Hunting Forest Fairies  (Free Video)

Hunting Forest Fairies (Free Video)

As some of you might remember, I enjoy eating and hunting fairies at least once every year. This year was no exception and last Friday I eagerly went in search of celebrating fairies! For whatever reason I really love fairy festivals- their beautiful, fun, there are tons of homemade and fantasy things to buy, and everyone is dressed up like fairies! *mouth begins watering*

There is simply so much neat stuff and it’s so cool to see everyone getting together to celebrate a race of shrunken people. There’s just something romantic about it!

Instead of taking pictures this year, I decided to sneak off into the woods while everyone was celebrating… and look for bugs and real fairies to play with! I ended up filming a set of fun videos in the woods near a stream. I searched for bugs, ate fairies, relaxed over a stream and showed off my bare soles! Overall I had a great time!

Here is a behind the scenes video of me talking about my day of hunting and eating fairies and bugs!

I filmed four videos while playing around the stream, including my FIRST live ant eating video in a long time.

Woodsy Ant Vore

Delicious Bugs by the Stream

Nature Loving Soles

Hunting a FairieFairie Vore!

(Released early just for you!)

And here are two photos of me hunting fairies and nearly getting wet! ^^

Hope you enjoy the videos as much as I enjoyed making them my little fairy boys and girls! Time to get back to finishing up my FX movie. Have a great week! :heart: :happy:


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Greg Viera

    awesome and sexy blog
    i love the pics <3 so amazing

  2. Delphinus

    Awesome looking videos, with a great backdrop!

    The link for “Hunting a Fairie” is broken, however… it works if you go to the store front, but the link here points to “Nature Loving Soles”. Just wanted to point it out :)

  3. Giantess Ka...

    @Delphinus: Thanks! :happy: And thanks for spotting that. Now fixed!

  4. MerlinRaven...

    Wow I wish I could turn myself into a male faerie just so you could capture me and eat me alive.

  5. jacob

    it whould be really cool if you can make either the hunting fairy one a free video or the bugs by the stream to other then that great videos queen katelyn

  6. MarkM

    These are nice pictures seeing you outside in nature like this. You look younger for some reason. Proly the way you did your make up. Thanks for the free video to go along! I just wish like crazy I could be a fairy captured by you!!!!!!!!! I think all of us do! Regardless what happens after that!

    I Love You!
    Mark <3

  7. Richie

    You are so gorgeous.I fantasise about you capturing me,as a bug, and putting me in your mouth when its full of your hot saliva. xx

  8. gtsquisit

    this is looking good. a little of topic but, is vivian making sequels to any of her comics?

  9. Giantess Ka...

    @gtsquisit: YES! She is indeed making sequels and she is on a roll! O_O Commensalism 2 is completely finished and all I have to do is fix up the text and it will be ready for release! (Which will be shortly after my FX movie release) She has also already started Part 3. And both Part 2 + 3 are LOADED with giantess sexual scenes plus feet and vore, they absolutely are -mind blowing-. This is a very, very exciting month!! :D

  10. gtsquisit

    This is wonderful news. now i have 2 things to look forward too.

  11. MarkM

    I remember in one of Katelyns blogs a long time ago Katelyn talked about how she likes to hunt them and eat them and fuck them or crush them! Those would be some seriously LUCKY faires in my opinion! I want to be one and flow to Katelyns house….pretend like I have a broken wing and ca’t fly away. Fun!

  12. MarkM

    Remember a while back Katelyn said she loves to catch Faries. I think when she eats them she aborbs their special powers. Katelyn also mentioned how she likes to fuck them and crush them too! I wish to transfer myself into a farrie and fly to Katelyns house. Pretend I have a broken wing so I can’t fly away from her gasp! My life soon to before but worth it! Such an honor to be needed for the nutrition of the Giantess that I love! Hers forever! <3

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