I need to talk about something serious

I need to talk about something serious

The month has just begun and I’ve come to the realization that I may need to temporarily move on from producing size fetish content and ditch the update schedule I started last September. Let’s start with the latter. I found that it added stress to my creative process– it developed feelings that I was using my sexuality in a not so good way in order to make a business tool out of it. That became a turn off real fast and I can’t press on like that. It’s not healthy, it’s not natural, it’s not sexy, it’s not the way I ran things before, and it’s not the way I’m going to continue running things.

Before deciding to allow myself back on an erratic update schedule I looked into my website statistics out of curiosity. It’s good to question yourself, run tests, see results… Turns out that releasing mostly consistent updates over the last 5 months didn’t bring in higher traffic or more sales. In fact, everything looked about the same. There was seemingly no point in updating every 5 days vs randomly…

So, I’m freeing myself from the commitment of a every 5 day update schedule which wasn’t working with my creative process. Instead, I’ll make new content out of sexual inspiration and exploration, both of which really get me going! Updates will be unpredictable for now tho. I may eventually have some type of consistency again, so you may catch on to whatever that’ll be later on, lol!

Now I need to talk about another change. This is kinda serious. I’ll explain my temporary partial moving on from producing size fetish content…  

Where to start? I’ve been having a lot of inner turmoil since late December because of a certain something I’ll get to, but it’s helped me come to some realizations. Any kind of income made from expressing my sexuality used to feel like a big “perk”, but it is in fact from a lot of hard work. It’s from combining my sexuality and work ethic together. But it went well beyond that in the past. I’m talking about years of serious overtime. 70+ hours a week with no days off. Ok, maybe one every few months? Don’t worry, I don’t work that much anymore.

Now, heads up, this is about to go somewhere dark. Some of you may have already figured out some of the following because of stuff that went down years ago. My business used to be my only outlet from a toxic relationship with someone who shared the fetish. In a nutshell- it was far too late before I realized I was being manipulated and gaslit for years on end. I ended up with PTSD. I even had stockholm symptoms thus was incapable of writing like I can now days or for defending anything he’d say online because of the mental state I was in from the abuse. I was shocked he went public in the first place since he commonly said “if you ever tell anyone about me then you’ll destroy your business“. Inside, I wanted to shout to the world how awesome it was being in a fetish relationship at the time, but little did I know he kept himself a secret by tearing me down with threats just so he could try to destroy me if I ever dumped him. Didn’t work out for him. 

I was worried about his next prey. I had no clue it would be the community tho. Years of therapy/meds passed. Within that time it was unfortunate to see what he went on to do. Built himself up with all of those carefully crafted words strung together to manipulate and take advantage of people in the community. Within a few years after he lied about the site he created getting “hacked” when he took it down in order to steal income from producers and fan’s pre payments for tokens. I’m sorry it happened and at the same time it was a little relieving for me that everyone finally saw through his masquerade without me doing a damn thing. Lol! After the community got pissed about that he started going as “she”, went through some “transformation” and legally changed his gender and name. Last name? “Brooks”. He’s sickly obsessed with me and there’s nothing I can really do about it. Oh well. Side note… this person can now go into women’s restrooms… a disguised predator… it truly gives me chills… anyway…

It’s hard for me to blame a mentally ill person for giving me PTSD or causing problems in the community. I feel bad for him and for anyone who’s ill or has sociopathy on that level. I tried forgiving her (remember, he turned into a girl) a couple years ago as he’d/she’d occasionally try to make contact to want to be friends / possible fx artist. So we gave that a short run, and I’d even watch and support her cam shows at times, but things destabilized pretty fast. Not surprising. I just felt stupid for even being willing to try in hopes to get a positive closure of sorts in that way. It was mainly just stressful and set me off again. I still, even if rarely, struggle mentally/emotionally from that past and it can be unpredictable- like fine for a whole year and then something sets it off. Maybe PTSD never goes away 100% no matter how long its been, which brings me to my point in bringing the past up…

