Hot Californian Bitch Bug Crush Fantasy

Hot Californian Bitch Bug Crush Fantasy

So recently I’ve been having this odd but oh-so hot fantasy that I simply can’t get out of my head. I’ve cum to it over and over and a week strong it’s still making me hot. It deals with bugs and a luxurious lifestyle…

In my fantasy, I’m a hot rich Californian bitch with a huge house that’s filled and spoiled with luxury. (Perhaps hinting at my desire to move to the west coast at the end of 2010! Although I still can’t decide on Washington or California…) I’m your typical spoiled rich bitch, using my super-hot body to get whatever I want. I’m a Goddess of luxury. I also “own” a cute maid in my fantasy!

The entrance level of my huge house has been invaded by these really squishy green bugs. Every time I crush one of them beneath my feet they burst with goo- squirting their delicious, plentiful little guts onto the bottoms of my bare soles. I naturally crush them barefoot at first to enjoy the sensation but eventually grow tired of my feet getting all gooey. So, I start crushing them with high heels and then tossing them to the side and replacing them with a fresh pair of high heels before striding out of the house to spoil myself for the day- leaving the messy, gut covered high heels for my maid to clean. :evil: This goes on for about a week or so and my maid quickly becomes accustomed to dealing with the guts of my green, squishy victims.

Then one day, while leaving my house from the front to go pick up one of my friends, I notice an entire civilization of these green bugs in my front garden! It suddenly clicks that that’s where these little pests have been coming from!

“Those fucking bugs!” I burst out, “I’m going to get rid of them for good!” I slip off my sandals and get into the garden bare foot, towering over the tiny, helpless civilization in the dirt, now at the mercy of my beautiful, pampered feet.

“Time to take care of you little squishy bugs once and for all! I hope this is the last of your species because I hope to crush you all out of existence!” I boom confidently, my arms firmly on my hips and my gigantic toes gently wiggling in anticipation of their tiny bodies.

“Teaches you right for invading my home- my maid has to clean my feet, shoes and floors nearly every day because of you little invaders. Well I’ve had enough! Gah- Why am I even wasting my precious time talking to your stupid city? I’m already late to pick up my friend BUT I’m not leaving until every one of you are mashed and stuck to the bottom of my bare soles!”

The bugs start running in every direction but it’s too late. My massive feet come down on them and I start grinding them into the dirt. Like an all powerful Giantess in a city, I proceed to go on a crushing spree, my bare soles lifting up with bug guts stuck to their bottoms only to slam down on another crowd of horrified victims. In my mind, I truly hope this is the extinction of their specifies and that after I’m done, an entire unique form of life will have been wiped off of the planet- and wiped off my feet! Some crush and twist slowly into the balls of my feet, others ooze off my bare heels. By the end of it there are bug guts oozing up between my toes and stuck the whole way up to my ankles!

In a matter of only a few minutes, this blonde, spoiled bitch – yours truly – has wiped out an entire race of tiny, squishy bug-beings with only her massive naked soles!

I crush them with pure pleasure. My eyes are shut. I slowly twist and grind them. I can feel their little bug bodies tearing and squishing, their little arms frantically struggling and flailing against my skin before their puny bodies explode for me. My head turns back and forth in bliss with my long hair and curls blowing in the breeze. All the while death and chaos reign wildly down under my big feet.

Not one of them left alive.

I walk out of the garden and yell for my maid. In the few seconds it takes for her to get to me I smear the bug guts stuck to my soles all over the sidewalk. I order her to clean my soles quickly so I can leave. She does. Even so, getting into the car I can still feel a little bit of stickiness in between my toes. Perhaps I should have asked her to use her tongue… I would have enjoyed watching her lick the mangled bodies of a now extinct species off of my soles. How humiliating! How sexy…

I return shortly with my friend and on the way inside she asks me what all the green slimy looking stuff is by the garden. I tell her I finally got revenge on all those green bugs that kept invading my house every day. She laughs and says that a similar bug invaded her garden as well, and that her goth dressing teenage daughter likes to crush them and eat them in a silly game called Goddess… I can only giggle!

We then undress down into our bikinis and head out back to my huge pool with martinis in hand. We dip our feet into the clear cool water, laughing and sipping at our drinks. Just as we start chatting, I happen to notice a bunch of bugs gathering near us in between a few of the tiles on the edges of the pool. Interrupting, I explain to her that I simply can’t stand bugs on my property and so we BOTH walk over, towering high above in bikinis, our giant bare feet casually crushing anything in our way!

Our feet are still wet from the pool and so as we walk we leave sexy wet foot prints everywhere- just as real Giantesses would. Soon we reach the gathering of bugs. I watch as her big toe crushes two bugs at once, the poor bugs trying to run down the tile crack away from her. She laughs at feeling them pop and squish and after satisfied in seeing them mangled she quickly finds her next tiny target for her foot to violently violate. My toes grab another three, crushing them with ease and sending one exploding upwards between my toes! We laugh and giggle at the bugs below us as they futility run, squish and burst onto our tan, sensitive soles! “We are the Goddesses of the pool! All mortals will die under our feet!” we playfully command in between our giggles!

