through my site. It’s not only against US Laws to sell such content but more importantly it would have violated my Adult Merchant Account terms, both things of which as I business I can not afford to risk.

    If there are any more concerns I’d be more than happy to address them!

  13. I-Raf-You Fan

    Thank you for taking the time to listen and give some thought to something that most people would cast off as unimportant.

    I got a little heated and said somethings I wouldn’t normally say.(thanks for deleting that post)It’s just that I’ve been wishing for I-Raf-You to release their products translated to English for so long that when I saw it was being released by another party I panicked, criticized you for doing something that is understandable from your point of view, and went a little loopy.

    It makes me really happy that you just don’t see these works as a cash cow and are honestly trying to bring I-Raf-You to the western audience in a way that everyone can enjoy, both new and hardcore fans.

    Also one thing that may come up in the future that worries me a little. When you translate the Games from I-Raf-You, your just going to translate the text right? The voices might be Japanese, but they are done by professional voice actors. Their emotion and sexiness translates through, even with the language barrier.

    I’d just like to know how you feel about leaving the voices Japanese. Thanks again.

  14. Maliardo

    Bunch of flipping cry babies… Who cares how it read. It were able to understand it. I swear when people have nothing to complain about then they find reasons. I thought it was gonna be right-to-left too but then read 2 sentence and went oops other way, wasn’t hard to do. Be flexable. The fact that she now has to write it in two different format just makes the comic take longer to come out… which makes me angry. You want to read it right-to-left then learn Kanji and just read that version. If you cannot read Kanji then then who cares, it is more western for you then.

    I swear…

    btw thanks Katelyn for getting this comic to us. It was really good and look forward to new volumes.

  15. Nicholas Pe...

    This is awesome news!! :D I always have a hard time finding this artist’s art. Speaking of which, Katelyn: I’ve noticed that there used to be a bunch of his art on the Giantessbooru, but were taken down. Any chance they’ll be back up?

  16. Brian

    What is Loli? I apologize but never heard that term and not sure what it refers to or why it be illegal? I didn’t a comic could be illegal. Just curious

  17. Sins

    its short for lolicon.

    A female character that is underage yet is put in sexual situations and/or is/acts in a sexual manner.

    Basically consider it mature content that involves an underage girl.

    The opposite shouta(shoutacon) is underage boys.

    In the west quite a few manga, games and anime have been canceled, censored for it.

    For example.
    The manga “Kodomo no Jikan” is a loli series, the manga was going to be released OFFICIALLY in english but once they actually bothered looking inside the book the canceled its lisence pretty much as soon as they announced it.

    In the west that kind of content is considered illegal.

    Which is one of the reasons why despite being an Irafyou fanboy am not going crazy over it being cut out.

    Its a shame but if you want to read the 4th chapter of MM1, you have to buy the japanese version.

    Katelyn, you say the price is dependent on the no.of pages.

    MM2-4 are going to be $15 each arent they?
    I don`t suppose theres anyway to make them cheaper.

    SPeaking of which.
    Will you be releasing the MM series first or will you be releasing the games and MMs at random?

  18. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    As a great fan of yours, I feel I should defend you on this issue. I’ve been reading Manga & watching Anime for many years, & because the Manga books were translated into English, there were read from left-to-right.
    Therefore, you don’t need to convert your translations to kanji style just to satisfy some supposed “I-Raf-You fan” who actually calls you “stupid” & the rest of us “retarded”. Just because we prefer the americanized versions of Manga, does not give him justification to put us, In fact, that was very disrespectful, childish & low class of him to say that! That alone tells us that he’s a cyber-bully who’s only saying this to cause you problems. He’s so insecure with himself, that he resorts to name calling & bullying to pressure you into doing what he wants.
    Needless to say, he sounds very much like one of the trolls who flamed you, & me a number of times, on the Giantess City forums – same low-level mentality, same type of insults, etc. He’s obviously not a fan, to say the least.
    In other words, please don’t change what you were originally going to do just to accommidate some bozo who intentionally bullies & insults you.
    You don’t deserve that, you’re an awesome & beautiful Giantess Goddess, & I’m very excited about your upcoming videos & projects!!
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  19. Stephen T