Even though the breakup was in 2015, I still sometimes feel like I need to move on more from it somehow since something occasionally triggers me. The most recent trigger… after a year of no contact she suddenly out of nowhere showered me with gifts to my PO Box in December and tried to get a private IRL “session” with me. Before this I was doing great. Life was good, it still is. I was in a very happy place in my current life. But after this happened I was immediately creeped out and went to a doc for med. Med didn’t help tho, new doc doesn’t believe in benzos which is what calmed me down before. So I’m going to try CBD. Anyway I thanked her for her kindness and told her that I don’t want to re-open contact. Really, I am truly terrified… funny how stockholm or whatever works like that. I mean is this person stalking me or obsessed with me or perhaps wants to bother me out of boredom or maybe feels bad for the past and it was an act of sorrow or what? Actually I don’t even want to know, will never know no matter what’s said if she reads this (could just lie to me), and I don’t even want to think about it any more after getting this all out. I’ve been feeling this strong need to share this info with you. It’s like my instincts are shouting at me and I’m listening to them.

Going through these feelings again has made me realize that I must try something different with work… I need to test moving on from producing size fetish content to see how it affects me. It may be temporary or it may be permanent, only time will tell. Since this ex and I shared it so closely it makes being almost exclusive in size fetish content hard for me when my PTSD is triggered. (Hopefully this passes at some point, but it’s where I’m at right now) Remember this can go from being rarely/never an issue to all of a sudden a huge issue that’s kinda out of my control. Dealing with the recent disturbance has negatively impacted my ability to shoot so I’ve been working on other stuff to keep busy while trying to figure things out. Going in this direction feels right. I needed to come out with this before pressing on with other fetishes and hopefully my decision makes sense to most of you. Perhaps some of you may even have a bit of PTSD yourself and can more easily understand where I’m coming from and why I need to try this out.

I want you to know that I don’t want to leave all of you and I don’t want to ditch everything that I’ve worked so hard for. I’m a little shocked that this is happening even after all of these years. I surely didn’t see it coming. I am just following my instincts in what I feel is good/healthy/right for me and it might bring even more happiness into my life than what I feel on my long stretches of being ok. I still do enjoy it on some level tho or else this would be a retiring from size fetish / completely moving on to other generas post. Hopefully that will never ever need to happen. I had big ideas for you this year and would still like to play around with them. Hopefully mixing it up is all that’s needed.

I’ve been feeling a lot better the past several days after coming to this realization while on a local getaway that my husband brought me on after seeing how stressed I’ve been. I sat on these realizations for several days before writing. How happy I am in my marriage has been very moving. I didn’t even think a person like him existed. Please don’t be jealous of me mentioning him– my husband brings me so much love and happiness and I wish that for everyone. (Yes, even people like my ex.) 

I feel connected to my thoughts and instincts perhaps more now than I ever have.

So, I also realized one more thing- focusing on size fetish content for so long has not only been keeping a part of my mental health in the past but I also now see that being so committed to it was restricting the diversity of my sexuality. So, now I’m going to continue with what I’ve built up here by expanding upon it with more fetishes that I find interest in, have yet to explore. or rarely have. I don’t even need to have the fetish/sexuality tho — it could just be something that I get a kick out of or happiness from for whatever reason! By the way if you wish to share about other fetishes you have alongside the Giantess fetish then feel free to! I’d love to read about it and would like to know what other sexual/fetish generas some of you would enjoy seeing from me.

Just remember that this doesn’t mean I’m going to fully move on from producing size fetish content. Nah. I don’t want to see any “KB Retires” posts on GC. I’m keeping my site, even if it gets to the point where other fetish content is taking over, this is where I started and what I worked so hard for through bad and good and that’s very meaningful to me. And plus I love all of you little men out there and I’d miss you waaaaay too much! I enjoy our fun online ♥ and I still want to have you as mine. Make you a little sex toy, a little servant in however I see fit. I still want more collages, stories, size fetish love. So still do send yourself to my po box if you ever find a way to shrink yourself down. I’d love that!