At one point we even squat down- our pussies bulging out of our bikini bottoms – and use our fingers to smear entire lines of the now trapped bugs into the long grooves between the tiles. The guts and those still half alive are then rubbed carelessly onto our firm, soft ass cheeks as we attempt to wipe our hands on our bikinis…

Finally, only two bugs remain. They can only stare up in horror as we stand back up and our toes descend upon them. Thinking they were safe in the deep grooves of the tiles, our toes quickly prove them wrong! Mashing our big toes into the grooves, the last thing those two little bugs see are two incredibly hot chicks towering into the sky laughing at their impending deaths as the canyon before them fills up with tan, soft flesh quickly overwhelming them and squishing their trapped bodies to the sides and bottom of the tile’s groove.

Finally! All of the bugs are taken care of and we can finally relax. I’m a spoiled bitch you know, and I have to have everything my way- and I detest bugs! Any bug that gets near me MUST be squished! With all of the bugs mashed into bug guts on our soles, we casually head back to the pool.

Eventually my friend and I grow thirsty (for a non-alcoholic drink!) and I head inside to get some lemonade. And just my luck, I almost drink a fly after pouring myself a glass! Thankfully the fly manages to buzz out of my drink before I can react…

Little do I know however, the fly didn’t make it very far. It is now laying on the floor, soaked in sticky lemonade. After sipping my bug-free drink, I bend back over to the freezer to add a few ice cubes. My ass rises high into the sky and my big toe lands on the sticky fly and crushes him into a near pulp! He’s still alive… but fading quickly. As I stand back up the rest of the way his tiny, raisin like body squishes into a mess of ligaments and warm guts which cover the bottom of my toe. There his guts remain as an unnoticed stain as I walk back out to the pool, drinks in hand.

Back outside… more fucking bugs! This time there’s an entire trail of them from the garden behind my patio door the whole way to the pool. What the hell!? I pick up my cell phone from the lounge table and start bitching at the exterminator (also a girl!) about all the bugs. While still on the phone I begin crushing a bug with each step as I make my way back to the pool- as if walking down a highway filled with cars. My girlfriend is in the pool now and she is watching me, trying not to laugh at the whole situation!

Her eye level is to the ground- thanks to being in the pool- giving her a great view of the bugs and my feet crushing them. She watches as guts explode out from under my toes. Her eyes light up when bugs disappear beneath my soles. I can see her squirming in the pool… It must be turning her on! She has always liked my dominate, fiery personality… watching me as a real life Giantess just must be too much… Entire lanes of traffic are reduced to guts and bodies- all while she looks on enjoying the view. I’m now nearing the pools edge. I hear her moan and notice her beautiful eye is completely level with the pavement. I smile and crush a bug right in front of her face, tortuously Sllooowww! Her hand moves between her legs as the bug squirms against my soft sole. I smile even harder- she’s so into this! Her moans grow louder and louder… and my foot applies more and more pressure. The bug pops. Guts explode out from it’s tiny body and land on her face. She gasps and cums, closing her eyes. I giggle! Taking another sip of my lemonade, I get off the phone and step back into the pool to relax for the rest of the day…

But not so fast. I call for my maid. I order her to go on a bug hunt and get rid of them all. The rule? She has to crush every bug she sees. She must not spare any of their lives! They must all be personally crushed and cleaned up by her! And to my delight, a few minutes later I look into the house… and watch as her sexy bare foot lands on the floor and twists…

And that’s my FULL fantasy! Like I said, I’ve cum to it a ton now. <3 A little odd? Yeah! But that’s what happens when a Goddess is pleasuring herself and her mind starts to wander! I hope my little bugs enjoy this fantasy as much as I did… :angel:

Love ya, my little red squishies! :eek: Watch out for my maid now…


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Greg Viera

    wow now thats a sexy fanatasy <3 its sexy that u have theses dreams . i have always loved u crushing anything with ur feet. bug crush is something im starting to get in too <3 ur the person to thank for that. nice state too. u’ll be a true goddess in cali. thats my home state. what part of cali do u want to live in . washington is kool too. what ever state u choose ur gifts will still come <3
    those redwoods in california will have nothing on u my goddess u will make then look like twigs <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Kisuke Urahara

    That was an awesome fantasy my dear Goddess! I had a clear picture in my head the whole time I read it, I specially liked the parts about your ass, you know me. lol. This would be an awesome video or photo set!!!!!!

  3. footphan

    Thats hot! My fantasy is similar, except im one of the bugs! :D

  4. bigman23

    wow, sexy story. grat video idea. i know i would buy it.