    I just have a comment/question; kanaisei jitenshasougyou wrote nemakukoui an illustrated comic that is mostly on giantessbooru[.]com was wondering if that is going to be another comic coming onto your store as it is quite breathtaking even in monochrome, I would love to see this in color and purchasable what are your thoughts?
    Your shrunken toy

  20. Giantess Ka...

    @I-Raf-You Fan: No problem! :)

    When we start on the games, I’m 99% sure we will not re-record any voices, just translate the text or add captions where need be. Translating text is one thing, but to try and create the same subtly of emotion in voice from another language is quite a challenge!

    I totally understand where you are coming from in all areas because I’m the same way with Studio Ghibli movies. While I’m extremely glad that Disney brought them over into the English market, I’m not always thrilled with their westernization of the script or choice of voice actors. I prefer watching most of them in Japanese with English captions because you get far more subtle emotion and can see what the characters actually meant by their words- which can easily change the entire feel of the movie. (EXCEPT Totoro, where the Fox dub (not Disney) is superior to all!!!!!! XD) At the same time, some nights I’m too lazy to make the effort to read the captions and just watch the English version. :P I understand what it is like to be very passionate about an artist or studio’s work!

    @Maliardo: Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take me too much longer to add in the other versions! :)

    @Nicholas: Sadly most if not all of those images were ripped from pirated versions and had to be taken down. But that’s actually how this all started! I-Raf-You contacted me because Giantessbooru was hosting tons of images ripped from his comics and games and we started talking!

    @Stephen T: I’m a huge fan of his works too! However I’m not sure how to contact him. If anyone knows how, I’ll gladly give it a shot! :D

    @Sins: Not sure about the prices yet for games, but pricing goes roughly .45 cents per page, until you pass 25 pages in which it drops to .43 cents per page. Some comics are exceptions to this rule however. As for the releases, it’s going to be at random mostly, but I think another MM is up next. :)

  21. mikey

    hi. i love your videos!!!

  22. Chuck

    So the famous I-Raf-You – believe it or not, I’ve heard of IRY too – and Katelyn are joining forces? Well, that’s good knows for fans out there, I see. Also explains why the images from I-Raf-You games and comics were removed from Giantessbooru.

    Since you might go for the games too, I agree with you, re-recording the voices shouldn’t be mandatory, not even necessary at all. The texts are more than enough for this kind of games, you don’t need to dub everything into English.

    @Bill Thumb: That user has already excused himself for his behavior, so no need to come bashing the guy when he has realized he went a bit too far. Everything is solved now, so better not go on with this.

  23. Sins

    Whats this about the games.
    no voices?
    Not even the jap?

    I do agree that getting english dubs especially if done by an amateur would be unnescery(spelling) and I personally wouldn`t mind the the jap voices were cut out assuming that would make the games cheaper otherwise I`d prefer the original jap voices in so that we can actually get into the mood and emotion the scenarios present.

    In fact the voices are actually a big thing in a VN, we`ll see how that gets done.

    So looking forward to MM2, hehe!”

  24. A person

    Any idea if the games will be updated to work with Windows 7? As someone who owns some games I’ve had trouble lately getting things to work and trying several fixes hasn’t done anything so far.

  25. Kuja

    I-Raf you has alot of desired content to be translated, particularly the digital novels, how long will it take for those? Are we looking at year or two before the first is released? will there be english (( Good )) voice actors?

  26. Liam

    I absolutely can’t believe you guys are bitching so much about something that you couldn’t even make possible without her and even have the nerve to insult her while doing it. Honestly I’m surprised she hasn’t said something about that. Customer satisfaction is one thing but being a complete asshole as well as dealing with assholes is something we all should already have enough of. This is thrilling, though. Countless years I’ve hoped this would be a thing. Thank you.

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