When I was writing my last blog post “Spreading the Love” I had a feeling that I was preparing for something, and this was it. I wanted to support others who want to get into producing content or already are. I was probably subconsciously thinking most readers will want to produce for the size fetish considering the current nature of this site. It was almost written as like an in my absence kind of thing. I want you guys to continue having high quality updates no matter if it’s from me or if it’s from another producer. And from the feedback I’ve been getting on Twitter it looks like it’ll help! ♥ (Nearly everyone takes to Twitter to respond to my blog posts now days, but I do appreciate responses on the actual posts.)

To wrap this up I want to say I feel very lucky that I’m able to produce fetish videos for a living because I’ve always loved many aspects of what the process takes and I love doing my own thing. Building my own editing computer and keeping it in good condition, using various softwares, website design/maintenance (on a very small level lol), sexuality on a HUGE level (lol), capturing beautiful shots, my eye for detail, love for learning, exploring, and my work ethic– that has all undoubtedly gotten me here.

Thanks for being here for me and supporting me all of this time. Thanks to all who get where I’m coming from and understand why I’m doing this and will continue to support me in my new path. I wrote this up pretty quick, tried to keep it positive even tho I needed to bring up an ikky past to explain this decision, and I hope it comes across well.

Some other fetishists are about to see some hot new high quality videos pop up and that’s very exciting for me to think about! ? Hope you stick around to see where this goes!

With much love,


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Greg viera

    Thank you for sharing this with us. It must’ve taken a lot of courage to write this blog. It’s never easy. No matter what you do, i’ll always be a supporter. For more than 10 years I have always been a fan of your work. You’ve help me out through Tight spots and I’m always Appreciative if that notion. You were a guiding light for me in dark times and I will always do my best to be there for you.

    Gregory Alexander Viera

  2. Sheela

    You do whatever you need to do for your mental health, and I’m sure everyone will understand. I certainly do, I’ve been in a similar situation before so you have my utmost sympathy about the triggering of your PTSD.

    We all saw what happened before, they even stole some cash from me (luckily not too much) but honestly if I was in your position and they contacted me, I don’t know what I would have done. I’m glad that you have a good support system, and I hope you have fun trying out new things for a while.

  3. Chuck Murnoe

    I’m sorry to read this. I remember the time you told us all the truth about it. Yes, I remember I was very stupid back then, as if what you said didn’t matter that much. But it mattered, and it mattered a lot, and I’ve been reminded of that seeing as you’re having to live through this again…

    I’ve never gone through PTSD, and I can’t tell about that, but I know some people who’ve gone through it and it isn’t easy from what they say, but they keep going and doing their best, and seeking help too.

    But I know about gashlight. I’ve been gashlit by a close relative nonetheless. I know what it is when someone has made you feel pathetic and guilty of many things and for so long the still hold a tight grip and won’t let go. They never move on, and won’t hesitate in hurting you if that’s their way to control you, even when you’ve left their lives. They’re so self-centered they will never question their actions and will always blame others for the pain they cause, they don’t care if you have to bear the blame of whatever happened…

    … and something I’ve learned is that this isn’t our burden, but they’ve been so good at blaming us we believe it is that coming to the conclusion they’re no longer part of our lives takes years and years, and might need therapy or any other kind of help.

    And that’s why I’m glad your husband is there to support you. Having a loved one being there to help and make you feel that you matter —because you DO matter—, someone that reminds you of the good things… that’s priceless. And I’m very happy to know he’s there for you, and that many others will be willing to give a hand.

    Knowing that this part of the fetish brings those bad memories but are still a reminder of how far you’ve gone (specially after she left your life)… It’s sour and sweet, and I know we fans aren’t to blame, we weren’t pushing you to make more content, though I can’t help thinking if some of us should have known better. Still, one thing is true: you like this, and now you’ve made your choice because it’s the right thing. And I’m not the right guy to give advice to others when I should follow it more myself, yet I’m gonna say it: do this. You already know it’s the best for you, it’s healthy, it’s good.

    I know how much you love this, and how much you like exploring other kinks. I don’t know if you’ll be leaving the size scene for good of it’s temporary, yet I wish you the best of luck, and I’ll be looking forward to what’s next. And if the tighter schedule didn’t bring any benefits and you feel better with something looser, then go for it. Explore, show your other interests to the world, be the happy hard worker and nice person many of us have got to know, even if it’s through some comments on your blog, some tweets or even some Skype chat.