  5. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    Hello there & another great story you’ve written! I really liked the parts when you described being a giantess & wearing a pretty bikini :-)
    This & your Giantess G-Spot blogs gave me more ideas for your future projects. Since I’m also a big Godzilla fan, maybe you could make a film where you grow into a Giantess because of nuclear bomb testing. It could be late 50’s / early 60’s theme, so you’d first dress in a cute Happy Days girl outfit, like a dress with that poodle design :p But after you accidentily get exposed you an atomic bomb explosion, you’d grow 100, then 200, then 500 ft tall! You’d destroy buildings & the military. You’d crush your enemies. But you’d befriend 1 shy but creative guy who’s a big fan of yours :wink: And you’d carry him arouynd in your hand, have him sit on your shoulder, have him walk along your giant & beautiful body – legs, cleavage, chest, face, lips, etc.
    Yeah, I’m much more of a shrink-ray, Shrunken man fan, but this is just a crazy Giantess idea which with you would be cool!
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  6. Danshrunke

    Hey again a great story remember let me know when you get that video in your free vids section loves ya :love:

  7. Jacob (Sock...


    That is one hell of a crush story!! I appreciate you sharing your fantasies with us and hope one day that can come true for you! :D

  8. MarkM

  9. MarkM

    That YouTube one shows how I feel towards you Katelyn. I look up to you too just like that little guy. You can have my Pepsi any day! Love You! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. Greg Viera

    oh and nice tittle <3. i would say hot Californian Giantess bug crushing Fantasy =)
    then again thats just me lol <3

  11. MarkM

    Oh my gosh check this out. I wasn’t even looking but was studying health this morning and ran across this. It shows exactly what would happen to us inside Goddess Katelyn’s body if she were to consume one of us! I think this is my favorite fantasy. What better way is there for a little guy to show his love for his Goddess than to actually give up his own little insignificant body in support of her vastly superior body’s nutritional needs! Wow if only it could come true.

  12. Danshrunkenman

    Can’t wait for your next blog!!!!! :love:

  13. Giantess Ka...

    Hello my little gooey bugs!
    Sadly this week I ran out of time to write up a new blog- I had to spend all of Monday running much-needed errands. So a new blog will have to wait until next week I’m afraid. I’m sure you little things can survive until then…

    *squish* Or perhaps not… :evil:

    @Greg Viera: Glad you enjoyed! I’m not exactly sure which state I want to live in… it’s still a toss up between California, Florida, or Washington. Each state has something I want and negatives that I don’t want (expensive, hurricanes, dreary weather, respectively). I’ll have to make a decision by the end of the year though… It’ll affect everything from my movies to my house to… everything! But I can’t wait to get out of PA! >.< As for what part of Cali, I have no clue... I've been trying to do research but so far I'm still pretty lost on where exactly would be the best fit for me. @Kisuke, bigman23, Jacob: Someday I really do hope to turn it into a video! That'd be so much fun!! :eek:

    @footphan: Hehe! :D

    @Bill Thumb: Awwww, cute! I'll keep it in mind when I eventually get to making movies like that!

    @Danshrunke: Oh right! I still have to get that into my free videos section. I've been having some trouble getting it in there, but I'll give it another shot right after I'm done typing this. I'll update my twitter once I've gotten it in there. :)

    @MarkM: Awesome videos!!! I REALLY love the pepsi advertisement. Sooo sweeeeet :love: <3 And you have to love the science of digesting in my stomach... mmmMmmm! Thanks for posting those! <3 :D I'll be thinking about the pepsi one all day...

  14. Greg Viera

    that makes sense my goddess <3
    what would matter most to me when u live in a different state is ur safety and well being no matter what state u choose to live in u will still have a little foot pet in me <3 im sure all ur “little” fans will say the same <3 if u ever need any help on choosing a state. i’d gladly help u

  15. Danshrunkenman

    Your so hot and it makes me feel good when you talk back to me keep doing what your doing :wink: loves ya :love:

  16. Fernando

    Hi Katelyn, you do not know where you live, then come to Brazil! I think about you all the time, his fantasies make me mad! I dream of you shrinks and using me as your vibrator! I spend all day in your blog, seeing your photos and videos, reading your comments! I hope one day be swallowed alive for you! Kisses

  17. Fernando

    Eu estava vendo o seu video do youtube postado, Uma mulher muito bonita beijando um garoto mais jovem. Eu tenho essa fantasia, me imaginando eu um pequeno garoto, sendo beijando por uma mulher mais experiente, e ela me ensinando. Essa é uma de suas fantasias?

  18. Fernando

    I was watching your youtube video posted, a very beautiful woman kissing a boy younger. I have this fantasy, I imagine I was a small boy being kissed by a more experienced woman, and she taught me. This is one of your fantasies?

  19. MarkM

    Hi Katelyn, <3

    I just wanted to give you a quick feedback that I really like the current pictures of the day high lighting your sexy bare feet! They look incredible no matter how you fix them but I especially like them this way. With the white tips and the shinny coating stuff. The same really compliments what nice hands you have too! I’m so serious when I say they are the nicest looking of any woman I’ve ever seen!

    Mark <3

  20. dave

    that was soo hottt i love your stories keep them cummin

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