    Also, I hope in the future I’ll be able to go back to properly support you, these last two years have been a bit hard in that way…

    And thank you for being there and in some way helping some of us come to terms with our sexuality or the way we see everything in life.

    Thank you and good luck.

  4. Gunny

    I am sorry to hear of your troubles, yet I am glad you are taking steps to heal and try new things.

    And while you’ll be GTS Katelyn to me, having been so for the last ten years, I will still be a fan and supportive of your work.

    Best of luck, wishes, prayers, and hopes for you, Katelyn.

    If this is permanent, it was a helluva run.
    If not, we’ll be here still.

  5. Dre

    Despite a recent issue I have with a post on Giantess Booru, I have to say that I am sad to see you go, even if it is temporary. I have been a fan of your work since The Spell Book, Midnight Giantess, Big Sis, and the stuff you use to do with Gary. I am sorry that during that time you were produce the best giantess videos in my collection you were also going through so much turmoil. I am glad that you are taking time to take care of you for you and your husband. Finding the right person that you can be completely 100 with is a blessing and one I hope to one day find for myself. You changed the game for producing quality giantess SFX content, and I am happy that you were in this community.

    I never had the pleasure of meeting you in person, but your video still bring me great pleasure to this day. I had my first giantess virtual reality experience with one of your videos and I have to say it was amazing. Seeing you as a virtual giantess was incredible and the thought of it now brings a smile to my face. I hope as you go through your healing process it is these words from your fans that fill your mind when you think about the size fetish community and eventually replace any thoughts that trigger your PTSD.

    With Love


    Good luck in the future

  6. Jakar

    Wow. I’ve been a follower of your work for years but never really been interested in the behind the scenes stuff. Had no idea any of that was going on. It’s shocking to say the least. I’m curious enough now that I’d want to go back and find out what the hell happened but what I’m most curious about and can only find out by asking is your safety; have you taken steps to protect yourself from this creep?

    ‘Cause fuck, how are you not constantly on alert upon learning that? It’s almost too hard to believe that it would happen irl, sounds like something only a writer’s creative expression could come up with to portray how truly obsessed their villain is. An ex changing to match your last name is truly disturbed. Couple that with a gender change and how can you not think this person wants to become you? I can’t pretend to know what twisted form of logic would be going on inside his head but since you simply existing makes that impossible, are you not worried that one day he’ll attempt to murder you?

    I don’t need to know the details about your ex beyond that to say you should already have a restraining order, have moved home if possible, secured it as best you can if not… Since you live in America, you should also be carrying a gun with you at all times even if you’re like me and would be morally against it otherwise… If he’s gaslit you into believing he’s not a threat and steps like that aren’t necessary, get rid of that notion right now.

    I would use the correct pro-noun for your ex but I have serious doubts that he has any legitimate reason for it other than his obsession.

    Hopefully you don’t need someone to tell you all that and will stay safe.

    Jeez, and I thought my own issues caused by an ex were bad, that was more of an issue of a broken heart that I couldn’t ever seem to fix though. But it had similar notes to PTSD. Years later it would still sting. Things like seeing depictions of cheating on tv, news from her country of origin, girls that looked similar… The slightest thing would throw me right back into reliving those moments, if I couldn’t snap myself out of it I’d either get depressed or occasionally have panic attacks. I couldn’t let myself be reminded of her or what she’d done at all.

    So while I’m saddened that I might not ever get to see my favourite giantess devour her tiny followers ever again, perhaps something similar will happen with you where being reminded of him suddenly won’t matter anymore. You will no longer care if it does.

    Best luck on your journey Katelyn. While I’m primarily into vore, I may still check in now and again if you’re planning on doing any incest content… That on the table? *crosses fingers*

  7. MarkM

    I can’t speak for everyone but for myself and probably many others follow you because we came to know you for who you are. Because you’re you. The person you are and consider you a friend.  Once that happened any associated fetish became secondary.  Most of us will support you no matter what so don’t stress over it at all.  Just do what makes you the most comfortable and happy! You’re driven and will succeed at what ever you chose. 
    I’m so glad you have a wonderful hubby who makes you happy too!  None of us would be jealous really. Any true friend only be very happy for you!  I know how you feel because I have a wife who loves me so much and is incredibly good to me. For that reason I had to tone my fantasy life down some too.
    You mentioned putting water in the sun – yes and even looking at pure water with love and positive thoughts changes that water and instills healing quality to that water.  People may find that strange but it’s true.  Water has memory and there is much about water we don’t know.
    You know me – I’ll probably bug you in an email later.

  8. Aragono

    Hey I just want to say well done, and I also want to say I don’t quite understand PTSD that much but I do get it is something that can change a person’s view on life and in saying that I’m impressed you have kept it up all these years and manage to continue your business in this wacky trade we like to call the size fetish genre, But I guess that’s due to your experience in this game and understanding of the whole process. I have been around for quite some time as well since the days before your site was ever built and seeing your progress has all ways kept my hopes up for this genre and seeing your content grow and expand is a testiment of your commitment and passion and I for one am very grateful for your contribution to this community and to see you finally make a change for yourself is heart-warming and even if you didn’t mention your personal history here I still would be supportive of your choice since you are such a legend in this industry. So with that said I hope you continue along your path with a smile on your face and know that you have left your mark here more than most so don’t bother yourself with the old and only look forward with the new, also look after yourself first and cheers to you!

  9. Wanderer

    As a fan who has been silent around these communities this was something that made me want to speak out. I am sorry that everything occurred the way it did, and I wish none of it had happened to you. To play devil’s advocate though, I am glad you grew (no pun intended….maybe haha) from it and have come out on top and a better person by it. Also it is nice to see that you are happily married haha. Thank you for sharing this. It must have taken alot for you to do so but I am glad you did. Wishing you the best and here’s to better times ahead. It will be interesting to see what you have in store!

    Best wishes,

  10. Giantess Ka...

    To everyone who has commented here/twitter/dm/email, reading from you has been truly uplifting. I feel so supported, understood, and cared about by all of you. It means the world to me, thank you so much for the positive vibes! ♥♥

  11. Joel Bernabel

    I was manipulated by a past relationship and I didnt realize it till it was too late. It causes trauma to this day. A girl used my fetish as a way to manipulate me and it cost me dearly because this fetish was highly addictive. I didn’t know that was the case, but if you are moving on just find a way to tell us little fans it wasnt our fault you left. I personally feel the toxicity of community creates turmoil but I take a lot of responsibility for situations like this. I don’t know how good or bad things are, but I know it saddens many to see you leave. I hope this fantasy made things worse for you, it just a stage to feel at fault for losing something you care about.

  12. badreality

    I am SO glad that you feel free to talk about this. It means a lot to us that you are open about this issue. I agree, your fetish right now, is entwined with your memories of your stalker ex-boyfriend. You are making the correct decision to take a break from fetish, so that you can emotionally distance yourself enough to heal. Truthfully, I do not mind your possible exploration into other fetishes. Another giantess fetish artist I pay attention to, is J. Yubari. He started off with a site solely dedicated to giantess fetish comics, then expansion, then vore, and then pretty much any niche girl/woman fetish. You could do like he does, and own a separate site for each fetish, put a list of your affiliate sites, on the bottom of each of your site’s home page, and have each site have a similar layout. …I have even seen individual products that overlap genres, being offered on more than one one of his sites (expansion/giantess, vore/giantess).
    I do look forward to anything you produce in the future, but please do not continue to work 70+ hour weeks. Burnout is a real thing, even for giantesses. …what’s the point in razing a neighborhood, if you do not take the time to smell the roses?

  13. shrinkcifel

    Hi Katelyn,

    Longtime fan, but rare commenter. MarkM is absolutely right about why we’re all here. Yes, your giantess content is phenomenal. Frankly, it’s better than the studios’. But we’re here because we’ve gotten to know you over the years, especially after you opened up.

    I need to admit, I’m actually a bit excited to hear you’ll be expanding your content (but don’t push yourself too hard). With all the D/s overtones behind this crazy fantasy of ours, there is just so much potential, especially since your audience is probably already into most of these things.

    Also, please forgive me if this comes off as a bit presumptive, but if you decide to do a bit of rebranding with this shift, so much has changed since you designed your current site. I’d absolutely recommend using Infinite Theme to smoothen the design process. It also has special controls for WooCommerce. It’s a light cost that saves countless design and programming hours and allows for flexibility down the road. A plug-in may need to be used for the “18 or older” screen. Stay away from WP Bakery.

    A few more details:
    – PHP 5.6 is dead. Long live PHP 7.2+
    – WordPress 5.0+ is much more advanced than prior versions
    – Work from child themes
    – Use Google Tag Manager to give you deeper Google Analytics insights
    – Use HotJar Analytics for in-depth behavior analytics. I feel like such a voyeur using this.
    – Facebook’s Analytics will give you the most accurate user-level Analytics (new/returning).
    – SEO is a “Bag of many things” on how to improve your organic traffic (header structure, 301 redirects, content, Page Titles, Sitemaps, etc.). Get YoastSEO (plugin). It’ll help guide you through the basics of this both for the site as a whole and per-page.
    – Submit your XML Sitemap to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster if you get YoastSEO.

    Best of luck in working to exorcise the Annti-Brooks from your life. I hear restraining orders work quite well for that. :)

  14. Rafael

    I’m sorry that you had a bad time. I still go through something like that. Although I love only the giantess Fetish I support you in your decision and will be with you if this decision is good for you.
    I have been with you for many years. You don’t see me but I see you and, you know what, you are like a family for me. With much love,


    PS: translated by google

  15. Stephen

    You are so talented, kind, and authentic. I adore you as to so many others. I am on Team Katelyn, no matter what you do! Do what is best for you and your true friends will be there too. The first thing I will do if I manage to shrink myself, is to mail myself to your po box. You are THE giantess.

  16. boo

    Hope You sort all things out. As for new fetishes – I would love to see some Executrix/neck break fetish :D

  17. Jay

    This is your site, is it not? You put what you want in it. You hardly owe explanation for that. If anyone complains, eat them. Problem solved. ? You hardly want this to become just another “job” to perform rather than enjoy. I’ve seen the difference between clips made because they need the money, and clips made because those making them enjoyed it. I’d much prefer to see you enjoying your work, over just seeing you go through the motions. My fetish isn’t giantess per se, but your content has enough of what I like to keep me coming back to see what’s up. I do wonder what other fetishes you’ve been thinking of including though. One bit of advice from someone who spent much of his life moving from one toxic environment to another. Never accept toxicity from anyone. People can bring it to you, but you need to choose not to pick it up. Just leave it there on the ground, and walk away. Nor should you be afraid to stand your ground on the subject. Some times you just have to not mind being the bad guy. Think about it, as a giantess does how your prey see you matter, be they tiny guy, goldfish, or bug? Use the same mindset to deal with anyone bringing you toxic anything

  18. Chris Lussier

    Wow, that is…quite a bit to process. While I’m upset that you won’t be making size fetish videos for a while (especially since I just sent an email for a video request), I completely understand why you need to.
    That said, my favorite fetishes (besides giantess and vore) would be POV virtual sex without a dildo or a dick in view, body swap, and cosplay. Preferably, I love when the last two are combined with the first. There is something weirdly thrilling about doing someone in what used to be my body (even though I’m a dude and prefer these videos from the dude’s POV); the idea that I was a chick and am now fucking myself without any experience in this body. I don’t think I need to explain my cosplay fetish. Still, I do get turned on at the thought of doing it with some of my favorite characters (mostly superheroines, supervillainesses, and anime characters). Also genies! I don’t know why, but I love POV videos of genies, and I feel like diagnosing why I love those videos would lead to some very uncomfortable revelations about myself. Also, you may have gathered from that email request I sent you not too long ago that I have a thing for cosmic beings. I hope these give you some inspiration in the future, and I do hope you’re able to find peace. XOXO

    P.S. Speaking of the email I sent you, I was wondering if you’ve had the chance to read my request, yet. If you have, I’d really like to know what you thought of it and the likelihood that it might become a full video when you decide you’re ready to do giantess porn again? If you haven’t, no pressure.

  19. Chris

    Sad to see you go Miss Katelyn but you have to do what’s right for you. and your business. while there is a bit of money to be made in the giantess community I assume moving towards normal porn or kink porn would be a lot more profitable. i know we all so its not because of the money but let’s face it… it mostly is.

    I wish you all the success and mental health that there is! :)
    and i hope you branching out makes your business grow and gives you more options and bigger budgets to create Giantess and Crush fetish stuff! like you use to do in the old days.

    Financial freedom is a godsend. and I hope you attain this

  20. Name

    you have always and away will be the be giantess on the web.
    I will miss that, but I understand. you are so much more then this, love your self first.
    thanks for under standing me.

  21. Krauzer

    I can imagine how mentally exhausting it can be creating this kind of content for people. Take your time and see if it’s any sensible to continue doing this for your health’s sake.

    As for new fetishes, definitely executrix with reverse scissorhold and neck break.

  22. Brian

    I am so sorry for what you went through. For what it is worth though I love your work and i think it is incredibly sexy. Im sorry that this ashole of a person put you through hell. But this isnt to blame. Size may not be naturual but imo its awsome as hell. I have loved it for for years. your work has been splendid sexy and fun for me personaly. You have been a great asset to this specific fetish. don tlet the fact it is not natural or unrealistic make it unheathly to you. that asshole put you through hell. but this fetish was only used by him not this leading him imo. Needing a break is important especially if you feel a need from it to explore other fetishes. this fetish in my favorite. love you Giantess Katelyn My heart goes with you as one of your tiny loyal town subjects. Love you. Thanks for your willingness to be open and sorry for your anxiety and hell you have been through. love to you

  23. Ninja

    To tell you the truth I’m kind of impressed.
    Learning that you’ve used the fetish as a way to keep yourself together was something smart indeed, and I realize how much of a passion it is to you. I see a lot of “giantesses” on the web who are into it just for the money, but I keep coming to you because not only you provide excellent content with kickass graphic, but you seem really able to enjoy this. It’s a true fetish to you, a passion. Something that makes you who you are.
    I’ve had PTSD from a very toxic ‘relationship’ a couple years ago, and I know how bad it can get. Stockholme Syndrome makes you almost want to excuse all they’ve done to you, but you shouldn’t. You say this guy is mentally ill.. maybe that is true, but I came to believe every person has a choice. No matter what past they had, they can be a better person, and if not with everyone around them (cuz let’s face it.. people suck a lot of the time) then at least with the one they want to keep close.
    So thank you for opening up to your tiny worshippers. I hope you have someone in real life that you can always confide in.

    Tiny kisses,

  24. Bat

    Its sad to see you leaving the giantess fetish. As a nan who has had this fetish since 3rd grade, your vids are the highest quality and really understand the way we think about and fantasize about it. These videos are the closest we can come to making our dreams come true. The only thing that is closer is to actually have a mate willing to let us role play it out in person, but as you may already be aware, these type of women are extremely difficult to find. Lets just say, im with a woman who does not understand it and acually is turned off by the idea. So thank you for something to help me. I do hope that your girlfriends…especially Brooke..continues on in the giantess vids. She is effing HOT. I am new to reading your blog so not sure what happened with your ex and his/her bullying but it looks like you came thru with flying colors. Once again I appreciate the vids and someday maybe i will find a girl into it as much as you…

  25. El Portero

    Firstly, good on you for taking care of yourself first and foremost! As someone who also escaped an emotionally manipulative relationship, I know how hard a choice that was for you, let alone the actual act of escaping it.

    Secondly, since you asked about other fetishes, I have a confession to make: GTS/size (and even vore, to a certain extent) has never been my thing, but always a gateway to what I really wanted: to get closer to the digestive process. Your belly and everything connecting your perfect mouth to your puckered asshole is of extreme interest to me, and if you ever consider producing content that focusses on that kind of thing, I’ll be here for it, wallet exploding.

    Whatever you choose to do, I’m sure there will still be stuff that catches my interest, and it makes me happy to know that you’ll be happy producing whatever it is. Best of luck with all that comes next!

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